tagSci-Fi & FantasyFrom Terra Ch. 18

From Terra Ch. 18


The journey from House Exotica to Lord Plath's home was uneventful, although certainly not boring. Chryssa found quite a few things to explore on the ship, from the recreation room to the library. Even though she couldn't read all the languages that the books were in, there was a computer which could read them to her, translating it into Terran for her enjoyment. She was also starting to pick up quite a bit of Licken, since being on an all-Licken ship, that's what everyone spoke unless they were talking to her.

The other reason she wasn't bored was Zyander. He'd insisted that she stop calling him Lord Plath, because he said he liked hearing his name on her lips. Now she only did it to annoy him.

It was a two-week trip, full of getting to know the crew, researching information about what happened to Licken prisoners from Terra, searching the computer's database in hopes of finding out where her brother had gone, and being thoroughly fucked by Zyander. He was insatiable in his appetites, and she was just fucking thrilled.

Secretly she wondered if he worried that he wouldn't be able to fulfill her needs, because quite often if he saw her laughing or joking with any of his crew, she'd be full of his cock within ten minutes. The male didn't care where he took her, his bed, the hall, the dining room... and Chryssa had found that she loved being watched. More than once, she'd seen a Licken bring himself to orgasm while watching her getting thoroughly fucked by Zyander, and it always turned her on. Even so, she wouldn't have let any of them touch her, not as long as Zyander wasn't touching another female. She rather liked having something, someone of her own.

He seemed to feel the same.

Often he would cuddle with her, talk with her, tease her... she was starting to get to know a whole new side of him. Not that the other facets of his personality ever disappeared. She got a hell of a spanking one day when he caught her playing with herself. Apparently if she was going to get off, she was going to get off with him and him only. She was now under strict orders to seek him out if she found herself craving sexual release.

Chryssa found it amusing, but since she preferred his cock to her fingers, she didn't argue. Although, it didn't stop her from playing with herself either, on occasion, just because the forbidden aspect of the act added a little thrill to it. She knew that he'd catch her at it again eventually, but she was kind of looking forward to that. While she still didn't like getting spanked all that much, the fucking that came afterwards was phenomenal.

Everything was so easy and fun on the ship, that when they finally arrived at Licka, she found herself incredibly nervous about the changes that would occur once they landed. After all, she was going to be living in the same house as his wife. She didn't care if it was called something different and meant something different for Lickens, she was having trouble wrapping her head around it.

The mark was something else she was having trouble wrapping her head around. She loved the pleasure she derived from it, the orgasms were explosive, although sometimes almost too overwhelming, but she really hated the mark itself. It glowed through fabric, no matter how thick, she found, and cosmetics did nothing to cover it. On the other hand, she got a thrill from looking at and stroking the mark, part of her liking that Zyander had basically branded her. She just would have liked it a lot better if she could hide it when she wanted to.

The fact that she was going to be arriving on Licka and meeting Zyander's wife, with his glowing teeth marks imprinted on her skin, was freaking her out a little - even beyond the fact that if she ever needed to disguise herself it was proving extremely difficult. She couldn't shake the very Terran conviction that the other female in Zyander's life was going to hate her and rightfully so. Even more disturbing, was the realization that she worried over it, not just because she figured Zyander's child-bearer could make her life difficult, but because she worried that the female, Porluxa, might be able to convince Zyander to get rid of Chryssa. Zyander insisted that Porluxa had no say over his choice of prinessa, but Chryssa just couldn't quite shake her anxiety.

Maybe Porluxa would be too busy with her prine to bother with her much. She hoped.

Licka was beautiful from space, it looked a lot like the pictures of Terra that Chryssa had seen, but with a few key differences. There was only one huge continent that she could see from the window, although Zyander said there were two more on the other side of the planet. The color of water was a much brighter blue than Terra's, and the clouds looked almost like they had a sheen of lavender to them, but otherwise, it was fairly similar. The continent she was able to see was green all the way across. Zyander had explained that each of the continents were completely unique. She was looking at the Fields of Green. On the other side of the planet was the Fields of Ice and the Fields of Sand. Lickens lived on all three continents, but each continent was devoted to a different kind of lifestyle. The Fields of Green was full of farms and manors, the Fields of Ice had small villages, and the Fields of Sand supported a more nomadic lifestyle. They were going to be landing at Zyander's manor.

During the shuttle ride down, Zyander sat her on his lap. The loops of fabric around her body didn't help her feel any more confident about meeting Porluxa, however, it did give him quite easy access to her body. It was kind of hard to concentrate on being anxious when he had his fingers in her pussy and one hand kneading her breast.

Chryssa tried to push his hands away. "Stop it! I don't want to be all turned on when I meet your wife!" At least, not any more turned on than he already had her.

"Stop calling her that," Zyander said irritably. "I am beginning to think it means something different to you than it means to me. She knows that are coming and that you are my prinessa. It would not surprise me if she wanted to explore some of your body herself. Porluxa is nearly as curious as you are about sexual relations."

"You mean I have to have sex with your wife too?!" Chryssa shrieked, starting to try to struggle away from him. Which was pointless, since she was strapped in on top of him.


She shrieked again as he spanked her pussy, since her bottom was out of reach. The burning sting went straight through her core, making her even wetter as her pussy lips plumped from his assault.

"Stop calling her that," he ordered. "She is my child-bearer, and our children have been born. There will be no more of your Terran terms. They upset you and they do not correlate entirely correctly." Chryssa squirmed on his lap as his fingers went back to stroking her wet folds, growling under her breath as he stoked her reluctant arousal. "You will not have to have sex with Porluxa, you are mine. However, if she is interested in examining the differences between her anatomy and yours, I will expect you to be a good girl and hold still so that she may examine and touch you." His voice became a bit huskier. "I think I would enjoy watching that."

Okay, so no sex, just a little bit of molestation. Chryssa rolled her eyes. She'd been told at House Exotica that some of the clients enjoyed having two females at once. Chryssa didn't understand why, but apparently there was a male fascination with watching two females touching each other.

Whatever. As long as she didn't have to touch Porluxa, she figured she could deal with it. Chryssa had no interest in touching another female. Zyander better not think that he could get away with touching Porluxa either, though, just because his wife - child-bearer - was touching her. If Chryssa had to live with this damn mark on her neck, she figured she should be allowed to be possessive of him as well.

Giving Zyander a dirty look as the shuttle landed and he unstrapped them from the chair, she rearranged the loops of fabric around her body to be as covering as possible. Which, wasn't very covering, but she tried. Her nipples were throbbing and her pussy was slippery wet as she walked, her movement stimulating her clit. Dammit... she wanted an orgasm and she wanted it now, but Zyander was walking ahead of her and already at the entrance to the shuttle.

She hurried to catch up, just as he turned back to look at her. When she reached him, he lifted his hand to the back of her neck, resting his fingers there in a possessive manner. That was kind of nice, even if she did want to kick him for getting her all riled up and leaving her without any kind of satisfaction.

Maybe they could just go straight to the bedroom.

The view when they finally walked out of the shuttle was almost enough to distract her from the clamoring need in her body. If the building in front of her was what Zyander meant by "manor," there was definitely a cultural disconnect in definitions. The so-called manor was gigantic, more along the lines of a freaking castle! Not that there were many castles left on Terra, but there were plenty of ruins of them, and Chryssa had always been fascinated by the stories and pictures of the massive structures. The building in front of her was what she imagined a castle would be like.

It was massive, wider than any building she'd ever seen, and four stories high, intimidating in sheer size alone. The grey material it was built with had a luminescent quality, like an opal - one of the costly stones she'd been introduced to at House Exotica. In front of the manor was a large stone courtyard, lined with unfamiliar plants, and in the center of the courtyard was a circle of benches, obviously some kind of gathering or meeting place. In the middle of that circle stood a Licken female, with several Licken males standing at attention around her.

Chryssa finally understood how Zyander could live in the same building as his child-bearer, and yet see very little of her. Although, she had to assume that the female standing in the courtyard was Porluxa, which meant that they were going to see her NOW.

She might have tried to drag her heels a bit, but Zyander's firm hold on the back of her neck prevented that. Instead, she was propelled through the door and down the ramp of the shuttle. The female in the courtyard had a big smile on her face, so Chryssa figured it either wasn't Porluxa, or the child-bearer was just as fine with the situation as Zyander had said. Which was encouraging.

A breeze stirred the loops of fabric around her and she put her hands down on them, making sure that they stayed in place. She'd gotten pretty used to being fucked whenever and wherever Zyander wanted, no matter who else was there, but that didn't mean she wanted this other female seeing her naked, aroused body. It was one thing when the audience was all-male, another when there was a female who had a connection to Zyander. Especially since she apparently might want to look and touch Chryssa herself.

"Welcome home, my lord," called the female, in a high, lilting voice, as Zyander and Chryssa approached. The Licken female's eyes studied Chryssa with interest and a complete lack of hostility, which was reassuring. "And welcome, prinessa,. I hope your travels were not too arduous."

"Porluxa," Zyander said, with pleasure in his voice. Chryssa watched as he pressed his fingertips to Porluxa's cheek. It was an affectionate gesture, without anything sexual in it, more like a brotherly kind of touch. Still, it was hard not to feel a little bit jealous. Porluxa was beautiful, with pale green skin like sea foam and dark green hair that contrasted nicely with her skin. Her dark grey eyes were full of interest as she peered at Chryssa in curiosity. "It is good to see you again. How are the children.?"

"They excel at their studies," Porluxa said, returning her attention to Zyander with a smile. "As always. They're very smart."

"Good." Pressing Chryssa slightly forward, Zyander's smile widened in a kind of pride. Chryssa resisted the urge to kick him. "I present to you, Chryssa, my prinessa." It had all the tones of a formal introduction, but Chryssa had no idea what she was supposed to do, so she just stood there, feeling incredibly awkward.

"Hello," she said, in lieu of anything better to say.

"Hello," Porluxa murmured, moving so that she could circle around Chryssa and Zyander. "You're Terran, are you not, Chryssa?"

"Yes ah... my lady."

"Please, just call me Porluxa," the Licken female said, smiling as she returned to her place standing in front of Chryssa. She looked at Zyander. "May I see under her dress? She looks as though she's built the same as me, but I've never seen a Terran woman before."

Bristling that Porluxa was asking Zyander instead of her, Chryssa opened her mouth to respond, when Zyander's fingers squeezed her neck tightly, making her squeak.

"Be polite, little Terran," he said warningly. "Unless you want me to bend you over one of these benches and spank you out here where everyone can see."

Considering that she ended up in tears every time the Licken administered a disciplinary spanking, that was definitely not how Chryssa wanted to begin her time on Licka. Especially not while Porluxa was watching. Especially because the female was looking more intrigued than ever.

"You spank her?" she asked, obviously fascinated. Chryssa found herself blushing in a way that she hadn't in a long time.

"Only when she needs it," Zyander said, his long fingers stroking the sides of Chryssa's neck. It was getting harder and harder not to kick him, although when his thumb moved down to rub over his mark on her skin, she had to stifle an aroused moan. Damn him. That simple touch had gone straight to her pussy, arousing her again when she'd finally stopped feeling all hot and bothered. "It's a good way of disciplining her. You should try it with your prine.

Porluxa got a smug look on her face. "My prine certainly doesn't require discipline, but I'd like to watch you discipline your prinessa the next time you do so."

"She's quite spirited, I'm sure you'll have plenty of opportunities," Zyander said, rubbing his thumb over the mark on Chryssa's neck again. She shivered as her nipples budded and her pussy clenched. If she wasn't so determined to not be spanked out here in the courtyard, during her first hour on Licka, she'd be giving the big bastard plenty of reason to try and discipline her now. There was plenty of room to run from him, unfortunately, there were also far too many guards nearby for her to get very far. He'd better watch himself though. This manor looked far easier to escape from than House Exotica had been, and the woods were visible, less than a mile away. Even if this was a completely different planet, Chryssa was used to living in the woods. She was fairly sure she'd at least be able to survive. Her research on Licka during her time on board the ship hadn't indicated anything terrifying or any more difficult than surviving on Terra. "Take off your dress, sweetheart."

It took Chryssa a moment to realize that he was talking to her. She bit her lip against a sassy response, seeing the glint in his eye that said he was just waiting for her to give him an excuse to spank her, and did her best to appear docile as she took off the dress. Both of them knew that it wasn't natural to her, and he watched her with amusement dancing in his eyes.

Porluxa didn't even notice, she was so entranced by the different color of Chryssa's nipples and her pussy lips. Crouching down, Porluxa stared in rapt fascination, as Chryssa shifted uncomfortably.

"What are these?" Porluxa asked, her fingers skimming across Chryssa's labia, before touching them more firmly, tugging at them. "Does she have a hole?"

"Yes, it's within her lips," Zyander said, in the tone of an instructor. He was rubbing Chryssa's mark almost relentlessly now, making her want to gasp as pleasure roiled through her, keeping her distracted from the fact that the fingers touching her pussy were female. "Terran females keep the outsides of their holes within their secondary lips, which are also quite sensitive to the touch. Her clitoris is on the exterior as well."

Just by knowing what Porluxa was so interested in on Chryssa's body, was giving her a good idea of what a Licken female's genitalia was like. She definitely didn't want to touch Porluxa's, but she had to admit to a growing curiosity about the differences between them. It gave her more sympathy for Porluxa's curiosity about Chryssa's body.

"I want to see."

Sympathy gone. Chryssa scowled, grumbling as Zyander flipped her around and made her bend over. She put her hands down on the stone bench in front of her, trying to think of a way to make him pay for this later. Considering that the Licken seemed to have no shame, would touch and fuck her wherever and whenever, and could easily overpower her if she tried to tease him without giving him satisfaction, it wasn't like she had a plethora of choices. Things like flirting with others would just get her punished. Possibly them punished too, and then she'd feel bad.

Then again, with a house this big, maybe she could play a version of "hide and seek." After all, if he couldn't find her, he couldn't satisfy himself OR punish her.

That thought skittered across her mind as her body clenched, Zyander's fingers spreading her pussy lips. "See? Right here."

Chryssa gritted her teeth against a moan as one of his long fingers pushed inside of her, rubbing her and stroking her sensitive channel. Then he pulled it out and circled around her clit with it, spreading moisture around the swelling nub.

"This is her clitoris."

"How strange..." A more delicate touch stroked her pussy lips, and Chryssa realized that it was Porluxa. Touching. Exploring. Arousing. She didn't want to be aroused by Zyander's child-bearer, but as the delicate touch pressed against her clit, it wasn't exactly easy to resist the growing sensation of pleasure.

The fingers slid inside of her and she gasped, clenching, as they scraped against her inner walls.

"She has no rings?" Porluxa sounded intrigued and almost a bit envious. "So you cannot interlock with her..." Her voice changed again to something more soft, as if she was reminiscing about pleasure. "My prine has no rings either, I find copulating much more enjoyable without all the interlocking and the pulling... Strange that another species should be so much more compatible with our own."

Yeah, "interlocking" and "pulling" didn't sound so great to Chryssa either. Deep down, some part of her wondered exactly how truthful Zyander had been about it being painful for Lickens to have sex, but from the way Porluxa was talking, he hadn't even been exaggerating. Not that Chryssa could concentrate much on the conversation, her own desire for pleasure was beginning to become urgent. At House Exotica, it hadn't mattered much what the aliens who fucked her looked like, and apparently it didn't really matter to her whether the alien was male or female.

She just wanted to get off. Porluxa's probing fingers were an awful tease, but so far they weren't leading towards the satisfaction that Chryssa needed.

"If you thrust your fingers in and out of her, and keep playing with her clitoris, she'll climax fairly quickly."

"Really?" Porluxa asked, sounding intrigued. "So easily?"

"Oh yes," Zyander purred. Pervy male. Chryssa scowled. He was obviously playing on Porluxa's curiosity to achieve his fantasy of watching the two women together. Walking around the bench, he came to stand in front of Chryssa, undoing the front of his pants. He looked down at the grouchy expression on Chryssa's face and smiled, almost evilly. "Open up, little Terran. I want to feel your mouth on my cock."

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