tagNovels and NovellasFrom the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 05

From the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 05


The Amazon

Three Weeks Ago

THE RAIN HAS BEEN A CONSTANT over the last few days. Not having seen the sun shine through the constant downpour has caused the DEP Six members to lose track of time. They have been running and hiding nonstop without most of their equipment.

The creature that attacked them days ago had not stopped to rest nor has it grown tired. The rain hasn't slowed it nor has the mud or the jungle. Whatever wounds they did manage to inflict to it seem to not have any effect either unlike the ones Mason now carries. The danger is far from over but the two have found refuge in a small cave hidden by one of the Amazon's many majestic waterfalls.

Mason smiles at her just as she ties the last piece of the clothing from her shirt onto his arm. "What are you smiling at?" she asks trying hard not to smile back.

"You," he says.

"What about me?"

"You're so fucking beautiful, even with all this shit going on."

She sits back and lets a scowl settle on her face. "Is that all you can think of right now?" She doesn't dare hold back any of her anger.

"Whoa, hang on a sec," Mason replies waves his hands up and winces immediately afterward.

"Serves your stupid ass right."

He laughs for a second. "Thanks for saving my ass back there and fixing me up now. How the hell did you get me in here?"

"Believe me it wasn't easy," she answers looking herself over.

"Where are you hiding all those muscles?" Mason asks grabbing her legs to pull her into him.


"How do you do it?" he asks as they come face to face. His breath close to her face is returned by her ragged on his.

"Do what?

"Not be scared."

"I find it hard that you are, Mr. Macho," she says smiling for the first time in many days.

"Oh I'm scared, you can believe that," he says in a voice that only confirms the words. "We've seen some shit, but whatever the fuck that is it's entirely something I'm seriously fucking scared shitless of."

"Well I would never have guessed that of you," Matthews admits.

"So, what's your answer?"

"I'm scared every time we leave for a mission Jasper, every time, and I'm scared shitless now. But when we get out of here, I'm going to shove my foot so far up Pierson's ass he won't know what to do with himself."

They both laugh and Mason pulls Matthews in close to him until his lips are close to her ear. Then he says in a low whisper, "Promise me if I don't make it out of here you avenge all of us: me, Bridges and Nash. All of us."

Matthews swallows hard. She wants to argue with him and tell him how he will make it out alive, that they both will, but he grabs her tight. "Say it," he says a little louder."

"I," she stammers. "I will."

"Good. Now kiss me."

They kiss passionately for a moment before Mason hastily removes what is left of her shirt and panties while she helps him out of his pants. By the time they finish both are breathing hard as Matthews lay back on her side onto the ground smiling back at Mason. She grasps his hard, black cock and begins stroking it up and down.

Mason returns the smile through gritted teeth from the pain in his broken ribs as he reaches her gorgeous, shapely and soft breasts. Her nipples are sticking straight out and extremely hard so he pinches them in between his index finger and thumb while massaging her breast with the rest of his hand. Her other breast is pushed against his chest and it feels soft and lush as he starts stroke the inside of her pussy with his finger.

"Mmmm. Yessss," she moans quietly as her hand goes down a little further to grasp his balls to give them a little squeeze before going back up to his cock. She then leans more over Mason, forcing him to move his hands from her and she kisses him. Half on Mason, she begins to move her left leg over to straddle him as she whispers in his ear, "I will avenge you."

Once she straddle Mason, she sits up on top of him with his hard, thick cock pressed down between him and her now sopping wet, smooth pussy. She begins sliding her pussy lips up and down the side of his shaft as he starts to push his hips upward, indicating that he so wants to be inside of her. She lifts her hips and his hard, black cock up and lines the head of it up with her pussy. Then she pushes down slowly on his hard thick cock. It slowly starts to fill her with her own juices working as great lubricant again.

"Oh, Katie," he says breathing hard as her pussy reaches the bottom of his cock. "Yes."

She starts to slowly move up and down his cock, riding him. Mason reaches up and grabs her breasts, massaging them and her nipples as she slowly starts to increase the speed in which she is going up and down. He pushes his hips upward to meet her motions.

"Yes, like that. Fill me with that thick black cock!" she moans as she leans back, putting her arms behind to brace herself while throwing her head back.

The direction that she moved gives Mason a great view of his cock pumping in and out of her wet pussy as she increases her momentum. Her pussy juices are leaking out, running down his hard cock. Watching her pussy move faster, up and down his cock is mesmerizing almost to the point he forgot where they were. He moves his hand to her pussy and starts to rub on her clit. This puts her over the edge as she begins to shudder and have an orgasm.

Her body shudders and her orgasm washes over her, pushing more of her juices to seep out her pussy and down his cock. He can feel her pussy contract around his cock which is pushing ever closer to the edge. Her walls grasp at his hard cock as it pumps in and out of her. Her orgasm subsides and she slows down a little bit but not for long and she is soon riding him hard and fast again.

"Uuunnnn," Mason moans as he fights to hold back.

Looking at her ride him is wonderful. Her gorgeous breasts jiggle up and down with her motions across her flawless stomach. He pushes his hips up with her motions to get his cock even deeper inside her and it puts him closer to the edge. He can feel his cock begin to thicken and his balls contact as he continues to push up into her.

Looking at his hard, black cock pushing into her pussy over and over again he breathes heavily until he can't hold it anymore. He pushes his cock hard up into her pussy as he begins to have spasms through his cock. Matthews can feel it coming and she sits down on him hard, pushing his cock deep inside of her as his spasms start pumping his hot cum into her pussy. Ripple after ripple overcome Mason as he continues to push more cum out of his cock and deep into her pussy.

"Mmmm," she purrs with her head back taking in the ripples of his cock pushing out his cum inside of her. She then slowly lifts herself off his now wet cock and lay down on top of him, pressing her warm sticky body against his own. She kisses him gently and then props her head up above Mason's with her hands and elbows on either side of my head looking down at him.

"We need to get some rest before tomorrow."

"Do you think we got a chance to get out of here?"

"I don't know Jasper, but I intend to give it a fucking try."

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