tagNovels and NovellasFrom the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 06

From the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 06


The Bronx

THE RESPONSE TO ANGELA'S CALL WAS faster than Spencer expected, but he also never expected a crime scene over a crime in process. By the time he and Angela got back to the store police tape was already up cutting the crowd from the scene.

"What happened?" Angela asked the coroner when they walked into the shop.

"Ah, Detective Veris," the coroner says. "From my initial examination it appears something was rammed through the poor fellas chest then contracted around the heart. Now, it may sound crazy but, I would say it was a hand."

"You'd be surprised at the things I've seen," Spencer remarks.

"Oh?" the coroner says. "Would you have some insight in this sir?"

"He's here from the FBI Robert, Special Cases," Angela steps in quickly.

"So you do," Robert remarks.

"May we see the body?" Spencer asks deflecting the nosey man's questioning.

"I suppose I have no choice in the matter."

"No not really," Spencer says giving the man a hard look.

Robert looks away as if he was remembering he had something else he had to do. "Well I have to get the truck ready and make sure my guys got everything before the body is moved anyway."

Once the coroner left, Angela elbowed Spencer. "You didn't have to be so mean; Robert's really a nice guy."

"If not nosey," he replies.

"Yeah well," she says. Her smile quickly turns into a frown when her attention turns back to the old man lying lifeless on the floor. She kneels down beside the body and places a hand on him. "Poor Jianyu." Just as quickly she rips away her hand. "What is it?" Spencer asks quickly catching her from falling.

"It's him. It's the one I've been chasing this whole time."

"We'll find the bastard Angela. We'll find him."

Angela looks up at him grimly. "Then I hope you're ready for anything."


The Egyptian sun beating down hard wasn't helped any by the heat reflecting back off the sand. The only thing that saved Natalya Rhinheart from utter heat exhaustion was the large cloak she wore. She was beginning to convince herself of her ambitions as the reason for her taking on this assignment when her camel snorted bringing her attention back. She focused through the haze of the bright sun light toward the city. Her convoy was almost upon its gates and foolishly she had let her mind drift.

She berated herself as she passed through the massive stone gates. Instantly she was surrounded with a torrent of sights and smells of commerce and wealth and for a moment she couldn't believe the Black List thought there was anything suspicious happening here. She shook her head.

Of course that was the idea; to make it appear like there was nothing out of the ordinary. In the three thousand years since Alexandros established the Black List, they have grown quite keen of rooting out the demons no matter where they decide to operate and it was agents like her with ambition that made it possible to bring them down.

Natalya followed the convoy to an inn near the outer edge of the city's wall that served as a stable as well as a tavern. She grabbed her meager bag of supplies and let the convoy master take care of her camel. She wouldn't need it anymore or another until she was done with her mission and on her way from completing her mission. She immediately turned toward the tavern.

Once inside the establishment she dropped the hooded cloak from her head deciding it best to not stand out amongst the clientele currently visiting. She was impressed by the manner of patrons visiting the tavern. Like the merchants she had passed, they were all nicely dressed with very pricey looking clothing and expensive looking silks.

She strode past the barkeep and many of the people toward the back of the tavern to a more subtly darkened portion of the expansive room. The tavern was packed with patrons even the darkened portions of the place but she managed to find a table of reasonable privacy.

No sooner had she sat down was she joined by two incredibly beautiful women.

"You must be—"

"I am Talilith Maykov and this is my sister Dasha," the taller of the two said interrupting as they sat down. "You are late," she continued adding a hint of frustration to her voice.

It was true; she was over a day late. "There was a sand storm three days ago that kept us from continuing for a day."

"We had to go to extra lengths to still make it here undetected," the other woman said with a more serious tone. "This is a serious matter and we cannot afford to blow what's at stake."

Natalya looked at her hard. "I take what I do very seriously."

Talilith moved into her view. "Let's hope so."


NATALYA IS SITTING IN A HIGH backed chair facing a large open window overlooking the expansive city of Singapore. She wears a thin, silky and transparent robe more for the feeling it provides across her skin than anything else. The room is basked mostly in darkness except for the very few dim cast lights she set earlier on. She has just come out of her thought and swished her glass of wine when a soft knock came at the door.

"Proceed," she says loud enough for her voice to carry through the door to the other side. A moment later the door opens and Rolan steps through silently. He closes the door and without a word proceeds across the darkened room toward the Succubus. "Have a drink Rolan, you look like you can use one," she says once he comes within sight of her.

Rolan nods and deviates to the bar. He sets the book he is carrying on the counter and makes a drink. Natalya looks back out the window at the city below pretending to be oblivious to the man and the prize he has brought, inside though her heart is pounding in anticipation.

Rolan downs the drink and wipes the drizzle of liquid from his mouth with the sleeve of his shirt before setting the glass down and picking the book back up. "Both good news and bad," he says trying to keep the subtly of fear from his voice.

Natalya's face whips around to his neutral. "I know you do not have Sternigan."

Rolan physically relaxes slightly. "I apologize Mistress for my failure."

"You are only responsible as far for you own actions and the orders you give and pass on to your men. Besides, you brought the ultimate prize to me. If you hadn't, then you would have failed and your blood would be staining my carpet right now."

Rolan gulped hard. "I have a team on high alert looking for any signs of Sternigan, so we'll have him the moment he turns up."

"He won't be that stupid," she remarks. The Black List will keep him protected and they will regroup and access and do what they do. I have all the time in the world." She holds out her hand at the man. He relaxes a bit more and hands over large, ancient book.

Natalya leafs through the pages, smiling to herself in the process. "I'm sure if the old fool knew what I was truly after he would have made sure this book would have never been found. You did a remarkable job Rolan. Soon my plans will come to fruition and soon after all these millennia I will have what I have wanted."

"Yes Mistress," Rolan says with a smile of his own. "Will there be anything else you require?" he asks knowing of her eagerness at wanting to begin with her plans with the book.

"As a matter of fact there is," she says with a sly grin. "As much as I wish I could make use of this information the book provides I have to wait until circumstances prove right, so for now I must entertain myself and provide you with reward for your hard labors."

Natalya stands and lets the ancient book drop casually to the floor. She blows Rolan kiss with lips that pulsate with anticipation. Then she turns and walks seductively toward the bedroom dropping her translucent robe to the floor. Rolan gives her a few moments before following her in, taking the time to undress himself.

By the time he reaches the room Natalya is already propped up on the bed with her ass high in the air. Rolan can see the moist folds of her pussy glistening between her legs. Her pussy looks inviting and waiting, warm and delicious. His eyes trail across the folds of her delicate pussy and up her round ass as she pushes it up higher, as high as she can into the air.

His eyes follow a trail from the top of her ass down between two full and amazing cheeks to her magnificent asshole. The tiny hole looks tight and beautiful and slightly darker than the skin surrounding it.

Rolan walks in slowly, savoring the sight of her. When he reaches the bed he places his hands on her bare ass, one on each side and squeezes to stretch her ass apart. He watches as her pussy spreads gently, wet, deep within the folds. Natalya's asshole quivers as the skin around it slowly stretches.

Suddenly, Rolan drives his face down and buries it in her tight ass. His tongue plunges past his lips and meets stiff resistance at her clenched asshole. Natalya breathes deeply in and relaxes into the sheets as he continues burrowing deeper into her tiny asshole with his tongue. She moans and sighs in pleasure and ecstasy.

Rolan runs his alternates his tongue between licking the rim of her asshole and exploring deep inside it while his hands begin working the rest of her body. He begins with massaging her ass, caressing her smooth legs, then running his hands up and down her stomach and back. He reaches her breasts and begins to caress them when he finds Natalya's hands join his. Her fingers begin mingling with his just as he found her hard nipples.

Rolan then brings his hands back toward him and settles them on her soaking pussy and are now covered in silky moisture before he even inserts them. He gently runs his index finger of his right hand between her folds and grazes it across her clit. The action sends shivers through her body and he focuses the next few minutes of his attention on playing with her clit. As he does, she shakes and moans and begins rocking gently against his finger, which only increases the depth and quality of his continues ass tonguing.

Within moments Rolan is pushing his finger down into her tight pussy. He stands up, reluctantly retreating from her delicious ass. Natalya, with her sopping wet pussy wrapped around his finger continues to rock back and forth as he continued to prob. With his free hand, Rolan works his pants free, letting them fall to the floor, freeing his rock hard cock.

Rolan crawls onto the bed and hovers over Natalya's tight ass. She closes her eyes and reaches her hand between her legs and slides her fingers through her pussy. Rolan leans in and presses the head of his cock against her firm asshole. She gasps and grunts and her eyes shoot wide open.

His licking has well lubricated her ass, but it is still unbelievably tight. He pushes and the head of his cock barely pops through the tight opening to be strangled by her clenching tight asshole. As he continues to push, she lets a moan slip from her lips that only gets louder the further he advances. Natalya relaxes and her ass opens to swallow his cock, but the tightness doesn't stop; the inside of her ass is tight the entire way in. As her asshole grips and squeezes his shaft, so does the rest of her ass, enveloping it in tight, warm flesh.

Rolan pushes further until he finally hits bottom. His balls settle against the folds of her pussy as his cock is fully entrenched in her magnificent ass. Natalya lets out a long moan full of pleasurable intensity. Rolan can feel miniscule muscle twitches deep inside, each one serving to massage his cock. Tight winces of her asshole rock his entire body, building to a fantastic orgasm.

Rolan lurches back, however, sliding halfway out, eliciting a shocked moan from Natalya. At that point he forcing himself back in, slowly but steadily, feeling her ass tightening. He reaches deep again almost cumming, matching Natalya's grunts and moans.

After a few more thrusts Rolan is boiling and losing control. He pulls out slowly and carefully, savoring every millimeter of clenching ass along the way. Pulling out is driving Natalya crazy and both hands have shot up and are squeezing her ass together in a feeble attempt to keep him in her. When he exits, he holds his cock in his right hand and makes his way around in front of her. Natalya slouches onto the bed and is still holding her ass with both hands.

"Open your mouth," he commands, enjoying the chance to be dominant.

Natalya lifts her head and looks dazed. Her eyes meet his and her chin drops. Her mouth is open wide and her soft tongue sits on low inviting his cock to slide in. She stares directly at him with wide eyes and a gaping mouth. Rolan guides his cock onto her awaiting tongue and feels her lips gently wrap around his shaft. She looks so beautiful with her mouth wrapped around his cock. Her tongue moves back and along his shaft until it reaches the underside of his head and with a few strokes of his head at the base he feels cum rushing to climax.

He pushes a little deeper and throws his head back as the first wave of cum blasts out and fires against the back of her throat. He looks back down to see Natalya close her eyes as she swallows and he pumps again, gushing another load down her throat.

Rolan's cum begins to flood her mouth in repeated and powerful bursts. Natalya's cheeks fill and cum begins to seep out the corners of her mouth. He grips the hair behind her hair, holding her until his cock stopped pulsating with every drop of cum.

The bursts subside, giving way to the final ecstatic throes of climax where the last and thickest cum from deepest within his balls doesn't burst but rather oozes down his shaft and into Natalya's crowded mouth. She is still full of cum, so he starts thrusting gently, using his spent but still swollen cock as a plunger to push to push cum down her throat. His plunging pushes cum out of her mouth on all sides and down her chin.

After pulling his spent cock from her mouth Rolan collapses backward onto the bed. He lays there in ecstasy and pleasure. Natalya slides her hand up his leg until it reaches his cock and balls, arousing him in surprise. He is even further surprised to feel the unmistakable warmth of her tongue massaging his softening cock. He can hear little slurps as she pulls globs of cum that had slipped out from her mouth earlier. She nibbles and snacks on him for a few moments, cleaning cum and fluids from his entire package. Rolan's cock slowly hardens and Natalya begins to stroke it. A soft moan escapes from his mouth and she continues to stroke it with a little more vigor.

Natalya slid off the bed taking Rolan's hand in hers. She guided him over to the wall until her back bumped into the wall. They came together and their tongues twisted around one another and they stay locked in a passionate kiss for a few moments. As their tongues tease their hands squeeze and grope aggressively. Rolan tugs at Natalya's hair, cups and squeezes her ass and rubs her back. Natalya explores his skin as well, roughly squeezing his arms and back.

When she pulls away slightly to access his cock, his hands sweep to her front and cup her breasts and he kneads them hard. Natalya moans her approval and starts pumping his cock. She grips it tight and he is sure he would cum in her hands if she kept up for long. Grabbing her ass with both hands he lifts her off her feet and pushes her up against the wall and lines his cock up with her pussy. Still deeply lost in each other's mouths, Rolan presses his hips forward and his cock penetrates her pussy. The feeling is fantastic. Natalya's pussy is tight, but not restively so like her asshole. Her pussy is beyond warm, literally hot and he can feel her desire coursing through her as he slowly buries himself inside her.

He starts slowly thrusting, barely moving in or out and more simply rocking in her pussy. Natalya mimicked the motion on his cock as he licked her lips in the same clockwise rotation. Taking the opportunity, he bends his head down and buries his face in her breasts. Because his hands are stuck on holding her ass up, Natalya takes her breasts in her hands and guides each nipple into his mouth.

Natalya enjoyed nipple play, so Rolan spends a good deal of time licking and sucking, even gently biting, the whole time letting her enjoy the sensation of his cock buried as far inside her as he can muster. As he continues to suck he can hear her breath and moans change noticeably. She is building to climax so he decides to stand rigid and press his cock in as deep as he can, letting her dictate the pace and motion. Soon, Natalya finds a particular spot inside that sends shivers through her body each time it brushes against the tip of his cock.

She focuses her bouncing and rocking on this spot and as Rolan increases the intensity of his nipple sucking she begins to quake and shutter. Her moans turn into a solid cry and she bites into his shoulder to stifle the scream. He body shakes and she gives one hard hip thrust, planting herself as deep on his cock as she can and she cums. Her pussy clenches and releases repeatedly and she moans expletively into his ear. Finally she slackens and relaxes and still impaled on his cock they meet for another long kiss.

They aren't finished, however. Rolan is still rock hard and Natalya is still horny and willing. So Rolan lifts his right leg up and braces it on the ledge of the dresser. In doing so, he removes one hand holding Natalya's ass and uses it to further spread her legs. At this point she is pinned up against the wall with her right leg wrapped tight around his waist and her left leg held out wide by his right hand. Rolan's left hand wraps over her leg and holds her by the bottom, supporting her.

This new angle offers him unprecedented access to her pussy. Natalya is spread wider than ever. Slowly, he pulls his cock out to the tip and sinks it back in. Natalya moans and swears with lust. After a few slow insertions, he begins increasing the tempo and strength. Soon his thrusts are hard and violent as he pounds his cock deep into her pussy.

She shuts her eyes and opens her mouth, silently shouting as his cock punishes her pussy. Rolan fucks her as hard as he knows how, slamming into her and nearly cumming with each thrust. Natalya is relaxed and open, letting him violate her and still her pussy is agonizingly tight. Soon his balls ache. His final thrust is the strongest as his cum bursts out of his cock to soak her pussy. She moans with delight as she is filled. Cum begins sliding out of her pussy as he pumps the last of his load into her with long sigh before leaning into her and then slumping from exhaustion.

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