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From the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 10




JEAN-PIERRE VALOIS, FRANCE'S PRESIDENT, SITS in his Citroën C6 in the midst of a large parade as it travels down Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Against the wishes of his advisors he pushed for the impromptu parade to be put on as a showing to the people that France would not be put in fear over the recent terrorist attacks.

Like the other countries that received threats of attacks from the New World Regime, the French government received a similar threat and just like the other countries perceived that threat as just that, a threat. Now though, the country is on high alert, but French President Valois refuses to run and hide, but rather remain out in the open as a symbol to his people.

Of course he has the guarantee from the American government should anything take place, his safety was guaranteed. In effect he had become the bait and at the same time a hero and for Jean-Pierre Valois, nothing topped the chance to become a hero.

The roar of the crowd outside the windows does nothing more but excite him as he waves them on. When he took on the position of presidency he guaranteed them something grand and now it was finally his chance. He smiles to himself and continues to waves enthusiastically.


ERRIOS STANDS ATOP ONE OF THE highest buildings standing over Avenue des Champs-Élysées watching the line of the parade as it passes below. She is dressed in the still tight fitting red dress she wore earlier in the morning when she killed Prime Minister Kocbek.

Her team was already set up throughout the city long before the parade even started. Plans had been made and her team put in place the moment President Valois issued the parade. Errios smiles to herself.

Humans are so easy to manipulate.



President Valois looks up from his desk, his hands shaking. Fear and uncertainty was vastly spread across his face and so was shock.

"Who the fuck are you?" he asks with a thick accent. "How did you get in here?"

He begins to reach for a small button located under his desk that would alert his security detail just outside the door, but stop suddenly when the woman that was standing in front of him disappears and reappears behind him and catches his hand, forcibly.

She whispers softly in his ear, "That is something I wouldn't do if I were you."

"Wha? How?"

She chuckles softly. "You humans, always scared of the unknown and yet so curious at the same time."

"You're here to kill me," he states gaining a little bit of confidence in his voice. He fights hard against the shaking of his hands and his body until the demon forces him into his chair.

She rips out the button from the desk and walks around to the front of it before turning around to regard the man. "I can kill you if you would prefer, but I have another use for you."

"What do you need with me?" he stammers out.

"Your cooperation," she coos.

"I don't even know who you are. I can't help you unless I even know that," he answers looks noticeably around the room.

"Oh please Mr. President," Errios says. "If you are going to try and find a way to escape or get help at least make it not seem so obvious. Clearly you're not a very cunning man."


"I didn't think so. Maybe I have chosen the wrong person." She flexes her right hand and her fingernails slowly extent into long, sharp nails and starts moving toward him.

"Or maybe I am," he offers quickly.

"Really?" She stops and looks to the ceiling and taps a fingernail to her chin. "How does France feel about helping the New World Regime?"

Valois' chin drops. He goes speechless completely forgetting his fear. "I refuse to help you. I will not go down as a traitor to my country but a hero," he says standing up revealing a 9mm handgun.

Errios laughs. "What do you plan to do with that little human?"

Valois' grin changes into a frown. "That's right. Go ahead and shoot me. By the time your brain decides to fire a second shot I will have you heart in my hand and the first bullet will only feel like a scratch to me."

"You're bluffing," he says.

In a flash the demon closes the distance and presses herself up against Valois. The gun pulled from his hand. "Am I? You said you want to be a hero, then you can be a hero."

"How?" he asks now feeling a little intrigued against his better judgment.

"Contact the person in this information," she produces a flash card and places it on the desk, "and tell them you have information of a possible attack on a special parade you are holding this morning. Tell them what you have to about where it came from but do not tell them the truth."

"A parade? How can I get one set up that fast?"

"You're the president, you can figure it out," she says with a smile.

"I think I can arrange something," he assures her.

"Where will the parade end?"

"Place de la Concorde. I'll set it up along the same route as the Bastille Day Military Parade."

"Excellent," she says smiling.

"What guarantee do I have that I'll live through all this?" he asks taking in a deep gulp of air.

"I can only guarantee as long as you get out when the fighting starts you won't be killed. If you give me what I want now, I won't come back to kill you."

"What do you mean?"

Errios' hand slips down to grip his cock through his pants. With her free hand she pushes him back down into the chair. Before Valois has the time to object the demon has his pants unzipped and pulled down to his knees and his cock fully exposed. Within seconds the man's cock hardens as she locks her eyes with his. Then she lowers her head slowly toward his hard cock. She purses her lips together and slowly runs them over the head of his cock, taking it into her mouth briefly and then letting it slip out. She stretches her tongue out and with the tip of it she strokes the tiny hole of his cock. With her right hand, she begins to give it long soft strokes up and down from the base all the way to the top of the head.

She extends her tongue once more to run it along the bottom of his mushroom head and flicks it across gently, spending much time there licking and stroking this particular spot.

A low moan slowly escapes the Presidents lips.

Holding his cock toward herself, she turns her head to the side and begins to run her tongue down the length of his hard shaft. She repeats the strokes quickly and lightly then moves to slower and heavier strokes.

She begins to use her free hand, alternating strokes of her tongue with strokes of her hand for continuous stimulation into eventually using both hands with long deliberate strokes down his hard cock, one hand after the other.

She lowers her head and softly licks his balls before raising her head and suddenly plunging down over his cock all the way down his shaft and down her throat.

Almost gagging, she manages swallows it all the way into her mouth, holding her head still as she deep-throats the man. After a few seconds she releases her mouth's grip on the rock hard cock, sliding her head all the way back up its length.

She then begins to push her lips over it in short strokes, just the tip at first, up and down, before taking the whole of his cock head into her mouth then she releases it. She does it over and over, faster and faster, each time moving a little further down the hard shaft.

She smiles to herself as she hears him begin to moan again and she lightly strokes her fingertips around the base of his cock and over his balls. His hands wrap around her head, grasping her hair firmly, pressing her head against him as he thrust his hips forward into her waiting mouth.

Errios senses his body stiffening and she can feel the throb of blood coursing through his hard cock. The taste of his cum is beginning to build on her tongue and she knows at any moment his load would unload into her mouth.

A second later his cum blasts into her mouth in a hot torrent and she expertly pumps her head around the tip of his cock as each spurt shoots into her eager mouth until every drop of cum is empties from his balls.

Valois throws his head back against the chair and gasps. Errios stands and licks her lips, running her tongue slowly across her lips. "Do we have an agreement?"

"Yes," he pants. "There won't be a problem on my end."

"Good, Mr. Valois there had better not be."

"And I will be safe from harm right?"

His question falls in silence. He lowers head to see and empty office. "Ce qui la baise?" he asks himself. "What the fuck?"

Quickly he pulls up and pants and gets to work.

ERRIOS' ATTENTION IS BROUGHT BACK TO the present by unusual movement from the alley. She looks in the direction of it and sees nothing, but stares anywhere. After nearly a minute it moves again. Only a shadow within the shadow but she knows it is exactly what they have been waiting to see.

Her hand moves to the microphone at her ear. "Get ready," she says to the rest of her team, "they're here."


PRESIDENT JEAN-PIERRE VALOIS' CITROËN C6 pulls to a halt at Place de la Concorde. He sits in the car while his armed guard ensures the crowd is at a safe distance and there isn't a danger to him from the surrounding area. Within two minutes time he is given the signal and he exits the vehicle.

Immediately he is hit with cheers from the crowd. He hears many of the people call out his name and he waves and smiles at many of them individually as if he knows them personally.

"Sir, we must get moving," one of his security detail tells him.

"Yes, yes," he huffs.

He follows the man to the podium that has been set up on a decent sized stage. Chairs have already been set up and occupying those seats are France's Prime Minister and other ministers. Valois shakes the hands of each minister ending with the Prime Minister then he turns toward the podium and faces the crowd gathered before him.

"Ladies and gentlemen," he says with a thick accent. "The world has been plagued with threats of terrorism for much of it history in many forms and once again has struck in this region of the world." He pauses to let his words settle on the minds of the people. "I set up this parade and celebration on such short notice to show the world that we are not a people that will live in such fear!"

Valois raises his hands as fists into the air bringing out cheers from the crowd. Behind him claps from the ministers erupt along with a few murmurs. Murmurs he is certain he will be able to hush afterward one way or another.

"Beginning today France will make a stand against this tyranny and help shove a boot up the ass of every—"

An explosion rocks the crowd sending it into a panic. Shouts turn into screams and quickly celebration is turned into chaos. Valois turns around with a face full of fright when a hand wraps around his upper arm to see the man that escorted him to the podium. The man begins to open his mouth to speak when suddenly it is blown off sending chunks of flesh and blood all over the French President. He almost screams in fright but is stopped when the Prime Minister tackles him to the ground.

"We must get you out of here Mr. President."

"I-I couldn't agree with you more," Valois answers stumbling for words.

As he struggles to his feet a roar rips through the crowd stealing his attention and that of the Prime Minister. They both turn toward the sound to see a portion of the crowd launched into the air by an explosion.

"Oh fuck," Valois says. "What the fuck am I going to do now Léon?"

"We'll make do with the situation sir and stick it to these cunt fucks just like you just promised the people," the man answers confidently. It seems to be enough to reassure the President. He nods his head and rises to his feet. "Now let's get the fuck out of here while we still can."

"What about the rest of them?" Valois asks gesturing to the unconscious governmental ministers.

The Prime Minister gives him a look of regret and says, "I wish not to leave them but we need to get you to safety first above them an—"

"You're correct," Valois says quickly cutting him off. "My safety is of the utmost concern at this moment."


ERRIOS WATCHES AS PRESIDENT VALOIS MOVES off the stage making note as to which direction he rushed off to.


Right now he is the least of her concerns. She licks her lips, smiling at the site of all the chaos and death on the street below. The ground lay littered with the bodies of worthless humans; men, women and children. Bloodied and broken. Exquisite.

Her soldiers. Her New World Regime Soldiers filtered into the remains now slowly snuffing out any remains of those useless life forms still alive.

But where is the cavalry? No matter. I still have a job to do.

She leaps down from the van she sat perched atop of and withdraws the ancient sword Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi. She calmly stalks off toward the stage where the unconscious ministers lay.

She slowly creeps up the steps savoring the moment in anticipation. As she crests the top of the platform she licks her lips once more when she finds her first victim not more than two feet in front of her.

Errios gracefully swings around Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi in a low arc and down through the man's back into his heart and into the platform swiftly ending his life. Blood splashes a bit onto her face and she uses a finger to wipe a bit of it away and onto her tongue.

"Delightful," she remarks to herself.

Errios stands and slowly takes delight in meticulously killing the next five ministers. As she deals a killing blow to the Minister of Defence the last of the ministers regains consciousness in time to witness the brutal assault. In full panic, he tries to shuffle his body from the stage and quickly grabs the demon's attention.

"Going somewhere little man?" she asks sinisterly.

"I-I-I," he stammers as he shuffles backward not once unlocking his eyes from hers.

"It's a shame so many of you got away," Errios says with a mocking tone. "I just suppose I will have to hunt you down one at a time then."

"The only hunting that will be done will be by me," a voice says from behind her.

"Now who do we have here?" Errios says still starring at the cowering human. "Not some kind of hero to save the day is it?"

"Things have a way of coming around, much like history repeating itself," another voice says.

Errios spins around bringing Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi around defensively. "Colonel Pierson, what an unexpected surprise."

"You expected to see me here," Pierson says unfazed by the demon's attempt at shock steps up past the owner of the first voice, Ratmmas.

"You're right," she admits. "What I didn't expect was to see you standing here personally. But it will prove a useless gambit on your part." She signals with her hand and quickly her squad of New World Regime Soldiers forms a circle around them, weapons drawn.

"I'm quite surprised you managed to prevent the police from being here by now," Pierson states looking around with boredom.

"An easy task just as it will be to finally kill you," she says with a mouthful of malice and spite.

Pierson laughs. Ratmmas with his large muscular frame just stands still on two trunk-like legs with his arms folded across his bare, golden skinned chest and smiles. Both actions draw a reaction of anger from the Succubus that she quickly suppresses. "Is that what this whole fiasco is all about? You want to kill me? To what end?"

"You are responsible for the fall of my master Typheryian."

"You're not even an Asura. I find it troubling that Typheryian would find trust or loyalty in you, especially a Succubus," Pierson spats venomously.

"Just as I find you ever found trust in a Succubus like Natalya," she bites back.

A glint of surprise shows in Pierson's eyes but he does well to quickly hide the fact. "Very well. You may try to kill me, but to do so you have to make you way through my horseman and if you are successful then you will have the privilege to die by my hand."

"We will see," Errios says smiling. She drops the tip of Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi toward the ground and orders her men to fire.

Ratmmas moves with near blinding speed toward the back of the group. His rear foot comes crashing down onto the knee on the closest of the soldiers crushing it and dropping him to the ground. The horseman turns to face the next closest and grabs his carbine. He flips it around and rams it through the soldier's face though the back of his skull.

Shock spreads across the faces of each of the remaining soldiers and they all remain motionless staring in disbelief at the site they just witnessed. They are only taken out of their reverie by their master's voice, "Attack you fucking fools! Attack!"

Ratmmas grips the back of Pierson's shirt and launches him backward taking his place in the small ring just as the carbines open up.

The bullets rip from each of the soldier's carbines at Ratmmas but he moves with such efficiency that the bullets stream past him narrowly missing his body. The narrowly missing bullets slam into the concrete kicking up chunks of small rock and into the soldier's themselves.

Errios dives for cover to avoid the flying bullets and flying concrete. Within seconds the dust settles leaving a ring of fallen soldiers lying dead at Ratmmas' feet. "Aww, what's wrong? Is it too much for you to handle?" Ratmmas asks showing no signs of emotion on his face.

Errios growls as she slowly stands. She stabs Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi into the ground and using it as an aid to lift herself up. Ratmmas looks back toward Pierson, "You promised me someone worthy. This bitch isn't near worth my time."

"What can I say? I guess I misunderstood her abilities," Pierson answers with a shrug.

"I say you misunderstood a lot!" Errios screams as she launches herself through the air.

Ratmmas turns just in time to raise his arm up to block the downward strike of her sword. The sword impacts hard before sliding harmlessly off his forearm. Ratmmas chuckles at the Succubus' split second reaction. Errios frowns momentarily then just as quickly strikes again.

She strikes out with a deliberately easy to catch strike at the horseman's chest. Ratmmas' forearm comes up to block and this time Errios sees exactly how he is able to perform the block. As her blade makes contact the horseman's skin hardens causing her blade to skip harmlessly off.

"Impressive trick you have there," she says after she twirls out of her attack.

Ratmmas rubs his forearm and smiles. "You'll find I'm full of those as it seems you are too."

Errios tightens her grip on her sword and leaps...

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