tagNovels and NovellasFrom the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 14

From the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 14


Chirikof Island

Gulf of Alaska

STEAM SURROUNDING THE TWO LARGE CYLINDRICAL containers slowly begins to dissipate. Only one of two shadowy figures stands in the container on the left. The facility is no longer illuminated in bright lighting but now running under its red emergency backup lighting, casting everything in an even caliginous glow.

The computer off to the side of the container is casting off a steady beep with each second that steadily clicks down...4...3...2...1...Mark...

An alarm begins to blare before being cut short as the giant vault like door cracks open, hissing even more steam. The door part quickly and the figure takes its first step from the container onto the cold floor, stepping through the steam.

Revealing herself to the florid and empty facility stands the assassin, Tsyr Ker, naked and reborn. She crackles with electricity as the energy of her newfound power steadily flows over her. She holds up her hands in front of her face and looks at them with eyes of the bluest ice.

"My God..." she whispers into the silence. "I have not seen these hands since I was a little girl."

And you're going to be amazed at the things you'll be able to accomplish too.

She drops her hands and spins toward the other container looking for Rythern. He isn't there. Has he escaped somehow?

I haven't gone anywhere, at least not in the sense that you are thinking.

"Enough of your games," the assassin shouts. "Come out you fool, show yourself!"

The voice laughs as clear as if it were right next to her. The assassin whips around ready for an attack, but it doesn't come. Instead the laughter deepens.

You are stuck with me assassin. You better get used to it.

Tsyr Ker stops and closes her eyes remembering her meditation and begins to calm her body and mind. You are in my head.

Good girl.

"How?" she asks after a moment of silence.

I guess you weren't told much about the process were you?

The assassin sits on the cold floor, crossing her legs and settles a frown across her face and doesn't give an answer, closing off any thoughts.

I didn't think so, the voice says. The process is similar to the Shakti, but because of who the Asura are it is different.

"Sounds like a riddle to me," the assassin says with irritation in her voice.

The voice laughs. You my friend are now a Vajra. A being fused with an Asura. Similar to the way a demon would with a Demon Lord. Though it is strange a human like you could with me is strange in itself. How you survived is what you humans would call a miracle.

"Enough of your endless chatter," she snaps. "Why are you still here?"

More, harder laugher comes from the voice lasting longer this time. I guess I am grateful to be alive in a way I am a part of you because of the process. If it had not worked we both would have ceased to exist. It's as simple as that.

"Well there are ways of getting rid of minor annoyances," she mutters.

There is no getting rid of me. Once the process is done it's done.

"There are ways," she says assuredly. "Science doesn't have all the answers that the ancient arts have."

Being part of Tsyr Ker's core mind, Rythern's essence stretches deep, searching for answers to newfound questions of his own. He knows the assassin is skillful and sees no opportunity for her to be bluffing. She closes her eyes and slowly the corridors inside her mind begin to close down. Each avenue he takes, each pathway he turn become a dead end in the quest for answers. The assassin's mind is eerily silent and her presence overwhelms his like the moon eclipsing the sun.

Rythern's mind, what part that remains separate from his essence wonders how a mere human can overpower an Asura such as he when suddenly he stumbles into a corridor not yet closed off yet. A corridor still open with the answer he seeks staring straight at him.

With many years of extensive training in several forms of Kung Fu, she has focused her body and mind in perfect harmony to the point where she could do almost anything she wanted and if she wanted him gone, he would be gone forever. It is at this moment Rythern realizes the trouble he is in, but he is a survivor and always has been.

I propose an accord with you as I can be of some very much needed use to you.

The mental wall closes behind him. He turns to see the way to he came in closed off. When he turns back around the room he is in is gone and replaced with nothing but complete white. A vast empty space of nothing but white as far as his eyes can see.

There is plenty of information I am willing to share with you in, he begs trying not to sound too pleading.

"Strange you'd seek to survive so badly in your present state unless you hoped to gain something from it in the future," Tsyr Ker accuses.

To be released upon your death.

Silence follows and Rythern wishes he could hear her thoughts. He knows she has created some kind of mental wall but he also knows it's not something she can hold forever. Or is it?

"I find trusting you or your kind very hard as that comes from personal experience. But I'll make a deal for you my little pet." She lets herself smile. "I'll let you live and you provide me with information from time to time when needed. You do that and you can stay in your nice little box I have created for you, but the first time you double cross me will be the last time. You will cease to exist after that."

I suppose you'll want me to call you master too.

The assassin laughs heartily. "I could care less. I can only hear you and you can only hear me upon my choosing. And now we test out our new arrangement by you telling me everything you know and where I can find your master."

My master is dead.

"I don't mean Typheryian and you know it."

You truly are a smart girl. I never should have underestimated you Tsyr Ker.

"No, you shouldn't have," she answers. "And that name no longer holds meaning for me anymore. My name is Alexandra Fallon."

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