tagNovels and NovellasFrom the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 15

From the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 15


Fort Liberty (Formerly Androka)


NATALYA CROTCHES LOW ALONG THE SHORELINE looking out at the cliffside. Not far from her location sat the new Fort Liberty set up by the United States' military shortly after DEP Six's assault on the compound.

With hostility in the region high with China the United States was quick to sweep in and take advantage of the facility already set up by Maltaus before anyone else had a chance to. Russia temporarily decided it best to drop out, but it was only a matter of time before they decided to change their minds especially given the opportunity to set up shop here.

Natalya knew the base would be heavily guarded and every way in and out would either be sealed or guarded, but when something was looked through with even a fine toothed comb there was always something bound to be missed.

Natalya sits dressed in a black and bark blue tight fitting bodysuit laced with streaks of silver. The suit itself is a specialized prototype suit developed by Section 8 giving the user an advantage in two parts. The first allows natural camouflaging with shadows but further casts a cloak of invisibility around the user using the surrounding environment. The second part masks the user that has Second Sight from being detected by demons. As an added benefit, does the same for a demon.

Specifically further designed and tailored for the Succubus, are a pair of clawed gauntlets made of synthetic Mythril separated by a layer of titanium to protect Natalya from its effects. And to accent the suit is a matching waist cape designed like hanging daisy flower petals.

The beach is quiet with the only sound coming from the crashing of the waves as they come up onto the shore. Natalya checks to ensure Muramasa is secured to her back. The expanse to the cliff face is less than five hundred yards and she covers it in the moon lit glow in less than thirty seconds.

The cliff face is rocky which provides the perfect cover to the secret entrance into the base and after a short climb she reaches it. After taking one last look Natalya slips into the shadows of the cave and completely out of the cast of the moonlight.

Because she is a demon she has no need for night vision or any other technological aides. Her eyes pierce the darkness making out the curves of the rock formations as if it were lit up with a torrent of flood lights. The cave forms out into a long tunnel just a head taller than she is and runs for another three hundred feet before it opens into a larger cavern.

Natalya pauses as she turns the last curve of the tunnel into the cavern to find a soft glow of light being cast into the tunnel itself. Slowly she draws Muramasa and proceeds cautiously forward. As she breeches the mouth of the tunnel she finds the source of the light to be a small lamp. Sticking to the shadows, she further inspects the lamp, tracing it back to a small generator. She isn't at all too surprised that the secret path has been discovered. The American military were pretty thorough when it came to things like this.

Voices carrying over an echo grab her attention and she quickly swings around low searching for the source. Her eyes scan the darkness following the conversation until they settle on two soldiers about to cross over a rope suspension bridge.

Heavily armed and expecting anything.

Natalya smiles and springs into a dead run at the two men. By the time either of the two men realizes she is there it is too late. She has Muramasa up and around cutting the soldier on the right in half sending both halves over the side then back around with a diagonal slash cutting cleanly through the other soldier's assault rifle and through him. The soldier steps back with a look of shock as he bounces against the rope of the bridge, mouth agape. He tries to speak but only blood fills the void. Natalya puts her finger to her lips, "Sshh." And then she pushes the soldier over the side.

She crosses the bridge slipping back into the shadows again upon reaches the other side. With the exception of the rift the cave is small and the exit tunnel lies within another ten feet from the bridge.

She crosses into the tunnel following its winding path toward a light flooding into the mouth of the tunnel where two more soldiers stood guard. Without breaking stride she continues forward dropping Muramasa horizontally and speeds through the middle of both men slicing the one on the right in half then in one fluid motion spins around to take the other's head off at the shoulders.

Natalya is crotched back in the shadows before either of the bodies has fallen to the ground. She scans the area taking note of guard locations. Once satisfied she has them all noted her eyes settle on her target: the main complex building. To her surprise it is still in its collapsed state from DEP Six's assault on it just months before.

Yellow caution tape has been strewn across every entrance and warning signs forbidding entrance are posted many times over. It seems to Natalya that either the Americans don't know what they have lying beneath the surface or they think this is the best way to keep things under wraps. Either way, it's not going to keep her out.

Natalya sheathes Muramasa and leaps from her position into a sprint. With near blinding speed she is across the expanse and diving through a window. The glass shatters, crashing to the floor alongside her as she rolls to her feet, Muramasa already in her hand. Silence quickly drops around her like a blanket as she waits for the shouts of alarm or the pounding of boots. When neither comes she stands and sheaths her sword and brushes off the dirt she collected.

Natalya walks toward what was once the throne room, looking at the chaos along the way. At least they had the decency to clean the place up a bit.

The building was just a shell of its former self. The military had come through and pulled out the dead bodies and any weapons and important documents, but left furniture, rumble and blood where it lay. It seemed they were as much of a hurry to vacate the building as they were to move into the base.

Eventually Natalya comes to stand before the entrance of the throne room which is blocked by an impregnable wall of rubble. She snickers and slowly dissipates into a haze of mist and rematerializes in a tall cylindrical cavern. Standing on a ledge just large enough to sustain her, Natalya looks out to see Talilith floating in a bubble over an abyss of emptiness. The Djinn is motionless and her eyes remain closed appearing to be in hibernation.

Natalya reaches out and touches the Djinn's face and is instantly taken back...


"It has been months now and we are no closer to taking down the Asura than when I arrived here," Natalya said looking up from the bed of the small room.

Dasha Maykov crossed her arms and continued to look out the curtain of the door of their meeting place. She was not at all happy with the sudden meeting the younger Black List member insisted on calling but her older sister Talilith didn't seem all too worried about it.

"And I have told you not to worry," Talilith said with a smile. "My sister and I have been working with Maltaus since before your arrival and with his help we—"

"Maltaus is a demon himself, the very ones we are supposed to be hunting down," Natalya nearly screamed.

Dasha snickered and looked over toward the two women. "Look who's talking." She took a step away from the door letting the curtain fall into place. "You have been working with Delgrious for the last few months yourself."

Natalya's face betrayed her and both sisters smiled at the fact. "Yes we know of it," Dasha continued. "Tancheres' personal assistant will betray you the first opportunity he can get and you thought it wise to hide it from us, the only two that could bail your ass out of that when the time came?"


"Didn't think of that?" Talilith asked.

"No, I guess not."

"You are still new to this my young friend," Talilith said crossing the room to place a hand on her shoulder. "Yet you will learn or perish in the process. Do not worry about his betray of you though."


"Delgrious is a Greater Demon and the demons do not have a great standing with the Asura as you already know so no matter how much loyalty he has pledged to Tancheres you can believe Delgrious has his own agenda."

Dasha shot Talilith a harsh look and Talilith smiled lightly back to her. Talilith sat down next to Natalya and brushed her hand across Natalya's taught breast as she moved her hand down Natalya's stomach to her pants.

"What are you doing?" Natalya breathed heavily though she suddenly didn't feel a want to resist. Her nipples became hard and her breathing turned to short gasps. Just the thought of the woman touching her this way was getting her hot.

"We're just showing you a side of things you have yet to explore," Talilith replied as she slipped her hand smoothly into Natalya's pants, brushing over her mound lightly. Natalya gasped as Talilith's fingers moved over her rock hard clit. "You have to learn to trust us." Talilith's slid down past her clit to her soaking wet pussy and slowly inserted a finger. Natalya let out a moan. She closed her eyes and her mouth dropped open as the older woman began to pump her finger into her younger pussy.

Across the room, Dasha moved closer to the two women. "That's lovely sis. Slide your fingers up and down where it's all wet," she muttered anxiously. She sat down next to them and slid her hand into her own pants and began to finger herself.

Natalya looked up at the other woman catching her eyes and became mesmerized by those emerald green eyes, gleaming with lust. She was entranced and her body felt like it was on fire. Dasha leaned down and kissed her passionately. Their tongues intertwined. Natalya gave a little moan as Dasha's hand began to move up her shirt and began to massage her nicely rounded breasts.

Talilith continued to pump her finger in and out of Natalya's wet, hot pussy and its effects began to take a toll on the younger woman.

"Oh, God!" Natalya moaned. "I'm gonna cum!"

This drove Talilith to pump her finger in and out faster and harder. "Ugh!" she grunted as her orgasm burst upon her. She thrust her hips upward, clamping Talilith's hand against her groin as an incredible orgasm coursed through her. It seemed to go on forever.

Talilith removed her finger and brought her hand up to her mouth to taste Natalya's juices. They tasted like pure heaven. She then put her finger up to Dasha's lips. She took her sister's finger into her mouth, tasting the sweet nectar. As Talilith pulled her finger from Dasha's mouth, she replaced it with her tongue, kissing Dasha deeply. Dasha's hands quickly worked up and down on Talilith's body, gently rubbing her breasts and her round ass. They fell back on the bed, their hands probing and fondling. Talilith broke their embrace and sat back on the bed. She lifted her shirt over her head, exposing her gorgeous breasts. Dasha followed suit, removing her shirt. Talilith hooked her hands around the waistband over her pant, carefully and teasingly sliding them down and off. Dasha, too, wiggled out of her own, drenched pants. Talilith then laid on top of Dasha, their breasts pressing together. Dasha positioned her thigh between her sister's legs, rubbing her pussy in rhythm. They began again to kiss deeply, letting out load, consistent moans.

Natalya, as she watched the sisters and after she removed her own clothing, moved her fingers to her hard clit and began to rub it. The sisters breasts squashed together and they were becoming soaking wet from all their skin on skin contact. Talilith then began to kiss her way down Dasha's neck to her chest. She took each of sister's breasts into her mouth. Dasha leaned her head back and moaned loudly. Talilith moved her hand down and began to gently massage her mound. Dasha began to breathe hard and moan consistently. Talilith turned her attention from her sister's breasts and she began to kiss her way down her firm stomach. When she reached her goal, she took a long hard sniff at Dasha's musky pussy scent. She then began to kiss her inner thighs. Dasha moaned each time Talilith's sweet lips connected with her skin. Talilith finally drove her tongue into her sister's hot pussy. She gently flicked Dasha's clit with her tongue, sending electric shockwaves through her entire body. Dasha moaned loudly.

As Talilith again inserted her tongue into Dasha's hot hole, she felt a pair of hands tugging at her hips. Startled, she turned her head, catching a glimpse of Natalya. She leaned her head down and ran her tongue down Talilith's ass crack and across her slit. When Natalya's tongue reached Talilith's clit, Talilith let out a loud gasp as a wave of hot ecstasy ran through her body. She turned her head back around and went right back to eating Dasha's pussy. She drove her tongue in deep, thrusting deeper and deeper. Dasha began to thrust her hips. Talilith could feel Natalya's warm tongue as it slipped between her hot lips. Talilith kept working diligently on her sister's pussy.

Natalya heard Dasha scream as her pussy erupted into Talilith's face. "Oh, God!"

This drove Natalya over the edge. "Mmm! she moaned as her pussy convulsed and erupted. Dasha fell into the bed, spent.

Talilith turned her attention now to Natalya. She disengaged from her sister's pussy and rolled over and lay back onto the bed next to her. Natalya instinctively got on top of her in a sixty-nine position and once again Talilith went back to work on her pussy, gently flicking her clit with her tongue before diving down deep into her pussy. She ran her tongue over Natalya's clit and Natalya let out a loud moan. She kept running her tongue down Natalya's slit until she gently licked her asshole. She then moved back to Natalya's pouty lips and inserted her tongue deep into her pussy. They were both soaking wet and very close to powerful orgasms.

"Mmm!" Talilith moaned.

Natalya didn't have enough lung power to moan, she was breathing so hard that she was almost out of breath. She felt a hot wave of passion and ecstasy running down her body as she knew that she would explode any minute. She picked up the pace on Talilith's pussy, wanting her to cum at the same time. Simultaneously, their young pussies convulsed and they both exploded in mind blowing orgasms.

"Oh, God! Fuck!" Natalya screamed, coming up for air. Her pussy kept pumping out her hot juice and Talilith lapped it all up. Talilith's pussy juices were flowing profusely as well and Natalya had a hard time getting it all, but she did. Her body kept convulsing, a seamless electric current running through her body as her orgasm began to subside.

Natalya finally sat up when she regained her strength. Both she and Talilith stood and took a few steps before they fell into the bed. They couldn't go any further because their legs were so weak from their powerful orgasms. They laid there on their bed, all three, softly kissing and fondling each other.

NATALYA IS FLUNG AGAINST THE WALL with such violence that she doesn't have time to brace herself for the impact. Her back is the first to hit followed by her head which causes her to temporarily blackout. When her vision does clear, she opens her eyes to see a pair of jade eyes staring down at her.

Surprise courses through Natalya but she only smiles in response to the staring pair of eyes. She stares back with the same intensity as the eyes as she picks herself up and then brushes the dirt off. "Now that wasn't very welcoming, especially after that little memory," she says shifting her legs a bit uncomfortably, feeling a little wetness between her legs.

Talilith scowls, her face contorts into anger. "How dare you come here and mock me. I will kill you!"

Natalya stands defiantly toward the stronger demon. "You hold no power over me while imprisoned."

Talilith laughs loudly. The sound of her laughter reverberates off the walls amplifying the sound tenfold. "Not in the real world, but in this world I do. I could squash you like a little fly and be done with you. You have entered my prison chamber and if I chose you would not leave until I do!" Her eyes flare in intensity and suddenly Natalya feels herself dropping uncontrollably to her knees. "You are still weak."

"Weakness is only what we make of it," Natalya replies through gritted teeth.

Talilith laughs again. "Then show me my little bitch. Draw your precious sword and strike me down. End this fucking torment I so suffer, prove to me you are stronger than I, that a mere Succubus is above the station of a Djinn."

Natalya doesn't budge as sweat pours down her face. She feels the heat of the small cavern intensify as if a furnace has suddenly kicked on. Her suit is working normal but it doesn't feel like it is doing much good at keeping her cool. She tries to move her hand to no avail as she can feel every muscle fiber struggle against an unseen force.

"Control," the Djinn says softly. "It is a simple task that even you posses and yet you cannot master because you are too weak." Talilith sighs. "It is not your fault that a mere creature as yourself is limited."

Then as suddenly as she couldn't move, Natalya was falling to the ground. She manages to stop herself from slamming face first just inches before impact. She stays laying there for a few moments before climbing back up to her feet. She looks up at Talilith. The Djinn is settled back with a small smile spread out across her face; arms crossed across her chest.

"Control has always been something you have tried to have even over your own sister."

Talilith's smile quickly turns into a frown. She knew exactly what Natalya referred to. "My sister wanting to live a peaceful life with some human was unacceptable!" she blurts. "To have children is fine as we demons need to continue to populate and spread our seed, but she wanted to leave everything we spent millennia working toward."

"So you made sure to have her eliminated if she didn't see your way," Natalya says. "Fitting the task befell me while I was running the DEP program while in the CIA. I guess you didn't suspect I was slipping my way into Maltaus' bed as he was slipping you out of it." Natalya smiles which only angers Talilith more.

"You have been a manipulative little bitch for some time Natalya, even back to the first time I laid eyes on you."

"It didn't take me too long after that day either to realize you and Dasha had become what you were and asserted your control over me," Natalya says without a hint of animosity to her voice.

"An enlightening experience," the Djinn replies. "Though Dasha didn't agree at the time and not really much afterward, I couldn't see a better way to introduce you to the power we had been introduced to. She had her doubts and I see why now, but I believed you would come around to our side. It's a shame really."

Natalya smiles. "Yes, it was enlightening. Like a fool I took an offer for power from Tancheres and have found myself millennia later still without it."

Talilith laughs again. "And here you are. At my feet reminiscing with a vain attempt to finish something you could never have while I was not imprisoned." She points a taloned finger down at Natalya. "You will once again fail in your countless endeavor of trying to kill me Natalya. Every time you have tried, you have failed and miraculously escaped, but not today and not now!"

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