tagNovels and NovellasFrom the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 16

From the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 16




THE FOUR CATU AGENTS SIT IN a safe house staring at a screen with CATU's director Mike Grines on the other end and not looking too pleased.

"I'm not familiar with the agent you spoke of and it seems that currently any contact with the Black List doesn't seem possible," he says. "Besides that, reports are filtering out of the country that CATU is responsible for President Valois' death."

"That's just fucking crazy," Cassidy blurts.

Grines sits back into his chair. His expression of anger doesn't change and it only appears to deepen. Cassidy is about to say more when she catches a glare from Stone and she quickly closes her mouth.

"Regardless how fucking crazy it is or not there is apparently some type of footage portraying you Agent Cassidy and Agent Greyson as the ones responsible," Grines points out.

"You can't be serious!" It is now Greyson's turn to object.

"I can, but I don't believe either of you are responsible," Grines admits. "Video footage can be faked, but as it stands we do have problems on our hands. As of right now you four are safe, but getting you out can be a challenge"

"We'll do what needs to be done on our end here," Dupree is the first to respond. "Just let us know what needs to be done."

"Good. It will take some time to have the arrangements made, but expect to be moving by morning."

"What kind of pressure is this putting on us?" Stone decides to ask. None of them have had the chance to turn on the television and check the news and Grines is the first person they have found any of this from.

Grines' expression softens a little, but only momentarily then once again it hardens as his eyes set back to a cold stare at the four agents. "President McKinsey has sent numerous summons and the same with Director Nichols of the FBI, but I intend to put them off as long as I can. I have a feeling things will not being going well with this development."

"But even you said the footage can be faked," Dupree argues.

"Even so," he shoots back. "But once again CATU is being called out into the open when we're supposed to be nonexistent after the President guaranteed we were. We have to face the facts that we screwed up."

"I ain't buying it," Stone says. "This has got to be the doing of Section 8."

"And we'll have to work hard to prove it," Grines says. "It is why it is imperative you get back here successfully. It may also put us all on the opposite side of the law until we get to the bottom of it all."

"Heh," Greyson says. "I've already signed up for this crazy train I may as well see it through."

"You got me and Dupree boss," Stone says.

"Oh so now you think you can answer for me?"

Stone says smiling. "You're in or I'm handing you over to the French authorities myself."

"Oh, we'll see about that one," Dupree winks at Stone then turns to the screen. "I'm in boss."

Silence falls and everyone turns to Cassidy who is sitting on the couch cleaning her nails. She looks up with a blank expression and says, "What?"

"Are you in or not?" Stone asks incredulously.

"Seriously?" she asks raising her eye brows. She looks over to Greyson.

He laughs heartily. "Yeah, she's in. No doubt about that one."

"Good," Grines says, still not showing any real emotion. "You'll have more specific orders when your transports arrive tomorrow, but in the meantime you'll once again be split into two teams. Greyson and Cassidy will be heading to a small island near Madagascar named Mauritius while Stone and Dupree will be coming back to D.C."

"Isn't that pretty close to Fort Liberty?" Stone asks.

"It is, but you'll get in and hopefully out without drawing any military attention. Like I said, tomorrow you'll have further instructions with your transports. In the meantime, get some rest and good luck."

Grines doesn't give any of the agents a chance to reply before cutting the connection short and the screen goes blank.

"Well things are getting just a little more fucked up than they were before," Stone says.

"You're telling me," Greyson agrees with a snort. "Well I'm going to do just what Grines suggested and get some much needed rest."

"I hear that one," Dupree says standing up. "But first I need a good and long hot shower. I don't ever want to see a sewer again as long as I live."

Stone laughs. "Come on. Where's your sense of adventure Mel?"

She glares at him. "How about we see where yours is when there isn't any hot water left." She turns and heads through the hall toward bathroom. Stone bounds up and races after her and it quickly become a race to the bathroom.

"Not too bad for an old man today," Cassidy says just before Greyson walks into his room.

He turns around and gives her a grizzled look and says, "Old man?"

She grins and within seconds she is off the couch, pressing her body against his. Her mouth touches his for a soft, sweet kiss that lasts for only a few seconds.

Greyson draws back. "I'm sorry."

It quickly leaves Cassidy confused and aroused and full of guilt. She presses against him more, standing on her tip toes to reach him, he'd bends his head to meet hers and their second kiss leads to much more.

"We can't do this," he whispers. "We're partners for God's sake."

"I won't let that compromise anything if you don't," Cassidy whispers back.

Greyson lets the thought filter through then grabs up Cassidy and carries her into the room and drops her onto the bed. Greyson begins kissing his way down the center of her body, pushing the fabric of her shirt up to bare her stomach for his mouth. He pushes her shirt high, his hands curving up and over her breasts and she arches my back.

Greyson's mouth moves lower until Cassidy feels his teeth against the front of her jeans. She lifts her head and he meets her eyes, his hands still cupping her breasts and he looks at her with such ferocious hunger it sends a chill through her.

Greyson moves, slipping off the bed, his hands leaving her breasts reluctantly. Cassidy thinks he is going to stand up and leave, maybe having second thoughts, but instead he strips off his shirt and leans over her, his hands grasping her hips as he pulls her across the surface of the bed toward him.

He puts a finger to his lips, putting on a serious face. Then he reaches for the button on her jeans. She can't help but laugh. Cassidy watches his muscular arms and chest as he quickly and efficiently unbuttons and unzips her pants.

Greyson is tugging her jeans down, dragging her panties with them, his eyes focused on the skin he is baring as he goes. Cassidy watches him, thrilled as he drops the clothes to the floor and lifts her legs, parting them, staring at her pussy as he presses her thighs wide. She shivers, knowing she is wet and swollen.

He drops to his knees between her legs, takes a moment to strip off his shirt and pulls her closer, delivering her pussy to his waiting mouth. Cassidy tenses in anticipation of the heat of his touch. He moves slowly so that at first she feels his breath on her skin and then a second later, the warmth of his lips as he kisses her labia.

"If you I had known you were going to do this, we'd have showered first," she says with the last word coming out a sigh as he presses his lips to her pussy again. Greyson doesn't says anything and when she lifts her head to look at him, the slit of her pussy is clearly visible as is the pink tip of his tongue as he slides it between her pussy lips.

Her head falls back to the bed's surface and she clamps her mouth shut as Greyson begins to slowly eat her pussy. Cassidy slides her hands up over her breasts and strokes them, pausing to undo the fastener of her bra to remove the barrier of fabric. Greyson glances up, not lifting his head and moans appreciatively as she runs her fingers over her erect nipples, encircling them and increasing her pleasure.

Greyson continues to lick his way around her labia, avoiding her clit, turning her on slowly, tightening her arousal like a guitar string. She pants as he licks and sucks, thrilled by the wet sounds.

Cassidy has to bite her lip when his tongue finally touches her clit as it sends a shock through her whole body. She pinches her nipples and squirms, holding her breath to keep from crying out as his tongue flicks over and around the sensitive flesh. He licks until she is squirming with pleasure and then drops low, thrusting his tongue deep inside her, eliciting a long, soft moan from her.

After a second he returns to licking her again, more slowly, from top to bottom in a lazy stroking motion, letting his tongue dip into her pussy hole before returning to her clit to circle it with the tip of his tongue. She squirms and arches her back, still stroking her nipples.

"I want your cock," Cassidy says, trying to sit up. "I want to cum."

He grins and kisses her clit once before letting go of her thighs and standing up. Cassidy strips off my shirt and bra and watches with anticipation as he undoes the fastener on his jeans and begins to lower them. Her pussy throbs when his cock springs free from the confines of his pants and she feels her mouth begin to water.

Cassidy sat up and as soon as he stepped out of his jeans she is reaching for him, wrapping her fingers around his thick shaft and stroking the smooth skin lightly. He takes a step toward her and slides his fingers through her hair, combing the long strands fondly.

She leans closer and opens her mouth, kissing the very tip of his cock wetly. He sighs and she smiles to herself. She leans closer still and runs her tongue around the fat head of his cock, swirling and circling for a while before dragging it all the way down the length of his shaft, holding it lightly in one hand while her other hand slides between his legs to cup his balls, drawing out a deeper this time.

She returns to the head of his cock and takes it between her lips, sucking lightly, lifting her gaze to meet his. "Mmm," he says fondly. "That's it."

Cassidy smiles around his cock and sucks him deeper letting her lips slip past the flared end of his cockhead. She moves her tongue in waves against the underside of his cock and he slides his hands into her hair, cradling her head in his huge palms.

She works her mouth down his cock and drops her hand to his thigh, letting him guide himself over her tongue. He rocks, sliding his cock forward and back, stroking himself in the warm smoothness of her mouth. She rocks too, wanting to take him deeper to push his arousal higher and starts stroking his balls, noticing they are tightening already.

"You are fantastic," Greyson moans. "I love your mouth."

He holds her head in his hands lightly and together they move. His cock slides further and further into her mouth, making her lips flare wide as his thickness stretches them. Gradually, his pace quickens and his breathing grows heavy. She cups his tight balls in her palm and pushes forward more, fighting her gag reflex as the tipoff his cock reaches the back of her mouth.

"Oh baby, that's deep," he whispers. She pulls at him, wrapping her hands around his hard thighs and pulling until his cock slides deeper still. She moves her tongue as best as she can and he groans, his grip on her head tightening. "Fuck," he says. "That's fucking good."

Cassidy moves forward and back slowly, concentrating on the motion of her tongue along the underside of his cock, paying close attention to his reactions as she does. She takes him deep again and holds him there, on the verge of being unable to breathe, and he holds her head tight pressing himself against the back of her throat.

"You're going to make me cum," he says in a strained breath.

Cassidy feels herself gagging and draws back, recovering only when his cock has left her lips. "Do it," she whispers looking up at him. She moves forward, engulfing his cock and he tenses, pushing hard until her body spasms as she gags.

"Oh fuck. That's nice," he gasps. "I'm going to cum right down your throat if you keep it up."

Cassidy draws back again, gasping for breath and is ready to take him back in her mouth again when he reaches for her and pulls her to her feet. He kisses her, his hands roaming over her body as he does.

"No, I want that tight pussy of yours," he groans against her lips.

Greyson slides a hand between her legs and strokes her for a second while he kisses. She squirms against his fingers and then he brings them up to her mouth and presses them between her lips. Cassidy tastes her own pussy on his fingers and sucks eagerly, much to Greyson's delight.

"Taste the sweetest little pussy in the world," he says smiling.

She gasps and he withdraws his fingers and spins her around, wrapping his arm around her waist. Cassidy feels his hard cock against her ass and then his hand angling it as he bends his knees to compensate for the height difference. He strokes her pussy with the blunt head, nudging at the entrance to her pussy teasingly as he lowers his mouth to her ear. He licks her earlobe as he holds his cock half an inch inside her, rocking slightly.

Greyson slides his hand up her body and cups a breast, rolling the nipple under his palm. He enters her slowly, until their bodies meet. He shifts his hands, sliding one around her waist again and the other slides down to cradle her chin. He kisses her ear and a shiver runs through her, making her pussy throb.

"I love your tight pussy," he whispers, pushing deeper. He draws back and plunges back inside again, making Cassidy whimper in pleasure. Then he draws back again and slowly enters her, this time bending his knees and pushing even deeper until his body touches hers.

"Fuck," he moans, his hot breath filling her ear. "You're so sexy, so fucking sexy."

He rocks against her, filling her slowly again and again, holding her tight against his body. She can feel the tension inside building. His slow motions stretch and massage her from within.

Cassidy slides her hand between her legs, parting them slightly and jumps when her fingers touch her clit. She shakes for a second and Greyson's cock slides deeper, his body presses harder against hers.

He withdraws and turns her around to face him, lifting her easily from the floor. Cassidy hooks her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. She kisses him and lets him guide her body, angling his hips until she feels the touch of his cock at her pussy again. He loses his grip and lets gravity drop her down, his cock jamming deep in one motion.

He hooks his arms under her knees, spreading her legs a little and she hangs onto his neck while he supported her weight, his hands tight on her ass. And then he begins to guide her up and down over his cock, lifting her up and letting her drop, fucking her from below.

His pace increases gradually and she kisses his mouth, sucking his tongue each time he slides it between her lips. His arms are tense and his skin is wet with sweat, burning hot. He draws back from their kiss and looks at her. He watches her face as he bounces her a little faster, letting gravity pull her down hard over his cock. She hangs onto him and whimpers as his fucking grows more and more fevered and rough.

Cassidy moans and he maintains a steady rhythm, lifting her high and letting her drop. His ands spread the flesh of her ass, fingers digging in. Sweat blooms across his brow and his breath is coming too fast for them to kiss. His is close and the thought thrills Cassidy to the core.

"Oh Raven," he says breathlessly. "I'm gonna cum, baby. Fuck I'm gonna cum."

He stops moving for a second and holds her tight, his cock buried deep inside of her. Then he bends his knees and lowers her to the floor. His cock leaves her briefly until he repositions himself, pushing her knees back to her shoulders and falling on her, thrusting deep and hard.

His eyes are locked on Cassidy's as he fills and fucks her harder. His square jaw is set. The muscles tense and bulge while the lust and pleasure show in his expression.

Cassidy feels him quiver as he continues to thrust and knows by the twist of his brow that he is coming. His cock shoots jet after jet of thick cum inside her. She tenses as his weight presses down against her and he fills her more slowly a few times, using the tightness of her pussy to milk his cock. He pauses, still for a second and she can feel the twitch of his cock as it jumps inside her pussy. Then he buries himself deep again and sighs. His head drops to his chest, breaking eye contact with her for the first time.

He shifts his arms, lowering her legs and slides his hands behind her, lifting her from the floor. His cock is still inside her and he pulls her tight against him. He sits back on his heels, breathing hard against her neck. She can feel the strong thump of his heart in his huge chest as he holds her against him, the rapid expansion of his lungs pressing them closer each time.

He holds her for a minute, his breathing gradually slowing and then he loosens his grip bringing his mouth to hers to kiss her softly. She can feel his cock slipping from her body as he lowers her to the floor again. He kisses her mouth and moves lower, kissing his way down her body again. He lifts her legs and she gasps in anticipation, guessing what he is about to do. She feels the heat of his mouth on her pussy and he groans. His tongue moves between the swollen labia and deeps inside to lap up his own cum from her pussy.

Cassidy groans too, not from the touch so much as the thrill of the act. She reaches down and threads her fingers through his hair and he continues to lick at her pussy for a moment longer.

"Kiss me," Cassidy whispers suddenly desperate to feel his mouth on hers, to taste his cum from his own mouth.

He crawls back up her body and presses his lips to hers, parting them with his tongue. She meets it with her own, searching for the taste and groans when she feels the warm slither of cum enter her mouth. She clutches at him and he kisses her deeply and without restraint until his kisses grow softer and sweeter.

He rises, pulling her with him onto the bed. She curls into his strong arms and closes her eyes for a moment, savoring the sensations in her body, the slight throb of my pussy, the taste of cum in her mouth.

DUPREE SHRIEKS AS STONE WRAPS HIS arms around her waist almost tackling her as they enter the bathroom. She turns around in his arms and kisses him. "I didn't think I'd ever give in to you."

Stone gives her a lopsided grin. "You've got to give in to your needs every now and then."

She lets go and takes a step back, grabbing Stone by his belt and pulling him further into the bathroom. She frees his cock and sits down on the toilet. "You just don't know," she says with her eyes focus on his growing cock.

"Very nice cock, I'm going to enjoy this," she purrs softly, then licks his shaft with her warm, wet tongue.

Stone shudders under her careful attention and gasps when she takes his cock in her mouth. Dupree is soft and tender. Her throat deep and she artfully deep throats him. Her eyes stay on his face, watching his every enjoyment.

While she continues to suck him, she undoes his belt and moves his pants and shorts furthers down. "I think it's hard enough now," she says with a grin.

They trade places and she removes her clothing and gently sits down in his lap, Stone's cock disappearing in her pussy with a little help from her hand as she is comfortably impaled on his cock.

Dupree pulls him in closer and kisses him softly on the lips. Stone slips his hands behind her back and hugs her as she starts to ride his hard cock in earnest.

After a minute Dupree says, "So much for getting some rest."

Stone smiles at her. "Yeah, but this is very relaxing." And he starts to play with her bouncing breasts.

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