tagNovels and NovellasFrom the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 17

From the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 17


The Sahara


THE MOON CASTS ITS EERIE GLOW across the cool sand of the vast empty desert plains of the Sahara as the wind steadily sweeps across and over the many already windswept dunes. A desert viper prepares to strike out at a shrew as it munches on a beetle. It coils and is about to strike when suddenly it is interrupted as the ground begins to shake. The shrew drops its meal, totally oblivious to the viper, and looks off toward the direction of the giant facility in the distance and runs off in the opposite direction. The viper frightened by the sudden tremors slithers away looking for a hiding place.

The shaking lasts for a few more minutes before settling down to a low tremor then dying out completely. A few minutes later the desert returns to a normalcy, showing no signs that life was ever interrupted.

The viper slowly slithers out from under the safety of a rock outcropping and quickly slithers back when a large light shines down on it. The light plays across the desert floor as it is carried on the underside of an Apache AH-64A as it flies over toward the facility.

It glides effortlessly and nearly silently through the air landing only a minute later on a specially designed platform, high on one of the facility's dual towers. When the rotors finally die down and come to a stop, the cockpit pops open and the two figures inside are quickly greeted by the facility's security director.

"Welcome to True Energy's Sahara Facility," Rolan Brish says as Errios drops down onto the platform.

"Is everything ready for tomorrow's attack?"

"We have just run the final test just before your arrival. We have the satellites ready and the batteries are fully charged. We are ready for full lockdown when we begin," Rolan explains.

"Good." Errios waves a hand and a much larger female in a body suit, crawls out of the cockpit and drops to the platform.

Rolan looks past Errios at the woman and though see is a full head taller than he is, she is very striking in beauty with large breasts and long, dark hair.

"We weren't expecting anyone," he says smiling.

"A small change of plans," Errios says with brushing off tone. "Tancheres is afraid this place will get hit and doesn't think you or I are up to the challenge so he has sent a horseman, Ehiel," she says walking past the man.

Rolan chuckles at a thought and says, "After that beating Ratmmas gave you I hope anything less than a horseman would be a problem."

Errios spins around and grabs the human by the throat lifting him high into the air. "You dare mock me human? If not for fear of retribution of Tancheres I would drop you over the edge right now."

"Don't you mean Natalya?" he asks defiantly.

Errios' lips curl up into a smile. "Of course." She releases her grip and spins around. "I'll find my way around."

Rolan stands up and rubs his neck. "Thanks for the help," he says mockingly at the horseman once Errios has disappeared from view.

She glares at him for a moment, sending a chill down his spine. "I would have stopped her if she were to attempt to terminate you," she says with a sweet and unexpected voice.

"Excuse me?" Rolan asks, not sure he heard right.

"I said I would have stopped her if—"

"I heard you," he says holding up his hand. "Why would you do that? I doubt Tancheres would care that much to keep me alive."

"Probably not, but my orders come more specifically for Natalya herself on your protection than from anyone else."

Rolan thinks about this for a moment. "That's comforting. So then I guess I will take you to your quarters."

"There will be no need for that," Ehiel says. "I am to guard you at all times as well as provide you with physical pleasure while Natalya is away."

Rolan smiles and says, "Well, right this way then."

He leads Ehiel off the helipad down into the facility and into the personnel quarters. The Black Dragon were on high alert and should and attack come tonight they would be ready, but Rolan wasn't concerned. As far as anyone knew the Sahara facility was kept off the list of facilities True Energy had built and had running. So after the True Group went under and went under investigation and everything was seized and shut down, the Sahara facility was left unmolested and forgotten about.

Perfect for what Tancheres had in mind.

After several minutes Rolan pulls up to his quarters. He looks over to Ehiel, who had followed quietly the whole time to the point Rolan had to look back several times just to make sure she was still following him, "I don't understand what has Natalya so paranoid."

"She has her concerns," Ehiel answers looking over her shoulder.

Rolan follows her gaze but doesn't see anything. "I've personally given this place an overhaul in security," he says as he punches a code in a keypad next to the door. "Security is top notch including the wards Natalya told me to put up." He places his hand on a scanner that flips out from beneath the device. It scans his hand then disappears. A second later a loud audible click is heard then the door opens.

Ehiel looks back to him and says, "Regardless, security can be bypassed and wards can be broken."

Rolan just shakes his head. Before he knew of the demon world he lived a life in the Russian underworld and lived a brutal life working for the Black Dragon under Sergey Stalockavich. So once the world of the demons was revealed to him, like it was to the rest of the Black Dragon, it really wasn't much of a change. Life for Rolan was one big gamble and with every toss of the dice was just another element of danger and he was used to it.

Before Rolan could finish securing the door Ehiel was already stripping off the body suit she wore. He feels her breasts push into his back and her hands force their way down into his pants onto his hardening cock where they begin to massage it.

She presses her body harder against his back and with practiced movements she releases his cock from his pants and begins to gently stroke it.

Rolan has his eyes closed as he enjoys her hands on his cock. He feels himself getting incredibly hard. Her firm hands know what they are doing.

When her hands disappear from his cock, he opens his eyes to see her come around and kneel in front of him. With a big smile aimed at him, Ehiel licks the top of his cock before engulfing the head with her mouth. Rolan stifles a groan of joy when her mouth goes to work on him.

Looking down he can see her head bob up and down on his cock. Her tongue is working miracles on his cock. Her hands push his ass forward as if to get even more of his cock in her and after a few minutes of exquisite sucking she releases his cock with smacking lips.

Ehiel stands and walks over to the bed and sits down, spreading her luscious legs wide open revealing her pussy wide open like a blooming flower.

Rolan slides right in between her legs. He begins working on her lips first. Nibbling and sucking to get them flush and thick with the occasional flick on the clit and streak up and down her slit, always ending up at her entrance. He can already feel her getting closer without even really trying, so he begins to speed up his movements to make sure she came hard. With a few deft movements he wets his index finger in her pussy and pushes it all the way up her ass and sticks his thumb in her pussy, making contact inside. He pulls her with that hand a little further down so she almost sits on his hand with his fingers in as deep as they can get.

Taking her clit hood in his mouth, he sucks as hard as he can on it, raising her clit so he can scrape it with his teeth. When he feels her hands o his head, pushing him down harder, he knows she is about to cum. He switches the sucking to the clit, biting down when it is fully extended and then teases the caught little pleasure point with his tongue in a rapid pace.

Rolan feels Ehiel go rigid as the first wave of her orgasm hits her. She has grabbed his shirt. She cries and gasps as she cums. His tongue keeps going and the pulsing movements of his fingers keep the sensations from becoming too intense. He keeps her in a state of orgasm for several minutes before he releases her.

Ehiel falls back into the bed in ecstasy. Rolan stands and drops his pants. He waits a second with his cockhead at her entrance, relishing in the wet heat he can feel emanating from her pussy. Looking at her beautiful face, he slowly enters her until his balls come to her ass.

"Mmm, keep it there for a moment," Ehiel softly says.

Her hand moves to her clit and she slowly and gently starts to rub it. Starting slowly, Rolan moves in and out of her, alternating his view between her breasts, her face and his cock going in her pussy.

"Fuck me," Ehiel purrs.

Rolan doesn't have to be told twice as he speeds up the deep penetration of her hot and wet pussy. Her juices are flowing freely now and Rolan rams his cock harder and harder, getting closer to release each time.

"Cum with me, I'm so close," Ehiel cries.

Two strokes later he feels her pussy clamp down. The extra pressure sends him over the edge as well. He feels his cock launch his cum into her. The throbbing intensifies by her strong pussy muscles milking him for all he is worth. A deep grunt accompanies his orgasm and Ehiel cries again as they cum.

Rolan pulls out and rolls off onto his back, breathing hard and thinking it over, but Ehiel has other ideas. With an eyebrow raised he watches her sit up and crawl down toward his cock. She starts to lick and suck wet cock.

He looks down at her and she smiles at him mischievously, her tongue all over his cockhead. Then she suddenly dives onto his shaft really working his cock getting him to cum for a second time. She in enjoying the look he gives her, absolute rapture as she sucks hard while he cums.

She moves up to kiss him full on the lips. Rolan opens up and their tongues meet in her mouth, his cum still on her tongue. Ehiel breaks the kiss and slides off the bed, moving to lean against the wall, pushing her ass toward him saying, "I hope that isn't all you got."

"I've got plenty," Rolan says licking his lips." He gets up and in one smooth motion he enters her wet pussy and starts to fuck her hard. Her wet pussy has hardly any friction so he moves as fast and as hard as he can, even bumping her cervix a few times. He can feel her fingers working on her clit and between gasps he can hear her saying, "Fuck me, fuck me harder."

The strength of his assault of her pussy makes it not take long for her to cum Ehiel not cum hard. When Rolan feels her stiffen he increases his speed even more. The contractions of her pussy stimulate him into cumming hard as well. He holds onto her thighs keeping him deep in her as they cum together.

"Mmm, that was wonderful again," Ehiel says. "I know why Natalya wants to keep you around." They stand for a minute close to together enjoying the closeness of each other. "Still hard?"

With a big grin Rolan says, "I can go all night long."

Hmm," she purrs. "In that case..." Ehiel moves a bit so she can grab his cock and takes it out of her pussy and positions it in front of her asshole. "Then fill my ass."

Rolan smiles and pushes his head in. It is warm and tight and so unlike her pussy. A few strokes later he is pounding her tight asshole with all his might. Her hands are a frenzy on her clit and in her pussy. A few times he can feel her fingers brush against his cock, exciting him even more.

He doesn't last long. The new sensations and the moaning from Ehiel make him cum even harder than before.

When she feels him cum, she clamps her asshole as tight as she can making her feel the gush of his cum shooting in her even more intense. He is still deep in her ass when she cums as her ass still milks his cock.

She looks back over her shoulder at Rolan and says, "I hope you are good to your word, because I plan to hold you to it."

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