tagMind ControlFrom Wife To Maid In One Easy Lesson Ch. 03

From Wife To Maid In One Easy Lesson Ch. 03


It had been three weeks since Peggy had been taken to the clinic and placed under her husbands control. The combination of drugs and hypnosis had been wildly successful and Gabrielle and Peggy's husband had used Peggy as a toy in many hot sex games. There had been no problems and just as Gabrielle and the doctor had predicted, Peggy had no memories of anything that had happened while she was being controlled.

With just the use of the control phrase that had been implanted into her subconscious by the doctor, her husband and Gabrielle could turn her from a normal, conservative wife into a more than willing sex slave who would do anything that she was told. The most amazing thing was that there was no hesitation or disinterest on her part while being controlled. Anything she was told to do she performed with enthusiasm and gusto. Any impartial observer would never be able to tell that she was not acting of her own accord.

For her part, Gabrielle could not have been happier. She enjoyed controlling Peggy and loved the fact that her lover was a willing participant. Nothing gave her more pleasure than humiliating Peggy in front of her husband, a game that he enjoyed as much as she did. Gabrielle knew that she had moved from outside lover into a dominant role in all of their lives. She loved that. Apparently, so did Peggy's husband.

Over the past weeks Peggy had become, in Gabrielle's eyes, nothing more than the sum of her body parts. Her lips, her mouth, her breasts and most of all her wet pussy were just toys to be used as means of pleasure for her and her lover. She often slept at their house, her and her lover in the bed and Peggy relegated to the sofa. If they wanted something from her, sex or whatever, they would call her in, use her in whatever fashion amused them ,and then dismiss her.

Gabrielle had Peggy cook and clean for them while she and Peggy's husband lay in bed reading, watching television or fucking. Peggy had become their live in maid for all intents and purposes. A live in sex maid.

Since it was summer Gabrielle had her days free. She could have taught in summer school but had declined the opportunity. Sometimes she would drop in on Peggy during the day when her husband was at work and have her service her sexual needs. Gabrielle was a totally sexual woman whose needs seemingly were never satisfied. Having Peggy available to her 24/7 was a luxury that she could easily get used to.

Gabrielle loved spending long afternoons alone with Peggy. One of her favorite games was when she had Peggy lick and suck her toes and feet. Gabrielle had long had a strong foot fetish and Peggy was a perfect way for Gabrielle to satisfy these desires. She would order Peggy to suck on her toes as if each one was a cock. Then she would have Peggy use her wet tongue on them, licking each toe and the spaces between them.

Gabrielle would stroke her own pussy as Peggy then licked her feet, top and bottom, not missing an inch. Slowly Gabrielle would have Peggy work her way up her long firm legs, kissing and licking her calves, her knees and finally the smooth skin of her thighs. Gabrielle would spread her pussy open then so that Peggy could see her final destination.

Peggy would then slowly lick and taste the wetness of Gabrielle's pussy lips. Her wet tongue would find Gabrielle's clit and gently caress it and make love to it. Peggy had been trained well, she knew exactly what Gabrielle wanted and expected of her.

When Gabrielle could no longer stand the teasing and gentle caresses of Peggy's lips, she would push her head into her pussy and Peggy would get busy, sucking and tongue fucking her. She knew what spots to concentrate on to bring Gabrielle the greatest pleasure.

Gabrielle would thrash about as her orgasm came closer but she would always hold Peggy's face tight against her pussy, never letting her get away from the task at hand. When Gabrielle could hold back no longer, she would climax violently, her juices flowing freely into Peggy's mouth. Only then, after she had finished completely, would she release the pressure on Peggy's head, allowing her to lick up and down her wet slit gently as she cleaned her mistress.

Then Gabrielle would take Peggy into the shower and make her wash her body. It was really lovely, Gabrielle thought, to have someone clean you from head to toe, soaping and rinsing every inch of her body. She wondered how many people would ever be lucky enough to experience that feeling.

On the three week anniversary of her submission, Peggy had a follow up appointment with the clinic. Normally, this visit would allow the doctor and patient to assess how successful the treatment had been in allowing the patient to stop smoking. The purpose of Peggy's visit was somewhat different, however.

Gabrielle had volunteered to take Peggy to her appointment since she was not teaching that summer and had free time. Peggy's husband had to work so it seemed a good solution for everyone. Gabrielle and Peggy's husband needed to know that there were no negative effects or unpleasant circumstances facing them in the future. While they had no intention of stopping their sex games, they needed assurances that everything would run smoothly.

As they drove to the clinic, Gabrielle observed Peggy carefully. She sat in the passenger seat smiling sweetly, for all the world to see, a normal healthy woman. Gabrielle began to have one of her "interesting ideas" as she thought of them, whenever she considered ways to use Peggy. A smile crept across her face.


"Yes Gabrielle."

"You really love cock."

"Um, yes Gabrielle, I love my husbands cock."

"Who said anything about your husbands cock? You love all cocks."

"Of course, I love men's cocks."

"In fact you'd like some new cock, wouldn't you. You'd like to suck and fuck someone's cock besides your husbands."

"I'd like some new cock. Lots of it."

Gabrielle laughed. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves Peggy you whore. I bet you'd like to suck some cock this afternoon though."

"Oh yes, that would be good."

"Maybe we can do something about that for you."

They had arrived at the clinic. It was almost noon and Gabrielle knew that usually the clinic was closed from noon to two for lunch and administrative duties.

The doctor's waiting room was empty. Only Cindy, the receptionist was there. Cindy was a young, cute blond with an amazing figure which she tried her best to hide under rather plain, loose fitting clothing. She wasn't successful, however. More than one male patient had seen the doctor with a hard on caused by a few moments in her presence. Gabrielle and she were well acquainted.

"Hi Cindy. He hasn't gone to lunch yet has he?"

"Hi Gabrielle! No, he's expecting you. Go right in, he's in his office. This is Peggy, right?"

"Hi," Peggy offered.

"Hello Peggy." She went back to her typing.

They walked through the office door and down the hallway. They passed the several small rooms where the doctor usually saw his patients. At the end of the hall they opened a door marked "private" and entered the office of Dr. Randall Phelps.

For four years Dr. Phelps had run a successful smoking cessation clinic. His practice had grown as word of his success in helping people rid themselves of tobacco addiction had spread. His use of drugs and hypnosis had proven to be wildly successful and his future was both financially and professionally secure. There was only one little problem.

Dr. Phelps like the women. Dr. Phelps liked lots of women. He had been unable to resist the temptations that hypnotized women presented him with. He did not think it was such a big deal if he helped himself to a little sex with some of his more attractive female patients. After all, he reasoned, a blow job or quickie in his office hurt no one and his patients would have no memory of it anyway. As far as he was concerned, what happened her, stayed here.

Gabrielle, of course, knew all about the doctor's little games. She had been the one to convince her lover to have Peggy hypnotized in the first place. Now, she reasoned, she would have a little fun with them both.

"Gabrielle!" Dr. Phelps looked slightly surprised to see her with Peggy. They were, after all, sleeping with the same man.

"Well hello Randy." She gave Dr. Phelps a quick peck on the cheek. "You remember Peggy."

"Yes, of course. Hello Peggy. How are you?"

"I'm fine doctor." She smiled sweetly.

"Well, sit down ladies." He motioned them over to a sitting area in his large office and they plopped down on a large overstuffed leather couch. Dr. Phelps sat across from them.

Peggy was wearing a short skirt and Gabrielle noted with pleasure the way Dr. Phelps' eyes lingered on Peggy's legs as she sat and crossed her legs. Umm, this was going to be fun she thought.

"So Peggy, how have you been doing with your smoking?"

"Doctor, I haven't had a cigarette since the last time I was here. Whatever you did worked, I haven't even had the urge."

"Yes, we've had a lot of success with our program. This is wonderful news."

"It's not just your program Randy," Gabrielle interjected.


"Actually Peggy here has found a substitute for cigarettes. Something that satisfies her oral cravings even better."

"Really? What would that be?"

"Tell him Peggy. What have you been sucking on lately?"

Peggy smiled at the doctor. "Cock."

"Cock?" Dr. Phelps said in surprise.

Gabrielle laughed. "Oh Peggy here has become quite the cocksucker lately. Haven't you Peggy?"

"I love sucking cock."

"Jesus Gabrielle, I..."

"Relax Randy. I've got her under control. And don't give me that professional bullshit either. We both know you could never turn down a good blowjob or fuck. Don't look so surprised, I've seen you checking her out. Wanna see more?"


"Peggy, spread your legs open and let Randy take a good look at you."

Peggy spread her legs wide apart. Her long creamy legs led invitingly up to her pussy, covered only with her little tight white cotton panties.

Dr. Phelps stared at Peggy's legs and panties. His breathing came a little quicker now. Gabrielle smiled at him invitingly.

"Peggy wants to branch out Randy. She's looking for some new cock to suck. Got any ideas where she might find some?"

"My god, your serious aren't you?"

"Well duh you idiot, what do you think?"

"I think maybe I can help this poor woman out after all. That's what I'm here for."

"I knew you'd see it my way Randy." She turned to Peggy.

"Peggy, rub your pussy for the good doctor. You're getting really horny, thinking about that cock of his. You'd like to pull that cock right out of those pants and lick it wouldn't you? Yes you would you little whore."

Peggy's fingers slid down to her pussy and she began rubbing it through her panties. Her eyes were on the doctor's crotch.

'Oh Gabrielle, I'm getting so wet. Do you think he'll let me suck him?"

"Don't ask me, ask him."

"Please doctor, I'm dying for some cock. Could I see yours please?"

"Gabrielle, you're too much," Dr. Phelps laughed. "All right Peggy, come over here and kneel down in front of me."

"Do whatever the doctor tells you to do you little tramp," Gabrielle said.

Peggy walked over to where the doctor had stood up and lowered herself to her knees in front of him. She looked up at him expectantly.'

"So ask me again Peggy."

"Doctor, I want to see your cock. Please let me take it out of your pants."

"Not just yet. Put your face against my pants. I want you to feel my cock with your face. I want you to smell it." He guided her face to the crotch of his pants. He slowly began rotating his hips.

Gabrielle laughed. "Peggy, looks like you're getting the full treatment today."

Peggy was kissing and licking the front of the doctors pants. She could feel his swollen cock in there as he ground his hips against her face. She could practically smell that cock, so near and yet so far away.

Randy looked at Gabrielle as he ground against Peggy.

"You've done good with this one Gabrielle."

"Fuck her face Randy. That's what the slut wants." She was getting in the mood herself now.

"Oh I plan on that. Peggy, unzip me."

Peggy eagerly slid Randy's zipper down. He undid the clasp on the front of his slacks and they quickly slid down his legs. He stood in front of her in his under shorts which were tented out with his hard cock.

"Feel it Peggy. Feel my cock!"

Her hand reached out and her fingers grasped his cock. She felt it twitch as she rubbed it. Her fingers ran slowly up and down it's length.

"Kiss it Peggy! Kiss my cock!"

Peggy bent forward and her lips gently kissed the tip of his cock through his shorts. She could taste the precum that had already saturated his shorts there. She took the tip into her mouth and let her teeth gently run up and down its circumference. Her tongue licked as much of it as she could.

"Come on Randy, stop playing around. I want to see her suck it." Gabrielle's hand was down inside of her own panties now, playing with her wet pussy.

"Impatient aren't you dear? In this case however I think you're right. Peggy, I want you to slowly pull my shorts down. But don't touch it until I tell you."

Peggy grasped the sides of his shorts and slowly began to lower it. His cock, finally freed from it's cover sprang to attention in front of Peggy's eyes. It was large, bigger than her husbands and Peggy gasped in admiration. She had not been a virgin when she married but neither had she seen too many cocks. This one was the largest she had ever seen. She longed to take it into her mouth and taste it but she had been told not to and so she just stared at it. Her tongue ran across her pink lips in anticipation.

"Beg me for it Peggy."

"Please doctor! I want to taste it so bad. Please let me suck it! Please!"

Peggy was so intent on the cock in front of her that she barely noticed Gabrielle dropping to her knees next to her. Gabrielle reached out and grabbed Randy's cock.

"Open your mouth bitch! Stick out your tongue!"

Peggy did as she was told and Gabrielle pushed Randy's dick forward until it was just an inch from her waiting tongue. She stroked it and finally just barely touched Peggy's tongue with the tip. Peggy leaned forward, desperate to get more of it in her mouth but Gabrielle pulled it back and instead took it quickly into her own mouth. Her eyes watched Peggy as she stroked and sucked it, her mouth sliding quickly up and down it's length. Peggy sighed in frustration but knew better than to question Gabrielle.

Finally Gabrielle pulled his cock out of her mouth with a loud slurping noise. She had almost forgotten what a nice cock Randy had and she had been unable to resist the temptation. Besides, she liked fucking with Peggy's mind.

"Now it's your turn bitch. Show the doctor what I've taught you."

She pushed Randy's cock toward Peggy and into her waiting mouth. Peggy's lips closed around it and she sighed with contentment. Finally! She used her lips and tongue on the head and then took as much of it's length into her mouth as she could. It felt sooo good in her mouth. She decided right then that Gabrielle had been right: she needed more cock than just her husbands.

"Suck it Peggy. Swallow it!"

Peggy did her best to comply. She almost gagged as his cock slid far down her throat but she breathed through her nose as Gabrielle had taught her to do during deep throat. She managed to get most, if not all, of it down her throat.

Randy worked his cock in and out of her mouth, helped by Gabrielle's hand which still grasped the base. He put his hands on the side of her face to hold her still and fucked her mouth as if he was fucking a pussy. Occasionally he would pull it out and offer it to Gabrielle, who would suck it for a moment and then slide it back into Peggy's eager mouth.

Suddenly all three of their heads turned as the door to his office opened. Cindy, the receptionist walked in and closed the door behind her.

"Well well, quite the lunch meeting here. Hello again Gabrielle." She walked over to them and looked down at Gabrielle and Peggy, both still on their knees in front of the doctor whose cock was still in Peggy's mouth.

"Gabrielle, I know you and Cindy know each other. Peggy, this is my niece Cindy. Cindy, this is my patient and Gabrielle's friend Peggy."

Cindy giggled. "Don't get up Peggy, I see you're busy. Umm, do you like my uncle's cock?"

"Ummm." That was the best she could manage with her mouth full.

""Yeah, I thought so. Keep sucking him Peggy, don't mind me."

Cindy went over and sat on the couch. Her little hand slid up her skirt and began lightly rubbing her pussy.

"Hope you girls don't mind if I watch."

Gabrielle laughed. "Shame on you Randy you horny dog. Your own niece?"

"Fuck you Gabrielle. You've been there yourself. Think I don't know that the two of you have been together?"

Gabrielle laughed again. It was true. Cindy had been hired by her uncle right out of college and she and Gabrielle had met at the opening of the clinic. One thing had led to another and before long Gabrielle had found herself on her back in one of the examining rooms with Cindy's tongue in her pussy.

"Fuck the both of you," Cindy interjected. "At least I'd like to." They all laughed.

"Does your little friend there eat pussy as good as she sucks cock?"

"Peggy," Gabrielle commanded. "Go over to the couch and service Cindy."

Peggy reluctantly pulled Randy's cock from her mouth and crawled over to the couch where Cindy was already sliding her panties down her legs. Cindy slid her butt out to the end of the couch and pulled Peggy's face to her pussy.

"Eat it Peggy! Taste my pussy!"

Peggy began slowly licking Cindy's pussy. She was surprised that Cindy's pussy had a slightly different taste than Gabrielle's did. Not unpleasantly so, just different. She licked Cindy's clit and then began tongue fucking her.

"Oh fuck yes! That's it Peggy! Right there! Ohhh..."

Gabrielle sucked on Randy's cock for a moment and then led him over to the couch. Peggy's butt was sticking invitingly up in the air as she nursed on Cindy's pussy. Gabrielle kissed each of Peggy's ass cheeks and then used her hands to spread her open. She leaned forward and licked Peggy's pussy and pushed two fingers up inside of her. Peggy groaned with pleasure. Gabrielle again leaned forward and slowly ran her tongue from Peggy's pussy all the way up to her ass, where she lingered momentarily. She had wanted to introduce Peggy to anal sex but knew that this was not the time. That would take some preparation and things here were happening pretty fast. Later, she thought to herself, later.

She guided Randy's cock to Peggy's pussy and watched it slowly slide inside of her. Peggy moaned in pleasure again and doubled her efforts on Cindy.

"Oh, is your cock in her Uncle Randy? Feel good? Fuck her, fuck her good!"

Randy closed his eyes in ecstasy as Peggy's pussy accepted his hard cock. He reached around her and took her breasts in his hands, feeling her rock hard nipples stiffen even more in his fingers. Slowly he began fucking her, sliding in and out with long, slow strokes.

Gabrielle pulled Peggy's ass cheeks apart so that she could watch his cock slide in and out of her pussy. She kissed and licked Peggy's cheeks as Randy's cock fucked her just inches from her face.

"Let me taste her," she implored Randy. He pulled his cock from Peggy's pussy and Gabrielle sucked it into her mouth. The combination of his cock covered with Peggy's cunt juice was intoxicating. She licked and sucked it for a moment longer before guiding it back inside Peggy.

"I want some too," Cindy said. Randy fucked Peggy for another moment and then pulled it out of her. Cindy leaned as far forward as she could and her uncle stepped forward and fed his cock to his eager niece. She eagerly pulled his cock into her mouth and sucked it wildly, her mouth sliding quickly up and down it's length. Finally she let out slide out of her pretty mouth.

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