tagBDSMFrom Work to Play

From Work to Play


At work, she was his boss. They were happy with that, and he was proud of her. She was bloody good at her job, and earned the respect of everyone she worked with.

They worked Brand & Coulson, a campaigning organization, affiliated to half a dozen unions and pressure groups. When there was an issue which needed to be publicized, or some lobbying pressure needing to be brought to bear, then often B&C would be called in and asked to take on the brief.

Lisa was their best campaign manager. She knew how to ask the right questions at the initial meetings, and then motivate the team to produce an innovative approach that delighted the clients and had the right impact.

James was the team researcher. He took the client request and dug deep until he knew what the real issues were, who was affected and what really needed to be done. This information he then fed to Lisa who used it to mould the campaign.

It was a good partnership, and they worked well together; the bright outspoken Lisa with her ready smile and pugnacious manner, and James who was quieter, empathetic and more thoughtful.

But sitting in the restaurant, they were no longer a manager and team member celebrating their latest success. They were a couple, enjoying each other's company. And they were a Master and his submissive, rejoicing in their relationship.

While they were together like this, he would exert a subtle control that only they were aware of. This evening, apart from dictating her clothing, he had directed her not to speak to anyone, but to speak only through him. And, whenever she did speak to him, she was to call him Master. For someone used to giving orders, this was an exquisite form of bondage, tied to his awareness of her needs. She also loved the public acknowledgment of her relationship to him and knew how much it meant to him.

He looked into her eyes and smiled his warmth at her, and as always, she felt her heart flip at his look of adoration. He wasn't a Master who used distance and coldness to maintain control. At work he strictly maintained the courtesy of a professional working relationship, but alone with her his love was obvious.

Gently he reached out and cupped her cheek, running his thumb over her lips. Without even being aware of it, she bent her head into his hand, giving her mouth to his questing finger. His caress sent tingles through her, and with wonder she felt her increase in arousal.

He seemed to be able to look deep into her, to expose her deepest needs and desires. For all her abilities at work, she had sought to find a man who was strong enough for her to rest against, a man to whom she could give herself body mind and soul. But in addition, she longed for a Master, someone who would set her boundaries and discipline her if she stepped over them. She desired a man who celebrated her sexuality, and appreciated the gift of her submissive service. And in James, she had found all this, and in addition, someone who sought always to nurture her to become the submissive woman she knew herself to be.

His touch now was more than the act of a lover, it was a Master appreciating the beauty and softness of his submissive.

To him, she was more beautiful than any other woman he knew, a beauty of spirit that bound him to her stronger than the ropes they sometimes used at home. Of course she was physically attractive; there were plenty in the restaurant who would acknowledge that. She was dressed in a simple low cut dress made of a rich blue satin. The hem was short, as he had ordered, and he knew that in her high heels she was extremely sexy. At 5ft 5 she always looked up into his eyes, even wearing her highest heels.

But underneath the dress, there was a secret. Again, according to her Master's wishes, she was wearing what he had laid out for her that evening – a red and black embroidered Basque and hold ups. Without panties, and wearing such a short dress, she felt exposed, available, and extremely wet. Her Master was teaching her how to be always aware of her feminine sexuality, and often worked with her to increase her physical need for him.

Indeed, in the last few months, he had instituted a regime that left her little choice but to be aware. Every morning, after her shower, he required her to masturbate for twenty minutes, but not to orgasm. And then after work, while changing from her suit into casual wear, again she had to masturbate for a further twenty minutes without achieving orgasm. Apart from this, there was still play time, but as always, she was only allowed to climax with his permission. The very act of having to monitor and control her responses like this was like an aphrodisiac, and served to heighten the sensations of release when they were finally granted her.

Tonight was one of those when James was obviously in the mood to play with her, and Lisa was acutely aware of her hunger for him, along with a deep desire to please him in anyway she could.

Throughout the meal he touched her lightly, or stroked her face or bare arm. Each time was like a small shock for her, and each timed served to twist her desire up a notch. By the time the meal was finished, she was convinced that the seat was sodden with her juices. But she didn't care. As long as her Master was pleased with her, that was sufficient, and then she felt safe in His arms.

After the meal was over, as they walked back the car, Lisa felt as if her sex had swollen to become a peach. She was so hungry for him, and she would have given anything for a room nearby where she could open herself to him immediately.

In the car, before they set off, James spoke.

"I love you my dear. You are my wonderful submissive and my joy."

Before she could speak, he then leaned forward and kissed her, firmly and deeply. Lisa felt her breath become short, and any thought of answering was lost in the haze that filled her mind.

In silence they traveled back. Once the car was parked and they were inside the house, James took Lisa by the hand and led her up into the bedroom.

Once more her kissed her, and then looked carefully into her eyes, fathoming her need.

"Are you ready?"

Only two words were required, and she breathed them out in submission and thanks.

"Yes Master"

He stepped away from her, and then bade her turn round. With her back to him, she felt him undo the clasp of her dress and pull down the zipper. With straps off her shoulders, the garment slipped from her like the husk of a dead skin – revealing her flesh in the ornamented undergarments. Her full breasts and her hips swelling out from her waist with their richness never failed to arouse James. The roundness of her bottom was an invitation to his desire to spank her, but for the moment, he deferred that pleasure.

As she waited, James fetched the blindfold and tied it over her eyes. With her sight now gone, Lisa was even more aware of how her body ached for him. The material of the Basque rubbed her stiffened nipples. Her skin warmed under his touch. Between her legs there was warm moisture seeping down her thighs.

She sensed him standing once more in front of him, and then his hands untying the strings of the Basque, freeing her breasts so that he could release them for his attention. He cupped them in his hands, his thumbs rubbing the tender points, eliciting a low moan from her.

He leaned in close and whispered to her.

"I am glad my slut is so hungry tonight, as I am so looking forward to fucking you. And you want to be fucked, don't you?"

Her reply was almost a whimper, tinged with desperation.

"Oh yes Master, please. Please fuck your slave. She needs so much to be fucked by you."

As she finished speaking, he pinched the nipples, and she moaned, aware of his control of her, his authority to do as he wished with her compliant body.

He leaned in again.

"Then kneel for me my slut pet. Kneel and take me into yourself."

Without hesitation she knelt. Reaching forward blindly, she sought out the zip to his trousers, and with trembling fingers released his swelling cock. Her cool hands stroked the shaft with its silky skin, and as if leaning forward to drink from a fountain, she enclosing her lips around his hardness and drew his sex into her mouth.

This act of fellatio took her deeper into her submissiveness. Her whole being was focused on pleasing him, using her tongue and lips to maximize his pleasure. As he had taught her, she went slowly, easing his length in and out. In this way she had also discovered her own pleasure increasing, more conscious now of the shape and different textures of his cock.

She heard his breath become shorter, and when his hands gripped her head she idly wondered if he was to spend into her waiting mouth and then wait for her to swallow every drop of his cum. His thrusts became more urgent, and several times she had to open her throat as he forced himself deeper into her.

But just as she was preparing herself to welcome his tribute, he paused, and then released her. She was disappointed, and wondered if she had done something wrong. But there was no indication that he was displeased.

Instead, he stepped back and bade her stand up.

"Now, before I fuck you my pet, I going to spank and paddle your arse."

She drew her breath at the bluntness of his words. This wasn't a seeking of permission; it was a statement of intent. When she had first explored her submissive desires with him, she had thought she would only receive such treatment as punishment. But she had a Master who enjoyed using her bottom like this, and enjoyed seeing her become more and more aroused as he did so. And to her shame, she knew that she did respond in that way. So measured and careful was his use of hand and paddle, that now even the thought was enough to send shivers through her, and a sweet sinking sensation in her stomach.

He led her over to a dressing table where she could stand, her legs apart, and lean down to rest on her hands. In this position, she felt her calmness return. She trusted him now, and knew that with the initial pain there would follow close behind intense pleasure and euphoria.

At first, he merely stroked the proffered flesh, running his hands and fingernails over the sensitive skin. The sensations were light, but full of promise of more to come.

Every now and then there would be a light tap. Just one, and then another. And always, the stroking, the caressing, the squeezing.

The waiting for the taps became a torture in itself, and she started to long for the heavier blows. As if reading her mind, the taps became harder, and more frequent. She felt the tingling more urgently, and unconsciously pushed out her bottom as if begging for harsher treatment.

Even harder now, and more frequently. These were now sounding like the real thing – pistol shots in the quiet of the room. For the moment, though, he bounced his hand away, not yet delivering the full force of which he was capable.

Lisa felt herself slip into that special place where the pain became pleasure, and where his spanking became love making. She was aware that he was now spanking harder, six blows she knew would sting and leave red marks. But each one was a firework of sensations exploding across her rear and lodging their sparks in her cunt until it too was ablaze.

And after the sixth, he stopped.

Following the mounting crescendo of his attention, the stopping was almost like a blow in itself.

She whimpered at the absence of contact, her bottom swaying gently in need.

As she waited, anxious and expectant, he picked up the leather paddle. It was broad at the business end, and if used without preparation was a formidable source of punishment. But tonight, it was her friend, her comforter, the source of a deeper pleasure.

James lightly stroked the leather over her body, covering her back, her arms, her legs, her stomach and her breasts. He even stroked it over her face, and paused by her lips, waiting while she kissed it reverently, her nostrils full of the heady scent of the rich leather.

And then, along her back to her reddening bottom.

Again, he started by stroking the tender globes, stopping every now and then to deliver a short sharp tap.

She jerked at every touch; torn between the pain she knew would accompany the harder blows, and the need for the pleasure that also accompanied them.

And then, there was that final pause, that wait, as she felt the measuring of the distance to her posterior.

And with a crack, the paddle made contact. With a sharp intake of breath she acknowledged the force of it, even as she felt the heat blossom below, and with it a greater surge of endomorphines. With this came a different kind of release, and loosing of inhibitions. Her hunger for him started to contract into her, and deepened in intensity. She thrust her arse back not so much as to entice him to hit harder, but to make her sex available for him.

Five more times the paddle descended, and five more times Lisa gasped and whimpered even as she sank further into her sexual need and heightened awareness.

At last, it was over, and she was lost to anything but her Master's desires.

She was barely aware of his leading as he took her over to the bed and laid her forward, her bottom raised up with pillows under her hips. She moaned as his hand grazed her sex, now red and swollen with her hunger, shiny and slick with her lubrication. She felt his fingers brush her engorged clit and her hips jerked.

And then, after an eternal pause as she waited, opened and lewdly displayed and he removed his clothes, she felt his weight on the bed, and his cock rubbing at the entrance to her cunt.

"Oh god yessss" she breathed. At last, she was to be taken by him. At last his was going to fill her and use her and shed his cum in her.

As always, he couldn't resist teasing her even now, just rubbing the mushroom head against her outer labia.

Finally, she felt his weight shift once more, and slowly and surely he pushed himself deep into her vagina, splitting the sticky membranes apart and forcing his flesh into hers.

She groaned and forced up her hips, lost in a sense of primal need and lust. Everything over the past few hours had been leading to this. All the events had heightened the pleasure of this. Her total submission to him was evidenced in this. Her mouth, her cunt and her bottom were all his and this use of her was his choice.

Slowly at first, with a measured stroke, he eased himself in and out of her clenching tightness. Each time he did this, Lisa felt her tension increase. As always, she fought a battle to contain her natural desire to push back and bring on her own climax, but she had learned to be patient and accept her Master's leading. In submission to him, she kept her arms outstretched over her head.

But James was in no mood to delay either. His own arousal had also been increased by everything throughout the evening, and it had taken some effort not to force himself into Lisa during the spanking.

But now, buried her in tight welcoming warmth, he knew that he would not be long in cumming, the familiar itch was already in the base of his cock.

So it was that he leaned forward and gripped a handful of his submissive's hair, pulling her head up off the bed.

"Are you ready my pet? Are you ready to cum for your Master?"

"Oh yes sir, I am sir," she panted.

And with that, she slipped a hand under her belly and began to rub the soft sensitive membranes.

Within a minute, her touch completed what he had begun, and Lisa felt her body tense and the waves build up.

James felt her closeness, and roughly ordered her what to do next.

"Cum for me my pet. Cum for me like a good slut pet."

These words combined with masturbation were the final trigger. She locked with tension as the climax peaked, and then cried out her Master's name as the wave crashed. With her busy fingers she set about wringing multiple orgasms from her cunt, each time the spasms making her jerk and sending lights flashing through her mind.

In the midst of this, she sensed James also tense and then give a long groan as his own climax jerked his cum into her womb. This use of her filled Lisa with incredible joy, and she felt complete and honored.

As always, when the intensity of the moment passed, Lisa felt herself relax as her body sank down in a blissful haze.

James leaned over her, and she could hear the smile in his voice as he whispered to her

"Well done my pet, you were wonderful as always. I love you, so very, very much."

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