Alex used his thick, ice-crusted glove to wipe away the small trickle of mucus dripping out of his red nose, and the swipe made his already freezing face even colder. But with a few more pats, he stepped back and admired his own work which had consumed the past two hours. He smiled with pride and ignored the frigid breeze whirling around him and his sculpture, glimmering in the moonlight.

Seven inches of early December snow had fallen all evening and was just now tapering off. Out of that blanket of snow, he had formed the figure of a beautiful woman kneeling down on the ground. Alex had taken special care to give her the smoothest surface possible along his skin, but he was particularly pleased with the tiny grooves he had meticulously carved down her hair to make it appear more realistic. His decision to put aside his college homework to work on his snow art in the small, isolated field behind his dormitory had been a good idea after all, he concluded.

Looking at the gigantic breasts he had formed on her torso, however, he realized that he had let his fantasies get the better of him. For a second, he considered shaving some snow off her disproportionate bosoms but feared he would inadvertently ruin the stability of the artwork. He thought he felt a vibrating buzz in his pocket, which would be strange since it was after midnight, but he pulled out his cell phone only to see no new messages or calls from anyone after all.

Replacing the phone back in his pocket, all he needed to do now was add the final touch he had been saving for this occasion. Weeks ago, Alex had been browsing through a local pawn shop when he found a black, silk top hat with a red ribbon and flower for only two dollars. Even though the hat was noticeably frayed around the rim, he loved how the fabric seemed to sparkle with a shimmering rainbow of colors when he tilted it in the light. Now that his artwork was complete, he wiped the snow off the rim and proudly placed the hat on the head of his snow-woman with a deep and victorious exhalation.

Suddenly a powerful gust of wind blew around him biting at his exposed skin, and he put his gloves over his face and head to protect him from the abrasive snow pelting him. He was afraid he was going to lose the hat he had just put on her, but even though a nearby tree was severely bent and he had to tightly hold the knit hat on his head to keep it from blowing away, the top hat on the sculpture did not appear to move at all. Snow continued to fill the air and soon he had difficulty seeing anything beyond the tornado of snowflakes that hammered into him. He bent over and pulled his hood over his head to protect himself from the freezing onslaught.

After only half a minute, the stormy winds dissipated just as quickly as they had begun. Alex brushed off the layer of snow that had already caked onto his jacket. Nothing in the area appeared to have been affected; the trees looked exactly the same and he could still see all his footprints in the snow as though the snowstorm had never occurred.

As soon as he saw his sculpture, however, his breathing stopped and his heartbeat felt like a jackhammer in his chest. The snow woman he had built was moving; in fact, she was getting off the ground and standing up. She was slowly stretching her arms and hands in front of her as though she were inspecting his craftsmanship.

She looked up at him and her smile grew wider. "Hello there! Thank you for building me!" She looked down at her massive chest and as her snowy hands glided around her humongous mounds, tiny ice crystals flaked off and drifted away. "And thank you for these too!"

"You... you..." Alex opened his mouth to talk to her, but his brain was an incoherent swirl of questions and shock. "How... you... I don't... what..."

"Let me introduce myself," she said as she politely ignored his stuttering. She lightly touched two fingers on the rim of her hat and bowed slightly "My name is Frosteen."


"Frostee... you mean, Frosty? Like Frosty the Snowman?"

"No, not Frosty! FrosTEEN!!" She said with obvious exasperation before muttering to herself, "That goddamn prick hired some schmucks to write ONE song about him and he STILL gets all the attention!"

"But how are you... you... I mean..." Alex stammered, "That was just a made up story, so how...?"

Her face softened into a patient smile like a parent watching an infant struggle to understand the alphabet. "No, it's not made up. It's... Just think of me as a visitor to this dimension,"

She stretched out an arm and admired the curves of her tricep and elbow as Alex asked, "Like a ghost who lives in a hat?"

"Not really. My species is a form of coalesced essence that exists across multiple dimensions. Those of us who venture out through the multiverse use a native object which allows us to synchronize our quantum structure to that particular..." She tapered off when she saw the confusion on his face and then smiled with only a hint of condescension. "Sure, like a ghost who lives in a hat." Her head swiveled around and examined the surroundings, "Where am I?"

"Madison Tech," he said proudly, but then saw it was now her turn to look confused. "It's a university in the United States... uh, and that's located on...."

"I know where we are!" she scoffed. "This isn't my first visit to your world." She looked around at the immediate area and inquired, "So where is everyone?"


"It's a snowy night on a college campus! Aren't you out here with your friends? Having snowball fights? Tackling each other? Where are all your friends?" Her head cocked to the side as her snowy brow furrowed, even though she didn't sound particularly surprised to find him alone.

His head drooped down a little as he tried to ignore the sounds of laughter wafting from the main square. "I'm a freshman, so I... I haven't made a lot of friends yet." His wavering voice was feeble while she looked at him curiously. He could hear how pitiful he sounded, so he quickly added, "I mean, I've met some people. And I like them. I'm just..." Listening to himself speak, he didn't believe what he was saying either. Then he remembered why he came outside. "I always build a snowman on the first snowy night of the season. I've been doing that since I was in middle school."

She looked down and rubbed her massive breasts again with a smile. "Snow MAN?"

"Yeah, usually," he said sheepishly, "a snow man, or snow dog or something." His voice became more animated as he continued, "One year I did a snow fish. Last year I did a snow Godzilla." He smiled with pride and then looked at her as his voice returned to an embarrassed mumbling. "And this year, I created... well... you."

A seductive smile spread across her face, "Well, allow me to thank you for building me," she said with a low, sultry voice. She reached down and gently held his gloved hands in her icy palms. Then she lifted his hands up to her chest and held them against the enormous mounds of snow on her chest. "And I'm very good at being... thankful."

Alex jerked his hands away and stepped back a couple of steps. "What are you doing?!?"

"C'mon," she teased, "I haven't been corporeal in a long time, and I want to remember what a cock feels like."

"I thought," he sputtered, "you were all about, like, helping people have Christmas fun."

"Oh, I am," she giggled. "Frosty enjoys giving Christmas fun to children. Me, I have a veeeeery different type of fun with a guy." She grinned, adding "Well, usually several guys." She smiled wistfully as she wandered through her memories. "Preferably all at once." She snickered again at her own private joke. "Anyways," she said as she jolted back to reality, "I came here for you, Alex, so let's get started!"

"But I found you.... I mean, the hat. It was just random that..."

"You think you chose the hat? Ha! Make no mistake, Alex, I chose you. I could sense your angst, so I came for you and here I am!" She walked closer to him, "And I am so ready to cum for you!" Alex took another step back as her voice softened. "It's ok," she said with a knowing smile, "I know you've never fucked anyone before."

His head jerked up, "What?" He looked side to side to see if anyone else might be in listening distance. "That's not..."

"And that's why I'm here. I'm going to work and work and work with you until..." she pushed against him and laughed quietly, "until you spread your holiday cheer all over my tits. So let's get started!" She dropped down to her knees and reached up under his winter coat and began unfastening his belt buckle.

"Wait!" He stepped back from her again. "You can't just..." He looked around again. "We're outside! It's freezing! And I'm not going to stick my... self into a bunch of snow! You'll freeze my balls off!"

She chuckled again as she stood up. "You're right, as usual I get too eager and ahead of myself. I forgot you people require some extra adjustments. Let's go to your room."

She walked past him and walked toward the lights shining onto the front door of the dorm. Alex chased after her, "But you're made of snow! You'll melt if we go inside!"

"Not with this hat, I won't!" and she tapped the top hat again. "And I have a trick to show you once we get inside."

He finally caught up to her and stood in front of her, halting her in mid-stride. "Hold on," he said panting, "it'll be easier if we go in this door over here." Alex looked around and saw that no one was nearby and then led Frosteen to a side door to his dormitory. Before tonight, he hated how his room was on the first floor so near the exit. Now as he hastily led a naked, busty woman made of snow down the hall and into his room, he was relieved to be so close to the door. He fumbled for his keys and unlocked his door before anyone came down the hallway. He bolted into the room and shut the door immediately after Frosteen stepped inside.

He was stunned, however, to see that she was no longer made of snow. Her skin had transformed into a smooth, light-blue surface that was reminiscent of skin but shimmered with microscopic crystals of ice. As his eyes wandered up and down her naked body, she smiled and lifted her arms in the air like a magician's assistant. "Ta daa! I told you!" While he stood their gawking, she walked up to him and used her body to pin him against his closet door. "What do you think?"

She unzipped his coat and pulled it off of him as her tits pressed against his chest. He could feel the chill of her hardened nipples through his shirt and he instinctually lifted his hands and placed them on her breasts. As his fingers gently squeezed and rubbed her, he was amazed that her blue skin looked like ice but its texture was as soft as real flesh but less warm. "You... You're still kind of cold."

Her lips hovered within an inch in front of his as she whispered, "Then you'll just have to warm me up," Their mouths made contact, and although her lips felt chilly for a second, her face and body became warmer as they pressed harder. He could feel her tongue slipping into his mouth, and he parted his lips as his tongue reached out and explored hers.

She broke off their kiss long enough to yank his shirt over his head in one swift motion before their lips intermingled again. He burrowed his fingers deep into her humongous mounds of blue flesh as she deftly unfastened his belt and pushed his pants down. She got down on her knees and pulled his pants to the floor while he lifted each foot out of his pant legs.

He felt a wave of embarrassment when his stiff cock lightly brushed against her cheek, but she looked at him with an impish smile before she opened her mouth wide and swallowed his erection. Alex had fantasies of having his cock sucked by a girl, but no one had ever offered and he was far too self-conscious to ever have asked anyone. But as her head slowly bobbed back and forth, he was astonished how wonderful the sensation was of feeling her moist lips glide along his throbbing shaft.

As her mouth gently slid up and down his shaft, she ran her tongue around his dick while sucking hard on him. After a few strokes, she suddenly shoved her head forward and slapped her forehead rapidly against the pubic hairs of his crotch as he moaned with pleasure. She surprised him by pounding her face against his body several more times, and the pulsing of his cock beat faster until he felt the veins in his dick swell. He didn't have time to warn her before a surge of cum exploded out of him and into her mouth.

At first he was mortified and ashamed, both from cumming in her mouth and from ejaculating so quickly, but she purred approvingly as she gulped down his jism. She slowly continued gliding up and down his hard, slick cock, and each stroke made him squirt a drop or two more of cum into her waiting mouth for her to swallow. When she finally parted her lips and released his cock, she leisurely ran her tongue up and down his shaft as though she were thoroughly searching for another drop of his jism somewhere.

She stood up and gave him a sly look, "And now it's your turn." He didn't know what she meant until she sat on the edge of his cot and leaned back on her arms as she spread her blue legs apart.

"I don't... I've never..." He hated the sound of his own stammering, but he didn't want her to be disappointed with his inexperience. "How do you like... um... to..."

"Relax," she said with a deep, lustful voice, "Just swirl and lick wherever you feel like going, I'll let you know what I like. Just don't be one of those asshole guys who doesn't like a hairy pussy." She leaned back on her elbows as he nervously knelt in front of her. She wiggled her hips with anticipation. "And however long you think you should do it, double it." He took a deep breath to relieve his apprehension and pressed his face between her legs.

His nose was tickled by her pubic hairs as he reached out his tongue and licked the blue skin of her crotch. He found the slit of her pussy and slid his tongue up and down the edge a few times before circling around her lips. He could feel her relaxing and he could now push his tongue inside her opening. The inside of her cunt was wet and salty, and he switched his tongue between pushing deeper inside her and gently exploring the folds around her hole.

When she moaned, he looked up and saw lying down on the bed and arching her back like a giant cat, which made her massive bosoms jiggle slightly as they hung down each side of her chest. But now her skin had transformed into a reddish-orange blend, not quite the color of natural flesh but certainly closer than the bluish tinge she had mere minutes ago. Seeing her gratified made him eager to do more, so he ran his tongue around the soft skin of her pussy while occasionally thrusting his tongue into her vagina.

She was groaning loudly with pleasure, so he pushed her thighs apart and licked every crevice of her soaking wet pussy. Her body twisted with arousal and he drove his tongue into her pussy. He could feel the spongy walls of her vagina swell and press against his tongue as he thrusted himself deeper into her cunt.

He thought he had spent enough time pleasuring her, since she was clearly writhing with satisfaction, but he remembered what she said so he continued swirling his tongue inside her. His face was drenched from her wetness and as he pushed his face into her groin, he slid his arms under her legs and squeezed her tits.

She was grunting and gasping as his hands clenched her nipples and he repeatedly plunged his tongue into her pussy as far as he could go. Her body shuddered with delight, and he tightened his grip on her chest to try to hold her steady while his tongue swirled around her slippery cunt.

He felt her hands dig into his arms and grip him tightly as her body jerked in every direction while her shrieking moans of pleasure morphed into rapid, breathless gasps. Her wetness poured onto his cheeks and she was convulsing uncontrollably as he spent several minutes pushing his tongue inside her again and again.

She abruptly sat up and pulled him onto the bed by his shoulders and before he could react she had thrown him down on his back and was straddling his body. She rubbed her chest in his face as she reached down and grabbed his cock.

He was concerned that, having cum a little bit ago, he wouldn't be able to get hard again. But his fear evaporated as he felt his shaft become engorged between her fingers rubbing up and down. When she raised her hips up and then slammed her pussy down, his dick was instantly soaked inside her juicy cunt.

His cock was buried in the drenched walls of her spongy vagina, and he could feel her tightening the muscles of her pussy around him. She bounced her body on top of him, driving his cock into her body, and her breasts shuddered in rhythm. The sweaty flesh of her ass and thighs slapped against him as they hammered their bodies against each other.

Her jiggling tits leapt erratically until he reached up and seized her mountains of quivering flesh. She moaned with approval, then gasped breathlessly as she pumped her curvaceous body onto his. He could feel himself about to cum already, which made him embarrassed, and her squeals of pleasure grew more intense.

When another load of jism erupted inside her, she groaned with delight like someone who had finally managed to scratch an annoying itch. Her skin had now turned into a light-brown color as if she had gotten a tan from lying naked on a beach somewhere.

He opened his mouth to apologize for his speedy and sudden discharge, but she pressed a finger against his lips as her body relaxed and laid down on top of his. "Thank you," was all she murmured before nuzzling her head under his chin. She reached down and pulled some sheets over them both, and Alex felt her breasts pressed against his chest move in rhythm with her slowed breathing. His limp and exhausted cock slid out of her, so he put his arms around her and drifted off to sleep as well.

All night long, his dreams were filled with a relentless parade of fucking woman after woman, and while most had Frosteen's face, sometimes he saw smiling images of girls in high school he had admired from afar. His dreams had become so realistic that he could feel Frosteen's mouth sucking hard on his cock. It was only when he wearily opened his eyes that he realized she actually was.

Her naked body was kneeling beside the bed and her head was furiously bobbing up and down on his cock. When Alex was fully aware of what was happening, his body seemed to wake up as well and in less than a minute, the inside of Frosteen's throat was filled with his cum.

Alex was mortified that once again he cummed so quickly, but she laughed as she swallowed his load. "Don't worry about it," she snorted, "I was TRYING to make you cum." She slid a finger across her bottom lip to wipe away a stray glob of jism and then rolled onto the bed so that she was lying beside him. "I wanted to get that out of the way before you fingered me."

"What...?" He only got to say one word in the time she pulled his hand down into her crotch against the moist folds of her pussy.

She guided his fingers around the sides and then up to the small nub of her clitoris. "That," she smiled, "feels really good." Only now did Alex notice that Frosteen was no longer wearing her magic hat. He saw it had been thrown onto his desk and he was worried what would happen to her without the hat, but the wonderful sensation of her cunt against the tips of his fingers distracted him.

With her other arm stretched over her head and resting against the front of the headboard, he rolled the tip of his finger around her clit, and then she pulled his hand downward and pushed his middle finger inside her. "Can you feel how wet I am?" And his finger was absolutely soaked with her juices as he pushed it in and out of her.

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