tagBDSMFrustration Pt. 06

Frustration Pt. 06


And here I am now, waiting, listening, hoping, and praying for your return.

An eternity passes in the quiet house. My cock actually begins to soften a little, giving me some blessed relief from the hours of aching need for orgasm. I begin to wonder if you plan to leave me here all day.

Then, I realize I am not alone in the room. Just how I know this I'm not sure, because I didn't hear footsteps or a door opening, or any other sound. But I know someone is here with me, and in a moment, whoever it is is close enough that I can hear soft breathing. Somehow I know it isn't you. I want to speak, to ask who it is, but the gag prevents it.

Soft hands close around my rigid cock for a moment; stroking it gently, then move up my stomach to my chest. Warm lips lock around one nipple, then the other, moving back and forth, sucking and nibbling and making me squirm against my restraints. Fingers gently stroke my chest, my arms, and my shoulders, everywhere. Strapped to the cross I am completely exposed to these anonymous explorations of my body. I want desperately to see who it is, but the blindfold is too wide and too thick.

So I submit to the caressing, teasing, tickling, and probing of the hands and mouth, relaxing and enjoying the experience, knowing I am powerless to stop it or even know who is doing it. And those hands and mouth are quite skilled, I quickly learn, finding all of my most sensitive areas and worshipping those in particular. Every few minutes my aching cock gets a brief moment of attention in the form of a light caress.

After some time, the body worship becomes more intense, and I realize this stranger has brought toys when I feel the tight slipperiness of what can only be some kind of artificial cunt, like a Fleshlight, pushed down the length of my cock. A groan escapes around the gag, and a river of drool also, which trickles down my chest. The tight slick tube grasping my length slowly moves up and down, creating an exquisitely frustrating pleasure. I try to hump whatever it is, but the straps have my hips immobilized, and I am forced to accept whatever pace the anonymous stranger dictates. Slow, agonizingly slow...then a few fast jerks...then slower than ever...I am going mad with frustration, wanting to fuck the shit out of it, blast cum all over it, drain my balls completely inside it.

Then the tube is suddenly slipped off my dick and I'm left bobbing and twitching and aching. But, a moment later, a mouth, a gloriously warm and wet mouth, slips down the length of my cock, and two hands reach around behind me and tease my ass crack lightly, separating my ass cheeks and invading the space right around my asshole. This makes me squirm with pleasure almost as much as the mouth enveloping my cock.

Then...a tongue coils lovingly down my shaft, and I feel the familiar zing of a metal piercing.


Later, when I am spent and exhausted, and you have returned and released me from the cross and the blindfold and the gag, and have given me a warm terrycloth robe to wear, we relax together in front of a crackling fire in your living room. You are dressed simply, nothing provocative now, just jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. You are barefoot, sitting on a comfortable chair, and I am seated on the floor at your feet. There is no sexual tension, no teasing -- just relaxation.

The orgasm I experienced while bound to the cross was just as incredible as the one at the club had been, maybe more so because I was immobilized this time. After my cock had erupted into the sucking mouth, which swallowed every drop as greedily as before, I had heard soft footsteps leave the room. It was only a few minutes later that you had returned.

Now, I feel a blissful calm as we sit together enjoying the warmth of the fire. Your hand gently strokes my neck, not in a teasing way, but merely affectionate.

We haven't been there long when I ask the question that is foremost in my mind.

"Who was that today?"

"That was the person I'm loaning you out to," you reply coyly.

I hadn't forgotten about that; in fact, the thought excited me. Especially if the anonymous visitor was who I thought it was.

"Was it the same person who was behind the gloryhole?" I ask, but I thought I already knew the answer.


You say no more.

After a few moments of silence I ask, "Was it Julie? The blonde? Her tongue piercing was fucking incredible."

You giggle softly, and run your fingers slowly through my hair, massaging my scalp.

"Oh baby, Julie doesn't have a tongue piercing."

I turn to look at you, and your hand falls away from my head. "What? So who was that? The redhead? Michelle?"

Your giggle turns into a laugh, and for a few long moments you don't answer. An idea comes into my mind then, and my eyes grow wide with humiliation and shock.

The truth is confirmed a moment later.

"Michelle doesn't have one either, sweetie," you say, taking my face between your hands and gazing at me with a cruel smile, all traces of tender affection gone. "But Todd does."

You give me a moment to absorb this. I feel betrayed, violated, and dirty...and fuck me if I don't feel aroused, too.

"Yes, that's right," you whisper, still looking me right in the eyes, reading my thoughts. "You're going bisexual for me. Todd is an amazing lover. He's fucked me more times than I can remember. And you already know about his cocksucking skills, don't you?"

You wait for a response, but the mix of burning shame and sexual arousal is overwhelming.

You frown and slap me across the cheek, not too hard but not gently, either.

"I asked you a question." Your voice is all bitch now.

I manage to nod. "Yes, mistress. He's...amazing." I think of the warm mouth around my dick, and the zing of the tongue piercing, and the knowledge that the mouth belongs to a man, a man that had sucked me off not once, but twice, to the most mind-blowing orgasms of my life.

Your radiant smile reappears like magic, and I'm helpless against it, as always. It makes me want to say or do anything to please you. And you know it.

A question forms in my mind, but I'm afraid to ask it. But it doesn't matter; as usual, you know what I'm thinking.

"You'll belong to Todd for two weeks," you say. "You'll be glad to know he doesn't tease like I do. He absolutely adores giving and receiving oral, though. I imagine the two of you will be servicing one another often." You pause, looking thoughtful. "In fact, if I know Todd, the blowjobs will be happening several times a day."

"Mistress, I can't suck another man's dick," I whisper hoarsely, staring at the floor. I can't meet your gaze.

"Bullshit. You can, and you will. If Todd reports to me that you're being anything but cooperative and sweet, you know perfectly well what happens."

"I never see you again, mistress."

"Good boy." You begin stroking my hair gently. "Besides, baby, I'll bet my diamond earrings that you'll become a damned good cocksucker, and that you'll love doing it."

I shake my head. "No, mistress." I still can't meet your eyes. I sit on the floor, head down, feeling your fingers in my hair, and tears of frustration welling in my eyes. "I can't do it. I can't suck his dick. Please don't make me, ma'am. He can suck mine all day if that's what he wants, but I can't do it to him."

"That's pretty goddamn selfish, don't you think?" you say. "If Todd blows you he certainly has a right to expect to be pleasured in return. You'll rise to the occasion, baby, I know you will. No pun intended." You giggle wickedly. "By the way, Todd has the most enormous, beautiful cock I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of them. Twelve inches -- I measured it once before we fucked, because I just had to know. And thick, too. Oh baby, you'll fall in love with his cock, I know you will."

I couldn't speak. My cheeks burned. And, at last, the tears came. They rolled silently down my cheeks and spilled onto the carpeted floor, making small dark dots.

You either didn't notice or didn't care. "Oh, and Todd enjoys sixty-nine. You can expect to be in that position often. And he wants you to be fresh and clean all over at all times, so you're ready whenever he is. You'll need to shower right after every time the two of you suck each other off. He's very picky about that in his sexual partners."

You continued to run your fingers through my hair.

"A couple more things you need to know. Todd will be picking you up here tomorrow, so we need to go over this now. Todd loves rimjobs. Not giving, just getting. Your tongue will be getting a workout. Also, anal sex. He is the dom in that situation. You will never fuck his ass. He will always fuck yours. You can probably expect him to assfuck you every evening. And it'll be bareback, he hates condoms. He'll break you in slowly of course; he knows you're a virgin that way. And yes, it will hurt like fucking crazy at first, because his dick is so big. But once your bitch-hole gets stretched a few times, it won't hurt so much."

You stop for a moment, watching the effect your words are having on me. My head is buried in my hands, and I'm whining like a kicked dog, a low, pathetic sound that makes you laugh.

"What's the matter?" you ask with exaggerated concern. "You aren't afraid of a little gay experience, are you, baby? Come on, this is the twenty-first century! Lots of guys experiment with being a sissy these days. By the time two weeks is over, you'll be begging for more."

In a swift motion, before I realize what you're doing, you reach down and pull the hem of the robe I'm wearing aside to reveal my cock. I have a raging erection, with precum trickling down the head.

"My goodness, baby! You are really enjoying this gay talk, aren't you?"

Almost against my will, I nod, face still in my hands.

"Yes, mistress," I whisper.


Everything you told me that evening came true. Every single fucking word.

I was Todd's for two weeks. His cock WAS huge. I became very good at sucking it, since he had me do it at least three times every day. He sucked mine, too, and it was just as amazing as it had been when he'd just been an anonymous mouth and tongue. His piercing was exactly what I'd imagined, a tiny metal stud with a sharp point on its upper end. We did sixty-nine, we did light bondage (I was always the sub, of course), and I gave him countless rim jobs. And yes, we did anal. Plenty of it, always with me the one getting fucked by Todd's monster dick. It hurt like fire at first, and the sensation of being penetrated by a man's cock made me weep with humiliation...for a while, anyway. But soon I realized the pleasure his cock was giving me mixed with the pain so perfectly that the sensation was beyond both pleasure and pain and into something I couldn't describe, but soon became addicted to. For the first few days of serving as Todd's sex toy, the only thing that kept me with him was the thought of never being able to see you again, a thought that made me feel ill and lost. But, after that, I stayed of my own free will. And, when the two weeks was over and Todd told me he would be taking me back to your place, I did exactly what you had said I would: I literally begged him to let me stay. I got on my knees and pleaded. I offered myself to him as his personal sex object for as long as he wanted.

But nothing worked. He took me back to your house and said goodbye, giving me an air-kiss and brief crotch-squeeze before driving away.


It was late afternoon when Todd dropped me off, and you were home getting ready to leave for the gentleman's club for your evening shows, the club where you had picked me out of the crowd what seemed like ages ago.

"Did you and Todd get along, babe?" you asked off-handedly as you checked your makeup with a critical eye in a bathroom mirror.

"Yes, mis-"

"Never mind," you interrupted. "I know you did. Todd gave me daily updates. He said you're pretty decent dicksucker, but that you still need more practice."

"Does that mean I will be loaned to Todd again soon, mistress?" I asked. I found myself feeling hopeful at the thought. Some dim part of my brain realized how totally degraded I had become. Most of me didn't give a shit.

"No," you said, and were silent for a few minutes, looking at yourself in the mirror. I was standing a few steps behind you. Finally, you turned and walked past me out of the bathroom. Without pausing to look at me as you went, you said, "Julie gets you next. Todd liked you, but said you weren't worth what he paid for you."

My stomach became a hard knot. Paid? I tried not to look shocked, because I knew you would pick up on it and embarrass me somehow.

"Yes, sweetie," you said with an air of impatience, as I followed you to the front hall. "I charge my friends to borrow you. I thought you'd be able to figure that out on your own, but I guess not." You pulled a suede coat out of the closet and handed it to me, expecting me to put it on you. I moved to obey, my mind numb.

"You cost quite a bit, babe," you tell me as I hold the coat up and you slide your arms into the sleeves. "One thousand dollars per day, or 200 dollars per hour. Non-negotiable."

Once you had the coat on and buttoned, you moved in close to me. The faint scent of your perfume made me slightly dizzy. You slipped one hand down the front of my pants, found my cock, and began to massage the head.

"In case you're wondering if you'll see any of that money," you cooed in my ear, "the answer is no." You gave my cockhead a little squeeze. "But so what? As long as you behave you've got the best reward of all."

You put your glossy lips close to my ear, so close I could feel them tickling my earlobe, and said, "Me."

Then you turned, opened the front door, and walked out, closing the door behind you and leaving me there in your front hallway, alone. And as I stood, thinking about your last words, and about the sexual hell you had put me through over the last few weeks, something inside me clicked into place, some mental loose end that in that moment was finally tied off.

I realized, and accepted with a sense of deep gratitude, how devoted to you I had really become. To have things any other way, and not be owned and used by you, would be the real hell; every new day that you possessed me was another day you saved me from the flames.

The End

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