tagSci-Fi & FantasyFuck Fantasies Ch. 02

Fuck Fantasies Ch. 02


A/N, I think a few people read my last submission, I plan on uploading all the stories from this series. I wanted to say sorry that they are a little cheesy, hopefully more hot though, also there are some things that come in from the other series, so sorry about that, a Blix is something I learned about from a series called Fable Haven, a lectoblix steals youth, vivablix brings people to life and narcoblix controls people in their sleep, Fang is blind but i the real series gets partial sight back, so with those notes, here you go, if you are reading, thank you and sorry for the cheesiness.


Fuck Fantasies- always and Longer than Forever

by Eterri's Wolf

He was naked, she knew he was.

There was a great storm and Eterri had decided to seek out her best friend. She tried his holding room first, she had found it in a mess, there was the smell of bodily fluids everywhere, and she saw that his weapons belt hung still on the wall where she had put it when she had been the one to bind him to his bed. He did not know that she had been the one to strip him down and to bind him, she felt that she had to be the one, he was her best friend and it hurt her whenever she saw him racked with attacks from the Despair demon. Something happened though, he had left his weapons belt and there was something small and black in the corner of the room, a pillar was cracked and had almost been totally destroyed and the bindings to his bed were damaged as well. Suddenly she caught the scent; she finally identified the other person who had been there. It was the fairy, the blix, the mermaid, Iasya.

Eterri had never much liked Iasya, she was Fang's first love and she was always using him. Eterri hated that Fang let himself be used, she didn't love Fang, not the way that Eterri did... She picked up the small black cloth; it was a bra, the kind that a fairy would wear. She didn't know what to think, she couldn't help feeling hurt, Fang had had sex, he had given himself to Iasya, and Iasya had let herself into his room, suddenly she did know what to feel, anger.

She was so angry with Iasya, so hurt by Fang, but she knew something was wrong with Fang, she hadn't seen him in a long time and she knew where he would be now. She found him, not far from where she appeared on the great shore. He was in his wolf form; his thick gray fur was strange to see now, uncovered by the expanding belt and wet with the rain and the ocean waves. He was deep in the water, the waves crashed over his back and he kept shaking off his head like a playful dog. He was sad though, she could tell whenever her best friend was hurting and she followed him now...

He caught her scent long before she broke the tree line to the forest. He was so afraid; he didn't know what to do.

He hated himself, he hated that he had given himself so willingly to Iasya. He didn't love her anymore, now he knew that. He had never loved her; he had only felt something that was good, a feeling that he was needed by somebody.

He knew now that she had only been using him and he was glad that now she would no longer need to continue drinking his everlasting youth. She had always needed the youth, she was part lectoblix and she needed the youth of others to stay young and beautiful. She was also vivablix which meant she could keep Fang alive as long as she needed. But now, she wouldn't, she had told him she had found something else that kept her young and beautiful and he was relieved by this, he was also ashamed for giving himself to her.

He loved Eterri so much, he had intended one day to give himself to her, he loved her, he had always hoped she would love him back, but he had let go too soon, now he felt that she would never love him. He had tossed the thong that Iasya had given him into the ocean, had tossed it as hard as he could so that he would never know it again but now he was stuck, he was naked and Eterri was coming near.

She smelled so good, she always did. He couldn't compare it to anything else; it was her scent and her scent alone. He loved it, she was intoxicating and it was that scent and her voice that always made it so hard for him to talk to her. But there was something different, after the fight with Winter he had been brought back by Death and he could see Eterri now, he could actually see her.

He couldn't see anything but Eterri she was the only visual connection he had to the world and now he didn't know how to face her. He felt the cool rain running through his fur, he could hear the thunder and the waves crashing around him he could smell the wet ground, he would be happy, he loved a good storm, so did Eterri, but now was not a great time in his life, it would be though...

Eterri came behind him, and then moved off to his right, placing her left hand down between his hard shoulder blades. He jumped, she knew that he had known she was coming but something was really bothering him, she hadn't expected him to be so self-conscious.

"What's wrong Fang, why haven't you come to see me?" He bowed his head into the water and then lifted it, burying his nose in her shoulder, he was standing on his back legs now, his lower half was covered by the water, and she knew he didn't want her to see him naked. He was wet, he smelled like a wet dog, but that was a scent that she found attractive some how. He was holding her now, his chest tight against her own and his shoulders tense. He was crying she realized she could smell the salt from the sea and she couldn't find where the water became tears but she could tell he was crying.

"What's wrong Fang, you can talk to me about It." she couldn't connect to his mind, something was strange, he had always let her into his mind, this was something she loved about him he told her everything in the end. She knew that he wanted to talk to her but he couldn't in his wolf form.

"Fang, you have to change, it's okay, and I've seen you naked before Fang. I was the one who bound you; there is nothing to be ashamed of." He tensed up further, if such a thing was possible, and she could smell something different now, something she wasn't sure about. It took him several moments to except what she had said, but finally he had changed back to his human form. Now she could tell where his tears started, his pretty grey-blue eyes were glassy under his long brown hair and she looked over the scars on his neck eyes and stomach, she knew where the one on his back was, and she knew there were more on his head, she couldn't judge him she loved him.

"Eterri, I'm so sorry."

"Sorry for what Fang? You didn't do anything wrong." She pushed the hair from his eyes.

"I betrayed you Eterri, I didn't listen to you, I went too far with Iasya."

"Fang, I know what happened, she left her bra and the smell was all over your holding cell, you have nothing to be ashamed of." He couldn't believe what he was hearing; he couldn't believe himself, why hadn't he thought to look for the bra? Why had he been so stupid, how could he give himself to Iasya?

"Fang, it's not your fault, she's a blix and a fairy, they are very persuasive and I know you didn't mean anything by it. I have no say over what you chose to do Fang, and you have no reason to be sorry."

"I hurt you; I can hear it in your voice." She drew back a gasp; he took in a deep breath, something she knew he wanted for her scent.

"Eterri, I love you, I love you so much and I always have. I love you more than life and I have never seen anything so beautiful, I can see you now Eterri and that makes my act even worse. I'm so sorry Eterri, I can't hold it in any longer, I love you Eterri, and I want to be with you, you are my best friend and my second half." He subconsciously moved his left hand to trace where the vein would turn into the chain that was under his skin.

She couldn't believe what she was hearing, he loved her, not just as a friend, he loved her.

"I love you too fang, I really do, I'm sorry I did I was hurt when I found out what happened, but I'm not anymore. You didn't mean anything by it and I know that it was mostly Iasya who caused it."

"I have no excuse, I could have stopped it, I'm sorry."

"No, Fang you couldn't have, you still have my horn Fang, and I saw it in your room."

"I- of course I do Eterri, I love you." She held him closer to her body and she now knew that other smell was, it was the scent of his arousal... He was trying not to press into her, and she knew why now, she didn't know how to say anything, she found it funny that he was trying so hard not to be seen.

"Fang, kiss me."

"I- What?"

"Fang, I want you to stop hiding from me, I want you to kiss me, come on, let's go ashore."

"But Eterri, I-"

"Yes, you're naked; I know you're naked and you are aroused, it's okay, I want to see you." He didn't know what to do, He couldn't help his arousal, he could see her now, he could see everything, her long black braids, her soft brown eyes and dark skin, her purple robes, her strong boobs, her round and perfect butt, he loved her, he loved her and now he was so attracted to her that he couldn't stop the erection that came through the water. She took his hand in hers and pulled him up, they were getting closer and closer to the shore and more and more of his body was revealed to her. She could see everything now, he was fully erect, about seven inches and he kept his pubic hair shaven, he had no hair on his mound, and she looked behind him and moved her hands over the scar on his back, just above his butt.

"What's wrong Fang? It's really okay, there's nothing to be ashamed of."

"I just- I er, I can see you now Eterri."

She hadn't expected this; she didn't know that he could see again, she hadn't realized he was self-conscious about his arousal.

"You can see?"

"No, just you. Nothing else. I, er I'm sorry."

"What are you sorry for?"

"I er, I'm er never mind." He was trying to hide himself, he kept turning but he wouldn't take his hands off of Eterri, he was trying to hug her but he didn't want to touch anything he shouldn't. "Look Fang, here." She stepped out of her dark purple cloak, pulling off her robes underneath, leaving her in a purple bra and panties, both with silver designs. He couldn't do anything now, he kept looking at her, from her long braids, to the purple topaz on her forehead, down her chocolate colored skin, over her round cheeks and soft shoulders past her breasts to her inny belly button and down her long muscular legs, trying not to look at her breasts or her butt, anything covered by the sensuous fabric that covered her private areas.

"Fang, close your eyes." He obeyed her, He closed his eyes, and he focused on the cool rain falling over his stiff body, passing over his nipples and down his back, over his butt and erect penis. He focused on the darkness, the thunder, the smell of the ground, of the ocean, the smell of his Eterri. Eterri watched him, he was really nervous, she could tell he was, he was rigged as though he were trying not to change into his other forms, his ribs could all be counted, he had no muscles that she could see but the scars that marked his stomach, neck, eyes and head seemed to beckon her. She had never shown anybody more of her body than they needed to see, she had never been so exposed before but something felt right about this, something different was about to happen, she knew that it was right. She reached out and stroked his face with her right hand, moving his hair behind his ears and slowly bringing her left hand to his penis. She kissed him, she didn't tease him she kissed him right on the lips and he gasped, she took entry, giving him a taste of her lips and tongue as she stroked the underside of his shaft. He was tense, she could tell he was ready for her but holding back.

She ran her hands over his chest, continuing to kiss him on the lips, moving down and starting to kiss along the scar on his neck before going down his chest and sucking in each of his nipples.

"Touch me Fang, don't open your eyes, but don't hold back, I want you to touch me, everything, don't be afraid." He didn't know how, he didn't know what to do. He reached out and started to play with her hair at first, pulling her into another kiss as she started to trace the scar on his lower back and playing along his butt as she let his penis push into her thighs. She tasted better than she smelled, if such a thing was possible, she was sweet and exotic, she was so perfect. His hands moved over her shoulders now, her skin was soft, smooth and tight with muscles, he felt her neck and shoulders, flinching when he passed her bra straps and going down her arms before returning and giving over her back, her blades shifting sensuously under his touch. She touched his thighs, his stomach, everything about him felt right, it was strange to her, there was a new feeling, she did love him, and she was ready for this. She moved his hands to her belly and kissed him again, by the ear, he returned the act, breathing hard into her ear. Her belly button felt new to him, he pressed into her, their bodies pressed directly against each other now as he held her close to him, he couldn't believe what was happening to him, he hadn't thought it would ever come to this.

"I love you so much Eterri, so very much."

"I know Fang, I love you too. Mmm, touch me Fang, take off the rest and touch everything."

"I- Are you sure?"

"Yes, do it Fang." He fumbled with her bra; he was so excited but so nervous. He couldn't figure it out, he hadn't figured out Iasya's bra either, he had just ripped through the straps. Had he done well with Iasya, would Eterri be disappointed with him? She helped him figure out her bra, giggling at his frustration before handing it to him; he held it for a long moment before she hung it over his shoulder and brought his hands to her breasts.

They were so soft, they weren't too big, and they weren't small but not huge. Her nipples were small erect cliffs in the hills of her soft breasts and he didn't open his eyes though he desired very much to see what he finally could.

"Mmm, from what I hear, you don't like boobs very much." She laughed at her own comment, she hadn't heard anything about Fang's sex life but she thought she'd set him on edge really quick just for fun. He tensed up and she was surprised when his hands nearly immediately went to her butt. He hovered over the panties; she knew he was hesitating for her benefit.

"Keep going Fang, it's okay, here." She turned around for him if her butt was what he wanted, that's what he would get. He started to slide her panties down her body; she couldn't believe the thrill and the rightness that this felt. When they came all the way down she stepped out and let him hold them. They were soaked through from the rain, but Fang brought them to his nose and he could smell her stronger on the panties, he could tell he was doing something right, he could smell her arousal. He breathed it in deeply before he remembered that she was still there, her butt was bare, and it was inches before him.

There could not have been a better booty for anybody. Her ass was big and round, curvy and soft, juicey and firm all at the same time. He desperately wanted to see it, he kept touching her, she shivered from the sensations and he stopped under the motion, fearing that she was having second thoughts.

"I- I'm sorry Eterri."

"Don't be Fang, keep going, anything you want to touch, anything you want to taste?" He pulled her cheeks apart, starting to run his nose down the deep valley of her ass crack. He reached her asshole and sniffed her in deeply. It was instantaneous, the first smell of her asshole and Fang changed, he changed into his wolf form and suddenly the soft hands she felt on her ass changed to padded and clawed, fur covered and firm on her butt. She felt a large, wet nose at her asshole, a wolf's nose that was directly on it. Could he really enjoy the smell of her asshole? He kept sniffing, deep and shallow, every sniff intense and curious. Now he started to run his long dog tongue up and down her ass, each cheek covered in both rain and slobber as the werewolf continued his lustful, no, loving discovery.

He brought his tongue to her crack now, the warm wet surface slowly going up and down the crack before circling her back door. She gasped and moaned under his love, he felt so good, so right and now he changed to his human form again.

"Is this okay Eterri?"

"Ooooh, its perfect, please don't stop." He didn't hesitate, he pressed his nose once again deep in her asshole, changing again as his whiskers tickled her ass cheeks, his tongue now stroking her asshole full on. She tasted so damn amazing, so perfect, even her asshole tasted better than anything he had ever had before. He loved it, his large thick tongue kept going further and further up her butt until his wolfish teeth dug into her ass, she bent over and moaned as she climaxed now, the sensations finally sending her over the edge for the first time, not the last...

She suddenly realized that she wasn't returning this favor to her lover, she realized that she wanted to greatly now and as she looked down at the large grey wolf behind her she knew that he had been waiting for this for a long time. "Fang, you can open your eyes, please let me see your eyes." Now she realized something else, the scar that had always kept his left eye closed was gone now and she looked into his eyes. He was still afraid, she could see the hesitation in his eyes, was he holding back? She lay her hand in his fur, feeling the muscles of his true form ripple under the wet fur. Oh, that smell, he smelled good and now she brought her hand down his snout where his wet nose still rested at her asshole. "Does it really smell and taste that good?" He only growled in confirmation, pressing his tongue up against her again and causing her to moan again. "Stand up Fang, let me see all of you."

He got on his hind legs, letting her look at all of him, his erect nipples covered by fur and his penis remaining shaven and erect even in the wolf form. His tail was long and fluffy and his legs were twisted in a dog-like manner. He was mysterious and loving, wild but tame. His claws were long and black and she realized that they had been digging in her ass, he had gotten more and more aroused when he had seen the butt before him. Now that he was standing he allowed his eyes to roam over the rest of her body, her pinkish brown nipples, the dark and beautiful hills of her boobs, that belly button that fit so well with his, her dark and trimmed pubic mound, then those vaginal lips. Those lips, oh those lips, they were luscious, they were inviting and pure, they were pinkish near her entrance, the clit matching her nipples and teasing as it kept disappearing and reappearing as she moved around him. He changed and changed again, unable to control his emotions. She was so perfect, so beautiful, so sexy, so forgiving, and so open he loved her so much. She was his best friend and his second half and he couldn't believe what was happening.

Now she knelt down, her face level with his penis and she started to take in the tip of his penis. He was a wolf in an instant again, growling lovingly at her as he brought one clawed finger to her hair, playing with the braids in one hand while the other traced the gem in the center of her forehead. Her lips were so soft, so luscious, so full and perfect, her mouth was warm and wet and she was moaning soothingly around his shaft as she continuously took more and more of him in her mouth and throat. Now she pushed him down, he changed human again as she moved, suddenly placing that perfect booty in his face. He changed again as he realized what was going to happen. She took him in her mouth again, now sucking slowly and moaning as his nose found it's place in her asshole, his long tongue looking for her lower lips. He found her vagina, she tasted sweet, just like the rest of her, it fit her, and it was perfect just like she was.

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