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Fuck Me Hard


I knew it was going to be an interesting night when our friends started a conversation about current good reads, and some s & m erotica came up.

We were speaking of fantasy books, then supernatural stories, which of course led the way to Anne Rice, when it so happened someone mentioned her Sleeping Beauty trilogy. Of course, having read all three, it got me squirming to my core, and for the rest of the night, I couldn't stop thinking about it.

They left early, around 9:30, and he and I were left alone. I was so aroused, I could feel my wetness soaking my panties. I went online, looked at some sites, and although they helped, it only brought more of a flush to my face. I looked over at him, sprawled on the couch, and of course, by this point he was mostly naked, as was I save for my tank top and thong.

He was almost hard; erect, but not fully so. I crawled over to him, and from between his legs I looked up and asked "may I lick you Sir?" He nodded, and I took him all in my mouth, to the point where I gagged on him repeatedly. I let his length withdraw almost completely, and then clamped my lips firmly around his tip, swirling my tongue as if his cock were a popsicle, alternating between sucking hard, and teasing flickers of my tongue. As I did this, he grabbed himself and started pumping the rest of his length as I suckled on the head of his cock, slowly rubbing and caressing his balls. My hand moved down, still keeping my eyes on his, sucking hard, I pushed a finger against him, slowly pushing it in, feeling him open around it. I bobbed my head now, more frantically, my tongue and finger both working away at sensitive spots. I withdrew my mouth, and started telling him how I wanted him to cum so hard, and with more pressure of my finger, he exploded all over his chest. He moaned with the orgasm, his chest heaving, his breath coming in ragged gasps.... I retrieved something for him to clean up with, and asked innocently if that's all the play he wanted tonight. He told me to be patient, that I would get mine soon enough.

I went back to the computer, and he switched on the tv, and we were content for a small while to relax. But I couldn't stop thinking about pain, bondage, and hard fucking. I kept thinking about the books, about the hall of punishment, where naughty girls were strung up, bound and exposed, and teased and fucked until they couldn't cum anymore.... the thought of it was more then I could bare.

I was so flushed I felt dizzy, and I crawled back to him, nuzzled against his chest, and told him what I craved. I wanted, needed him to tie me tightly, gag me, shove something in me, and then let me suffer alone for a while. I rubbed myself against him, telling him I needed pain and control so badly. He rolled me on to the floor, onto my back, and told me that I would be a good slut, and collect all I wanted and have it ready for him, with one condition: I was to cum ONLY from having my tits pinched and tortured right then and there. I agreed.

He pulled my plain white tank top down over my tits, my nipples already alert, ready for his touch. Knowing how sensitively I react to having my nipples twisted and pulled, he went to work without mercy, until i was either in screaming agony, or screaming ecstasy, and my pussy shuddered, wanting to be filled. I lay there gasping. He whispered in my ear to go prepare my toys for him.

Perhaps I was over eager, but letting me choose my torture proved that I only made things worse for my poor body, as I salivated over my 10" glass dildo, my nipple clamps, my hog-tie cuffs (which I attached to both wrists and ankles) my ball gag, and the paddle. I assumed my position (face down, ass up) on the bed, and called to my Master that I was ready for him.

He entered, and swiftly had my pussy filled. He did not remove my thong, only shoved it aside as my toy entered me, and then fixed it so that my toy could not slip out as my thong held it in place. My hands and ankles were connected, and when he pulled down my tank top, my nipples were clamped (which, since I was on my stomach, had my full weight pressing on my already sore tits). Lastly, he had my lips wrapped around the ball gag and positioned me in the middle of the bed. He slapped my bare ass a few times, before turning off the lights, leaving me whimpering and squirming on the bed for him.

What felt like an hour later, with my tits aching, my pussy BEGGING to be fucked, and saliva running down my chin, I heard the door open. He came over to the bed, and I felt his weight upon it. I turned my head to look at him, but he savagely gripped my hair and shoved my face down, and commanded me not to look at him. I whimpered in response, and stayed still and mostly silent. He began to run the paddle over my body, running it between my legs, over my ass, up my back, only to bring it down sharply on my exposed ass. He randomly spanked me, and started pumping my dildo in and out of me, working me up to climax, which I had been so close to all along. I got almost to the brink when he stopped. I could hear a 'click', and a wet sound. I tried my best to not turn and see what he had in his hands, but with the lights out, I don't think I would have been able to make out the next toy he was about to use on me anyways.

I understood as soon as he pressed the lubed up tip of the butt plug against me. I had been able to take this one before, but I had been pretty fussy, as I'm pretty much an anal virgin. But being bound so completely, without even being able to voice my fears, I simply raised my ass for him, and he slowly pushed it in, all the way in, until I moaned with what he knew was renewed arousal.

He told me he was pleased I took it so well, and began pumping both the dildo and plug in and out of me, making lewd comments about how I had both my holes filled. I moaned and gasped and tried to control myself, and manage to choke out from behind my gag a request for permission to cum for him. He told me to cum as hard as I could. He pumped them harder into me, and I felt my ass and pussy so completely full and used, I shuddered and slumped on the bed, gasping after such a release. Without warning, he savagely ripped out the dildo, and got behind me, thrusting all the way into my sopping cunt, and fucked me, telling me I'm his whore, his play cunt, his toy to fuck however he wants. Unable to move even if I wanted too, I moaned loudly into my gag, feeling my tits rub against the bed, the clips pulling cruelly on my nipples. He fucked me until I clamped down around his cock, shuddering violently. I lay there, regaining myself, when he commanded I move lower down on the bed.

It felt near impossible, as even if I could shift being hogtied, my tits rubbed too hard against the mattress, but he spurred me on with more blows to my ass. I managed it, and he shifted so that once again, I was on my stomach, but this time, replacing my toy in my cunt, and removing my gag, he shoved his cock down my throat. This angle allowed me to take more of him, and what with his hands at my cunt again, rubbing my clit, pressing the plug deeper in me, and grabbing my tits, I was vulnerable and useable, and I came with his cock deep in my throat.

At this point, he undid my feet from the hogtie, and told me to get on his cock. I slowly but surely got on my knees, and straddled him, He removed my toy, and plunged himself in me. My hands still bound behind me, the gag around my throat, plug still firmly in place in my ass and clips dangling from my chest, he thrust up into me without mercy. I began to beg that the clips were too much, and in one painful motion, he ripped them off me, only to replace the vise grip of he clamps with his own two hands. He mashed my tits, groping me roughly as I rode his cock to yet another climax. He told me if I could cum two more times for him, he would let me ride him with my vibrator on my clit. I cum the hardest when I grind my pussy against my vibe while riding him. I oblige him, grinding against him, moaning, whimpering, gasping with the sensations, and he reaches for it. I grind against him, feeling my ass and cunt full, both in me so deep, and my clit finally rewarded with the steady buzz of the vibe, and my Master thrusting up into my used body, I cum magnificently for him, and collapse beside him. He undoes my hands, and tells me to rub myself off while he removes my butt plug to rub my ass. I do, and he sprays his cum all over my tits and stomach, He too collapses besides me, and we pant silently. My body burns from the pain and the pleasure and the vulnerability and from the excitement of being so used. I clean him up, and we kiss gently.

I love nights when we have such inspirations...

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