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Fuck New Orleans

byThe Avenger©


Hi there. My name (of course, changed for the obvious reason that I am not suicidal) is Jones. I am a black male, I work as a janitor at this all white school. I live in a big city nearby, and have held my job in this rich white satellite town for about 6 months. Basically, since the Man let me out on parole.

My life is a typical tale of the young black American male. I was a very good basketball player at school, and could have easily got myself a college scholarship. Plus I was smart, at least book wise.

But I blew it. My single mother tried to instil good moral values in me, and teach me about all the dignity and virtue of hard work, but out on the streets, I saw my homies making so much "loot" (cash yo), with so much ease, moving keys (drugs). I mean, they were pushing (driving) the hottest, shiniest whips (cars). They were rolling up in the hottest gear, I'm talking Ruff Ryder one day, Roca-wear the next, and Versace the day after, all of it authentic too. Their necks, wrists and fingers were so flooded with ice (bling bling) that if they died and went to hell (where they belonged), hell fire couldn't scorch them. And man, they were popping da Crystal and pulling the hottest chicks.

At the age of 16, I threw away my books and started rolling with my homies, a full time hustler/drug dealer/gangsta, with ambitions to become a Rapper (when I listen to my lyrics now, its kind of embarrassing, but back then, I thought I was the shit).

My mother was heartbroken and tried to warn me about the perils of my dubious, criminal existence, but I couldn't hear her. She was a good, church going woman, so it was kind of embarassing for her to have an unrepentant, criminal minded son like me. She finally said , "N**** get the fuck out of my house!" so I moved into a Hotel.

Man, me and the homies were living it up. I'm talking about Ghetto Kings, which incidentally was the name of my crew. Money came, money went and more money came. We all thought it would go on like that forever. We felt like kings man. Anything we wanted we could have, any girl we wanted we could fuck. And anybody who got out of line was dealt with. One my homies even shot a rival of ours in broad daylight, and when the cops came, everybody knew better than to squeal.

I wasn't much into this gun toting, gat busting stuff. I was by far the smartest member of the crew, having stayed the longest in school, so I took over the planning and organization of things. I picked up the consignments, and took care of the cash.

I was also the ladies man of the crew. Anytime I wasn't out there slanging (dealing), I was somewhere getting bent and getting laid. And man, when you have money, the girls come like nails to a magnet. And long as you're spending they are down for whatever. Picture this, I was an 18 year old young buck, swinging dick like a veteran. You'd find me up in a motel, cooped up with a team of 4 girls, Asian, Black, Latino and White. Man, I was a black sex maniac getting his fuck on. I was a down ass homie with a dirty ass plan, and the hot, young, money hungry, wanna-be-stars were down with it. I had one sucking my dick, one licking my balls, one eating my ass and the fourth sitting on my face. I stuck my tongue up in her pussy whilst she frigged and bust a nutt all over my face.

The one sucking my dick got greedy, and didn't wanna let go, but I intervened and told her, "Girl, pass the dickie on the left hand side."

I felt like the secretary general of the United Nations, spreading love and prosperity amongst the races. We were smoking weed, drinking Crystal and even riding the white horse (sniffing cocaine). Boy oh boy, I tell you, we fucked all week end. When my dick needed rest, I laid back and watched a multi-racial lesbian sex fest, live and direct.

However, as they say, any good thing comes to an end. My homie, the shooter, was growing over confident. He bust a gat once too often and they arrested the son of a bitch. I would have been cool, I wasn't involved in the shooting. But as is almost always the case with most gun slingers, my homie was a yellow ass coward. The moment he saw the DA, he said he was willing to deal. The DA was the conductor, and my homie was the chorus. He sang like a bird, portraying himself as a poor, naive, guilable dummy who had been misled by a vicious, evil, black thug/villain/ghetto-crime-kingpin, me! In fact, all my friends realised that I was the best excuse they had. And so I was fucked up the ass with no vaseline.

The DA was more interested in the suppliers, the big guys. He said, "Listen to me young buck, cooperate and we'll be your friend, none cooperation, will be your end!" (word to Boogie Down). But I knew a guy once who squealed once, and they got his family. I didn't wanna save my hide at my mother's expense. I have never been one for singing anyway, and when I turned down the DA's recording contract offer, they locked me up. They had found enough drugs and money on me to offer me state housing for 6 years.

In prison I had a long time to reflect on my evil ways. I spent most of my time in jail feeling like a panther in a cage, getting visits from my poor moms and boxing and weightlifting, and reading books, and making plans for a life of sophisticated crime after my release. To be honest, I didn't repent, but decided that if I was ever to high roll again, I would not throw the money out of the window so stupidly. And I would definitely go solo, fuck a group.

I went in at the age of 20 and came out two years early on good behavior. I was twenty four, young, black, handsome, fit like a sprinter, with no qualifications, no education to battle inflation. My parole conditions were, no drugs, no gang banging, no violence, no crime, (not even a fist fight). And I had to have a job and report to my parole officer.

I was lucky in the last respect. My parole officer turned out to be a prematurely balding, basketball bellied, 45 yr old white man who was looking for some handsome, big dick black man to service his horny, slut wife. He told me this on the second day I went to his office. I was a lil surprised. But he didn't seem like he was joking, and I didn't wanna get on his shit list, so I just agreed. I was sure his wife would be some ugly, big, fat white woman, looking like a beached whale. I couldn't imagine she could be pretty and he would want a black jailbird like me to fuck her.

So, anyway, we drove over to his place, right, out in the 'burbs. And his wife, Maude, came to greet me at the door, excitedly. She was about thirty, looked like a poor man's version of Anne Nicole Smith, with peroxide hair, and big fat tits. She was alright, from the looks. And she was besotted with me, instantly. She was so excited man, as she served us supper.

Afterwards, we retired into the living room. She sits next to me, all bubbly, and the husband says, "Go ahead."

Well, I just grabbed her and pulled her onto my lap and she was all over a black ass gangsta N****. The bitch got wild man, stripping down to pink, lacy thongs and shaking her thick, round, white ass right in my face, right in front of her husband.

I swear man, after four years without even smelling the scent of a pussy, I was ready to crown her Ms Universe and put my dick on her forehead, which is what I did. I had never met a chick that loved the dirty, filthy sex like her. The moment she saw my jail bird cock, she just seemed to fall into a frenzy. She licked it like a lolly, and soon as it was all wet, she was deep throating me man, taking the whole damn chocolate cock down her throat, and making funny, gurgling noises.

She had this look on her face like she was possessed. I could have called the exorcist, but I decided to just grab her by that ol' peroxide blonde hair and bang that black cock into her mouth. She gave me the hottest, wettest, loudest blowjob ever.

Man, I was ready to cumm, but she spat my dick out and said, sounding like some RnB video hood rat, "Hold up!" Then she was chewing my balls and licking my ass. She just turned me around, made me bend over like a faggot, squeezed that sweet, jowly face of hers between my ass cheeks and sent her hot, wet, long, pink tongue slithering up my chocolate starfish.

Man, I was in heaven. Only one day out of jail, and I had already found that dirty, sex loving white slut for black cock that all men, no matter what race, just dream about every time they are fucking their boring, prissy, feminist type of woman, who would slap their face if they even dared ask her to eat the starfish.

I was incensed, so excited and so horny. Fuck!!! I jumped that pussy like a buffalo bill. I banged her face against head board (just figuratively speaking) and fucked the shit out of her (literary speaking). And she was screaming those three magic words, "Harder, faster, deeper!" Man, I must have gone digging in them guts like a gardener. Then she told me, "Oh you sweet black man, please, just please, don't forget the a-hole neither!"

Boy I tell you, I took tool to her nether hole like a maniac. I made her bend over and hold her thick, round, creamy cheeks aoart as I eased my cock into her pink starfish. I let her get used to it, then I was banging in the ding dong like my name was King Kong. In other words, I fucked the shit out of her ass.

Man her husband was looking all impressed, just drooling and turning all crimson with excitement. I was thoroughly relishing fucking that slut like the slut she was, and making her scream her lungs out, right in front of her husband. I felt gratified, like I was fucking back white people the way they had fucked my people. Hey, I just live in this world, I didn't make it.

And its not like he was feeling bad or anything. He was all excited, kneeling next to us, his face beaming like a kid at a fabulous amusement park. And he beating his meat, no, correction, whipping his meat, and giving a frenzied, running commentary like he was the live broadcast of the fuck olympics.

Anyway, to cut a long fuck short, I finally just exploded in that tight ass, and damn near passed out. Trust a horny, cock loving, bouncy, sweet white girl like that to make a brother see stars in daylight. I pulled, or rather fell out of her, and left her hole gaping like a whole train on the New York transit line just ran through it.

And what do you know, the naughty, sex deviant of a husband started drinking my creamy, nutritious black Nigga cumm str8 out of his wife's holes, calling it delicious. From that day onwards, he would just grab my cock and shove it up his wife's tight, shaved, white pussy and even tighter pink starfish, shouting hole-in-one. And when I came in his wife, the pathetic fool would clean her holes with his tongue.

Man, I felt like a king, a superior black man. However, one day the fool shocked me when my cock slid out of his slut wife as she was bouncing out of control under me. My Parole Officer grabbed my cock, smeared with his wife's cooze juice, but instead of putting it back up in her like a good, wimp husband should, he suddenly took it in his mouth.

Initially I was shocked, man. Instead of being outraged that her impotent husband had also now turned gay, the big tit bitch of a wife smiled knowingly and started frigging shamelessly whilst her hubby sucked my black jailbird dick. However, as this soon became a part of fuck sessions, I actually began to like having the white husband kneel at my feet and suck my dick fresh out of his wife's pussy here and there. I mean there is something poetic about it, right. I mean, I was spouting lyrical, bussing funky rhymes like,

"Taste your wife's pussy off my black cock, and make my dick harder than a rock."

Now, that's talent right there, coz him and his wife were so impressed. He even said to me,

"Maybe you should try rapping man, damn! You people are just so talented." But me and his wife didnt care about no RnB Rap shit. Every chance I got, I just took his wife and fucked her like my white slut for big, black cock.

Some white men will shoot, lynch or even call a black man a N**** for fucking their wife. But my officer was a rare, decent, cool type of white guy. He hooked me up with a job at a high school, just to show his gratitude. I would have preffered being a professor, wearing specs and fucking sweet little girls for a better grade. But with no education to battle inflation, I was only good for cleaning. Yeah man, I started working as the janitor.

Initially, when I started my job, I felt a lil funny, the black man with no education, on parole, a step from going back to jail... cleaning up some white kids school, right?

And the old, bald headed principal told me on the first day, "Keep your hands off the girls, you hear, otherwise we will hang you, gatt-dammit!"

But to be honest, it aint a hard job. And they treat me fairly. I have been working at this school for about a year. Jail taught me discipline and patience. I never miss work and I do my job to satisfaction.

Sometimes it gets kind of hard, especially in summer, being a red blooded, virile, young black man amongst skimpily dressed, tank top, hipsters wearing, thong flashing, young, crispy white girls. But I usually don't fuck with them, these are the kids of rich white people with power, attorneys and shit.

But even when I am sweeping the floor, man I am cooking up get rich quick schemes. I already have a couple of things going that I will tell you about later. If I have kids, they are not going to some ghetto school, they are going someplace like this here, and not to clean. You cant keep a nigga down.

So basically, that's what there is to me. I have a black girl from my hood that I am dating. Once or twice a week I fuck my officer's wife and let him suck my cock spanking clean. And he even thanks me for it, saying, "Me and Maude really appreciate."

But there is a nasty little story I gotta tell you.

Chapter 1:

The high school was situated in an upper middle class neighbourhood, you know where everything is just clean and orderly, with wide avenues, green trees, pretty houses, with trimmed hedges, aqua blue pools and flowerbeds. It looked just like a picture book school, with nice buildings, green lawns that were constantly sprinkled, and nice, lil pathways.

The kids were just coming out of class. Jones was wearing dark overalls, walking between the white pupils, carrying a mop and a pail. The handsome African American, with a dark face and short cropped hair had a tall, lean, muscular body, like a boxers. He moved lightly on his feet with the grace of a panther. His face was expressionless, as most black people's faces, when they are surrounded by white people, in these United States of America.

But his big, brown eyes were stealing glances at the sexy, skimpily dressed, young, white girls passing by especially the ones that had their tiny thongs peeking out of their pants. Jones licked his lips, his eyes shining with animal lust.

Jones walked into a deserted hallway, and started mopping the floor. Ted, a handsome, tall, athletic blonde haired, blue eyed Mr All American college boy of about 18 came around the corner. As he saw Jones, he smirked evilly. He walked up to the black man, crumpled a piece of paper and dropped it onto the floor, right in front of him.

Smirking, he jeered Jones. "Go on boy, clean that shit up, don't laze around like the no good Nigga that you are..."

"What's your fucking problem! Asshole!" Jones growled, fighting to control himself.

"You fucking no good Nigga! Kunta Kinte! Wanna go the fuck back to Africa and hang from the trees or what the fuck! Work, boy! You no good NIGGGA!!!"

Jones's eyes blazed with hatred. "Watch your mouth cracker! Before I fucking..."

"What! What! Go ahead, Nigga, loose your temper, lose your job and go back to jail where your black ass belongs. I know all about you. Mr Gangsta! Out on parole!!! I do what the fuck with you, and you cant say shit! You hear me boy!" he laughed in the black man's face, enjoying taunting him tremendously.

"Keep on fucking with me, Ted, and one day I will get that ass," the black man promised.

"Ah, no way. You are right at the bottom, and you can never fuck with those upstairs, Mr!" Ted laughed and kicked the bucket over for good measure, spilling the water. Then he walked off laughing.

Jones was pissed. But he had great patience.

Ted had started giving him shit out of the blue 3 months earlier.

Chapter 2

Jones was sweeping an empty classroom when he suddenly discovered a school rucksack. He picked it up and rummaged inside out of curiosity. A naughty smile broke across his thick, full, dark lips as he discovered sweet, tiny white thongs, the gusset decorated by red lips.

Suddenly, the door burst open behind the black snooper, and 18 yr old Lisa stood framed in the doorway. She was like a playboy fantasy of a hot student, tall, lithe, long limbed and athletic, with a pretty, lively face, and a buttermilk complexion. She had big, innocent green eyes, sparkling with life energy, a little, perky nose and full pouting lips. The pink, kissable mug was framed by smooth, glossy shoulder length blonde hair. She had the air of someone who had an untroubled, privileged existence and enjoyed life to the fullest.

The young beauty was dressed in a cheerleader's uniform. A small tank top was glued to her medium sized tits, leaving her creamy, flat, toned belly exposed. A tight, blue, cheer leaders skirt was sitting about as low as possible, just covering her shaved mons, hugging her curvy hips.

The young blonde had well toned thighs and shapely, athletic legs. Her body hadn't grown fully yet, but this young blonde school girl was a siren.

She smiled politely at Jones and spoke in a nervous, soft voice. "Hallo, eh, I forgot my bag."

Jones quickly dropped the thongs back into the bag and closed it quickly. "Oh, hi. I was just checking to see who it belongs to." He handed it to her.

"Thanks," she replied very polite but seemed scared.

He smiled teasingly at her, "Don't be scared. I wont hurt you!" He reached up and pushed a strand of hair out of her pretty face. "You are so beautiful, Lisa!"

"I think you are beautiful," she suddenly blurted, grabbed the bag and ran out.

Chapter 3

Half an hour later, Ted and Melissa sneaked into a deserted classroom and quietly closed the door. They dropped their bags and then they were all over each other, kissing and necking. They writhed against each other as they lustily fondled and caressed each other's sexy, energetic, horny young bodies.

Their patting soon became heavy. Incensed with lust, young Ted dropped his sports jacket to the floor and pushed Melissa's firm, young ass up on a desk, sliding his hips between her thighs. He dry humped his petite girlfriend, grinding his cock against her quim. Melissa was just as horny as her boyfriend. As she felt his cock press into her cunt, she embraced him tightly, pulling his muscular, young body into hers. She threw her hips at him and sucked on his lips.

Ted became bolder, and pushed her short, cheerleader skirt up around her hips. He gasped at the hot sight of her tiny white thongs, with the red lips on the gusset, the one that Jones saw in her bag. Now it was cupping her plumb cunt tightly, meshed into the thick, wet, excited lips of her cunt.

The horny white boy grunted and slid a big, groping hand between her thighs, to cup her fat mound, whilst the other pushed her top off her creamy breasts. The high school beauty's hips jerked as she grinded her cunt against his palm. Ted dipped his face and chewed on her tits, sending sharp sensations straight to her clit. Melissa felt dizzy, hugging his blonde head to her tits.

As she felt his fingers ease in under her gusset, Mellisa pushed him back, "Stop! Ted. Not here!"

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