tagErotic HorrorFucked by a Man-Beast Ch. 03

Fucked by a Man-Beast Ch. 03


Cindy looked into his loving eyes and said, "When do we leave my loving master? I am yours forever now."

He howled with delight and said, "Take with you only these things; a warm coat, hiking boots, some clothing suitable for wearing deep in the woods and a sleeping bag if you have one, if not a couple of blankets will do. You will need a cup for drinking and matches. Take nothing that is scented will be permitted.

My den is located deep in the woods and I do not want man to find us."

She nodded in agreement and said, "Watch the door and driveway, and please why I gather these things. I would not want my useless husband to find you with me. He most likely would kill us both. He however does not deserve me he has lost that right. You are now my lover, my friend and my master, because you have shown me the light and giving me all I ever wanted."

When she finished packing, she stood there in the light of the room looking at her the man-beast. He must have stood six foot three. His face and arms resembled a human and the rest of him appeared to be a wolf like creature cover thick hair.

Cindy felt drawn to him from there first tryst in the woods, she was not sure, but not worried either. She knew there was something different about her, but never knew what until the man-best unlocked the deep animal desires within her. She did not know much about her past, but knew that somehow she was different then most human women.

She never questioned him about where they were going, as she now trusted him completely. She would follow him to the ends of the earth if she could always be at his side.

They left through the back door zigzagging as the entered the wood. The left no traces on the trail for man to follow. They traveled the rest of that night until the sun broke through the morning sky. Then she saw a cave nestled into the mountainside. She could see more creatures like him around it; some of them appeared to be women and others males.

The man-beast threw his head back and howled in greeting to the others. They in turn howled back and he moved toward the cave. As Cindy moved toward the cave, three man-beasts came toward her. Like her master, they had long dark hair, upper bodies that resembled men and furry cover muscular bodies. They looked at her with green-yellow eyes as if to exam her.

One of the man-beast came up to her and sniffed then howled and said, "Woman, why are you here?"

Before he could reply the second man-beast came up to her and sniffed and howled then said, "She is his bitch I can smell him on her."

The third man-beast bowed his head, looked at the ground, and uttered, "Master, how can I serve you."

The master man-beast said, "Show my bitch the den and where she sleeps. Then make her feel like she belongs because she will be the alpha female of this den from now on."

The three man-beasts bowed in submission. They seemed to sense that the master had found his mate. She would be one to carry on the bloodline and bear his children.

As Cindy entered the cave, she was amazed at how clean it was. The man-beast servant showed her around. On one side were mats of straw and some blankets. He told her that was the sleeping area for the clan. Then pointed to an area elevated and set back away from the main bedchamber. He then took her there and said, "This is where you and master will sleep."

He then went deeper into the cave their pathway lit by torches. Away from the entrance of the cave and well hidden was a large room. He told her this was the gathering area and it was here that the clan congregated to talk, eat and have fun. Campfires, cooking pots, surrounded the area. Sitting at the in clutches were females and children of all ages, all half human, half beast.

It was then that Cindy felt frightened. Would she have to prove her alpha female status and fight them or would they accept her. The woman and children surrounded her and sniffed at her. Some growled as others howled a blood-curdling scream that made Cindy shiver.

Then one woman came forward, bowed her head in submission and said, "Welcome alpha female, how we can serve you?"

Cindy gasped at them in amazement, as know one ever treated her like that before. She did not really know what to do, but she nodded her head in recognition, and then passed out.

When she came too, and her eyes slowly focused, Cindy was lying on master's bed. He was standing over her looking worried and a woman was rubbing her brow with a damp cloth.

The man-beast then sat down, took her hand in his, and said, "Are you ok, my love. I hope this has not all overwhelmed you" Now rest my precious for a bit and I will awaken you when it time to eat. As tonight we throw a banquet in your honor to welcome you to the clan."

When Cindy awake, she tried to stand up and felt weak in the knees. It was then that the woman-beast attending her took hold of her and helped her to stand. She was beautiful and Cindy could not help but noticing the long blonde hair, blue eyes and huge breasts.

The woman-beast then lowered her eyes and uttered, "Do I offend you my mistress?"

Cindy then said, "You may stand up and look at me when we talk. You are not offending me I was just noticing how beautiful you are. My name is Cindy, and you will be permitted to call me that."

The woman-beast then said, "My name is Nadia. If I am permitted to talk mistress, I will tell you about our clan."

Cindy said, "Yes, please tell me about the clan."

The woman-beast then went on to tell her the legend of the man-beast clan. The clan started back in eighteen hundred twenty five. There were only the two man-beasts. Since they could find no woman-beast, the man-beasts decided to find some willing human women to be their bitches. The master beast then went to the village and over time found two women. He let the other man-beast mate with one as he took the other to be his alpha female. Humans tired to destroy us many times.

We found this cave deep in part of the forest that was thick and unexplored. The cave has been secluded for many years and as you seen, our numbers are growing. I am master's first wife and do not be alarmed, it is custom for the master to take many wives to ensure our clan continues to exist.

Cindy then said, "Wow that is some story. I am not sure when, but somewhere I have heard it before. You see I was raised in an orphanage and did not know anything about my parents."

The woman-beast grabbed her face in surprise and said, "Oh my god, I cannot believe what I am hearing. There is a story about a young female that was born and looked human rather then like the rest of us. Her mother took her to the village and abandoned her, because she feared that the clan would reject her. Maybe you are that girl."

Cindy looked as if she would faint again and the woman-beast helped her to lie down. She then asked the woman, "What was the girl's name?"

The woman-beast said, "Nakita."

Cindy did not recognize the name. She brushed as nerves, because she was exhausted from the journey their. She must have dozed again, because the next thing she knew, He was awaking her and telling her it was time to eat and celebrate.

The Master man-beast and Cindy the alpha female walked into the large gathering room. The place grew silent and every one bowed in submission. Cindy felt pleased and threw her head back and then howled, it was not a human howl, it was the howl of a beast. She then started thinking she might be one of them.

The master introduced her and they all sat down and feasted on roasted pig, lamb, berries, and greens. While she was eating, she glanced over at her master. He was looking at her with lust in his eyes and talking to his first wife. Cindy was wondering what they were saying.

Before she could inquire, he clapped his hands and uttered, "Time to dance and celebrate."

As she watched, four men jumped up and began to howl and prance around. She could not help notice that they too had huge cocks. They must have been a good 10 inches in length soft and she wondered how long they were when hard. She then felt a gush of fluids between her legs and wondered how many man-beast she could fuck.

The women-beast then joined the dance and she noticed that they kissed, caressed each other and even sniffed each other's genitalia. The cocks became hard and erect, some of them continued to dance, and other began fucking right in front of her.

Cindy felt her nipple harden and her panties were completely drenched. She moved closer to her master and asked, "Am I permitted to strip off my clothing and be naked as everyone else?"

The man-beast looked at her and said, "It is custom that the alpha woman strip and join in the fun. You will be permitted to fuck anyone and even play with the other bitches."

Cindy almost came at the moment, she could not believe her ears. She was in fuck-heaven. She got up, stripped off her clothing, and walked toward the four males. She licked her lips, as she got closer as there cocks were growing bigger and now oozing precum.

One man-beast knelt before her and howled, "Mistress, I am here to please you, do what you want to me."

Cindy then told him to lie on his back, moved, lowered her hot cunt to his lips, and said, "Eat my cunt!"

As he did as ordered another man-beast, came over and sniffed her. He then howled and said, "Suck my dick mistress!"

She looked up into his yellow-green eyed then took his cock in her hand and licked it kissed it, then engulfed as much as she could get in her mouth. The man-beast grabbed her mouth and fucked it deep and hard as the other beast ate her hot box and slid his finger inside her wanting pussy.

She looked up at master and noticed he was slowly stroking his hardening dick. She then knew her actions were pleasing him.

The man-beast then walked over to Cindy and said, "Suck his dick harder and wallow his cum my precious. Then fill the other beast's mouth with your sweet nectar. Then I have a surprise for you. "

Now how could Cindy resist such a great temptation? She rubbed her pussy all over the beast's mouth and then sucked the other one harder. She begins to shake with her first earth-shattering climax, filling the beast's mouth. She then swallowed eagerly not wanting to miss any of the seed that was flooding her mouth.

She then asked, "Master, did I please you?"

The man-beast said, "Yes, my mistress. You have pleased me. Now please call me by my name it is Günther. Now my precious, come with me, it is time we all retire to my bedchamber."

Cindy wondered what he meant but knew that the sexual part of this celebration was not over. She needed his dick deep inside her fucking her and showing her things she had only dreamed about."

When they entered the bedchamber, torches illuminated the room. A thick blanket of fur covered the straw bed. On the bed was Nadia her long hair flowing over her hard nipples and her legs spread to show her pussy glistening with desire.

The man-beast then told Cindy that Nadia was now her slave and she could do whatever she wanted to her. However, first she must take her in bed sexually to prove she was the alpha female. He sat down by the bed and began to watch the scene unfold.

Cindy licked her lips and felt her pussy fluids run down her leg. She climbed onto the bed grabbed Nadia and kissed her firmly. She then laid down spread her legs wide and ordered Nadia to eat her cunt!

Nadia then said, "You wish is my command mistress." Kneeling between Cindy's legs, Nadia spread her labia and began lapping every inch of her drenched pussy.

Cindy threw her head back and howled,"Oooooooooooh my god, yessssssssssss, eat me bitch! Just like that, aarrgggghhh!"

Cindy arched her back as waves of desired surged through her body. Nadia 's tongue knew exactly where to lick and probe turning Cindy's on more then she had been before.

The master man-beast watches the two with delight. He loved the way Cindy took charge over Nadia and knew that she was indeed his alpha female. He then walked over to the bed grabbed Cindy's left nipple and sucked it in biting it gently at first then harder. He then did the same thing to her other nipple. Cindy screamed and covered Nadia's face with her sweet nectar. Nadia kept eating her until she cleaned ever drop of cream from her mistress's cunt. Oh god, she loved eating pussy as much as men do. This was indeed a pleasure for her.

The man-beast then told Nadia, "Enough, leave us now." He then lay down next to Cindy and took her in his arms and kissed her passionately.

His dick felt so hard one scrape of his claws would shatter it. He then said to Cindy, "Suck my dick precious!"

Cindy moved then reached out and took his dick in her hands and began to stroke it. She began flicking her long tongue all over his dick and balls. Suddenly she took almost eight inches of his dick into her mouth sucking it hard, deep and fast.

The man-beast howled and then stopped and said, "Slow down my pretty or I will cum in your mouth. Tonight, I was to cum in your pussy first, then your mouth, then your ass........as the night is still young and I am primed for fucking! "

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