A man is walking home from work... he passes by the diner and tips his hat off to the young lady who passes by him. She acknowledges with a smile. He keeps walking. This corner of the street is dark.

"Excuse me...," he turns around and sees that it is the young lady addressing him. "Yes, my dear?" he is old school, a gentleman. "I'm not from around here and I need to meet my friend who's supposed to be waiting for me near Park No. 9 but I can't seem to find my way... I hate to admit it but I think I'm lost," she said while looking up at him with big doe eyes.

"Do you have a map dear? I can mark the way for you," he offered. "Well actually, if it isn't too much trouble could you just come with me and then after I pick up my friend I can drop you off to wherever you need to be." He hesitated, he needed to get home. His wife was waiting for him and he'd have hell to pay if he was late. But, this pretty young thing needed him and was looking at him with such helpless that he decided to go with her and take his chances with the battle axe waiting for him at home.

"Sure thing, dear, I'll come along if you need. Besides what kind of a gentleman would I be to allow a young thing like yourself to wander about in these here parts so late anyway?"

"Thank you, thank you so much," she grabbed his hand and shook it. "Oh by the way, my name is Dominique."

"Steve," he uttered and followed her to her car.

After they were seated in the car, she offered him a beer from the cooler under the seat. He accepted, and a few sips later realized that something was not right. He was sweating profusely and was having difficulty breathing. His eyes started to glaze over and he noted that the female did not look concerned over his condition. Oddly it seemed like she was... smiling.


Steve awoke dazed. His head felt heavy like he'd been hit by a ton of bricks. He stood up to move but was startled by an odd clanging sound. He lifted his hands to rub his eyes- his vision was still groggy- his movement was followed by the recurrence of the clanging sound.

He tried to look around and get his bearing but it was too dark to make out anything yet. He staggered to his feet and realized that there was something heavy wound round his wrist... and his ankles. He tried to feel it and realized he was in shackles. The shackles were attached to heavy chains that were long enough to allow movement up to one foot but no more. He pulled at the chains but they didn't give; the chains had been secured.

He heard giggling. It was only then that he realized he was naked. Surely, no one could see him in the dark but the giggling made him aware of his vulnerability.

How did he get here? Last he remembered he was... he was on his way home. No, he was outside the diner... the girl. He was in the van with the girl... What was her name?

"DOMINIQUE?" he said out loud without realizing it.

"You may call me Domina, Steve."


Here he was, tied up, naked, and this woman wanted him to call him Domina. What the fuck was going on?

"Who are you? What do you want from me?" Steve yelled out his confusion.

"It doesn't matter who I am. Tonight I shall be Domina and you, you dear Steve, are Our Guest," the voice replied.

Our guest, Steve was wondering what she could have meant by that. Was there more than one person? Who were these people? And what did they want with him? As he thought about it he grew certain that the giggles he'd heard earlier were from more than one person. Yet, apart from that there seemed to be no evidence that there was anyone other than him and Domina there.

"Who are you people?" he enquired. "And what do you mean I am your guest?" He was becoming more and more aware of how vulnerable his position really was.

As if in response a spotlight came on. His eyes had just started to get accustomed to the dark, but, he was blinded again by the bright light that was focused on him. He moved around and struggled to shelter his eyes from the harsh light but to no avail. Through squinted eyes was he finally able to catch glimpses of the spectacle spread before him.

It appeared to Steve that he was in some sort of circular brick room (a cellar perhaps). He was in the middle of the room on some kind of stage or platform. All around him were plush seats covered with red velvet. Steve noticed that some of the seats were oddly shaped but his eyes were still adjusting to the light so he couldn't make out things too clearly yet. What was obvious though was the sight of several women in various stages of undress around the platform. His gaze was soon transfixed on one he recognized as the girl he'd met earlier that evening- the angel faced Dominique. She wore leather panties and knee high stiletto-heeled boots. Her hair was pulled back into a harsh ponytail. Her nipples were looked unnaturally red as if they'd been painted with scarlet lipstick, A scowl plastered on her face now, she almost looked unrecognizable standing there playing with the whip in her hand.

"Domina?" asked Steve.


"Domina...?" Steve was confirming as the woman before him bore little resemblance to the lost doe-eyed girl he had encountered outside the diner. He was still struggling to see through the spotlight induced daze. She smiled her acquiescence. At least that was how Steve interpreted the smirk he saw on her face. Only the movement of her lips helped him realize that she was talking to him however the words did not reach him. Throughout her eyes stayed on him as if burning him with her unwavering gaze. Now it appeared as if she addressing the other women around her. Two of the women standing immediately next to her nodded and purposefully moved toward Steve. They paused briefly at the edge of the platform and then stepped up one at a time.

Finally Steve got a better glimpse of the women holding him captive. The two women sent over by Domina were standing up on the platform next to Steve; like him, they too were bathed in light. He had a general sense that there were many more around but he couldn't see clearly beyond the platform and hence couldn't be sure how many they were. Steve studied the two women that stood in front of him at the moment. Both women were young and beautiful in their own unique way. The first was a petite blonde with a cute pixie face accentuated by a pixie haircut. She wore a little blue frock with white knee high socks. The second girl was a voluptuous redhead; she wore tight leather pants that seem to encase the ample flesh of her hips and thighs. On top her ample bosom struggled under the restraint of the white baby tee she was wearing. He thought he could make out her nipples. Steve's cock suddenly twitched at that realization. The movement was not lost on the two women especially since Steve was there completely naked and exposed before their searching eyes.

Both women kept their eyes on Steve and moved closer to each other. The pixie blonde (Pixie) bent over the busty redheaded (Red) and began to suck her nipple through the t-shirt. The fabric was quickly soaked and clearly displayed the large nipples beneath the fabric. Steve's cock twitched again.

"He likes that. Do it again," said Domina. Pixie obeyed and suckled the second nipple while the redheaded moaned and arched her back so she could feed the blonde as much of her tit as possible. Steve was embarrassed over how hard his cock was from watching the tiny blonde suck the busty redhead.

"Take it off," instructed Domina. The redhead smiled and walked closer to Steve. Her chest at level with his face- as he was crouched- she yanked off her tee. The jerky action made her boobs bounce perversely free and Steve's cock jumped again. It had been too long since he'd had sex and he couldn't even remember the last time he'd seen such a beautiful woman and the bounty of her chest was turning out to be a bit too much for Steve to keep a grip on himself or the situation.

"Would you like to fuck her tits?" Mesmerized by the delicious melons hanging just inches from his very dry mouth Steve did not realize that Domina had addressed him until she repeated her question. His jaw hanging open by now all he could manage was a nod of eager agreement. For a brief moment earlier he had feared that these women were going to torture him or do something worse and instead they were offering a tit-fuck, something he'd often fantasized about but never actually experienced.

"Get him ready." This time Domina addressed the pixie blonde. Pixie walked over to Steve and the redhead and then fell to her knees before Steve. Soon Steve felt himself encased within something warm and moist; Pixie had taken his dick into her little mouth and was drooling all over it. Steve though he was just going to shoot down her throat but then the redhead stepped in front of him as if to remind him of the task assigned to his cock. Red held his head and roughly pulled it down on her teat. She wanted him to suck her nipples and he greedily obliged. He felt his senses overwhelmed with all the sensations he was experiencing with these two women. And even though he struggled for breath- buried as his was in tit flesh- he was happier than he could ever remember being. He only wished his hands were free so he could squeeze the redhead's ass.

"Enough," ordered Domina. "Do him now."

The blonde slid back while the redhead slid down. Before he could protest the loss of Pixie's hot mouth Red grabbed her tits and wrapped them round his cock. She slowly started sliding her tits over his cock. The sensation was so unusual her pillow-like bosom was soft and also moist now from his suckling. He closed his eyes and started bucking his hips to match her rhythm.

"Keep your eyes open Steve," Domina said, "You won't want to miss what comes next."


Steve was getting a tit-fuck from a busty redhead after being primed by a petite blonde. Domina had asked him to keep his eyes open. Now a third woman climbed on the platform. She was a hard bodied blonde. She was taller than all the other girls he could see and still she wore 6 inch high spiked steel heels and nothing else from the look of it. No, not nothing her crotch was covered by a tiny piece of black colored fabric which he initially mistook for her pubic hair (she may be a natural blonde after all) and there were tiny chain links holding the fabric on her hips. Her nipples were pierced and the chains ran through her nipple rings. The chains were so thin that they were visible on her pale skin; he noticed them only when the light hit them at a particular angle.

The tall blonde pulled Pixie and bent her over her knee to allow Steve a view of her back side. Steve was offered a clear view of Pixie's backside as under the little blue frock and above the white knee high socks Pixie wore nothing.

"No knickers." She raised her eyebrow and gave Steve a smirk. "Isn't she a bad girl?" Steve didn't know what to do but gape. He could see Pixie's pink slit and even from where he was he could tell that it was dripping wet.

"Punish her." It was Domina this time. The tall blonde responded by flattening her palm and raising it. She then looked at Steve and smacked Pixie across her backside making her whimper from pain and eliciting a moan from Steve. Steve blinked a couple of times in disbelief. He thought he was just going to shoot his load right there as he watched Pixie's little bottom grow red from the smack it had received. Red furiously rubbed her tits up and down his shaft that seemed to have swollen to twice its normal size from all the stimulation the women were providing him with.

Once more the tall blonde raised her hand and allowed it to land with a smack on Pixie's backside.

"Do you want to fuck her little pink slit?" He recognized Domina's voice but couldn't find his own to respond. His throat was dry and his breath ragged. The tall blonde took Pixie closer to Steve while still flipped her over her knee to allow Steve access to Pixie's cunt. Red released Steve's cock from her cleavage and directed it into the Pixie's tight little slit. Steve couldn't believe what he was seeing or feeling. His balls were hurting from needing to cum but he wanted to fuck this little slit that looked like it couldn't even accommodate his finger let alone his cock that was now twice its size and throbbing angrily from being denied release for so long. He didn't know if he'd ever get the chance to fuck someone so lovely and so tight. He just had to do it. Red eased him further in while the tall blonde held the Pixie firmly in place.

When he had finally buried his length within Pixie's pussy Steve swore. He was struggling to move due to her cunt's vice-like grip on his dick. He tried to steady his wild thrusts into Pixie by grabbing her hips but his chains restricted his movements. Steve had to settle for simply grunting like a pig and smashing his hips into her ass with all the force he could.

After what felt like an eternity of wild bucking and grunting on Steve's part, finally Domina said, "Let him cum."

On cue the tall blonde slid on the ground between Steve's legs. Steve felt her tongue flick his balls first and then he felt her mouth sucking his balls. He found it harder now to maintain his fucking rhythm and balance but the sensation was amazing.

Red reached up. First she unshackled his hands. Next she pushed off her tight leather pants and stood in front of Steve with a leg on either side of Pixie. Red flipped Pixie on her back. She then leaned over her and pushed her tits into Pixie's mouth while pushing her round ass into Steve's face. Steve grabbed handfuls of the flesh and squeezed her ass while he ate her pussy. The new position helped Steve pound furiously into Pixie's tight cunt while she sucked on Red's tits who was getting her cunt eaten by Steve who was having his balls sucked by the tall blonde.

Steve's system went through a sensory overload as his came. His whole body shuddered and he shot his first load inside Pixie's hot tight cunt. He pulled out quickly and shot a second load on Red's chest. Even through his orgasm induced haze he noticed that she lustily rubbed it into her boobs. The final load he saved to shoot on the face of the tall blonde. When Steve was done shooting his cum Pixie stood up and licked the tall blonde's face clean while Red greedily sucked Steve's dick clean.

"Enough," yelled Domina. "Let him rest awhile; we'll need him ready for us again."

Exhausted Steve had slumped on the floor but he heard Domina address the other women in the audience (audience?), "That was just a preview of things to come ladies. We've just begun and we have a long night ahead of us."

- The End-

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