Dan felt his insides repeatedly fill up and then release with the colonic irrigation solution. His erection pointed straight up and swayed.

"Please?" he asked.

The colonic therapist, Pamela, smiled sweetly and shook her head. She willingly discussed sexual topics with Dan, a regular client. And she steadfastly refused to hand-job him.

"Have you ever been done by a woman with a strap-on?" she inquired.

A touch of blush reddened his face and he hesitated before answering. "...Yesss."

"Hey, it's okay," she assured. "A lot of guys like to be stimulated anally. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, many women like the idea of doing a guy that way, and don't think he's weird for wanting it."

Pamela continued to administer the colonic while Dan's erection rose and subsided like ocean waves at the beach.

"What... what made you think of the... strap-on thing?" he shyly asked.

"I know you enjoy these colonics. And I suspect that you like anal play. I was just wondering if I should tell you about somebody I know."

She was silent for a while, and knew that Dan, being curious and aroused, would insist on her telling him. A while later, he came through, and asked her to tell him more.

"Well, I really don't know if I should," Pam said, "because Jenni is pretty aggressive. Her fantasy is to give a give enemas to a guy she likes, and then get him in a bondage position and do him anally. I don't think she's ever actually done it, but that's what she wants to do. There's also something about her that I can't tell you - you'd have to find out on your own."

"I'd probably like to meet her. What's she like?"

"She's tall, blonde, and slender. I think she's attractive and I'm sure she'd like you. You'd have to promise me that you won't hold me responsible in any way for what happens."

She eyed his now throbbing erection, and smiled to herself.

When the colonic was finished he assured Pamela that he did want to meet Jenni. She told him that she'd speak to her, and that her friend would call him if she was interested, and she would let him know if she declined.

It wasn't until Friday evening that he answered the phone and heard a sweet and sensuous voice ask for him. His heart pounded when the caller identified herself as Jenni. After a brief conversation in which Dan assured her that he wanted to meet her, she suggested a place for dinner the next day, and said she'd come by and pick him up. As soon as they agreed on a time, Jenni ended the conversation.

When Jenni came to his door, Dan could not refrain from looking her up and down. Pamela was right - Jenni was a stunner. She had a dress with a mid-thigh hem, one that showed off her smooth bare legs, sandals with exposed toes, medium length straight blonde hair, and a bright smile.

"Why don't we talk for a little while before we go?" Jenni suggested.

Dan felt clumsy as he agreed and led her to the sofa. She sat immediately beside him. As they conversed Jenni strategically brought her knee and leg in contact with Dan's, and noticed that the contact aroused him.

Finally, Jenni put her hand on Dan's face, turned him toward her, kissed him, and said, "Let's go eat now."

She took charge of the conversation, and verbally probed him with questions such as, "When was the last time you had an enema?", "Why do you get colonics?", "Has a woman ever taken you back there with a strap-on?", "Have you ever been tied up during sex?", "Do you like enemas?"

The assault of questions caught Dan off guard, and he could not think of any questions to ask Jenni that would give him much information about her. Everything he was to learn, he had to glean from observation - Jenni's facial expressions, mannerisms, the words she used, and her body language. He agreed that Jenni was aggressive. At the same time he felt a mixture of excitement and a desire to submit to this tall slender blonde sitting with him. Her wide and interested eyes appeared to be sincere.

As they were finishing dinner, Jenni told Dan that she would like to play later that night, and that she would like to give him some enemas. The thought of tall dominant Jenni administering an enema intensely aroused him. His erect cock twitched inside his trousers when Jenni grasped his hand and placed it on her bare thigh just above the knee. Dan ran his fingers lightly on Jenni's smooth skin on the inside of her thigh. Just as Dan was gaining some confidence, Jenni abruptly removed his hand from her leg and said it was time to go.

"We can go to my place," Jenni said, and suggestively puckered her lips. Dan, driven to distraction from the sexual overtones of Jenni's manner, simply nodded assent.

Thirty minutes later they were in Jenni's apartment. She kicked off her shoes and lay back on the sofa with her feet in Dan's lap. While he felt her bare legs from the knees down, she stimulated his crotch with her feet. After a moment of sensuous giggling, Jenni asked, "Would you like to see my bedroom?"

Dan's facial expression answered her question. Jenni got up and led Dan by the hand into a spacious bedroom.

"Get undressed, and let Nurse Jenni get you all ready for your enemas!"

She stood by with her hands on her hips and a wide sensuous smile while Dan hurried to get his clothes off. His erection stood straight out.

"Lie down on the bed here, and let me take a look at that gorgeous cock."

When Dan was on the bed, Jenni handled and manipulated his cock and testicles until he groaned from the erotic pressure that built up inside. Jenni frequently giggled while she handled him.

Then she lowered the top of her dress and revealed well formed medium sized breasts. "Mmmm, stimulate these titties," she almost commanded, and jutted her right breast near Dan's mouth. She moaned as he nibbled and sucked on her nipples. He gently handled her breasts as she handled his cock with one hand.

Jenni pulled back after a few minutes and said, "Nurse Jenni thinks you need some nice, big, soapy enemas! Stay there and I'll prepare your first one."

Dan's insides fluttered with anticipation as he realized that the time was near for an actual enema from his date. He was able to see her in the adjoining bathroom preparing the enema. She nonchalantly retrieved a red enema bag, attached a rather large slightly curved nozzle to the hose, and prepared a warm sudsy solution. Then she spread a large towel on the floor and beckoned Dan to come over where she was.

"Down on all fours now," Jenni directed. "I want your head down and your tail end up in the air for Nurse Jenni's enema."

Dan willingly and excitedly assumed the mandated position, and Jenni lubricated the nozzle. Then she poured the soapy solution in the closed top bag and flushed the air from the hose. She suspended the bag from a wire hook that was affixed to a hinge on the bathroom closet door. With the bag in place, she went over to Dan, bent her knees, and inserted the nozzle.

"Now let Nurse Jenni fill you up with this warm, sudsy enema!"

Dan heard a click, and immediately felt the first jets of enema solution spurt inside him. A moment later he exclaimed "Uhhh!" as the enema relentlessly invaded him.

"Yes, Nurse Jenni's enema is going inside you. You've got to take all of the enema, now, and let it all inside."

"Ohhhh! Uhhhh!"

Jenni giggled.

"Ahh! Jenni! Ohh!"

"Take all of the enema that Nurse Jenni prepared for you. It's important."

She continued to giggle sexily while Dan accepted the soapsuds enema. She stood by with her hands on her hips after it all went in. Amid his groans, she told him that he was going to retain it for a while. When she was satisfied that the enema had done its work, she withdrew the nozzle and let him up to expel. She prepared a second enema while Dan got rid of the first one, and had him take and retain it as with the first one. She told him to get cleaned up after he got rid of the second enema, and waited for him in her bedroom.

When Dan returned, Jenni, still dressed, was seated in a straight-backed armless chair, wearing a disposable glove on her right hand, and a container of lubricant close by.

"Come on over and get across Nurse Jenni's lap," she beckoned. "I want to check your prostate."

The sight of Jenni like that caused an instant erection for Dan, and he gladly positioned himself over Jenni's lap like a naughty boy about to be spanked. She lubricated one finger and inserted it. As she wiggled her finger inside him and pressed on his prostate, she teasingly asked him some questions.

"Pam tells me you like anal play... I like to do that too. Tell the truth now, you like this, don't you?"

"Unhhh! Yes!"

Jenni kept working her finger inside Dan, and he squirmed in pleasure.

"Yes, I can tell you like this! We're going to have a good time tonight. I'm going to do you in the ass. You want that, don't you?"

"Uh! Uh! Yes!"

"Yes, we're going to do some good fucky-fucky!"

"Oh, yes!"

"Do you want me to do fucky-fucky with you?"

"Uhhhnh! Oh yes!"

Jenni pulled out and teased Dan's erection and testicles with light tickling touch until he seeped pre-cum.

"Mmmmmm, we're ready to do fucky-fucky. Let's get on the bed."

Jenni led Dan to the bed and had him lie down. She pulled her dress down to her waist, baring her firm breasts, and let him handle and nuzzle them. She expertly handled Dan's erection. When he was half crazy with distraction, she let go of his cock and turned around. She removed the rest of her clothes and said, "Nurse Jenni has a nice treat for you!"

She quickly turned back toward Dan and put her mouth on his for a satisfying kiss. She pulled back and smiled. His gaze settled briefly on her breasts, then down to her belly, and then to her crotch. He gasped.

"Don't worry," Jenni giggled. "I'm all girl - except for that." She grasped Dan's cock in her hand and smiled sexily while nursing it back to an erect state.

Dan's confusion was obvious - Jenni had an erect cock between her legs.

Dan stammered, "Does that mean that - "

"Yes honey, I'm a transsexual. I've become a real girl - mostly. I can still give and get pleasure with my equipment. Now turn over and let me show you a good time. Think of this as the ideal strap-on. Where else could you get a strap-on like this? Come on, honey - turn over."

Aroused and excited from all the previous attention from Jenni, Dan cautiously turned over on his tummy and looked back at her.

"Relax, honey, it's okay."

She sensuously massaged Dan's buttocks. He felt safer and put his head down and began to relax. Some light tickle-touching on his member and testicles, along with Jenni's sexy giggling, and he became erect again.

"Now for some fucky-fucky," Jenni said. "You're all lubed up there already. Remember, this is better than any strap-on you'll ever get."

Jenni knelt between Dan's spread legs and lightly massaged his buttocks for a moment, and then pried his nether cheeks apart. With one hand she guided her erect member to his entrance and gave a firm push until she was part way in. Dan moved under her, and she held there a moment. Then with a few pumps of her hips, she settled in all the way, and lay on top of him. With her legs alongside his, she began to pump steadily.

"Ahhh," she exclaimed in a quavering whisper, "Nurse Jenni enjoys this!"

Still lying on top of Dan, Jenni grasped his hips and gave full, complete thrusts. Dan at this point freely voiced an "Ahhh!" with each hard thrust inward. Jenni's member sensuously stimulated him as it thrust and probed and gently massaged his prostate.

"Yes, that feels so good," Jenni said, and pumped harder.

Dan continued to punctuate Jenni's thrusts with a short "Uh" or "Ahh". He felt Jenni's member harden more as she vigorously pumped, and he could guess what was about to happen.

Jenni's voice quavered sexily. Dan felt her warm breath on his neck. A moment later Jenni sank her member all the way in and squirmed.

"Ahhh - ahhh - ohhh - aaaaah!" she moaned. Dan felt Jenni's member pulse and throb inside him. Jenni kept squirming until she was completely spent. She lay still with her creamy cock inside him.

"Oh, that felt good," she cooed as she pulled out. Dan turned over and Jenni positioned herself on top if him, chest to chest. As she closed in for a kiss, he grasped her slender hips and felt them, trying to reassure himself about Jenni's femininity. He ran his hands over her smooth buttocks and thighs, looked at her pert breasts. Also he felt the frustration from the lack of release from Jenni's arousing him.

"Now I want your hard cock," she teased. "I'm a very naughty nurse, and I need some good hard cock in my ass!"

She turned over and said "Just lie on top of me at first. Mmmm, yes!"

Dan positioned himself on top of Jenni, who was face down. His turgid member nestled itself between her nether cheeks. As Jenni slightly squirmed and moved under him, Dan became more aroused from the contact. Jenni felt Dan's member harden.

"Put your cock in me anytime you want, honey. Just use some lube when you're ready."

Dan had to admit to himself that his hardening boner felt good lodged between Jenni's nether cheeks. He reached for the lubricant, sat up to straddle Jenni, and applied a generous amount to his erection. Remembering how it felt when Jenni did him, he spread her nether cheeks apart with one hand and guided his member to her entrance. She accepted him as he entered her with a steady thrust. He went in all the way to the hilt, and then lay on top of her, as she had done. She raised her hips in an asking-for-it manner. It took only about ten pumps to send Dan over the edge to a wild spurting ejaculation. He writhed and panted; she moaned in a quavering voice.

He stayed inside Jenni, giving an occasional spurt, until his member slipped out.

"That wasn't bad," Jenni said, "but you didn't last very long. Maybe the next time you can stay in me longer."

They both turned over on the bed and Jenni lightly handled Dan's cock while he felt her smooth firm legs with his hands. In a matter of minutes they were both aroused again, and Jenni asked him, "Are you ready for some more fucky-fucky?"

The way Jenni said "fucky-fucky" always aroused Dan. The tone, the expression, her eyes when she said it, served to titillate him.

She nursed his cock to a throbbing erection, and then had him turn over. She put some firm pillows under his hips and then retrieved some binding straps.

"Here, let me put these on you," Jenni whispered. Dan, unsure if he should comply, allowed Jenni to attach the straps to his wrists. She fastened the other ends to the corners of the bed. She got another binding strap and wrapped it around his waist and cinched the ends of it to hooks under her bed. Then she spread his feet apart and bound his ankls with more straps. when she had finished tying him down, he looked like he was ready for the taking - face down, bound, hips raised with pillows.

Jenni got on the bed. She had a firm boner, and slicked it up thoroughly with lubricant. She giggled, and then entered Dan. Since he had been penetrated previously that same evening, he accepted her rather easily. He did emit a sensuous "Ohhh!" as she sank in all the way.

Then she grasped his hips and energetically fucked him. He squirmed and wiggled, all the while punctuating every three or four thrusts with a raucous "Ah!' or "Oh!"

Jenni continued to insatiably fuck her bound subject.

"Ahhh! OH Jenni! Mmmmf! Uhhh!"

She went on and on - her remarkable staying power astonished Dan, who began to protest - "Jenni - no more - Aaaugh! Jenni, please! Stop, Jenni, Stop! Unhhh!"

Jenni's giggling served notice that she was not about to stop. The fucking continued, with Dan twisting and writhing under her pounding. After a long while, Jenni's giggles turned to sensuous moans. She slowed the tempo of her thrusts, and when she began to ejaculate, she closed her eyes and tightened her grip on Dan's hips. With each spurt, she slammed her pelvis forward and exclaimed.

After Jenni withdrew her creamy member, she untied Dan and they got under the covers. After the lights were out, her slender fingers teased his cock to erection. She whispered, "I'm hot - I'd love to have some fucky-fucky!"

She turned and snuggled her ass cheeks against his midsection and pretended to go to sleep. She knew he was aroused and restless, and after a few minutes she felt his hands on her hips. He nudged her on her tummy and threw the covers off, and straddled her. In the darkness he pried her nether cheeks apart and brusquely entered her.


He pumped slowly at first. Jenni cooed, "Ohhhh, yeah - that feels good!"

Trying to return some measure of what Jenni had put him through, he pumped fast and hard. Jenni's gleeful accepting of his length, plus her subtle movements under him ensured that his ejaculation came swiftly.

"Aaaaugh! Ohh! Ahhh!" Dan exclaimed as he spurted with uncontrolled abandon inside Jenni. She wiggled her hips throughout his intense orgasm. Afterward, still panting, he clutched her and held her close, and finally slipped out of her. A few minutes later he was asleep.

Three days later he was in Pamela's clinic for his weekly colonic, relaxing as the solution repeatedly filled and drained. He had not said much during his appointment. Pamela's phone rang, as it frequently did during sessions. She was set to ignore it, as she usually did, when Dan said, "It's okay - go ahead and get it if you want."

Pamela took him up on his offer, and after a few cryptic phrases, smiled slyly and handed the phone to Dan.


Jenni's sensuous voice titillated his senses. "Hi honey - is Pam taking good care of you?"

He blushed. "Uhh - Yes, I guess so."

"I can't get the other night off my mind. How about if you come over after you leave Pam's and we'll do some fucky-fucky?"

His insides fluttered. "Okay", he whispered.

Jenni hung up.

He handed the phone back to Pamela, and noticed he was sporting a rock solid erection. Pamela stared at it for a moment and smiled knowingly.

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