This is a work of fiction and contains elements of D/S and incest so if you have reservations about that read no further otherwise enjoy.

Frank Davis was an ambitious outgoing 22 year old. Graduating at the top of his class and with honors, he had a bright future ahead of him. But despite all this there was a huge hole in his life. He had been orphaned at age two after a terrible car accident to which he had a scar running down the length of his back as a reminder, then raised by his aunt Betty. Then with her untimely death 4 years later in another car crush, he was bounced around from foster home to foster home.

Fortunately for him he was never mistreated or abused like some kids, but the downside was he was never in one place for too long to develop any kind of friendships. This was a very lonely upbringing for him, so he focused his attention on his studies and as a result actually was able to graduate from high school with honors. He wasn't into athletics, although he jogged whenever he found the time, but showed a highly developed understanding of business and the world of marketing. This earned him a full scholarship to college and not to disappoint his sponsor showed the same zeal if not more in the new setting and a graduated again with honors. Things were looking up.

He was hired immediately after graduation by Larry Walters, who knew a good opportunity when he saw one and he wasn't about to pass up on Frank. He had interned for him during his junior and senior years, and even though Larry would never admit it, some of Frank's suggestions and ideas had been implemented and had actually helped in the business bottom line. You see Frank had a gift; he could negotiate pretty much anything because could pick up on what the other party wanted and work with that. You might say he had the 'edge' which in business could mean the difference between closing and loosing a deal.

So when he graduated, Larry couldn't pass that up and since the business was expanding he needed someone to run his new office on the other side of the state. Frank didn't even think twice when he was offered the job because he figured this might be his only opportunity to prove himself. Moving wasn't a problem for him because he didn't have a girlfriend or a loved one to leave behind, he was used to it by now and he also never dated seriously, and besides the company was paying for everything including the first six months rent. The office was already staffed so all he had to do was take charge and report to Larry every two weeks.

Fortunately for him most of the staff was young about his age so he didn't feel out of place, and to prove this his assistant hit on him on the third day. Actually he found it amusing rather than getting angry but decided to have a little talk with her. Every weekday morning he had a routine whereby he would buy a cup of coffee at the coffee shop on the ground floor, sit on a table by the window and read the paper.

Then one morning his routine was somewhat interrupted, he was so engrossed in his newspaper that he didn't notice that someone was seated at his favorite table until he sat down. The occupant, a beautiful young woman, didn't interrupt him and waited until he realized he had company then introduced herself.

'Hi, my name is Emily,' she said while stretching out her hand for a handshake. Frank tried to answer back but when he opened his mouth nothing came out so he just shook her hand and continued staring and he couldn't take his eyes off her. For the first time in his life he didn't know how to act around someone. On instinct he looked at his watch and saw that he was running late.

'Meet me here at lunch time,' he told her while leaving. It was more of an order than a request and he wasn't even sure why he said it and left before she was able to reply. It took him a while to settle down after entering his office. Then it hit him that he had been a bit forceful to her and decided to apologize the instant they met again. Something else also bothered him, well not so much bother but more of a curiosity. He could have sworn he'd seen her before somewhere but after a while figured he might have seen her around the building sometime.

Lunch arrived and for some reason he suddenly felt nervous like when a guy is about to go out on a first date. When he got to the coffee shop, she was seated at the table reading something and she suddenly looked up and waved at him. His felt weak and was afraid he might not be able to make it. When he got to the table she stood up and for the first time was able to take a better look. She was about 5'8 possibly 115lb and what looked like large C-cups with a killer set of hips. She had beautiful straight black shinny hair that was held in a neat ponytail with brown eyes and when she smiled she exposed a perfect set of teeth.

'I'm sorry about this morning I was a bit rude I hope that didn't turn you off?' he apologized.

'No its okay,' she replied with a giggle. It's him, she thought, and he's so handsome. Frank heard this and turned around thinking someone was approaching. Seeing no one, he brushed it off.

'Where are my manners, I'm Frank,' he introduced himself, 'want to get out off here and grab something to eat?' he asked in an awkward voice.

'Sure, what do you have in mind?' she asked. Then he felt it again. This time it lasted a little longer and that is why he couldn't ignore it. It was a calming feeling that seemed to engulf his body and he didn't know why. It had happened when they had first met that morning and he had ignored it but this time he couldn't. He turned to look at her and was met by that beautiful disarming smile of hers. Something wasn't right here as far as he was concerned because instead of feeling nervous or anxious, he felt calm.

She was also experiencing something because when they met that morning something had awakened in her something strange and exciting, a prediction from her mother. You see she had a gift, which was shared by her family, which enabled her to pick up other peoples feelings and thoughts, just like a telepath. There was one small problem, nobody outside the family was supposed to know; unless Frank was the one they'd been looking for.

She took his hand and like a parent leading a child, headed out of the lobby and across the street to a quiet restaurant. The crowd wasn't large which made it easy to get a table. They sat at a corner table and she ordered both their lunches which surprised him even more because that was exactly what he was going to get. Now this was getting too creepy for him. She picked up on that and giggled which brought a confused look on his face.

'What's so funny?'

'I'm sorry it's just that your expression is precious,' she replied.

'Would you please explain to me what is going on, I mean I have all these feelings, and I can swear I heard the lady on the next table curse without opening her mouth yet I can't explain how.'

'Do you trust me?' she asked.

'Yes,' he replied even though he didn't quite know why.

'Good because I'm going to ask you to be patient and all will be explained.'

That's easy for you to say, he thought with a slight laugh then continued, 'tell me a bit about yourself if you don't mind.'

'Ok, I'm eighteen and work as an intern for the investment firm at the top floor. I'm studying finance at the local college so that I can go into the family business.'

'And what's that?'

'Financial advising but we mostly take care of a trust fund.'

'Are you waiting for the fund to mature?'

'No, not exactly we are just watching over it until the recipient is located and can take charge and we also invest some if it in the markets for a handsome fee of course. My mum has her own firm and I intend to go and work with her after graduating.'

'I hope the recipient is grateful when it matures.' And with that their lunch came and they settled down to eat. They continued talking and he learnt that she never got to know her dad because her mum chose invitro fertilization instead of the normal way. That last statement surprised him a bit because he didn't expect anyone to be that candid. Yet something was bothering him but he couldn't figure out what.

She looks familiar but where have I seen her before? He thought to himself. Unbeknown to him she picked up on this but since she didn't want to freak him out further decided to be as subtle as possible. She decided to get to know him some more before she revealed anything. For the next few days they met for lunch and got to know each other well. What surprised him most was that they could read each other so easily. The first time they kissed, he couldn't believe how soft her lips were, and from that moment on he kissed her every opportunity he got.

She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen and the interesting thing was she never wore make up, her skin was smooth and he loved caressing her face which seemed to amuse her. Every time he did that a feeling of euphoria or something like it overcame him, but at this point he didn't care as long as he was with her. And after a couple of weeks of meeting for lunch and coffees, she decided it was time to introduce him to her mum they were falling in love.

'Something has been bothering you and I want to help you resolve it,' she came out one day.

'What do you mean?'

'I still remind you of someone and that bothers you because you can't quite place it so here's what you can do, when you go home tonight go through your family pictures and then meet me here tomorrow same time.' The rest of the day went by quickly for him and before he knew it he was in his apartment micro waving some leftovers. He then retrieved his shoe box containing treasured mementos and started going through them.

He didn't have too many family photos and he didn't know what he was looking for so he just flipped through them casually until he came to the last one, he froze. There in the photo was Emily or someone who looked exactly like Emily standing next to his parents who were holding him and his older brother. How had he missed it, the young woman in the photo couldn't have been more than sixteen and sadly according to the date stamp this was the last family photo they took because the accident occurred two weeks later.

Now he was really confused but consoled himself with the fact that Emily might be able to provide some answers. That night he dreamt that he was reunited with his family and that they were so proud of his achievements but when he woke up the next morning the loneliness came back. He couldn't wait for lunch to arrive something which didn't go unnoticed by everyone else. His assistant Jackie having not given up on him tried to relieve his anxiety by being extra nice to him and carrying out his orders quickly. By the time lunch arrived, he couldn't contain himself and literally ran out of the office to the restaurant across the street.

He settled down at the same table and waited. The wait felt like an eternity and when she showed up, the anxiety just melted away he didn't know how or why but then again he had given up on trying to answer that. She gave him her trademark beautiful smile and sat down.

'Before you ask anything I want you to know that whatever I tell you has to remain between us okay?' she asked in a very serious tone.

'Okay, who really are you? And who is the young woman in this photo?' he asked while sliding the photo across the table. She picked it up and looked at it, then her face lit up and her beautiful smile returned.

'It is you! That explains why I can pick up your feelings and thoughts and I believe so can you.'

'What? You mean you can… wait a minute what do you mean it's me?'

'Would you like to meet her?'

'But you still haven't answered my question.'

'Remember what I told you, all will be explained. So will you have diner with us?'

'Okay,' he answered even though he still didn't know why. They shared a quiet lunch but his curiosity had been peaked. If she could provide the necessary answers then he would be a very happy man.

The rest of the day was spent in a dream like state and by the time Emily came by to pick him up he couldn't say what if any work he had done. This has to stop he thought otherwise I wouldn't get anything done.

'Are you talking about me or yourself?' she asked breaking his train of thought. And before he could answer Jackie popped her head in to say she was leaving for the day. 'You know she has a crush on you,' she said, and he could have sworn he sensed a hint of jealousy.

'Don't worry about her she'll get over it,' he reassured her.

'You ready to meet your other family? Because I know Lori, that's my mum, is dying to meet you.' All of a sudden he felt anxious and to reassure him she gave him a hug. 'Don't worry I'm sure she's anxious to meet you too.'

'What if I'm not what she expected? I haven't seen her in twenty years.'

'Relax you're stating to worry me. Trust me you're what she expected you should have heard her on the phone when I told her about the photo. She can't wait to meet you,' she reassured him while caressing his face. He tried to say something, but she stopped him by placing a finger on his lips to shush him. The drive to her place was quiet and she could feel his nervousness, so every time they stopped at a red light she would caress his hand to reassure him though it didn't help much. When they arrived, he almost fainted because first of all he didn't know people built such huge houses anymore. He had seen thirty room mansions but this was ridiculous.

This didn't go unnoticed by her and it made her giggle at his surprised expression. After she let him recover, she took his hand and led him in through a pair of insanely huge oak doors. He was like a child entering a museum for the first time.

'Would you like a tour of the place?' she asked.

'How big is this place? As a matter of fact how old is this place? How …

'Looks like this will take some getting used to,' she interrupted him.

'Are you kidding? Someone could get lost in here,' he replied excitedly. She led him to the living room and sat him down on a huge grandfather chair then left without saying a word. The house fell quiet which naturally made him nervous but something was different, it didn't feel empty like most huge houses feel there was no howling or echoes just the ticking antique wall clock. This made him relax and decided to do a bit of exploring though he was a bit concerned he might get lost but decided to ignore it.

In the hallway were some portraits and one of them looked a bit like his dad at least from the family photos. That kind of surprised him but then again so was this whole event. Then he felt her. There was something different about her; he decided not to turn around until he could figure out what she felt. He felt a mixture of anxiety, nervousness, happiness and fear but somehow she was able to keep them in check.

He hates me, he has every right to, she thought disappointedly. She took in a deep breath and said, 'I can understand if you don't want to look at me,' she said with a bit of trepidation. This caused him to turn around.

'No, I mean, I was trying to figure out what you felt,' he replied reassuringly. And with that she ran into his arms hugged him and started crying.

'I'm so sorry for abandoning you,' she tried to say between sobs. 'I could have sued for custody but I was too young and my mum was sick so she couldn't help then we lost track of you after your aunt died,' at this point she was going a hundred miles and Frank couldn't make sense of a word she was saying.

'Slow down, get yourself together then start from the beginning,' he told her in a calm steady voice which even surprised him. And as if in cue she stopped crying and he wiped her tears away. The front part of his shirt was soaked with her tears and she kept apologizing for loosing control. They moved back to the living room and it was at this point that he was able to study her.

She was a spitting image of Emily in every conceivable way. Even though she was in her mid thirties, she could pass of for her sister any day. She noticed Frank staring and blushed. He grew up to be such a handsome young man no wonder Emily is smitten, she thought. He heard this but this time it didn't freak him out.

'Okay now that I'm here could you please tell me what is going on because there's all this stuff happening to me and I can't explain it.'

'You have a gift just like your dad and the rest of your ancestors including us. Have you ever wondered why you can pick up on others feelings, well like us you are a telepath.'


'You can, actually eventually you will be able to read peoples minds with our help.'

'This gift, you can't control someone's thoughts and make them do stuff can you?' he asked curiously.

'No we can only pick up on their feelings and thoughts that's it. Why? Does this scare you?'

'No, it's just that this is something you see in sci-fi movies.'

'Don't worry you will get used to it, just one thing though, don't react too harshly to what you pick up otherwise people with think something is wrong with you.'

'Are we related?' he asked taking her completely by surprise.

'No, not in the way you think. I guess I should explain why you are really here. Okay here goes, a few centuries ago your ancestor traveled to Eastern Europe to trade and came across some slaves who were about to be sold off as spoils of war, and decided to buy them. That's how we came to be part of your family nothing fancy. You see we have always been telepathic, or psychic as some would like to call us, but back then people were much more close minded. You see people like us were labeled witches and were usually burnt alive so this is not something one advertised even today. Your ancestors had the gift too but like any ability it needed nurturing so we helped.'

At this point Emily had walked in and she knocked his breath away. Man she is hot, he thought to which they both giggled. Then he realized they had picked up on that.

Her outfit which consisted of a tight black leather mini skirt with a matching low cut tight top that showed off their ample boobs. She wore bright red lipstick and black eye shadow and to finish the ensemble a pair of spiked high heels. Kevin stood up as she approached and she gave him a tight hug. Her boobs felt nice rubbing against his chest and he could see she was also excited because her nipples were visibly erect and strained the material.

'I guess I should go change,' Lori offered, 'I don't want to be the odd one out.' He didn't hear her because he was staring down Emily's top trying to catch a better glimpse. She looked so beautiful that it took all his will power not to jump her. He didn't know how long he stood there but they were interrupted when Lori came back. He couldn't help but let out a whistle because she wore the same outfit as her daughter and then it was like seeing double. This was too much for him.

He had to sit down and compose himself. What's going on here, something isn't right this is a dream and I'm going to wake up and all this will be gone, he thought. Lori came over and knelt down at his feet. She took his hand in hers and looked him in the eye.

'Listen to me and listen carefully, because what I'm about to tell you should never leave this room. This is not a dream you are our master and we are your slaves in every sense of the word. We are here to do your bidding and you can do whatever you want with us and to us. But first we are going to help you develop your gift then you can decide what to do with us.'


'You have to decide whether you with marry us or someone else. You are the last of your family and it's your duty to continue with the family line. We are here to guide you and I'm sure Emily told you something about a trust fund, well it's yours actually all this is yours but we'll talk about that later. Do you understand?' This was too much for him to swallow, marriage, wealth and slaves what more could there be.

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