tagInterracial LoveFulfilling A Fantasy Ch. 01

Fulfilling A Fantasy Ch. 01


My wife Brittney was asleep. She really got a kick out of the flowers I sent her this afternoon. It wasn't even a holiday or her birthday. Just red roses and a special love note written by me. It was the third bunch of roses I sent my wife in the past four weeks. Last week I took her shopping for a brand new dress. We stopped at this little specialty shop in the mall where I encouraged her to try on the most sexiest revealing dresses I could see hanging on the racks.

Brittney is a size 3 petite and I had no problem finding dresses for her to try on until she found this tiny little green dress. I remember waiting patiently outside the dressing room. Brittney emerged wearing the tight little dress with a big smile on her face. It showed every gorgeous proportion of her gorgeous body.

Low cleavage, short, tight. She looked stunning.

Brittney was hesitant about allowing me to buy it for her. She said it was too damn sexy and revealing.

She also pointed out to me that she would feel like a tramp, a whore wearing something so daring out in public. With a smile and a little charm plus a kiss or two she finally agreed to allow me to buy it for her.

I told her how gorgeous she was and how I wanted to let everyone see my gorgeous wife. I was proud of her.

We recently celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. We met in college. We dated for three years and when I finally got a good job I asked Brittney to marry me. It actually came as a shock to me when she said yes to be honest with you.

You see. I'm just a regular sort of guy. I'm not a movie star quality guy. Nor was I ever considered a jock. No. I'm not ugly but I have a good education and a good head on my shoulders. I figured Brittney must have seen enough good qualities in me to marry me.

I knew for sure she was a virgin when we married. In college she could have had her choice of going out with any guy she wanted. I mean the really hot handsome jocks but she always turned them down one at a time. A few of the guys would tease me about Brittney. Said I must have a 12" cock or something. Some joked around and said I had a 7" long tongue. Of coarse. I had neither of the two.

Especially my cock size. Measures 4" when fully erect. Now is that pitiful or what? You can only imagine how scared I was on our honeymoon. Yes. You guessed it. Brittney is a little old fashion so we never had sex until our honeymoon. It's like, should I put a bow on it and yell out surprise?

To my amaze, Brittney never said a word about the size of my cock. I mean, she was like a young school girl playing with it in her hands making it as hard as she could. I remember how she kept starring at it and stroking it with her slim long fingers. I knew than she'd never seen a real cock before mine.

I even thought maybe I could make her believe I was average or perhaps even big. Than I thought maybe she'd find out I was a liar and really get pissed. I decided not to say a word about my size. I didn't either.

Brittney was nervous on our honeymoon. When we finally had sex late that first night she was completely satisfied with what she got. At least she made it appear as if she was happy that night.

Brittney never said a word about the size of my cock. She seemed to enjoy what I did have to offer even though it wasn't any larger than my index finger. Over the coarse of time I got Brittney a present for her birthday on the second year we were married. It was a life like cock which measured 6" long and about the average girth of a real man. OK. I said it. A real man. Brittney seemed thrilled using the cock when I wasn't around. She was too shy to tell me she actually used the damn thing. I placed it inside her drawer a certain way before leaving for work in the morning. When I came home that night I'd find it moved a few inches in either direction.

The following year I dared to bring home a new toy for Brittney to play with when I was working. I stopped at this adult center near my job and sometimes browsed through the magazines when I had time. I started looking at these interracial pictures and when I got to the amateur section I was really starting to get hooked. I tried to imagine Brittney impaled on one of those big black cocks. I knew for a fact it would have to remain a fantasy for me but I did the next best thing I could thing of. I bought Brittney a black vibrating cock for her birthday that year. You should have seen look on her face when she opened that little box. The damn thing was 8" long and a bit thicker than her white cock. She laughed about it and confessed to me that one of her girlfriends in college told her about this black guy she was dating at the time. She had told Brittney that black men in general had much larger cocks than white guys.

That was the first indication Brittney ever gave me that she knew there were larger cocks out there than mine. I knew for a fact that white guys had big dicks too but I certainly wasn't going to tell Brittney this.

I played the little drawer trick with this cock like I had done with Brittney's first toy cock. It didn't take but a week to find out which toy cock she preferred to play with when I was working. She preferred the black cock and used it almost everyday.

My birthday was a month later and Brittney knew I was a nice camera for my birthday so she bought me one of the best new Canon digital camera's on the market. I couldn't wait to get outside and start taking pictures of wildlife. I was getting really good at taking pictures too.

One night I got the camera out when Brittney was changing clothes. I started snapping away as she slowly took off her dress after we came home from dinner one evening. She even teased me like a stripper would doing her routine that night tossing her bra and panties across the floor until we ended up having wild sex that night.

Well, needless to say that started a whole new hobby for me. I convinced Brittney to pose for me wearing sexy lingerie. I even started buying her things to take pictures in. You know, garter-belts, stockings, teddy's. Just about anything sexy I could find. Brittney was a knockout blonde and I felt so lucky to be married to a woman with such beauty.

One day I opened an account on one of those internet sites where you could post your pictures. I started to organize pictures I took of Brittney wearing sexy dresses and teddy's and the sort. People were able to comment of our pictures that I posted. I finally let Brittney read some of the things they were saying.

"Gorgeous woman. Wish my wife was that sexy. Absolute knockout!" The comments went on and on.

Made Brittney smile. It seemed to even encourage her to pose even better and for more revealing shots. I started doing nudes of Brittney. She even shaved her pussy one day while I was at work and surprised me when I came hope and setup the camera that evening.

We even started doing nude shots outdoors. Sometimes going to the nearby state park. That gave me a chance to mix nature with the beauty of my lovely wife. We traveled around our area looking for secluded spots. Sometimes in state parks or even out in farm country when nobody was around.

One day we filmed around a small secluded lake. Brittney was having fun posing next to trees along the edge of the lake. She was completely nude except for a pair of high heels. We thought we were all alone until we heard a splash in the water coming from just off shore. We looked around among the brush and trees and spotted a guy fishing in a small boat.

Brittney ducked down behind some cattails and caught one of her heels on a branch and tripped. She yelped sort of loud and the fisherman looked our way. I ducked down next to Brittney and we both started giggling like a couple schools kids doing something very naughty.

Brittney whispered to me. "What do we do now?" Laughing as she talked. Her clothes were about fifty feet away from us in the clearing. I thought about it for a few seconds than laughingly replied.

"Walk out there casually and just pick up your cloths. Maybe clear your throat or something so the guy can hear you."

Brittney laughed and poked me in the ribs. "Are you insane?" She said with a grin on her face.

"Yes" I replied. "He'll never know who we are and we'll never see him again anyway. " I told her.

Brittney thought about it for a moment than stood straight up starring at me with a big smile on her face. She pointed down at my camera and said. "Get ready." So I walked away from where we were hiding and waited for my wife to walk toward the clearing.

Brittney was standing on much more harder soil so her heels didn't dig into the ground. She posed like a typical model for me. She let our a little yell getting the fisherman's attention. I saw him look her way as she giggled and continued to move around in different poses. I started clicking the camera shifting my eyes over to the guy in the boat. He was starring as Brittany moved around for the camera.

We took a few more shots over the next several minutes. I didn't see that guy in the boat move his head since he spotted Brittney and I told her so. When we figured we took enough shots Brittney turned around and waived at the guy in the boat. He actually waived back at my wife who was standing there naked with just her high heels. She yelled out good bye and he shouted back. "You look hot!"

Brittney replied with a thank you and we walked back to our car laughing about what we just done. Brittney started getting dressed so I took a few more shots of her putting her clothes back on before we left for the day. I learned something new that day about Brittney. She loved the idea of people watching her naked.

We got home and started putting our new photos on the computer. Brittney helped me arranged them than we put them online on our picture site. There was an option on the site allowing just friends to see our most intimate pictures. Brittney insisted we do that with her naked photos. This way we could pick and choose who saw what in our collection.

Brittney pretty much let me organize our online pictures. I started getting requests from other couples who wanted to be our contact which would allow them access to all our pictures. I accepted requests from other couples who had similar photos like ours. Brittney would look now and than to see who our contacts were and look at their pictures.

We even started getting requests from single guys but we ignored the request to be contacts with them. Although I'd check some of them out to see their pictures whenever I got a chance. Most were just horny white guys posting pictures of their cocks. A few others had pictures they said were their wives but who knows.

One afternoon when I got home from work I was checkout out our picture site going thru the contact requests when a new mail popped up. His email address got my attention. "Detroit Black Cock"

Detroit was only an hour away from our house so I at least thought I'd checkout his email. It read.

"My name is Phillip. I live in Detroit. I see you live not far away so I decided to write. Your wife is absolutely gorgeous! I first have to ask if you two party with black men? If not, I apologize if I offended you. I have a complete profile along with lots of photos. Looking forward to your reply. Phillip."

OK, I thought. At least he was polite. Didn't sound like a gangster type. I clicked the link to his profile first. It said he was thirty-five, six-seven in height and two hundred and thirty. He was single. He worked out everyday in a gym. Worked in sales at a local auto supplier. It also went on to say that he loved meeting white couples for fun.

The next paragraph explained that he was in a relationship with a married white woman for the past three years until her and her husband moved out of state because of his job. That sounded strange to me. Said he was in a relationship with a married woman? That was bizarre! I figured I'd at least checkout his pictures and see what he had in his collection.

He had everything categorized in sets. Pictures of Phillip standing naked stood out first so I clicked on that set and scanned through those first. Phillip had a huge cock. One of the largest I think I ever seen on a man. I always heard black men were well endowed. Not sure if it meant all of them but Phillip certainly lived up to that myth.

Phillip had sets devoted to working out at a gym. A very muscular fellow I thought to myself. Than I noticed this nice looking blonde woman so I clicked on that site. She was very pretty, about mid thirties with a nice figure. None of these were nude. Looked like they were taken at bars, restaurants and other public places. Phillip had his arm around the women in some pictures. A couple pictures showed a man standing on the opposite side of the woman with Phillip on the other with his arm around her.

I started wondering if this was the woman Phillip mentioned in his profile. I clicked back taking a look at another set of pictures. Wow! I hit the jackpot! This set was taken at a hotel. It showed Phillip having sex with the same blonde woman. Every position imaginable from sucking his cock to riding him and even fucking doggy style. My dick started getting hard looking at the different fuck scenes. I read stories before about interracial sex and it always turned me on in the past. These photos were hot!

I started looking through more sets each one containing the gorgeous blonde with Phillip. I found one set that I think her husband joined them in a threesome. I read the description and sure enough. It was her husband. One caption said cuckold cleanup and sowed the man laying down at the foot of a bed between his wife's legs. Different pictures showed close-ups of what he was doing. His tongue inserted between her pussy lips. Other photos showed a bead of thick white sperm poking out between her pussy lips/

I started reading all the captions and gathered enough information that told me this guy loved eating his wife out after Phillip deposited his cum inside her pussy. She even sat on his face in other shots while Phillip stood on the bed getting his huge thick cock sucked.

I was more than just excited and wanted to cum myself so being home alone I unzipped my pants and started stroking my much smaller cock as I skimmed through the assortment of Phillips photo collection.

I made myself cum and wiped off with a napkin. My little cock shrinking back down into it's dinky size.

I started thinking about how I was going to reply to Phillip. I certainly wanted to thank him for the compliment he made about Brittney. How would I answer the question about if we were swingers or not? Why I'm I even thinking about an answer to that question? Yeah. OK. Sure, I'd love to see a thick black cock parting Brittney's pussy lips apart. I've read that many guys have this fantasy about their wives. Only a select few ever follow through with it.

I wanted to give him an honest answer to his question. I was mostly curios about his relationship with that couple in the photos. Guess I was being a little nosy but it sure turned me on. How could I learn more about his relationship without pissing him off . I knew if I told him we didn't swing he'd just move on and forget about even giving me answers.

I started thinking on this a while. I even walked out into the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee while I gave it more thought. I poured my coffee and went back into my office and sat down in front of the computer and started to type.

"Phillip, Thank you for the compliment about my wife. I think she's gorgeous too. Unfortunately , we don't party. I'll have to remain one of those husband's that only fantasize about their wives with another man. Believe me, if there was a way that I could convince my wife Brittney to meet you I'd be happy with joy! I really enjoyed your pictures and it got me curious about your relationship with that couple. I don't mean to be nosy but how did the husband feel about you making love to his wife? Regards, George."

I clicked the send button and also made Phillip a contact so he could see all of our pictures. I just hoped by putting something out there that Phillip would reply and tell me more about his relationship with that couple.

Brittney and I went out to dinner that night and saw a movie. She was laying in bed reading a book before bedtime when I decided to log into the internet in my office and check my mail. I got a reply from Phillip already. I clicked his email and started reading.

"Hi George, Thank you for making me your contact. The additional pictures of your wife are extraordinarily hot! If your truly interested in seeing your wife made love to by a passionate caring black man like me than I can explain how and help you along in the process. It's not as difficult as some men think. I could walk you through it step by step. The woman in my pictures is Rebecca. Her husband Frank loved watching me bang his wife. We have a lasting connection that I'll explain to you later. First, tell me more about you and your wife. Has your wife Brittney ever shared any fantasies with you? Perhaps having sex with a much more endowed man than you? Let us get started in making your fantasy come true. I'll know how to reply once you respond back with my first question. Phillip."

Wow. Phillip seemed to guess that he was much more endowed than me! I had a few beers tonight after the movie so I guess I was feeling loose tonight and spilled my guts out to Phillip. I replied back telling him I was only four inches in length but Brittney didn't seem to mind. I also told him Brittney never shared any fantasies about having sex with another man. I did tell him she got excited reading comments that people made on her pictures we had posted. I quickly sent that reply back to Phillip and started looking through his pictures again.

Phillip must have been online because it wasn't ten minutes before I got a reply back from him. I opened his email and read.

"OK George. That gives me somewhere to start. I'm going to give you a few things to work on over the next week. I'll start here by posting comments on Brittney's pictures. I want you to point them out to her if she doesn't see them. Here's what I'd like you to start doing on your end. I want you to make love to your wife and when you do I want you to point out how small you are and wish you could satisfy her more than your able. Try to have sex with your wife every night. Go a little further each time you have sex. Start poking around with the idea that you would love to see her sexually fulfilled. She how she responds. If she seems positive start planting the idea that you wouldn't be upset watching a more well endowed man please her. OK. That should be enough homework for you to do. I'll start with the pictures and I'll also send an email back to your photo account so your wife can read it. I won't mention anything else but tell her how lovely I think she is. Here's my phone number so we can communicate over the phone. 555-5555

Your friend, Phillip."

My dick was hard after reading Phillip's email. I wrote his phone number down in my little black book. I'd make a point to call him in the middle of the week. I'd also make a point of pointing out whatever comments Phillip made on her pictures and tell him how she responded. There was an option to respond to comments so I'd also make a point to have her respond to his.

I shut down the computer and sighed. What did I just do I thought to myself. Did I really want to see Brittney fuck another man? Would she actually do it I started to ask myself. I was certainly going to find out.

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