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Full Body Inspection


jay asked Master if she might be permitted leave to take a shower. She felt hot and sticky and hoped that it might clear her head and relax her a little. She was still feeling a little unwell from a virus she had, and maybe this would also help in getting rid of the muzzy feeling.

Master, naturally granted permission as He liked his slave to be clean and fresh at all times. jay went to prepare herself for the shower. That morning she had purchased a new hair removing product and thought that she would try it out. It was a light mousse and promised that it was suitable for all areas. Often jay had experienced burning from hair removal creams when used around her pussy, and had reverted to shaving. If this mousse worked, she would be even smoother than usual. She applied the mousse and then decided to use the time it took to work to shave her legs. jay didn’t usually shave her legs more than once a week, but knew that she had missed some hair last time – and as she had at least five minutes to wait, she decided to make a more through job of it.

Finally, her legs were done, and it was time to remove the cream. This could be done in the shower – no painful scraping of the cream. Quickly shaving her arms and washing her hair, jay put on her robe and toweled her hair, brushing it into shape. Walking back downstairs to her Master, she checked to see if He wished for anything, and then asked for permission to check the computer.

Fifteen minutes later, jay was told that it was time for bed. Closing down the computer and locking the back door, she sought permission to go to the bedroom. Master looked up from His laptop and told her that she may – and to be ready in the present position, on top of the bed, in five minutes. By the time jay had roughly dried her hair and brushed it, it was time to get into position.

Master began with her face, having to brush the hair from her eyes, and remarking that it was time for a haircut. “Yes, Master” she managed to whisper as her body began to quake a little. This was the first time her Master had demanded to coldly inspect her body, and she was both excited and apprehensive.

His firm hands moved over her face and she felt herself begin to melt into subspace. jay blushed deeply as Master ran his finger around her jaw – she had a tiny mole on her jaw line, and often there was a hair growing from it. jay used to play with this absentmindedly, and a few days before, Master had caught her and told her that she must no longer do this. jay knew that as long as the hair was there, her fingers would find it, so, just that evening, she had run the razor over it, now she was so glad she had.

His hands traveled round to the back of her neck, and with a firm but gentle pressure, He made jay bow her head. Master then checked that her neck was clean … and then behind her ears. jay felt her face burning but also felt her juices beginning to stir. This was so humbling and humiliating that jay was being turned on despite herself. jay had not been instructed to speak, or to keep silent, but found that she was hardly daring to breathe, and answered her Masters comments with a ‘yes, Master’ or ‘no Master’ in a hushed tone.

His hands ran down her back, and jay gave a tiny shudder. Next they moved round to her large breasts. As He pulled at her nipples, her cunt reacted and she felt a sharp contraction. She must not orgasm, but was very close. Screwing her eyes tight shut, she tried hard to concentrate on what Master was saying to her – the comments about her body He was making.

Once He reached her waist, He ordered His slave onto her back. jay laid down and parted her legs so that her knees were as wide as her shoulders, giving Master access to any part of His property that He wished to explore.

Master checked her legs next – remarking on how the insects had had a feast at her expense. Moving up first one leg and then the other, jay found it difficult to keep still. Then came a great test of her endurance – Master began a minute inspection of her labia – tut-tutting as He found a few stray hairs that jay had missed. Without touching her now dripping hole, Master instructed jay to turn over and began to probe her anal opening.

Finally came an instruction that jay was both expecting, looking forward to and dreading … “Onto your back and hold your legs up and wide.” jay immediately complied and tried not to twitch as Master began to probe her inner lips. He spent time on her clit and then moved to her urethra – pressing it firmly until jay was gasping. His finger entered her hole and He remarked just what a wet and horny slut she was. jay agreed that she was a wet slut and asked permission to cum for Him.

“Not yet, my pet. I may allow it once I have completed my inspection. He held up the speculum for His girl to see and she gasped as He slipped it into her – not needing any lubrication as she was dripping. The feeling of being cranked open was almost too much for jay and she began to tremble, begging over and over for permission to cum. Finally, he slid the speculum out and inserted three fingers – rubbing hard on her G spot.

“Cum for Me jay. Cum now”, and jay joyfully immediately obeyed.

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by Anonymous10/23/17

Definitely a quickie.

Indeed, a slow down and more detail would have been even more delicious. But... this did the trick for me. ;)

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