tagIllustratedFun in the Sauna

Fun in the Sauna


One of the Gyms that I use on occasion is situated in a Hotel. It is quite small and I usually visit early in a morning just before a waxing or massage when there aren't many people there.

No one took much notice of me as I worked-out, although the outline of my nipples against the tight material of my crop top brought admiring glances from a group of college guys who were taking a sports and fitness course.

They were usually in the gym around this time taking instruction before it got too busy and then helping out through the day on a work experience program.

After my work-out I collected some tokens and eye protection for the sun bed from reception and went to the changing rooms. When I had arrived earlier that morning small notices had been posted on the doors swapping the ladies and gents due to maintenance work and obviously you can't have male workers in a woman's locker room, although as the only woman in the gym at that time in a morning I might have enjoyed the attention.

The workmen had all gone by the time I had finished my workout but the signs had not yet been taken down. Knowing that the college guys were almost finished with their lesson I quickly grabbed my bag from the locker in the gents and moved it into the ladies so that when they walked in I would be 'accidentally' changing in the wrong locker room.

I stripped and showered, timing it just right so that I was standing there stark naked as they came into the room.

They all stopped dead, one of them bless him turned his back, the others weren't so shy getting a good look before one of them said.

"Lady you are in the wrong locker room, didn't you see the notice changing the rooms over because of the contractors?"

Holding my little towel in front of me in a sudden show of modesty I shook my head.

"Sorry you must be so embarrassed, I was just on my way to the sauna could you do me a favour and drop my bag in the sun bed room next to it to save me having to come back in here."

I wrapped my towel round me; it was only a small towel that I used to wipe down when working out and only just big enough to cover the bottom half of my boobs and down to the tops of my thighs.

The tallest of the three seemed the most confident; he eyed me up and down.

"Sure no problem we are going to grab a sauna ourselves so when you are done in there you can let me know and I can bring your bag out to you."

Thanking him I stepped around the corner, pushing the door that lead to the sauna open with my foot so that it made a noise, then stepping back quickly to hear what the guys were saying.

"Fuck me I thought this morning was going to be boring, when we came in I thought she would scream the place down but she just stood there."

My pussy tingled as one of the others said.

"She had no knickers on under that the towel I hope we get another look at her cunt when she's in there."

With that I quietly left the room and entered the sauna, it's unisex and there are rules against nudity to save anyone's embarrassment, men generally wear shorts while the woman usually dress in a towel or bikini. Just sitting there, naked, except for the towel felt so naughty that my pussy was already damp.

I chose to sit on the upper bench right opposite the door so when the others came in they would have a good view along my legs, however as I sat down I realised my towel was shorter than I first thought and would either have to drop from my cleavage line exposing my nipples or go up way over where a miniskirt would sit.

Giving a little shrug I sat down and the towel rode up my thighs, exposing the flesh all the way up to my lap; I squeezed my legs together so that my pussy would be hidden and closed my eyes.

After a few minutes I started to relax in the pleasant heat, beads of sweat were forming on my cleavage making the soft mounds glisten, I half closed my eyes pretending to be asleep when the door opened and two of the three guys who had walked into the changing room made their way into the sauna and, just as I predicted, sat on the lower bench opposite me.

One was a blond guy, well built with hardly any body hair. The other was the confident one who had spoken to me, tall with short black hair and brown eyes. He sat with his legs open and I could make out a slight bulge along the one side of his shorts.

The temperature had picked up a few degrees. I closed my eyes and placed my back against the sauna wall just letting the heat take over. Sweat beads were running along the inside of my legs tickling the sensitive flesh and without thinking I mopped at them with the corner of the towel as I tugged it down it dropped slightly so my breasts were on show. I pretended not to notice and sat back pulling my knees in towards my chest, half closing my eyes.

The guys sat opposite me were nudging each other and pointing, one of them grabbed his crotch and whispered something that set the other off in fits of giggles, his partner in crime trying to shush him, obviously thinking that I was dozing, not wanting to disturb me and chance spoiling their show.

He was staring right at me trying to see up the towel, obviously with the way I was sitting, my heels on the bench, it was not covering a lot, all of the soft skin along the back of my thighs right up to my buttocks would be on show. I don't know what got into me, but heart racing I took a breath and slowly opened my legs so that they could clearly see between them.

My knees were up tight against my chest so the view was perfect, I knew he would see my pussy, damp from both the sauna and the situation. Keeping my eyes closed but opening them slightly wider I saw them staring between my legs and felt a rush of excitement from being so exposed. My nipples felt sensitive and hard and I felt a tingle in my clitoris, it needed to be touched.

As I opened my eyes the guy in front of me gave a little nervous smile to show that he was enjoying the view, both of them sat with hands held over their laps, trying to hide the fact that they were erect.

As I got up to leave I bent over giving them a nice view of my butt as I adjusted my towel to cover myself.

Acting as if nothing had happened I said.

"I think that I have had enough of the sauna so can you put my bag in the sun bed room for me now please."

Glancing down at where there hands rested I added.

"No need to get up just yet, I will leave the door unlocked."

Stopping just outside the sauna I once again eavesdropped on them.

"Wow did you see her pussy, I tell you she's begging for it man, if we time this right we might be able to get another look at her on the sun bed."

The other one wasn't so sure of himself.

"What if she sees us we could lose our jobs."

"There's no way man, she asked us to put her bag in there, if she's tanning and we are careful she won't even hear us, those beds make a lot of noise."

Slipping into the tanning room I placed my token in the slot and lay back in the soothing warmth, letting my hand drift down to my pussy. There was just enough room to open my legs so that I could let my finger play, pushing between my lips enjoying the silky smooth dampness.

Hearing the door open I squinted along the length of my body to the opening at the end of the sun bed. Sure enough I could make out two distinct shadows crouched there. Hushed voices could just be made out over the noise of the airflow.

"Fuck me she's fingering herself."

"Shhh you twat she will hear us."

In one smooth movement I pushed the sun bed canopy back, the two lads panicked and made a bolt for the door but before they got there I said.

"There's no need to go, id like you to stay so we can get off together Ok?"

Letting one leg slide over the side of the sun bed opening myself up to them I pushed a single finger inside of me running my other hand over my breasts pinching the engorged nipples. It was so erotic with the guys watching that would not be able to handle much more, I needed to cum badly, but I also wanted to watch them get off as I brought myself to climax.

Pointing at the bulge in their shorts I said.

"Show me what I have done to you and I will let you cum on me."

The dark haired guy locked the door, dropped his shorts, took out his penis and started masturbating furiously, his eyes fixed on my fingers as I caressed my damp lips.

I wanted to be fucked with it badly but was not yet ready for sex with a stranger so would just have to go with the flow and satisfy myself until I could get home to Steve.

The blond guy was pulling his penis out of his shorts close to my side; I reached out my hand and gripped his penis, masturbating him in time to my own movements. Closing my eyes and rubbing my fingers gently on my clitoris I felt the nerve endings tingle, the excitement trembling through my whole body in waves of tension.

My nipples were painfully hard, my fingers soaked as I rubbed them furiously along my vagina, as the first waves of my orgasm hit my legs started to wobble. I let out a moan as my hand worked up and down his penis, faster and harder with each pull, lost in my own little world of pleasure, I heard the guy grunt, his cock twitched in my grip and Sperm flew out like bullets, some of it landing in my hair and on my face the rest pumping out onto my breasts.

I felt the fingers of the other guy join my own hand between my legs, pushing two fingers inside of my pussy as I began rubbing my clit in circles, harder and faster, I felt a tidal wave of pleasure approach, bucking my hips and crying out as I hit orgasm my juices running out over our hands and soaking my inner thighs.

The tension flowing out of my body as my breathing returned to normal.

The dark haired guy was still jerking off in front of us, I thought he might have cum while he had been touching me but he was still working his hard cock, I gestured for to him to stand in front of me, between my thighs.

Putting my hand around his cock I started to stroke it, slowly, dragging the foreskin up over the end, lubricating my fingers in his pre cum then sliding them back down to the thick base, running my thumb over the helmet when I got back to the top, causing him to shudder.

Before long he tensed up pushing his cock back against my strokes urging me on, I gripped him tighter and pulled him off with short fast strokes. Suddenly he gripped my shoulders thrust forward into my hand and shot his load; his penis pulsated in my grip. Again and again it shot out covering my tits and dripping down onto my belly.

As the last few drops dribbled from the end I let go of his shrinking member and sat back on the sun bed, using my towel to wipe the milky residue off my face and chest.

Both guys were now looking a bit sheepish at having 'performed' in front of each other and were cleaning themselves up using the roller towel.

"What happened today stays between us Ok" I said.

They both agreed. "We won't say anything because it would be our jobs."

"But we won't object if you feel the need to do it again."

The dark haired one added cheekily.

The guys said their goodbyes and left as I collected my things and made my way to the showers, once again ignoring the sign and going into the 'wrong' changing room.

I was enjoying a long hot shower trying to absorb what had just happened.

The party and our photo shoot, (see previous story) had been the end of the shy, innocent me and the beginning of a new and adventurous sex life.

Over the noise of the water I heard the door to the changing rooms open and held my breath. After a couple of minutes a shadow crossed the shower curtain which I was sure moved a bit. I was standing sideways on so pretended to ignore it, instead making a show of soaping my breasts, paying extra attention to my nipples.

I ran my hands down my leg and looked towards the curtain, I was right in that it had been pulled back a bit and I could see a shape by the benches where my clothes lay. Peeking round as I reached for my shower gel I could see that it was the third guy, the one who had turned his back when I was caught standing naked in the changing rooms earlier.

At first I was a bit surprised that he had hung around, figuring he wasn't interested as he hadn't come into the sauna with the others, but I quickly realised that there was an opportunity for a bit more fun.

For a few minutes I soaped my breasts, played with my nipples and generally put on a show, bending over with my legs apart so that he would get a good look at my ass and pussy. I turned the shower off, pulled back the curtain and dried myself very slowly, running the towel over my legs and ass, gently patting my pussy and breasts while facing the changing room, without looking up and alerting my admirer.

When I'd finished I walked to the bench seat making a fuss of rubbing my hair dry keeping my head down, a curtain in the adjacent shower cubicles moved and I was sure that's where he was now hiding.

Dropping my towel I said.

"You might as well come on out, I know that you have been watching me and I don't mind honest."

There was a small movement of one of the curtains but no one came out.

I figured that he was either frightened that I would report him or just really shy and decided that I'd give him a treat to show that I was genuine.

Walking to the cubicle he was hiding in I squatted in front of it so that my open pussy was right in front of him.

For good measure I slipped a finger through the damp lips a couple of times.

"Is this what you wanted to see?" I asked.

Keeping my cool I stayed where I was, on display to anyone who might walk in, butterflies danced in my tummy bringing on the familiar tingle of excitement in my groin I always feel when being watched.

It seemed an age before the shower curtain was pulled back and my 'voyeur' appeared from the shower. He was naked from the waist down holding his semi hard cock.

He started to say something by way of an apology; I shushed him, smiling as I moved toward the cubical, he stared wide eyed at my nakedness unable to move as I gently placed a hand on his chest pushing him back into the cubical while taking his penis in my other hand.

His semi started rising at my first touch and by the time I had pulled the curtain closed his hard-on was looking good and thick.

Neither of us spoke, he seemed a little embarrassed, scared but obviously very excited. He watched my hand as I gently trailed the fingers up and down his shaft; I wanted him to touch my pussy, but decided to hold back for a long as I could, instead I told him to put his hand on my ass and stand closer, he did as he was told, kneading and squeezing my buttock with soft, hesitant movements of his fingers.

Taking his other hand I pressed it to my breast squeezing my fingers over his. To my surprise, without any prompting, he dipped his head and took my nipple in his mouth, my pussy went hot as he began to suck eagerly, releasing from it his lips, sliding his warm, wet tongue against it and then sucking again.

I slightly arched my back so that I had better access to his cock, pushing my ass out to give me room to bend his cock down until I could touch the end to my clitoris, he gasped as I rubbed the slick head against the sensitive nub, his fingers dug into my ass as he tried to pull me onto him, I pulled away and said.

"Relax and let me play Ok."

He nodded his head and I moved forward again, this time tracing the head of his cock along my slit, careful to apply enough pressure to stimulate my pussy into another orgasm but not enough so that the head of his cock entered me.

His breathing was becoming harsh and I was fast approaching my own climax as I once again rubbed the slick head against my clitoris, flicking it back and forth over the hard nub, my legs went weak, trembling with the force of my orgasm as I slumped against him, biting his shoulder and holding the head of his penis hard against my most sensitive part as the juices ran from my pussy.

His cock was slick as I wanked him furiously, my hand a blur wanting him to cum as hard as I had, suddenly he made a throaty sound pulling me against him, thrusting his cock against my lower belly as he showered me in stream after stream of thick spunk.

He held me there as it twitched against my soft skin, spurting its hot load, splashing over my belly and running down my thighs and pussy.

We parted, a thick trail of goo stretching from my belly to his cock, I turned on the shower rinsing the mess from us before retrieving my stuff from my bag and showering for the second time.

He thanked me for a great time and I repeated my warning that it was just between us, as with the others he was worried for his job and agreed to keep it quiet.

When I'd finally dried off made I dressed in my crop top and short skirt, without bothering with panties, picked-up my bag and with the breeze tickling my pussy and ass I walked out across the car park and made my way home.

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