Fun With Kate


I booked the hotel room for Saturday and I let Kate believe that we were meeting Jesse again. When I walked in with Clayton she was surprised but not shocked and quickly adjusted to the situation. Clayton knew how to use his very talented tongue and big cock. It was so thick Kate couldn't get her hand around and it stuffed her mouth completely. When she rode on top of him on the couch I watched his huge hands on her ass forcing her down, stretching her pussy to accommodate his girth. They moved to the bed where his massive bulk loomed over her. He spread her legs wide and lowered into her. His size overwhelmed her and he pumped with powerful strokes. Kate's legs were as wide as they could be and she caressed his bald head, shoulders and back as he crammed his dick deeper and deeper. His cock became covered with her juices and she urged him on saying, "Fuck me, yes that's it, deeper, harder, yes, yes!"

I lay on the bed and Kate straddled me in a sixty-nine. I spread her butt cheeks and viewed her pussy that had been hammered by Clayton. It looked so horny, the lips were open and engorged and her clit very erect. My tongue sank into her vagina the teased her sensitive clit. She was highly aroused and sucked my cock and balls hungrily. Clayton got into position and I held her pussy open and watched the giant cock begin its journey inside my wife again. It was so horny watching his cock fuck Kate this close and soon coated her throat with cum. Clayton carried on for a while longer before he filled her pussy with his seed.

On the following Saturday Kate hardly blinked an eye when I introduced Wes and he showed the stamina and revival powers of youth by pounding her for over four hours and spewed cum into her twice. Wes then watched as I shot my load into her then she sucked him hard again and they went at it again for another hour.

I had to admit that Kate had become a horny, black cock slut. She craved black dicks and I loved to fuck her with the knowledge that one had just been in her mouth and pussy. She told me how much she enjoyed the hotel meetings and said, almost musing to herself, "I wonder what it would be like to have all three at once?" I let the comment pass with just a shake of the head and a wry smile but brooded on it for a while. A few days later at breakfast I put the idea to her, "Why not invite all three to our house?" She said nothing for a minute then replied with a satisfied smile, "Why not!"

I called all three guys and we met in a coffee shop. I put the idea to them and, not surprisingly, they had no objections and we agreed to meet a week from Saturday. Kate was fucked in every position and combination that night and loved every second. She was amazing to watch; her sexual appetite had grown over the weeks and showed no sign of slowing down. Over the next six months we saw the guys individually, in pairs and all three together frequently. Some weeks she had sex several times and still seemed to want more. I found this behaviour incredibly horny and loved to watch and join in. I had stronger ejaculations than I'd had in years when we were with the other men and wanted it to happen as much, and as often, as she did. Wes happened to come over one Friday afternoon and after a spell in the hot tub and an energetic screwing on Kate on the patio he told us it was his birthday. To celebrate we took him to our restaurant and Kate had both cocks in her hand before we had finished our salad. Somewhere during the entrée Kate's manual deftness resulted in my ejaculation into my napkin. Wes never got that far, Kate said she had other plans for him. On the way home they sat in the back seat and got down to some real heavy petting and Kate threw safety aside to kneel and devour Wes' cock. I drove into the garage and my horny wife led Wes by his cock into the kitchen where he gave it to her on the kitchen table. He said it was the best birthday he had ever had and I could certainly see why.

One night after a particularly horny group session I spoke with Jesse, Clayton and Wes about an idea I'd had while Kate was in the shower. Over the next couple of weeks we worked out the details via emails and came up with a workable plan. All that was needed was a warm, rainy Saturday or Sunday and we could go ahead.

It was about six weeks later when the weather forecast turned in our favour. It predicted Saturday to be warm with a muggy high of 33-Celsius, steady rain and possible thunderstorms. I called the guys and we agreed to proceed, if the weather was as forecast, and made a reservation at our favourite restaurant.

I asked Kate to wear something erotic for our usual sex play over dinner. She selected her outfit and laid the items on the bed for me to see; bright red stilettos, black fishnet stockings, red thong, black garter belt, half-cup bra, a white silk blouse and a very short and tight black mini-skirt. "You naughty girl!" I joked when I saw her choice, "You must be very horny tonight."

"You know I'm always horny in this weather, I love the warm rain, it's so...erotic," she replied as she sidled up beside me and rubbed my crotch.

I thought to myself that all if went to plan she would definitely remember today's warm rain as being very erotic.

I'd booked dinner earlier than usual and we were finished by 7:30. The meal had been excellent and we had fondled each other through every course. Kate was soaking wet and I was rock hard the entire time.

"It's still early, let's go for a drive, you love driving in the rain," I suggested.

"Lovely idea," she replied and we raced to the car under the umbrella.

We drove for about thirty minutes before turning down the side road, "Where are you taking me, into the woods for sex in the back seat?" Kate asked playfully.

"To begin with perhaps but there's more so you will just have to wait and see."

"I wonder what it would be like to have sex in the car with Jesse, Clay and Wes?" she mused.

"I think it would be a little crowded," I replied.

"We could always find a secluded spot outdoors somewhere, I'd like that, especially in the rain" she said and gave me a devilish look.

"Maybe someday we will," I offered as I turned into the conservation area and drove past the main parking area.

"You've just missed the parking lot," Kate pointed out.

"There's another one along here that's more secluded. With all the rain it will be empty and we won't be disturbed, I have plans for you."

"Um, sounds interesting, let me see if you are ready for those plans, you naughty boy," and she reached across and rubbed my erection. "I would say you are more than ready, how much further is it?"

"Five minutes."

The second lot was deserted as expected given the weather and I reversed into the furthest spot at the end.

"Into the back seat with you, wench," I ordered and Kate scurried happily into the back. I got in and locked the doors with the key fob.

"I feel like a teenager on a date again," she says and we embrace and kiss. Our passion builds quickly as we fondle one another. My jacket and pants come off and my dick is free for her hand. I open her blouse, hike up her skirt and maul her tits and pussy.

Suddenly several naked black men rush out of the nearby forest and surround the car. Kate is startled and screams with fright, "Its okay, its okay" I assure her and continue to maul her tits and play with her pussy. The men begin masturbating, their cocks pressing against the windows. They are on the hood, the trunk and the sunroof, their hard cocks jerking against the glass. Kate begins to relax when she sees me smiling and her hand starts moving over my cock once more. She looks about and everywhere big, black cocks press on the windows at every angle. She's soaking wet and getting very horny. I pull her blouse wide open and cup her tits, displaying them to the men. I work her mini up over her ass, take the little thong off and open her legs wide to expose her pussy. I spread her pussy lips so the men can see how wet and ready for fucking she is. She looks quickly about, left, right, forward, backwards and up and all she sees is hard cocks. They all want her and I know that soon they all will but for now she is mine. Her breathing becomes rapid and her hand works faster on my cock. My fingers excite her clit and explore her hot, wet vagina and she cries through an intense orgasm. Semen splashes on the left rear window; she looks right and more cum spurts across the glass. Her mouth is open and all she can utter is "Ooh, ooh," over and over as she watches the cocks and cum on the windows. I pull her on top of me and she faces the front of the car just in time to watch cum splash on the windshield. She cries out and I feel her orgasm wash over my cock. I turn her around to face me and the two men on the trunk shoot their loads and my horny wife licks her lips as she watches their cum slide down the back window. She rides my cock in a frenzy; climaxing over and over as cum continues to splash the windows then the sunroof. I ejaculate and feel my sperm run down my cock and onto my balls.

Reaching for the key fob on the seat beside me I unlock the car and the right side back door opens and Kate is pulled off me and out into the warm rain. She's carried to an area twenty feet from the car and placed on the wet grass. I put my clothes on then get a plastic sheet and two blankets from the trunk. I spread the plastic over the back seat and place the blankets on top. By the time I reach Kate one man is already pumping his big cock into her vigorously. Two cocks are fucking her mouth and there's a cock in each hand. Other men stand around and play with their erections as they wait their turn. I nod my hellos to Jesse, Clayton and Wes who are also stroking their huge cocks and count another thirteen guys around Kate.

"Perfect day for it," I say, "You guys did a good job considering the short notice."

Clayton laughs, "The guys were praying the weather forecast turned out to be correct, they all wanted to be here, especially after seeing Kate's photos."

Kate let out a gurgled cry as the first man cums inside her. He withdraws and moves away and another cock instantly fills her pussy. I watch my lovely, horny wife as she is fucked relentlessly by one guy after another. Cum fills her pussy and mouth and splashes over her clothes, body, face and hair. She's fucked on her back, hands and knees and riding on top, she is soaked with rain and cum, cock follows cock in her mouth, pussy and hands until all have had ejaculated either on or inside her. I look down at her, her legs are still spread wide apart, hips writhing as she teases her clit. My cock is rock hard again and I kneel between her legs and sink into her. By the time I add my load to the others, the men, except for Clayton, have disappeared into the woods to their vehicles in another parking lot a short distance away. Clayton picks up Kate and carries her back to the car and puts her in the back. She lays on the seat, her blouse still open and her skirt up around her waist and he wraps the blankets around her. I thank him and drive off.

Half way home we drive through a thunderstorm and the heavy rain washes away all evidence of what took place earlier. I look in the rear-view mirror and Kate is smiling.

"You'll need a shower as soon as we get in," I say, "I might join you."

"That would be nice," she says, "and afterwards, I want you to fuck me again."

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