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Fun with Photoshop


Mike Sighed. He rolled over to make sure his wife was asleep. She was out like a light. He didn't know what it was, but she didn't feel like having sex as much as she used to. So, Mike snuck out of their bedroom and down to the office to turn on the computer. As he waited for the computer to boot up, his thoughts drifted to an instance of sex that amazed him.


It had been a long hard day of work and Mike was ready for a cold beer. His job was, admittedly, white collar and not strenuous, but it still wore on him. He opened the door and started toward the stairs as always, but a note on the staircase stopped him.

"Go to the den. A cold beer is waiting for you. Love, Rachel," it read in his wife's curly handwriting. Mike dropped his stuff and walked in to the den with its couch and recliners and big screen TV. The beer was in the middle of the couch next to the remote with another note.

"Crack open a cold one. Press play too, please. Love, Rachel," it read.

Mike sat down, cracked the beer and pressed play. Techno music with a strong, steady beat started pumping from the speakers. The lights dimmed a little and he heard footsteps approaching. What Mike saw dropped his jaw.

Walking towards him was Rachel, his wife, in something he had never seen before. It was a short metallic silver skirt with a matching halter top. Black fishnet stockings adorned her long legs with platform heels on her feet. Her long dirty blonde hair was in two braided pigtails. Her eyes were smoky and the rest of her makeup was heavy, but not caked on.

She strutted over to a spot in front of Mike and started to dance. It wasn't a dance like they did at clubs. This was far more primal. Rachel rolled her hips in slow circles. She thrust her chest forward. She turned and bent at the waist giving Mike a look up her skirt. She pivoted on one heel and flounced toward Mike. She reached one hand back and tugged. The outer halter fell away, but a smaller pink bikini still covered her tits, to Mike's dismay. Rachel slowly turned around and spent a long while shimmying out of the skirt. Pink bikini bottoms under that too.

Rachel continued her dance and gave Mike lots of eye contact and eyefuls. She stepped up to Mike and threw her leg over his, so she straddled his lap. She placed a hand on either side of Mike's head on the couch. Mike enjoyed seeing his wife's tits this close. Rachel reached back and undid the ties on the bikini top. Her other arm held the top to her breasts. Then, she let the sheer pink material fall into Mike's lap. Mike was surprised to see pasties on Rachel's nipples. They were pink and heart shaped, and thrilled him in a way he never thought possible. He reached up to grab Rachel's tits, but she slapped his hand away.

"NO touching the stripper!" She said with a smile and a blush that Mike could barely see in the dim light.

Rachel stepped off of Mike and bent over with her ass facing him and rocked her hips side to side as she slid the pink bikini bottoms off. She stepped out of them and kicked them toward Mike. He caught them and stuffed them in his pocket. Mike was disappointed that Rachel had one pair of panties yet. It was hardly there, though. Whenever Rachel bent over, the black material didn't quite reach the full coverage of her pussy.

Rachel proceeded to work her way back and sit on Mike's lap. She gave Mike a lap dance worthy of a strip club. She turned and put her arms around his neck. She leaned forward pressing her tits against Mike's face. She licked his ear and nibbled it.

"You are the hottest guy here!" Rachel whispered lustily, "I fuck too, if you're willing. Fifty for a blow, one hundred for a fuck. What'll it be?"

Mike opened his wallet and fished out three fifties. He tucked them into Rachel's g-string. She smiled at him and knelt between his legs. She slowly undid his belt and opened the fly of his slacks. She reached her hand into the gap in his boxers. Mike moaned as she drew his cock out and kissed the top of it. Rachel smiled and licked his cock a few times before starting to suck.

Rachel closer her eyes and moaned at the taste and feel of Mike's cock in her mouth. Mike looked down into Rachel's eyes ash she looked up. Rachel knew the secrets to getting Mike to erupt and she used all of her tricks.

"Oh god! That feels so good! You suck cock better than my wife," Mike said, "And I'm going to cum on you because she won't let me."

Mike saw the look of alarm on Rachel's face when he said the last pat. Rachel couldn't stand to have a guy cum on her at all. So Rachel buried her face in Mike's crotch and sucked him until he blew his load in her mouth. Rachel swallowed every drop and stuck out her tongue to show Mike.

"How do you want to fuck me?" Rachel asked.

"Bent over the arm of the couch," Mike said, "And I want these as a trophy."

Mike reached down and tore the g-string off of Rachel. He looked down and saw that Rachel's pussy was swollen and wet. He grabbed Rachel's arm and led her to the arm of the couch and pushed her forward. Mike rubbed the head of his cock along Rachel's wet pussy before he plunged in.


Mike was startled out of his reverie by the tone of his computer. That night was several months ago. Their sex life had dried up shortly after that. IT forced Mike here in front of his computer for relief. He was excited though, his favorite website updated today and he couldn't wait to see.

The website featured housewives getting fucked by a man who wasn't their husband. Husband wasn't there to see the action. Just lonely housewives desperate to be fucked. It was called "Desperately Lonely Housewives" and updated once a week with new pictures and a video.

This week's wife was Amy H. She was a petite redhead. For the interview she was wearing a tube top, miniskirt, stockings and heels. Mike loved the interview. The wives talked about how bad they needed cock. Then, the women would stand and pose in their outfit and a few others. After the posing, they met the guy they would be fucking.

Today, that man was Red. He was a big muscular guy with red hair and a huge cock. Red was Mike's favorite because he to see pussies stretched and looks of pure ecstasy on the women's faces. The pair posed and talked and kissed a little before getting to sex. Amy tried like a champ to suck on Red's cock, but barely fit it in her mouth. Then, Red fucked her in a number of positions. Red asked if she wanted anal, which she turned down. Red finished off with a massive money shot all over her face, hair and tits. The woman cleaned herself off, kissed Red's cock and smiled for the camera.

The videos were always hot, but Mike preferred the picture gallery. He went through hundreds of pictures trying to find just the one to help him. He found it. It was a shot of the woman in reverse cowgirl. Her body was raised slightly, so you could see the cock stretching out her pussy. Her hands were braced against Red's muscular arms. Her face was a picture of euphoria. Her head tipped to the side ever so slights. Her eyes, half-lidded, looked right into the camera. Her mouth a semi-conscious smile. It was perfect.

Mike opened up Photoshop and proceeded to edit the picture. He did this every week. He took the picture of the Desperately Lonely Housewife and put Rachel's face onto the woman. An hour later, Mike leaned back and inspected his handiwork. In Amy's place was a petite, smaller breasted, red-headed version of Rachel. A similar expression on her face, but Rachel. Mike even went so far as to change the name in the lower right hand corner from Amy H. to Rachel K. He save the image and then opened the folder that had hundreds of pictures of Rachel photo shopped to look like she was getting fucked or sucking cock. It was Rachel fucking a cock that wasn't Mike's. Sucking a cock that wasn't Mike's. Mike cycled through the pictures, most of which featured Red. He started jacking off and turned off the computer before heading to the bathroom to finish up.

Mike trudged off to bed after sending millions of potential children down the drain. He slid into bed next to Rachel, who was still passed out. Mike drifted off to sleep with visions of Rachel on Red's cock in his head.


Rachel woke up to the sun filtering in through the blinds. Mike had already left for work about an hour ago. Rachel took her time in the shower. She sighed before she worked the showerhead down to her pussy and put in on massage. Her interest in Mike had waned after one really hot night of sex after she posed like a stripper. Then, Mike got promoted and didn't take time to work out anymore. His body had become soft, almost doughy. She missed her hot muscle man. The orgasm came, but it barely satisfied her.

Rachel fixed a bowl of cereal and took it in to the office. It really was her office as she worked as a contractor for design firms from home. Her thoughts went to that night and how thoroughly Mike had fucker her that night. The computer's ready tone beeped her out of her daydream. Rachel looked at the screen. Mike had left a session of Photoshop open. Curious to see what he was working on, she clicked on it.

Rachel was astonished to see a woman impaled on a rather large cock. That cock, and what she could see of the man attached to it, looked delicious. Her eyes turned to the woman's petite frame that looked like it was almost split in half. Then, Rachel saw the face on the picture. She blinked twice and looked again. It was her face. It looked like a red-headed, small breasted Rachel. And in the corner, her name: Rachel K.

This shocked Rachel and she determined to find out what this was about. She found the folder they were saved in. Hundreds of pictures of pseudo-Rachels fucking and sucking cock. The same cock and muscle man appeared in many, if not most of the pictures. She was appalled, but felt her pussy getting wet at seeing herself with a big cock in her mouth and pussy and, if she saw correctly in a few shots, her ass. Rachel decided to visit the site and found Mike was still logged on.

Rachel watched a few videos and was titillated by them. She surfed around and found out that the muscle man was named Red. After some more browsing, Rachel found a page for "Desperately Lonely Housewives who want to get dicked." It had a phone number to call with inquiries.

Rachel dialed the number and waited patiently for someone to answer. She told them that she wanted to get dicked by Red. She asked where they were located and was surprised to discover they were nearby, only about a ten minute drive. She explained the story and asked if a rush was available. They told her to come in tomorrow morning and they would have it up by tomorrow afternoon.

Rachel hung up with a wicked smile before going back to work.


Mike went to work the next day with a big smile on his face. Last night, when he arrived home, Rachel had greeted him with a sexual display to rival the stripper episode. Rachel had a smug smile all the time, but Mike didn't care. He got laid last night!

Work was going well that day and Mike was getting quite a bit accomplished. He took a longer than usual lunch and savored the escapades of last night. He returned to work invigorated and ready to tackle his projects.

He checked his email before starting and was elated to find an email from Desperately Lonely Housewives. He clicked on the email to read it.

"Hello loyal subscribers! I know we just updated two days ago, but let me tell you. We had a truly Desperately Lonely Housewife come in. She is one hot piece of ass and couldn't wait for next week. She came in this morning. Pics and video are online now! Enjoy! Your pal, John." The email read.

Mike was instantly hard. Two updates in one week! How lucky he was. Even if Rachel came at him again, he would still log on. Mike couldn't focus for the rest of the day. His drive for getting things done disappeared. He futzed around at work the rest of the day until quitting time rolled around. He was out the door before anyone else.


Rachel was waiting for Mike to get home. She was dressed in fishnet stockings, high heels and a smile. Her makeup and hair were impeccable. Jewelry glistened at her ears and throat. She felt giddy after being fucked that morning by Red. After her video had been made, she wondered if she could get more. Red gave Rachel his number to call any time she needed a proper fucking. She was horny as sin and ready to pounce on Mike when he returned.

The door opened and Rachel strode forward. Mike dropped his briefcase and let himself be led into the den. No music this time. Rachel quickly undid his pants and started devouring Mike's cock. In a matter of moments, Mike erupted in Rachel's mouth. She sucked it clean and then kissed it in a way somehow familiar to Mike.

Instead of letting Mike up so he could do his favored over-the-arm-of-the-couch fuck, Rachel climbed onto Mike's lap and lowered her swollen pussy onto Mike's erect again cock. The sight of his wife climbing onto his cock like that almost set Mike off. Rachel seemed in a world all her own as she rode Mike's cock. It didn't feel as good as it used to, but it hit all the right spots. Rachel fantasized that it was Red stretching out her pussy instead of Mike's feeble attempts. Soon Rachel was moaning her pleasure, which built into screams as an orgasm rocked through her body. Mike felt Rachel's pussy contract around his cock and couldn't handle it anymore. He came into Rachel's pussy as the throes of her orgasm faded.

Rachel turned around and touched Mike on the check and headed for their bedroom. Mike sat on the couch for a few minutes before following Rachel. She was passed out on their bed, cum leaking out of her pussy. Mike smiled and thought of how amazing he was at sex. Since Rachel had passed out, Mike snuck down to the office to see the new post. The computer beeped ready and he logged on to Desperately Lonely Housewives. He clicked on the video and waited in anticipation.

Mike's heart beat faster when he saw that the woman was a dead ringer for Rachel. His heart stopped when he heard her introduced as Rachel K. This was Rachel, his wife, on Desperately Lonely Housewives. Rachel had her hair in braided pigtails. Her makeup was perfect. As she talked Mike realized she was wearing the same jewelry as when he had fucked her. She wore the metallic halter and skirt from the stripper escapade. Mike couldn't help but feel arouse hearing Rachel talk about sex.

"Yeah. I can't wait to meet Red, John," Rachel said, "I saw how huge his cock was and how muscly he is. I just knew that I wanted him to fuck my pussy."

"What made you come to us?" John asked.

"Well, ever since Mike, my husband, got promoted at work, he stopped working out," Rachel admitted, "He used to look a lot like Red, only his cock isn't quite as huge. I just sort of lost attraction to him."

"But what finally drove you here, Rachel? What drove you to come to Desperately Lonely Housewives to get stretched by Red?" John asked.

"Well, I opened my computer to start working. I found Photoshop still open, so I wanted to see what Mike had bee working on. It was a picture of your latest update, but my face had been photo shopped onto this woman's body. I found hundreds of pictures like that. Most of them with Red. All of them had my name in the lower corner. I decided to visit the site. I found your be a housewife page, called and now here I am!" Rachel explained.

"So, your husband, Mike, had pictures of you getting fucked. Only it wasn't actually you?" John asked.

"Yes. So I decided to give him the real thing," Rachel answered.

"Alright. Enough talking. Start posing," John said.

Rachel stood up and struck some sexy poses. She took off the top to reveal her ample breasts and pink nipples. Rachel touched her tits and then took off the skirt. She posed in the thong and heels. Rachel bent over a table and looked back at the camera with a smile. She dropped the thong and spread her legs. Rachel's pussy was on display. She always kept her bush in a neat landing strip.

Then, she changed into a different outfit. This one was her office attire when she had to meet with clients. Rachel had fun flirting and teasing the camera. Rachel bent forward and made the cocksucking "O" for the camera. Her third outfit was the sexiest, but one Mike had never seen before. Rachel had bought it just for this. It was a dark blue corset with a matching thong and black stockings. The same black stocking that Rachel had just worn fucking Mike. The corset gave and excellent cleavage to Rachel, which she took care to display for the camera. Rachel stripped down to just the stockings and heels and struck a few more poses before putting the corset, thong and a skirt on.

"Damn! You are one sexy Desperately Lonely Housewife," John said.

"Thanks, John. It is nice to know that I still have it," Rachel admitted.

"Are you ready to meet Red, Rachel?" John asked.

"Fuck yes! Take me to him!" Rachel exclaimed.

The cameras followed Rachel down a short hallway fixated on her ass and legs as they bounced and flexed and swayed. The camera switched angles as she entered the room. Rachel's expression of lust almost made Mike cum right then. Red stood up to shake Rachel's hand. The big man towered over the petite blonde wife. The two sat down on the couch and started chatting. Mike didn't pay much attention to what they said. Mike focused on the man that he would be watching fuck his wife, Rachel.

Red was a big man, a few inches over six feet tall. His whole body was muscle, without an ounce of fat anywhere. Unlike some porn stars, he wasn't tan, but pale. His jaw line was covered in a short chinstrap beard just as flaming red as his close cropped hair.

"I hear you requested me specifically, Rachel?" Red asked, "Most women just say I need to be dicked."

"Well, I saw your perfection of body and your huge cock and knew that only you would do, Red," Rachel replied.

Red pulled Rachel into his lap and Rachel looked back at the camera with a lascivious smile, before turning back to Red. Mike watched in astonishment as Rachel, who hadn't dated anyone other than Mike, started making out with Red. He watched as Red's hands started moving over Rachel's clothes to settle on her ass and squeeze. The pair did some risqué poses and slowly stripped out each other out of clothes. Red told Rachel to leave the stockings and heels because he liked the look and enjoyed having handles when he pounded pussy.

Red was hard and standing in front of Rachel. Rachel knelt down and tentatively reached out and touched Red's cock. Rachel smiled as she ran he hands up and down the shaft.

"It is so...big!" Rachel said.

Rachel mover her head forward and kissed the tip gingerly. Mike was amazed to see Rachel run her tongue up and down Red's cock, eliciting a groan from the man. Rachel then opened her mouth and guided it onto Red's cock. She started to mover her head slowly up and down the shaft. Mike watched in wonder as Rachel sucked another man's cock. From the looks of it she was trying really hard, too. Rachel's cheeks were sucked in as she applied her skills. Mike was rock hard from watching Rachel take more and more cock into her mouth. Rachel finally succeeded in getting all of it down and her face was buried in Red's pelvis. She brought her way back up to the tip which snapped out with wet pop.

Rachel then turned her attention on Red with gusto. Her head bobbed up and down vigorously. Rachel's hands came up to assist with the motion. A glinting caught Mike's eye. He focused on the glint and realized it was Rachel's engagement ring and wedding band sparkling. They were next to Rachel's mouth as Rachel sucked another man's cock. Rachel's symbols of love and affection for Mike were touching a cock that wasn't his as Rachel, his wife, sucked on that cock. The thought should disgust him, but Mike grew harder and kept watching.

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