tagLoving WivesFun with the Neighbors

Fun with the Neighbors


This is a true story. All events are accurate. Names, however, were changed. We have wonderful neighbors. . .

My name is Diane. My husband of 25 years, Allen, and I lounged back in the hot tub in this sunny warm winter destination. It seemed strange to be in a hot tub in this warm place; but the water was warm, not hot. The weather was cool, and overcast. Drinks were flowing. People splashed and played in the pool next to us, the waiters and waitresses behind the bar were only feet away. They made their rounds to bring drinks. Life was quite relaxing. Shortly, Jean and Mark, our neighbors, slipped into the hot tub. They have been married the same amount of years. We were vacationing with them.

I have never seen Jean so relaxed and receptive to her husband. The two always seem to be playing a game of cat and mouse. Mark frequently makes comments about how he hopes to be getting "some," or he will try to flip up her skirt. At all of these overtures, Jean just rolls her eyes. This time was different.

Jean and Mark are tall thin people. Mark is around 6 feet, average looking, lean build. Jean is around 5' 7." She has a beautiful set of C+ breasts, is slim and willowy, and has a nice tight butt. As soon as Jean slipped in, she flashed her boobs to her husband, and then to waiters and waitresses. I wasn't necessarily shocked at this behavior, but was definitely surprised. She started posing for her husband, who was giving her directions on how to pose. It wasn't long before I was showing my boobs. They are a pert B cup. My husband and I are equally average height and average looking. Jean kept swimming over to me, and sitting on my lap. I started feeling her boobs. Man, they felt terrific. She felt mine, we each sucked on the each other's nipples; her tongue soft and gentle on my nipples. Then I would swim over to her and she would feel my boobs. Allen started feeling her up, but Mark was only interested in Jean. We enjoyed each other's company for about 3 hours, and finally had to exit to get ready for dinner. If memory serves me correctly, my husband and I had some hot, loud sex that night in our hotel room. And I mean to the point that Allen was concern about how vocal I was.

Other than making sure we were all OK with the hot tub episode, we really didn't discuss it. I mean it happened, we all enjoyed it, we are all grown ups, enough said.


It was a Friday night happy hour several months later when things went further. At this point I should explain that I am my husband's collared submissive, and have been for about 2 years. We have been experimenting with BDSM since we started dating. This has progressed to a satisfactory Dominant/submissive relationship complete with his demand that I suck his cock every morning, and pretty much whenever he desires. On this Friday evening I was told to wear my collar, along with a short jean skirt, button down shirt, thigh highs and a skimpy shelf bra; no panties. I have a love/hate relationship with my collar. Whenever I am told to put it on, it is a major head trip. I feel horny, submissive, embarrassed, and erotic all at once. My husband becomes my Dom. People tend to stare at this silver collar with a D ring hanging from it, increasing my submissive horniness. He assures me that if people are into that lifestyle, then they know it is a collar, big deal; except that it is me people look at. Again, this is the turn on. I knew the collar would stay on the entire weekend, and running errands during the weekend was going to make me even more nervous and very aware of how submissive I am. The nipple nooses ensnaring my nipples, made them erect. They stood out even more because of the skimpy shelf bra. With the light weight sweater and collar, I felt quite the naughty slut. My pussy was wet, and nothing was even happening. As often is requested, I had to kneel down, and suck his cock before we left to join Jean and Mark.

"Hey, Diane is wearing a skirt." Mark nodded his approval as we entered the bar. He is very appreciative, as most men are, of women in skirts. He added, "and I see you are wearing your kinky necklace. I like it." I don't know how much Mark and Jean know about the BDSM lifestyle. This comment from Mark, for some reason, made my heart skip a few beats, and my pussy tingle. I cast my eyes down, and mumbled something incoherent, and unmemorable. Talk and drinks and eating ensued.

All the time I am wondering, "What do they know?" Of course it didn't help that Allen was continually running his hands up and down my thighs, and under my skirt, and Mark was peeking under the table trying to see what was going on. Jean didn't seem to mind. She seemed amused by it. After happy hour, we all piled over to our house.

During the course of the night, Allen kept running his hands under my shirt. I only mildly opposed these advances, because I really wanted him to do more. He must have picked up on this, because he eventually just took my shirt off. I was sitting in our kitchen with my breasts exposed, and everyone else was dressed. This has been a fantasy of mine; to be exposed for the submissive slut I am. He then began flipping up my skirt, somewhat exposing my shaved and naked pussy. I held my breath at this point; part of me wanting him to expose me, and part of me dreading it.

The moment passed when Mark exclaimed, "Whoa! Way to go Allen."

As Jean reached over to touch my bra, she said, "Ooh I like that bra, where did you get it?"

"Somewhere on line, I can send you the link if you want."

"Sure. Don't those nooses hurt?"

"Diane's nipples can take a lot of abuse." Allen said.

I certainly didn't want him to go into more detail, so I rushed in, "No, I have gotten used to them. Well sometimes they make my nipples sore, but my nipples are generally inverted, and these help train them to stay out."

"I like your thigh highs." She again reached over and touched the tops of my thigh highs. "I've worn thigh highs before, but they sit too low and show under my skirt."

This conversation was just so strange, discussing my clothing with this beautiful woman, who was still fully clothed, as they all were. I began to wonder what her pussy was like, and what Mark's cock was like.

"Diane, remember when we went to that sex shop and you bought those nipple things?" Mark asked.

"Yes. Nipple nooses." After happy hour some time ago, we all went through the local sex shop. Only I bought something. Must tell you something, huh?

"Would you mind if Jean put them on? I would really like to see them."

Without hesitating, I went to get them. When I returned, Jean had her sweater and bra pulled down, exposing her breasts. They were beautiful. I tried to put the nooses on her, but her nipples are on the sensitive, tender side, and weren't erect. I was unsuccessful. Mark and Allen watched, I tried sucking on her nipples, trying to get them erect. Jean seemed to enjoy this. I know Mark and Allen did. This evening didn't go any further. I was disappointed, but did not want to force the situation. It was getting late anyway. We posed a toast to "can't wait for summer on the boats," and the evening ended.

Needless to say, my Dom and I had excellent sex that weekend. I felt more subservient to him than usual. Since this story is about wonderful times experiencing and enjoying our neighbors, and not about our BDSM sessions, I won't go into detail. On the chance this story is shared with them, which is a humbling and scary thought, I don't want to freak them out.

The following week, the evening's festivities went even further. All week I became horny whenever I thought about the previous Friday night, and fantasized about the "what ifs."

I was, again, wearing my collar, another short jean skirt, thigh highs, no panties, no bra and nipple nooses. After sucking Allen's cock, we left to join our neighbors. It was cold enough to need a coat. I wore my leather coat and draped a light scarf around my neck. I often try to camouflage my collar. Allen shouldn't really let me get away with it, but he does. The bar was very busy, and we met several other friends. All of whom had not seen me with my collar. I wanted to completely zip up my coat to really hide my collar. I was quite self conscious. My husband became my Dom when he began taking off my coat, and my scarf, and uncrossing my legs. I felt exposed. It didn't help that Mike, a neighbor from around the corner, blurted out. "Diane, nice collar. Where's your leash?"

"At home, in my bedroom." I honestly said, because this is true. I have a black leather leash hanging from my dresser; which I am seldom required to wear. He definitely caught on. I figured the group would end up back at our house for post happy hour drinks, so I instantly had the horrifying thought that I would have to put the leash on when we got home, and parade around with it. This made me wetter and even more self conscious. A part of me wanted to leave the bar and go elsewhere, somewhere, anywhere but where I was. I soon, however, relaxed, when the conversation changed to safer topics, and no one really seemed to care what I was wearing. When people were getting ready to leave, Jean's husband, Mark, went out to drive the car up. Mark has an old fashioned streak, and he will, on occasion, drive up the car. There were several moments when Mark, Allen, Jean, and I were alone. Jean was looking lovely in a nice tight black sweater and nice tight jeans.

Allen inquired, "Are you ok with last weekend?"

"Yes, I had fun."

"Good, because we had fun too." Both Allen and I said.

I added, "I was horny all week, just thinking about it."

There really wasn't much response from her, Mark was there with the car, and we all headed home. Going back to our house, Allen lifted my skirt, spread my legs, and played with my pussy. I was very wet.

We had a handful of people sitting around our kitchen table, including Mike, who had previously commented on my collar. Conversation and drinks flowed, most people didn't stay long.

As Mike was leaving, he again mimicked a leash. This time getting within inches of me, and pretending to hook his finger through my D Ring, saying, "Come along, Diane."

I held my breath. I don't know if anyone else really noticed. I am sure they did, because he wasn't at all quiet about it. I remember a tingling sensation everywhere, unsure of where this was going. If he had attached a leash, I believe I would not have objected. I made no effort to push his hand away, or move away. I know Allen would not have objected. Mike, however, ended the game and went on his way. I remember breathing a sigh of relief. We were soon left with Jean, Mark, Allen and myself. If the previous week end had not occurred; if I didn't possess a submissive nature, desire to please people, make them feel good; if Allen hadn't taken the upper hand at the bar, and forced me to display my collar to this new group of people, I am not all sure the following would have occurred.

Mark began playing with Jean's shirt, slipping his hand under it to hold her boob. He then started taking her shirt off. She only mildly protested. She was dressed in layers, and had a black chemise on. Mark took this off as well. Mark was really massaging her boobs, and Jean totally surprised me. She stood up, unzipped, lowered her jeans, and turned away from us. She was wearing a black thong. Her ass was even better than when I saw her in her swim suit. Allen and Mark both massaged her butt cheeks, which she definitely responded to as she started swaying her hips. Mark gave her a slight spank, leaving a slight red hand print.

"Isn't her ass nice?" Mark asked. Allen massaged her butt.

"Yes it is." Allen agreed, and spanked her hard enough, that she pushed her hips forward. His hand left a dark red print.

"Whoah, Allen, take it easy there." Mark said without much conviction. There was no protest from Jean.

Reaching out, I felt her ass. It was baby skin smooth. Jean was liking the attention, and walked to our living room, where she slid off her jeans the rest of the way. Sitting down on the couch, in just her panties (somewhere along the way, her bra had been removed), she gave us all a look that seemed to say, "Well are you going to join me?"

I remember the three of us sitting in the kitchen, not really sure what to do. I joined her, followed by Mark and Allen. None of us have any experience in group sex; at least Allen and me, but I was more than willing to give it the "old college try." Jean started rubbing her tits and nipples, Allen was running his hands all up and down her body. She was writhing on the couch. I could only think of one thing to do. Although Jean held a protective hand over her clit, her pussy was available. I have never licked pussy, and really didn't know what I was doing, but started licking her anyway. Surprisingly there was no taste, just a soft, silky, velvet sensation.

At some point Mark and Allen removed her panties. The guys were dressed, I was in just a short skirt and thigh highs. I continued to lick her. There really didn't seem to be anyone else in the room. I wasn't paying any attention to what Allen or Mark were doing as I licked her and eventually pushed her fingers away from her clit. I lapped at that too. At this point, Jean asked her husband to fuck her.

"Really?" he asked somewhat incredulously. Mark wasted no time. He unzipped his jeans, pushed me out of the way, and pulled Jean to the edge of our couch. There, on his knees, he entered her. I was conflicted. I remember feeling disappointed that I was unable to bring her to orgasm. Allen and I started kissing. It was over quickly, and I knew Jean hadn't cum. Mark was done, though, and zipped up, and sat down to recover. Jean and I hugged. I asked her if she came. She didn't really answer me.

She did addressed Mark, "You are such a pig." This statement was accompanied by a deep giggle. I am not sure what she really meant by that. Maybe because he came so fast, and then was done? That would be my guess.

"Yes, I know." Mark agreed. Jean then said she was going to get cleaned up. It was odd, because what does one say? Great first time? I think we all just ended saying we had fun, and have a good day tomorrow. We all hugged each other and they left.

Allen and I had another tremendous Dominant/Submissive weekend. I, again, spent the weekend collared. Added to this, I was told to where a garter-camisole and seamed stocking combination under by skirt and shirt, and sent out to grocery shop. Usually I just wear jeans for errand running. I received several appreciative looks strolling around the store. Men, really, are so easy. I felt very much like a kinky version of a Stepford wife. I came home very horny and ready for more sex, imagine that.

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