tagSci-Fi & FantasyFuta Fairytales Ch. 03

Futa Fairytales Ch. 03


Goldilocks was walking through the woods one day, on her way back home from running an errand for her mother. She was a beautiful young woman, with golden blonde hair cascading over her shoulders, and a gorgeous body contained snugly inside a tiny, strapless yellow dress with a short, frilled skirt.

Although her mother had asked her to hurry, Goldilocks liked to dawdle, and so she often got distracted when cutting through the forest. On this particular outing, the cute 18 year old stumbled across a house amongst the trees - one she'd never seen before.

She knew she should hurry home to her mother, but her curiosity made her stop to have a closer look. 'I wonder if anyone's home...' she thought to herself. 'I'm sure Mom won't mind if I take a quick look around...'

Goldie walked up to the front entrance and tried the knob. The door was unlocked. It opened, and she poked her head inside.

"Hello?" she called out softly. She waited, and when no one replied, she stepped into the house. After quickly exploring the ground floor, she determined no one was home, and decided to do some snooping.

The lower level was a bit boring... There were some chairs, and three bowls set out on the table, but Goldilocks had done this enough times to know the really good stuff would be in the bedrooms.

She went upstairs, and found a single room with one big bed in the centre. She spotted a collection of three sex toys arranged together on the nightstand.

"Jackpot!" she said with a sly grin, walking up to the table and grabbing the first of the dildos.

It was huge - at least ten inches long, and made of rubber. The shaft was covered in realistic looking veins, and it was painted to look like the real deal. Goldie could feel her pussy getting damp as she turned the large phallus over in her hands.

'I'm sure Mom won't expect me home this early...' she thought to herself. 'I can maybe just... play around for a little while...'

She hopped up onto the bed, leaning back into the pillows and lifting her skirt up above her waist. She slid her panties down her long legs and set them on the mattress beside her.

When the dildo first brushed against her hairless pussy lips, Goldie gave an involuntary shudder. She was already getting soaked in anticipation of the fucking she was preparing to give her tight, young twat.

As wet as she was, however, she was having trouble pushing the massive rubber dildo into her needy cunt. It was slick with her flowing juices, but the head was simply too wide - it seemed gargantuan compared to her tiny, innocent looking pussy.

"This dildo is too big..." Goldilocks grumbled, tossing it aside before she reached for the next one on the nightstand.

This one was made of aluminum and looked sleek and smooth on all sides. The base had a dial on the bottom, which Goldie guessed would make it vibrate.

"Oo!! This might be fun!" she said with a giggle, before bringing the toy to her slit. She began to work it inside, stretching her wet cunt easily around the second dildo's more compact width.

"Mmmm... oh, that's much better..." she breathed, as she began to work it in and out of her boiling cunt.

She squeezed her eyes shut tight, and bit her tongue as it poked out from between her pursed, red lips. She was fucking herself faster now, her golden hair spilling over her face as she really started to get into it.

Suddenly, her finger slipped over the dial at the base of the dildo. It began to vibrate powerfully, causing Goldie's eyes to shoot open in surprise. "Oh! Sh-sh-shit!!"

With a squeal of surprise, she yanked the toy from her cunt before it's harsh vibrations pummelled her insides. It fell to the bed, still buzzing loudly. The power of it's motion caused it to move across the sheet until it almost fell to the floor.

Goldilocks caught it just in time and switched the dial off again. "This dildo vibrates too hard!" she exclaimed, setting it aside along with the first.

She reached for the third dildo, a slim plastic model painted a bright shade of pink. It had a switch as well, and she turned it on to test the strength of it's vibrator. It whirred to life, and she stroked it against her thigh, sending a shiver of pleasure up to her pussy.

Deciding it wasn't too lively for her, Goldie moved the dildo to her cunt and started to slip it inside. By now, she was very horny, and her cunt juices had begun to pool on the blankets between her legs.

The toy slid in beautifully, and it vibrated deliciously against her burning clit. Goldie moaned and laid back against the pillows, putting both hands between her splayed legs. She began to work the dildo in and out, rapidly pumping her hips with every delicious thrust.

"Th-th-this dildo is just riiiiiiiight..." she stammered, as her breathing grew more laboured. Her chest rose and fell as her excitement increased, and her toes curled in her white, knee-high stockings.

After so much build up, it wasn't long before Goldie's orgasm started to build. She pumped her hand faster, plunging the pink vibe in and out of her warm, gooey pussy. She raised the setting of the vibration another level, and suddenly pleasure exploded inside her.

"OOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUCK!!" she squealed, as her orgasm caused her to buck her hips off the bed.

She rode her climax excitedly, her hands pounding the dildo against her g-spot until it throbbed with sensitivity. When it became too much, she tore the vibe out, and covered her spasming cunt with both hands.

Her body collapsed onto the bed, still twitching with pleasure as she massaged the last of her cum out of her dripping, swollen cunt. She panted for breath. Her eyelids began to droop, energy draining from her body along with her ejaculate.

Exhaustion quickly overwhelmed the girl, and Goldilocks closed her eyes, passing out right there on the cum soaked sheets.


"Mama, look! I think she's waking up!"

Goldilocks groaned as her eyelids fluttered open. She wasn't sure where she was. It took a few moments for her to fully wake up, and remember what she had been up to before she'd gone to sleep.

Now, there were three strange women standing over her all around the bed. One of them, the one who'd spoken, looked to be about Goldie's age, with long brown hair tied in a ponytail behind her head.

The other two looked older, about the age of Goldie's mother. One looked sweet and feminine, the other more butch, with short cropped hair and a stern expression on her face.

When she realized these must be the house's inhabitants, Goldie sat up abruptly. "I... I'm sorry, I... I didn't mean to..."

"Looks like someone decided to sleep in our bed." the more butch woman interrupted as she placed her hands on her hips.

"Can we have fun with her, Papa? Please? She looks like she'd be up for it! Mama? Can we?" the young brunette said with a giggle.

"Oh, Baby... I don't know. That's up to your father." the kinder looking woman said with a motherly smile, placing her hand on the young girl's cheek.

The sterner woman was looking between Goldie's legs. It was only then that the blonde realized she still had her skirt pulled up and her naked pussy on display. She moved to cover it, but the woman called Papa stopped her by grabbing her wrist.

"Of course, Baby. She broke into our home. I think it's only fair we have some fun with her." With that, Papa began to strip, and Mama and Baby quickly followed suit.

Goldilocks sat and stared, wide eyed, as the three strange women got naked. Her eyes widened even further when they began to remove their bottoms. Each of them sported a hard, massive penis which swung between their legs. Beneath their cocks each woman had a hairless pussy. In fact, it looked like their shafts grew out from where their clits should have been.

Once Goldilocks got over the shock the sight before her had caused, she found herself once again becoming aroused. She'd had fun with a few boys' cocks before, and even some of her girlfriends' pussies, but never had she enjoyed both at the same time!

After a moment's hesitation, the blonde began to strip as well, leaving nothing but her white stockings on and moving onto her knees. She stuck her chest out and bit her lip, looking up at each of the women in turn.

Papa grinned and reached out, grabbing the girl by the back of the head and pulling her harshly toward her cock. Goldie mewled, taking the head between her lips willingly, and started to suck at the bulbous flesh.

"Fuck... Yeeeessssss..." Papa hissed, her fingers digging harder into Goldie's scalp. She began to pump her hips, shoving her massive cock deeper until it was slamming into the back of the girl's throat.

Goldilocks groaned around the older woman's girth. Her nostrils filled with the mixed scent of sweaty cock and dripping pussy, and it made her head spin. Her pussy was dripping wet, and she pushed her hand between her legs to take care of her growing arousal.

Before she could even push a finger between her glistening pussy lips, however, Goldie could feel someone else's hands lightly spreading her plump asscheeks open. She gasped as she felt a warm, wet tongue snake against her pussy from behind, and wrenched her lips from Papa's cock to look back and see who had joined them.

Mama's smiling eyes peered up from between Goldilocks's cheeks, her tongue buried deep between her sodden cunt lips. Goldie groaned, and Papa grabbed her face, pulling her back toward her own aching member.

Goldilocks willingly took the shaft back into her mouth, slurping faster as Mama's tongue excited her flushed young pussy. As she sucked the older woman, Papa leaned forward, reaching under the blonde's torso to tweak her rigid nipples.

Goldie trembled as Papa massaged her breasts. She was growing hot, and let out a series of muffled whimpers around the butch woman's thick cock meat.

"Mmmm... I want her pussy, Mama!" she vaguely heard Baby say.

Then, suddenly, the three women were rearranging her on the mattress. Baby had laid down near the foot of the bed. The cute girl was rubbing her impressive erection vigorously. The head throbbed bright red, begging for a wet hole to plunge into.

Papa and Mama moved their petite blonde captive until she was straddling Baby's lap. The young brunette chewed her lip as she watched Goldie's pussy sink onto her horny cock.

Both girls moaned as they made contact. Goldie's wet folds slipped easily over Baby's length, until their bare pussy lips were lightly kissing between them. Baby reached up, pulling Goldilocks to her, and the two shared a slow, sensual, open mouthed kiss.

Muffled groans escaped their lips as their passion grew, and their kiss quickly deepened. Their tongues stabbed into each other's mouths as they began to grind their merged hips together.

For a while it seemed as if Baby's parents were content to watch the two younger women fuck, but soon Goldilocks could feel their hands on her writhing body again.

She pumped her cunt faster against Baby's shaft, her excitement growing stronger with every stroke. Her nipples kissed the brunette's as they brushed their excited bodies together.

Goldilocks was fully absorbed in their coupling, even as she felt fingers sinking into the soft flesh of her churning bum. A wet tongue suddenly stabbed into her asshole without warning. The shock caused the blonde girl to wrench her lips from Baby's, and she cried out in surprised pleasure.

Mama was standing in front of her, and took the opportunity to grab Goldie's head, pulling it down to her own rigid phallus. The girl took it willingly, sucking it's length down her throat until the base brushed the tip of her nose.

While she sucked Mama and rode Baby, she felt Papa eagerly devouring her ripe little ass. The older woman's tongue swiped through her crack, pressing against her sphincter over and over until it felt slimy with the butch's saliva.

Having lost Goldie's lips to her mother's cock, Baby started to kiss and lick at the blonde's lovely throat, mewling as she lapped up the girl's salt flavoured sweat. She was fucking harder into Goldie's cunt, her cock throbbing as it slammed into her with powerful thrusts.

Goldilocks felt Papa's tongue slip from her sensitive rectum, and shivered as cool air chilled the spit dribbling along her crack. Then she felt something bigger pressing against her. Her eyes widened, and she began to whimper in protest as she realized what that thing was.

Papa laughed, and began to press forward, sinking her gargantuan cock inch by inch up Goldie's ass. She was skilled when it came to anal penetration, however, and went slow enough to alleviate most of the blonde's discomfort.

Instead, Goldilocks felt herself spreading open for the woman, her ass welcoming the stiff lance as it plunged ever deeper. In no time she was filled to the hilt in all three of her cock hungry orifices.

Baby and Mama had slowed their own fucking when they felt Papa begin to push forward, but now they resumed their horny thrusts. Their patriarch joined in quickly, and Goldie grunted helplessly as all three of them fucked her senseless.

The bed shook beneath them as an entire family of hermaphrodites had their way with the blonde they'd found sleeping in their bedroom. Papa grunted with every thrust, forcing her fat cock hard down into Goldie's bowels.

Mama was gliding her cock smoothly between the blonde's sexy lips. Her thrusts almost felt gentle, but they were still powerful enough to force her deep into Goldie's esophagus. The whole time, she stroked the girl's hair gently, murmuring words of encouragement. "You're doing so well, Sweetheart." she soothed, as she rammed her cock harder against Goldie's uvula.

Baby was the loudest of the three, moaning as she writhed excitedly beneath the trembling blonde. Her cock squelched in the wetness of Goldilocks's pussy, and she licked and nibbled at her swaying breasts.

"Mmm... You're pussy feels so good..." she would groan. "Oh, Gawd! I love your tight little cunny! I... I just want to fuck it forever!"

It didn't take long before having three cocks pounding into her became too much for Goldilocks to withstand. She let out a gargled squeal as she erupted in the strongest orgasm of her young life.

Tears ran down her cheeks and her body convulsed as she rode her mind blowing climax. Her hips slapped between Papa's and Baby's with uncontrolled ferocity. She gagged even harder on Mama's dick, spit spilling from the corners of her mouth and dripping off of her chin.

As she came, her three lovers fucked her harder, until one orgasm melted into another. Goldie's mind went blank and her body limp as she went into a pleasure induced seizure.

The frantic wildness of Goldilocks's movements made her body clamp hard around the three girlcocks inside her. Baby was the first to react, letting the blonde's tit fall from her mouth as her face twisted in an intense screech of ecstasy. She bucked desperately beneath Goldie, her cock spurting jiz in torrents deep into the girl's spasming gash.

Mama was next to unload, her breath rising into a high pitched gasp. She held Goldie's head firmly and sprayed the back of her throat with hot ropes of her sperm.

Finally, Papa grunted one final time, her body straightening as her cunt smacked hard into the blonde girl's upturned ass. Her cock was buried deeper than ever, and twitched as it unloaded what seemed like gallons of cum deep inside Goldie's rectum.

Before they were through, Goldilocks had cum leaking out of all three of her well fucked openings. It dribbled out around Mama's buried shaft and ran generously over her cheeks. White fluid oozed from her gooey pussy and seeped down into the sheets below. It bubbled and squelched around the tight seal created by Papa's fat, buried cock in her ass.

The two older women eventually staggered back from either side of the bed. Their cocks slid from Goldilocks gradually, until they popped from her gaping ass and swollen lips.

Goldie collapsed on top of Baby, who giggled and reached up to circle her arms around the quivering blonde. They held each other for a long time, with Goldie's cunt still impaled completely on the brunette's shaft.

"That was... fucking wild!" Goldilocks breathed. Her hair was damp with sweat and hung tangled across her cum smeared face. She slowly rolled to the side, slipping off of Baby's shaft and collapsing onto her back.

"Why do you call her Papa, anyway?" she asked, turning to look at the brunette beside her.

"Because... She fucked my Mama and got her pregnant with me!" the cute hermaphrodite giggled. "Mmmm..."

Baby's moan caused Goldie to look between the girl's outstretched legs. She was shocked to see Papa kissing her way slowly up her daughter's body. When the older woman was face to face with the young brunette, she lowered her lips, and the two joined in a passionate kiss.

Goldie's eyes bulged as she watched the incestuous display. She felt her pussy moisten almost immediately, and she cupped her still sensitive crotch in both hands.

Mama touched the blonde's shoulder, startling her momentarily. "Here." she said. "You might need this."

The older woman offered Goldilocks the pink vibe she'd used hours before. She then turned to her wife and daughter, joining them at the foot of the bed. Papa lifted her lips from Baby's, and the young brunette whimpered in protest. Her frustration was soon alleviated, however, when Mama gave her a sensual kiss.

Together, Mama and Papa lifted their daughter to a sitting position, their mouths and hands roaming freely over the girl's nubile body. Their cocks were growing hard again, and their pussies were soon dripping with a fresh wave of arousal.

Goldilocks scooted back up to the pillows to watch the erotic display unfolding in front of her. She spread her legs, and Baby's vibe found it's way back into her sticky pussy.

Baby had turned to face her mother, and their rigid shafts rubbed between them as the two sexy women made out. Papa was pressing into her daughter from behind, reaching around to tease the girl's sensitive breasts.

Baby groaned as she felt her parents lift her off of the bed. She instinctively wrapped her legs around Mama's torso, and her pussy slid against the head of the older woman's cock.

Mama and Papa guided her lower, and she gave a muffled whimper against her mother's lips as she was impaled on the older woman. Behind her, Papa was already rubbing her boner along the girl's butt crack.

Baby began to roll her hips, her cunt sucking wetly on Mama's shaft. Her mother reached down, spreading her ass cheeks wide, and Papa began to move deeper between them.

Goldie stared as Baby's ass seemed to devour her "father's" impressive girth. The young brunette leaned back into Papa's arms, grunting as she was stuffed in both of her sensitive holes.

Her parents held her tenderly as she worked herself down on their members. They kissed her trembling body until she was used to having them inside her. Then, Goldie watched as they began to move against one another with gradually increasing force.

Baby started to moan, her body churning as she rode the two older women. "Oh, fuck... Mama.. Papa... That feels so fucking awesome!!" she whimpered. Her own cock was throbbing as it slapped repeatedly against her taught young stomach.

Baby's moans of encouragement were having an effect on her horny parents, and they began to fuck her with increasing power. Papa sucked on her daughter's neck from behind, and her hands groped and fondled the young brunette's tits. Mama resumed her heated kiss with the girl, the two stabbing their tongues into each other's steamy mouths.

Goldie was on fire, the vibe pistoning in and out of her gooey snatch. She chewed her lip as she watched the action through a matte of blonde curls that had fallen over her eyes.

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