tagSci-Fi & FantasyFuta Fairytales Ch. 04

Futa Fairytales Ch. 04



Jackie looked up in amazement at the towering beanstalk growing in her back yard. It had appeared overnight, after her mother, in anger, had thrown the beans she'd brought home out the kitchen window.

Jackie had gotten the beans in a trade with an old woman she'd met in the village market. The woman had promised the beans were magic, and would put an end to her family's money troubles for good.

Now, Jackie was looking at a massive plant, stretching up and up until it disappeared beyond the clouds.

"What the hell is that?"

Jackie turned to see her younger sister, Jill emerging from the house. She was staring up at the beanstalk too.

"Where's Mom?" Jackie asked.

"Still in bed, I think. Where did this come from?"

"I... I think it grew from those beans." Jackie replied. "The old woman said they would put an end to all our problems." She looked up into the sky. "I think I need to climb up, to find what's at the top."

Jill chewed her lip as she eyed the colossal plant. "Well... I want to come with you then. I don't want to be here and have to explain to Mom where you disappeared to."

Jackie frowned. "Alright, fine. But let's hurry, then, while Mom's still asleep."

And so, the sisters began to climb. The going was slow, at first, but the farther they went, the more they got used to the climb. After a few hours, they lost sight of the ground beneath them. As time wore on, their clothes became filthy, tearing in several places from thorns and branches jutting out along the stalk.

The plant was also excreting a thick green sap that got all over the girls' hands and boots. "What is this stuff, anyway?" Jill asked, sniffing the fluid sticking to her fingers. "It smells so sweet..." She hesitated for a moment, then gave her hand a tentative lick.

"Ugh! Jill, what are you doing?" Jackie asked.

Jill's face lit up. "It's good! It tastes, like... really good!" She started to lick it directly from the stalk, and seemed to be really enjoying it.

Jackie wearily eyed the stuff seeping from the plant in front of her. She gave it a sniff, and a cautious taste with her tongue. As soon as the flavour hit her, a wide grin creeped across her face. "Mmm!!"

She started to gorge herself alongside her sister, and the two girls ate as much of the syrupy fluid as they could. Once their cheeks and chins were coated in green sap, Jackie lifted her face from the plant and smacked her lips.

"We should get going again." she said. Jill didn't seem to hear, so she shook the younger girl by the shoulder. "Come on, Sis."

Jill finally pulled away, too. "Right. Ok, let's go." she said, as she sucked the sap from her fingers.

Jackie let her go first, and followed close behind. As she climbed, she looked up directly into her sister's crotch.

Jill was wearing a very short skirt, and it had been torn almost to bits by the beanstalk's sticky thorns. Jackie could see straight up it, and blushed when she realized her sister wasn't wearing any panties.

The sight of her sister's naked pussy made Jackie's body react. She was beginning to get aroused by her hot baby sister! Unbeknownst to either of the girls, the sap they had eaten was a powerful aphrodisiac.

It was making Jackie's body want things she'd never even thought about before. She found herself imagining what it would be like to bury her face between Jill's supple thighs, and the thought made her own pussy moisten almost instantly.

"Uh... Jill? I... I feel kind of... funny..." she stammered, uncertainly.

Jill was feeling the effects of the sap as well. She swung herself onto a large branch, sitting across it to look down at Jackie. She could see straight down her sister's torn blouse, and licked her lips as she eyed the older girl's cleavage.

"Er... I... I feel a bit weird too... Maybe we should take a break." Jill helped Jackie up onto the branch with her, and the two sat facing one another. Both girls found it impossible to tear their eyes from one another's bodies.

"Hey, Sis?" Jill asked. "My clothes are all torn up... I was thinking... maybe I... maybe I should just take them off."

Jackie's eyes widened and she looked up from Jill's breasts in surprise. "Um... I... Well, I mean...if you want to..."

Before she could finish her sentence, Jill was already pulling her blouse up over her head. Jackie licked her lips, and quickly followed suit, getting naked as well. Bits of tattered clothing fell from their perch until they disappeared into the clouds below.

Now completely naked, both sisters edged closer to one another. They were straddling the branch beneath them, getting more of the sap on their bodies. It smeared on their legs and into their spread open pussies.

"Jill... I... I never realized how... how grown up you've gotten..." Jackie stammered. "Would it be alright if I... if I..."

Before Jackie could get the words out, her little sister leaned forward, kissing her with unbridled passion. Jackie groaned, and almost immediately grabbed Jill by the back of the head, pulling her harder into the kiss.

Their bodies pushed tightly together, and Jackie leaned back against the thick trunk of the beanstalk, with her sister pressing firmly against her. They groaned as they made out hungrily, their hands groping at one another's writhing bodies.

The two sisters were stained from head to toe in the plant's green fluids, which drove their arousal even further. With apprehension thrown out the window, the sisters gave themselves over to their incestuous tryst.

Jill climbed into her sister's lap, and pressed her horny cunt down into her sister's. The two girls mewled in reaction as their swampy gashes jammed tightly together.

With a bit of fumbling, Jackie managed to pull one leg out from under Jill's, and they scissored their sap covered thighs. They clung to the plant for support, and the two girls started to fuck hard against one another.

"Jesus fuck!" Jill grunted as she bounced on top of her sister. "Fuck my... fucking... pussy!" She grabbed Jackie's face and crushed her lips hard into the older girl's once more, forcing her tongue in between them.

Jackie could only moan in response, clawing desperately at Jill's churning body. She squeezed and twisted the younger girl's breasts as they brushed against her own. The girls soon snaked their arms around one another, and their bodies began to thrust harder as their excitement quickly grew.

Pussy cream seeped from their mangled pussies as the two sisters ground vigorously against one another. If Jill hadn't been pressing her sister so firmly against the trunk of the stalk, their wild movements would have easily caused them to slip and tumble to their deaths!

Jill was straining hard against Jackie however, with both fists holding tightly to the beanstalk's coarse hide. Jackie, for her part, clawed her fingers down Jill's sweat covered back as they fucked.

"Yes!" the older girl cried. "Fuck, Jill! Fuck me harder!!"

Jill covered Jackie's mouth with her own again, their wet tongues wriggling together as they both moaned with pleasure. Saliva ran across their bumping chins, and their noses slid and bumped together throughout their clumsy, passionate make out session.

The sap was making every part of their bodies slick, to the sisters' obvious delight. Their pussies seethed as they scraped together in a swamp of their shared bodily fluids. The heat generated between them caused their skin to burn pink and glisten in a thick layer of sweat.

Finally, Jill wrenched her lips from Jackie's, and her head flew back as she let out a choked, blissful scream. She bucked violently, her orgasm erupting and spraying all over her sister's lap.

As Jill came, Jackie leaned forward and bit hard into the younger girl's tit. She sucked and laved her nipples with her greedy, searing tongue.


Jackie complied, sinking her teeth sharply into the tender flesh and flicking Jill's throbbing nipple. She felt her sister's pussy churn hard, digging mercilessly into her own, and her eyes rolled back as she began to convulse in her own scorching climax.

Now both sisters were cumming, and their bodies were shaking uncontrollably. They thrashed on the branch, causing it to sway beneath their frantic, uncontrolled movements.

Just as they were close to tilting back and tumbling over the edge, two massive hands took hold of them and lifted them up into the sky.

Absorbed in their orgasms, at first neither girl realized what was happening. Just a few feet above the branch where they'd been grinding their hot bodies together, the beanstalk ended in the center of a clearing surrounded by peculiar trees.

They were set down in the grass gently by the hands, and the two sisters finally rolled apart from one another, still trembling as the last of their pleasure ebbed out of their bodies.

Jackie was the first to react, opening her eyes and sitting up wearily. She was completely dishevelled, her hair a tangled mop that hung across her face. Her body was streaked in sweat and coated in the green, slimy excrement from the stalk.

She looked behind her, and almost screamed when she saw the strange woman standing there. She was a giantess, at least 10 feet tall and towering over the sisters.

Her hair was golden yellow, and hung down almost to the ground in a long, thick braid over one shoulder. Despite her size, she was quite beautiful. She wore primitive clothing, a brown fur barely covering her massive breasts and a matching loincloth over her crotch. Apart from that, she was naked.

"Pretty girls almost fall..." the giantess boomed. "Me save you."

Her thundering voice got Jill's attention, and the younger girl jumped up next to Jackie, both shaking as they stared wide eyed at the woman.

"Um... Th-th-th-thank you!" Jackie managed to stutter. She was trembling with fear, but the giantess didn't seem to mean them any harm.

The big woman grinned, and eyed the sisters appreciatively as she rubbed her massive hands together. "You both very pretty." she said. She licked her lips and one hand reached between her legs to squeeze at her groin.

It was then that Jackie and Jill realized they were naked, and quickly fumbled in vain to cover themselves.

The giantess laughed, and undid her loincloth, letting it fall to the ground. "Me save you. Now time for you to reward me!"

The sisters' eyes bulged as they looked between the woman's legs. She had a cavernous, dripping pussy, which with her height hovered nearly 6 feet off the ground. Where her clit should have been protruding however, the giantess had an enormous, intimidating, and incredibly engorged penis in it's place.

Jackie's jaw hung open as she gaped at the massive tool swinging above her. Jill had a similar expression on her own stunned face. As they stared, the sap on their bodies made their arousal begin to rise once again.

"It... it's too big..." Jill almost whispered. "We... we can't take that... that... thing!" Even as she said it, however, her body was already responding. Her nipples were growing rock hard, and her pussy leaked onto her warm inner thighs.

Jackie didn't say anything, but slowly got to her feet. Her eyes never left the giantess's massive shaft. It was at least as thick as a normal person's thigh, and had to be almost 2 feet in length.

"I... I can try..." she said hoarsely. "We owe you our lives, after all."

The giantess smiled, and sat in the grass. The ground seemed to shake when she landed. She shrugged out of her fur, and sat back, completely naked, waiting for the tiny girl to begin.

Jackie approached slowly, and extended her hands to touch the woman's pulsing cock.

With the giantess sitting, Jackie was able to kneel and wrap her hands around it's girth. She could barely touch her fingers from one hand to the other as she circled the width of the shaft. She started to stroke it, and could feel the warm skin throbbing beneath her touch.

"Mmmm.. That feel nice..." the giantess moaned. She closed her eyes and leaned back on her hands.

Jackie licked her lips, her eyes glued to the almost melon-sized cock head in front of her. Then suddenly, Jill was beside her, and they were jerking the large woman off together. The sisters shared a look, and silently, both leaned forward, running their tongues over the spongy flesh.

The giantess sighed, and her cock twitched against their faces. A small spurt of precum shot out and completely doused them.

"Oh, shit..." Jill murmured. She started to lick up the transparent fluid, and moaned at it's pungent flavour.

Jackie joined in, and soon both girls were bathing the fleshy head with their tongues. As they licked and kissed the top, their hands began to stroke faster at the cock's base. They started to really get into it, moaning as they worshipped the warm, thick member between them.

Jill was the first to reach below the shaft and touch the giantess's dripping pussy. She stroked the thick outer lips with her fingers, and the big woman moaned, pushing her hips forward.

Before she even realized it, Jill's entire fist was inside the woman, buried halfway up her forearm. She mewled, and kissed her way down, until her lips were sucking at the base of the giantess's shaft. From this position, she was able to thrust nearly her entire arm deep into the gaping cunt in front of her.

While Jill preoccupied herself below, Jackie took over on the big woman's cock. Her fingers sank into the hot flesh of her shaft, and she slurped hungrily at the head, running her tongue slowly over it's large piss slit.

The giantess seemed like she was in heaven. Her brow had furrowed, and she was breathing heavily. Her face was growing shiny with sweat, as was her heaving chest.

The long braid hanging over her shoulder was growing damp and matted to her glistening flesh. The strands were getting slightly frayed, and she was looking even more dishevelled than she had when the sisters had first encountered her.

"Mmm... Me feeling so.. so gooood..." she moaned.

Another surge of precum oozed from her piss slit, and Jackie greedily licked it up. The giantess's pussy was a mess, now too, and her juices were coating Jill up to the shoulder.

The sisters persisted, their own arousal flaring as they pleasured the giant blonde woman. They licked and sucked at her sensitive flesh, their hands running all over her, touching all the right places.

"Oh... shit! Me going to... going to..." The giantess let out a roaring bellow as she suddenly started to cum.

Her cock went off like a geyser, with gallons of fluid shooting up into the air. It sprayed all over Jackie, covering her from her head to her navel. The small girl froze, stunned, as it covered her and oozed down her naked torso.

At the same time, it seemed as if a dam had burst between the huge blonde's legs. Pussy cream rushed out of her, flowing around Jill's buried arm and washing over her body. It ran over her completely, and by the time the torrent had slowed, she was coated from head to toe.

As she came, the giantess had been straining in pleasure, but once the last of her orgasm poured from her, she slumped back onto her hands. Her eyes slowly opened, and she gave a booming laugh as she fought to catch her breath.

Jackie and Jill sat back on their heels and turned to look at each other. Jackie was coated in thick white cream, and Jill was covered in clear, slippery juices. Both girls laughed out loud at the sight of one another.

The sisters embraced, pressing their wet, naked bodies together. The scent of the giantess's cum quickly filled their nostrils, and they once again grew horny.

Jackie pulled back enough to catch Jill's lips with her own, and the sisters started to make out. They ran their tongues over each other's faces, greedily sucking up the cum dripping off of each other.

After a few minutes of kissing, the girls had worked themselves up into a frenzy, and started to hump lewdly against one another's thighs.

"Me want to help..." the giantess suddenly boomed. She grabbed the sisters and pulled them over on top of her.

Jackie sat up and found herself perched on one of the blonde's giant, pillowy breasts. She moaned, rubbing her wet pussy against the warm supple flesh. She looked up, and gasped as she saw where Jill was sitting.

The younger of the sisters shivered as the giantess sat her down over her face. Her huge tongue snaked out, and she ran it between Jill's legs, soaking her inner thighs with saliva.

Jill groaned, and wriggled her juicy cunt, working it against the large woman's lusty licks. The giantess was holding her in place, and she felt her tongue begin to prod at her needy slit.

"Oh... fuck!" she whimpered, as the thick, pink flesh snaked up against her opening and slowly pushed it's way inside.

The woman's tongue was incredibly thick, but also very pliant. She stuffed it deep up Jill's slippery box, until it filled her completely, prying her legs wide apart as she straddled the giantess's face.

Jackie chewed her lip as she watched her sister begin to ride the big woman's face. Jill was still soaked with pussy cream, and her hair slapped against her shoulders with every excited bounce.

Jackie slid her way down the giantess's torso, until she was sitting on her firm, taught stomach. She grabbed at the woman's big, round tits and squeezed them as she ran her tongue over their flesh.

The woman's nipples were the size of apples, and she had to stretch her lips to fit them around one of them. Once she did, though, the huge blonde let out a pleasured growl and pushed her chest up in the air.

The movement caught Jackie by surprise, and she stumbled back, until she was leaning against the giantess's rigid cock. Before she could lean forward again, though, a big hand was reaching for her, and pulling her up by the armpit.

The giantess lifted Jackie and sat her on top of her fat, pulsing cock head. It felt like sitting on a small toadstool, and it's heat made Jackie's insides melt. She stood on either side of the shaft and started to rub her cunt against the big woman's piss slit.

Both women moaned, and began to work their crotches together harder. Jackie knew it was impossible, but she found herself desperate to cram herself down on the giant cock beneath her.

Holding herself steady with one hand, she began to wipe the remnants of cum from her face and transfer it to the giantess's cock. She greased as much of it as she could with a mix of semen, spit and leftover sap from the beanstalk.

Jackie gritted her teeth, and strained to push herself down on the gargantuan cock head. Her pussy was drenched, but still resisted allowing the massive invader.

Slowly, however, her lips split open, and she found herself gradually sinking on top of it. The giantess let out muffled groans as her cock was steadily buried.

"Holy fucking shit!!" Jill exclaimed, staring in disbelief from the giantess's face at her cock crazed sister.

Jackie looked up at her, but didn't reply. She was too busy biting her tongue as she bared down harder on the big woman's shaft.

Once the head was completely inside her, the rest of it went in easier. She managed to swallow almost a third of the giantess's length before it stabbed into the back of her womb.

With her legs splayed out, and her body dripping with perspiration, it was all Jackie could do to wriggle slightly against the monster inside her. The giantess reached down again, helping to guide Jackie on top of her. Soon, their teamwork paid off, and the tiny girl was sliding up and down steadily on the cock's mercifully spongy head.

Watching Jackie fuck the big blonde's mammoth shaft made Jill tremble. She rubbed her own clit viciously while pumping her cunt up and down on the giantess's tongue.

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