tagSci-Fi & FantasyFutabot: Three Wishes

Futabot: Three Wishes


Stewart was maybe twenty-two, tall and desperately thin but not unattractive, with short curly red hair and cheerful, friendly eyes. He tried, out of politeness, not to keep looking at what was so wantonly exposed to him (and, indeed, to everyone, but Stewart had a front row seat, so to speak), but some things can't be ignored.

He kept his manner professional, but his blush deepened steadily as he zipped yet another pair of high-heeled boots onto my legs. I couldn't see for myself what he saw, but I could feel how wet I was. I was literally dripping cum, and had been leaving a trail behind me all the way from the magic shop - like Hansel and Gretel, just not breadcrumbs.

"Excuse me, sir," Fiona said, loudly enough for others nearby to hear. "My friend has just been fucked and her pussy is very wet. Would you mind licking her clean?"

Stewart glanced around briefly. The other customers and assistants in the shop were watching us with varying degrees of interest. He shrugged and smiled. "Not at all," he said, and lowered his mouth to my pussy. He didn't focus on my clit and didn't try to make me come. Instead he licked all around my lips and delved between them, carefully licking up every trace of cum and moisture he could find.

It was driving me mad.


I had decided to return the invisible boots. Despite the opportunities they afforded for mischief and pleasure, they forced me too much into the role of voyeur. Fiona insisted on accompanying me, determined to see for herself the magic shop - the real magic shop - where I had bought them. With my body. Sort of.

"It could be dangerous," I said.

Fiona grinned. "I'll hide behind you if I see any monsters."

"That's usually where the monsters are."

Not that I expected to see any monsters, but then I hadn't expected to see invisible boots either. And withered old men were just as able to take advantage of a young girl as a rampant, muscled minotaur. For example. Not that I was hoping to see a minotaur, but that was just the sort of thing that Fiona secretly fantasised about.

"Let's hope so," she said.

So we took the train to Edinburgh one sunny Autumn Saturday, and walked the short distance up Cockburn Street to the shop. "Ready?" I asked.

Fiona frowned in confusion. "Where is it?"

I pointed at the shop, its windows dark and ominous, the wooden door uninviting. "Can't you see it?"

"You're pointing at a wall. There's nothing but brickwork."

Magic is fascinating, the way it twists reality and perception. Like the invisible boots, that some people could almost see, even though they couldn't. Fiona clearly thought I was joking. I took her hand. "Come."

I led her to the door and pushed it open. "Ali," Fiona whined, trying to back away, her expression one of baffled terror, but I held her tightly and pulled her through the doorway with me. Her frantic scream was muffled by the musty atmosphere of the shop.

There were no monsters. Only bookshelves full of ancient tomes, bowls glittering with exotic crystals, some jewellery here, some clothes there, a withered old man asleep in a chair in the corner.

Fiona gaped. "It's real!" she breathed, her terror having evaporated in an instant.

"Yes." For safety's sake I made her look at me, and warned her for the umpteenth time, "Don't touch anything!"

"Yes, Ali," she said, dead serious.

I nodded my satisfaction, and went to talk to the old man.

His eyes cracked open as I approached. "Back for more?"

The words were ambiguous, but I felt myself flushing anyway with the memory of him fucking my invisible pussy and filling me with his cum.

"I've come to return these," I said, handing over the boots.

He took them from me, and sniffed the fabric. "Well used, I see," he said with a chuckle. "We don't do returns, but I will take them in exchange for the lamp."

"What lamp?"

He pointed behind me, and I turned to see Fiona with an old brass oil lamp in her hands. "Fiona!" I hissed, making her jump.

"I'm sorry!" she cried. "I couldn't help it! I had to see if there's a genii in there..." Her attention returned to the lamp, her gaze one of adoration.

Before I could reach her to snatch it away from her, she caressed the brass gently with her fingertips.

The lamp flashed brightly, painfully, and when I could see again, a few seconds later, a young man stood facing Fiona and me. Dark-skinned and handsome, he was, and dressed like someone from the Arabian Nights, but his eyes were pitch black.

Quite incongruously, he spoke English with a broad Glaswegian accent, which I'm not even going to try to transcribe here. "Well, hello," he said. "It's a long time since I had the pleasure of two such beautiful young ladies."

Any doubt we might have had about what kind of pleasure he had in mind was dispelled by the prominent bulge in his trousers that he patted enticingly.

I glanced back to see what the old man thought of this, but he was fast asleep again. The lamp was mine, now, or maybe Fiona's, since it was her hand that had summoned the genii.

"This is amazing!" Fiona said. "So, what's the deal? Three wishes, yes?"

The genii scowled. "Yes."

"Any wishes?"

"You can't wish for more wishes," he said, "and they only last until midnight. After that, all that remains will be memories."

Fiona looked crestfallen. "Just mine? Or will Ali remember also?"

"Just you. Although..." The genii peered curiously at me for a moment. "She is an odd one. She may remember."

It's true I'm an odd one, though I've never understood how or why. And I do remember that day, although a lot of it is quite fuzzy.

"In that case," Fiona said to me, "I'd better make it a day we'll both want to remember. Let me think for a minute."

I felt rather helpless as I watched her stroll about the shop. Wishes are dangerous things, but if the genii was to be trusted then at least these ones would not do any lasting damage. But was he to be trusted? Genii are known to be tricksters.

But there was nothing I could do. Fiona had summoned the genii and I could do nothing but cross my fingers and hope for the best.

"Okay," she said, returning to us, a wicked gleam in her eye. "My first wish is that Ali has the body of a futabot, but with batteries that will last until midnight, and an endless supply of cum. Oh, and although her mind will still be human, she'll be completely subservient to me."

I snorted with laughter. "Are you sure that's only one wish?"

The genii shrugged. "I'll accept it as one." He waved a hand, and I flinched as if I'd received an electric shock. Then, as if I were being squeezed by a giant invisible hand, my body changed all over, inside and out. My breasts expanded, stretching my T-shirt, my nipples thickening and making sharp points in the material. I could feel my hips widening within my short skirt also, and the curve of my enlarged bum was accentuated by an increasingly narrow waist.

As I walked over to study myself in the mirror, I could hear the whine of motors, and I found myself intrigued by the way I was forced to move. It wasn't robot-jerky, but I certainly didn't have the same freedom of motion as a human.

The mirror showed a version of myself that was both glamorous and slutty. The expression on my wrinkle-free face was one of innocence and curiosity. I teased my nipples gently through the stretched fabric of my shirt, and moaned at the rush of sensation. The huge nipples hardened beneath my fingers...

... as did the cock beneath my skirt. Within seconds, the cock was rigid, jutting out and up, lifting my short skirt. "I have a cock," I said, wrapping my hand about the shaft and stroking it gently. The sensation was bliss.

"Leave it alone, Ali," Fiona said.

"Yes, Mistress," I said, and did as instructed. I stared down mournfully at my rampant cock that wanted so badly to be touched. Or to be used for its true purpose. I looked round hopefully at Fiona. "Please?"

"Later," she said. "First I want to thank the genii for giving you such an incredible body, by letting him use it. Spread your legs and bend over, Ali."

"Yes, Mistress," I said, and bent over. I had no wish to disobey, but I did feel a little irritated that I had no choice in the matter. Without any hesitation, I had presented my ass and helpfully wet pussy to a complete stranger.

He knelt behind me and his long tongue snaked between my pussy lips and penetrated deep, all the way to the root of my vagina. It felt incredible.

"Ask him to fuck you, Ali. Show him what a filthy mouth you have."

"Fuck me, genii," I begged. "Stretch my cunt with your thick cock and fill me with your hot cum."

His tongue withdrew and he stood. A huge cock slapped against my cheeks, and searched for the point of entry. With one rough thrust he was inside me. "Fuck!" I screamed, overwhelmed by the rush of stimulation. It hadn't hurt, thankfully, but I had never felt so abruptly full of cock.

And I had never needed cock so badly. "Yes," I cried. "Again! Fuck me!"

He pulled out slowly, and slammed back in. I was in ecstasy. "Yes! Fuck!" Nothing in the world mattered but that cock.

Except Fiona's pussy. She was naked and standing in front of me, her fingers teasing her clit between lips that glistened. I grabbed her hips and pulled her close, my tongue taking over from her fingers.

I discovered another of my futabot body's features. My tongue could vibrate. I teased around Fiona's clit and between the increasingly wet folds of her ever delicious pussy, all the while my tongue purring away with electric intensity.

Fiona moaned. "Fuck, Ali," she said. "That's amazing!"

The cock slamming into me from behind with seemingly tireless strength was everything I could ask for. Each metronomic impact propelled my body forwards, squashing my face against Fiona's pussy, my tongue against her clit. My thick, painfully erect cock swung beneath me like a pendulum.

A finger slipped easily and pleasurably into my ass, followed swiftly by a second, then a third. I screamed in ecstasy as a whole hand thrust into me, and the tight ring of synthetic muscle clamped around a thick wrist. My cock pulsed wonderfully as I surrendered to a tremendous orgasm, made perfection by the eruption of cum within me as the genii climaxed too.

The genii withdrew from me and backed away, and Fiona pulled away also. I was still bent over, finding it easy to maintain the pose. The dark wooden floor beneath me was bright with splashes of cum. Fiona's knee-high leather boots too. "Lick my boots clean, Ali," she said.

"Yes, Mistress," I replied, and got down on hands and knees, doing my best to avoid the wet bits. I kissed Fiona's boots, cleaning the leather of cum with my tongue and lips, all the while conscious of the cum leaking from my pussy and oozing down the undiminished shaft of my cock.

I was still fully clothed - at last as much as ever, since I don't usually wear knickers - and I was no stranger to acting like a slut, or to submitting to Fiona's whims, but to be reduced like this to a helpless sex toy dripping with cum, was... well, disconcerting to say the least.

Not that I hadn't enjoyed it so far, but the sense of not being in control of my body, or even really my thoughts, left me feeling quite vulnerable.

While I was on all fours licking my Mistress's boots clean, Fiona herself was whispering in the genii's ear. I couldn't catch a word of what she said, but he said, "Are you sure?"

"Yes," Fiona said aloud, with certainty.

"Then done, and done," he said. Chuckling, he added, "You two have a lovely day, and do call on me if you feel a need to express your gratitude again." There was a flash of light, and he was gone.

I didn't see him or his lamp again.

"Come on, Ali," Fiona said. "Let's go."

"Yes, Mistress," I said, but halted in the open doorway. I didn't have any notion of disobeying her, but I hesitated nonetheless. Looking down at the erect cock that jutted out in front of me, and that lifted my skirt to expose a pussy that was still leaking cum, my every human instinct fought against public exposure. "But," I said.

Fiona interrupted. "No buts."

I nodded, and followed her out. If I'd had a heart, it would have been hammering. I was as close to panic as my new body would allow - I doubt there was any visible sign of this beyond the sudden diminishing of my cock.

Which was a relief.

That lasted all of ten seconds. Fiona grabbed me, kissed me, and her hands caressing my breasts and pinching my nipples had me hard again immediately. "Much better," she said, grinning cheekily.

Cockburn Street isn't a main street, but it is in the city centre and a popular short cut from the Royal Mile down to the train station and on to Princes Street, so even in Autumn it's busy there on a Saturday morning - especially on a sunny Saturday morning.

In the midst of all these people, I, a very obvious woman, had a visible erection. I was getting quite a few curious looks too, seeing quite a few startled expressions, quite a few pointed fingers as passing strangers brought me to the attention of their friends.

And yet no one seemed shocked. There were no cries of horror or disgust, no laughter or anything.

My panic faded gradually.

At the sight of a family walking towards us, children in tow, I tried to hide behind Fiona, but, "It's okay," she said. "Only adults can see us, and they won't object to anything we do today." And, indeed, while the mother's gaze lingered hungrily on my proud cock, the children were entirely oblivious. We might as well have been invisible.

"So relax," she said, and kissed me again. "Let's go shopping."


My thighs were soon sticky-wet from the cum that continued to leak from my pussy, even after Stewart had licked me clean. "I'm going to be dripping all day," I said. "Aren't I?"

Fiona laughed. "Yes you are."

I whimpered with the need to be touched properly. I would have wrapped my hands about my cock, but Fiona had denied me that pleasure. "Please," I begged her quietly. "Let me fuck you."

But Fiona had a different plan. In Edinburgh's oldest department store, Fiona led me around until she spied an assistant with breasts almost as large as mine. Margaret was an attractive woman in her late thirties who reminded me a lot of Fiona's mum. "You have beautiful breasts," Fiona said to her. "I'd love to see them wrapped around my friend's cock."

Margaret crinkled her brow in thought for a minute. "I suppose that would be okay," she said, and removed her top to reveal two large maternal breasts. There were pads lining her bra to soak up any escaping milk. Kneeling down, she pressed her soft, warm breasts around the long shaft of my cock, peering down a little anxiously at the head that peeked up at her. "I hope that doesn't go off," she said.

"I'm sure it will," Fiona said. "Fuck those tits, Ali. I want to watch you come all over them."

I didn't need to be asked twice. The need for release had been building steadily since the magic shop, to an almost unbearable ache. I thrust my cock between those tight-pressed breasts until the head nudged against Margaret's chin, then pulled back and thrust again.

It was my first chance to fuck something with my new cock. I would rather it had been Fiona's sweet pussy, but Margaret made a fine alternative. She seemed a little puzzled, but not unhappy, and the way she brushed her nipples against my belly was entirely her choice.

Indeed, her face was quite flushed at the point Fiona said in my ear, "Now, Ali."

I let out a strangled cry as I climaxed, my cock stiffening powerfully in that soft, warm channel. Thick, pearly white cum splashed up against Margaret's neck, followed swiftly by more as I convulsed wonderfully in orgasmic pleasure. Soon her chest and breasts were coated in my cum that seemed to pulse forth endlessly...

... but then I was done, and she released me - only to take me into her mouth and suck gently as her tongue playfully penetrated the hole at the tip. With a moan of unexpected pleasure, I climaxed again, and a fresh load of cum surged into Margaret's mouth. She recoiled, choking, as a stream of cum spat out and splashed across her face.

Taking pity on her, I aimed my still spurting cock at her breasts, adding a fresh quantity of cum to the glistening mounds of flesh.

"Get dressed, Ali," Fiona said. "Plenty more shops to visit."


In the busy cafe at the end of Princess Street, we found a table with a good view across Princess Street towards the Castle. "Sit with your knees apart, Ali," Fiona said, and I obediently adjusted my legs into a right angle.

Externally, apart from my unusual features and proportions, and the slight awkwardness of my gait, there was nothing to suggest I was non-human. Internally, I was always aware of angles. I could have adjusted my legs to any angle - I could have gone all the way to one eighty and done the splits - but whatever the angle, it was a conscious decision and not an intuitive one.

Despite having been licked clean on several occasions now, I was still dripping wet. By the time lunch was over, there would be a puddle of cum blended with my own vaginal juices on the wooden chair between my wide-stretched legs. My cock was as hard as ever, and glistening with the precum that had been oozing from the tip for hours.

The waiter came to take our orders. I didn't feel hungry or thirsty - at least, not for food. "I'll have a panini," Fiona said. "Ham and cheese. And a hot chocolate, with cream and marshmallows."

The waiter noted all this down. "Anything else?" he asked.

"Just if you wouldn't mind coming all over my friend's tits?" Turning to me, she added, "Take your top off, Ali."

"Yes, Mistress," I said, and tugged it off. At last my breasts were free of the shirt that had squashed them all morning.

The waiter - Tim, according to the badge - scratched his head uncertainly. "I don't know," he said. "We're very busy. I could get into trouble."

Fiona sighed melodramatically. "Why don't you bring your boss over, and I'll ask him for you."

Tim nodded, relieved, and darted away. Less than a minute later he was back with an older man in tow. Well into his fifties, with grey hair, and wearing a formal suit, he immediately started apologising for his employee's behaviour, clearly thinking that Tim was harassing us.

"No no!" cried Fiona. "We asked him to do it, but he was too shy. But perhaps you can show him what to do? We'd love it if both of you could come all over her tits. After all, you can never have too much cum, can you?"

The two men looked at each other, as if trying to find a reason not to do it. I just sat there quietly with my legs at ninety degrees, looking up at them with my fake-innocent expression while my thumbs caressed my thick, hard nipples... and was rewarded with the sight of two pairs of trousers dropping about their owners' knees.

By this point we had quite an audience. Just about the whole cafe, customers and staff, watched Tim and his boss whip out their cocks and point them at me. Both were already hard, and Tim needed only a couple of minutes to reach orgasm. He came with a whimper, but his cock spurted majestically and an impressive quantity of cum splashed onto my breasts.

"Good boy," Fiona said. "Now go get my order, please."

Tim nodded, tidied himself up, and darted away again. His boss, whose name I never found out, continued working his cock with determination. It was a good cock, not only long but also aesthetically pleasing, and angled at forty-two degrees to the vertical. The kind of cock I really enjoy sucking. As if reading my mind, Fiona said, "Why don't you help him, Ali?"

Trigonometry in blowjobs too, the perfect sine wave of the oscillating head... Mathematics and physics have never been my strengths, but I knew the pressure between my encircling lips and his shaft to the Pascal, and the precise negative gauge pressure of the suction produced by my mouth. I knew the exact frequency with which the tip of my tongue vibrated against his frenulum.

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