tagSci-Fi & FantasyFutamorph Ch. 02

Futamorph Ch. 02


Shana greeted Angela at the door to her clinic. The office was empty except for them which put her mind at ease a little.

Shana had been her best friend and more since they were in high school, and she couldn't keep her eyes from roaming over the other woman's body. Dressed is a tight knit dress that came halfway down her thigh Shana was beautiful. The swell of her breasts against the tight material sent an excited shiver through Angela.

"Your cold, let's get inside." Shana said.

After some brief conversation it was time to get to the reason behind the appointment. Angela didn't know how to explain to Shana what was happening to her and so it was agreed that a physical examination was the place to start. Shana left her to change into a hospital gown, saying she needed to make a few phone calls. Waiting on the examination table Angela could feel the dull pressure in her abdomen returning. Now that she knew how to alleviate this discomfort and the urge to do so was great, it would be so easy...just slip a hand under the gown and...

"Sorry for taking so long," Shana said coming back into the room.

Angela almost jumped of the table. It was like being knocked out of a trance.

"Please relax," Shana said walking to the end of the examination table. She unfolded and raised a pair of brackets. "Now lay down on table put your feet in the stirrups so I can take a look," she said.

Angela swung her legs up and put them in place. She hated this position; it made her feel like a specimen being trussed up for study. But wasn't that exactly what she now was?

Shana sat down on a stool and rolled into position between Angela's legs.

"Oh my God!" she gasped and pushed away slightly.

"Now do you see why it was so hard to explain", Angela said.

Regaining her composure Shana began to gently push around the perimeter of the fleshy opening. "Does that hurt," she said.

"Not at all," Angela said. On the contrary Shana's fingers were like little electrodes transmitting jolts of pleasure. She could feel the head of her new appendage trying to exit her body.

"It looks like something is pushing on the opening, the skin is pulsing," Shana said.

"It comes out when I become aroused. Being in stirrups in a doctor's office doesn't rank very high on the sexy scale." Angela said and smiled in spite of the awkwardness of the situation.

"I don't know about that. I always thought you were sexy regardless of the position," Shana said.

Angela couldn't see Shana but knew from the sound of her voice that she was smiling also.

Shana began to spread what Angela now thought off as her foreskin apart and the mushroom head of the member popped out pulling the semi hard shaft behind it. "This is amazing," Shana said. "There is also an odor coming off of the flesh which is absolutely wonderful," she said.

Angela also smelled this and recognized it from the cavern in Mexico. "Be careful, it can cloud your mind and make you-," Angel a was stopped in middle of her comment by the sensation of a tongue running the length of her pussy then touching on the tip of the organ. It jerked sharply and she could feel it begin to engorge.

"Is it like a normal cock, can I make it cum?" Shana asked beginning to stroke the newly formed shaft between Angela's legs.

"Please make me cum, I need it." Angela gasped writhing on the table as Shana started to stroke her. She could hear Shana moaning. Bending her head down over the edge of the table saw that Shana's dress was hiked up and she had pulled her panties aside working her clit while she jacked Angela off. The sight of this set her over the edge.

"Don't stop, keep pumping it!" Angela said. "I'm cumming!"

Gripping Angela's phallus tightly Shana felt the surges coming up the veined underside. Suddenly it exploded shooting three huge blasts of liquid. The first hit the underside of Angela's hospital gown but Shana pulled the head towards her and took the next two jets on her chin and neck. The mushroom tip continued to pulse with small spurts and this fluid poured down over her hands. The incredible smell intensified.

"Oh fuck!" Shana screamed. Her body went rigid and she slipped of the stool onto her knees on the floor shuddering. Her ecstasy continued for almost a minute until she finally lay panting at the foot of the table. Too exhausted to move Shana didn't pull away as Angela's "cum" dripped from above and splashed onto her cheek.

After a few minutes both women recovered from their exertions then had a shower in Shana's private office.

"Where to do we go from here?" Angela asked after dressing and taking a seat opposite Shana.

"I think we need to see what kind of internal changes are taking place and how this may be affecting your other organs. You mentioned having discomfort in your abdomen and that is concerning." Shana said.

"I don't want a group of people poking me like some kind of freak," Angela said.

"Don't worry I know someone with access to the equipment that can be discreet. I'll will call her and arrange for you to go in after hours. Be careful in the meantime, whatever this is it has to power over ride a person's sexual inhibitions. I was just in proximity and it blinded me lust immediately. It may have been such a strong reaction because we have had a relationship before, but it is hard to say for sure. I can't imagine how strong your urges must be." Shana said

"It is over powering by times but I have been able to keep it relatively under control so far. Our experience this afternoon if the first release I've had that wasn't of my own doing," Angela blushed.

With a kiss the two women parted saying they would get together again once the test results came in.


Shana could not sleep that night. Angela's change had excited her beyond what she thought possible. Even after showering a faint scent of the cum lingered on her hand. Horny, Shana pulled her vibrator from her bedside table and began to tease her pussy, imagining it was Angela's cock. She couldn't wait touch it again.

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