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Futanarious Bimbosis Ch. 02


- A Note from the Author -

If you don't know me I am the Futa Contractor. I have an addiction to Futanari, Bimbofication, and other such nonsense that I wish were real. It is a unique fetish and probably doesn't get most people off. I can actually say that I enjoy about ninety percent of the Futanari culture that has developed online, and I have tried to make my series available to the public. I was recently contacted by another fellow Futanari Fetishist named Shobe. Shobe has decided to leave writing their series to pursue personal needs. I offered some help and Shobe in turn handed over the original Manuscript from their title "Futanarious Bimobsis". I had a couple of other projects I had been working on that Shobe enjoyed and felt that I could bring the story they had written into proper closure. I read through and enjoyed what they had, but decided to better suit the writing style to do it from a Third Person perspective. I hope that Shobe enjoys the modifications and changes I made to the title and I hope that you as my readers understand that this series I am completing is partially from another Author and that you respect their style. Thank you all so much and I am glad that you have continued on with following my series. I hope you enjoy Shobe's "Futanarious Bimbosis"


Tiffany wasn't impressed with her workday yesterday, so today she was even more on edge. Jen could somehow detect how angry and frustrated Tiffany had grown and decided to try and bog her down with two or three extra contracts, on top of what she already had waiting on her desk that morning. The only thing that really mattered to her though, was that on Wednesday she wouldn't get blocked from going to the lab again like Yesterday. She could feel her fingers itching just to test a couple other things out with some of the bacteria they had at the lab. New samples were supposed to have arrived today which meant that Wednesday would be all that more exciting. Jen could be that exacting though, and Tiffany would probably wind up sleeping at her desk to finish a load of even more contracts. She ended up staying late at the office again due to the heavy work load, but today she and Jen synced up with their schedule. The powerful woman strode from her office door, not caring to close it behind herself. Tiffany quickly swiped up her items from the desk and made her way down the hall to the elevator. Tiffany closed her eyes when she reached the elevator and crossed her fingers behind her back that Jen wouldn't walk on with her. The defiant click of Jen's tall heels echoed into the elevator and she couldn't help but frown when Jen saddled up next to her in the small space. Her perfume was overbearing and it made Tiffany gag a little. The woman was so preposterous. No wonder everyone around the office can't stand two inches from her. Tiffany had never had the displeasure because she never bothered to stand up when Jen came to her cubicle. That and her coffee in the morning was always far too powerful with her expensive creamers and such. Tiffany took a quick glance over at Jen before she pressed the elevator button. Tiffany did have slightly bigger breasts, though they weren't much to talk about in the first place. Jen was just so lean that you could see hers better.

"I wouldn't have expected to see you working so diligently Tiffany." Jen said not turning her head to look at the woman to her right. She stared dead ahead as the elevator doors pulled closed, "I am on parking level one, I am sure you are much further down." She didn't even make a motion with her face as she surveyed the metal door in front of her. Tiffany clenched her fist at her side and pushed the level button for Jen. If kissing her ass was all it took to make the woman leave her alone to continue with her project, then she would do it. When they arrived at her parking level, Jen swiftly stepped out of the elevator and walked swaying her hips into the dark underground parking. The door pulled closed again and Tiffany let out a long sigh. She couldn't stand being near the woman, all the small hairs on her neck stood on end when she was around. It was as though Jen was full of static and Tiffany was a balloon. Too much and she would burst.

"Damn that stupid bitch." Tiffany said under her breath as she pressed the button for the third parking level again as though it would speed up the elevator. The walk to her car was quiet and allowed her some time to breathe out in relief. Just one more day and she would be able to go back to her lab. As she sat in her car her purse began to vibrate gently. She pulled out her cell phone from the front pocket and saw Diana's face on the screen. Caller ID these days was so invasive. What if someone grabbed her phone and they saw her co-workers face and recognized them. She shook her head as she answered the call, "Hey Diana what's going on?"

"Tiffany you need to come down to the lab, something amazing happened last night." Diana said, barely gulping in air as her voice shook with excitement, "I can't believe what I am seeing this is truly amazing!"

"Hold on, just take a breath did our calculation work this time?" Tiffany said feeling her hand start to shake that was holding the phone.

"Not quite what you were expecting, but it is amazing nonetheless, just get down here now you have to see it for yourself." Tiffany quickly got off the phone and made her way out of the parking garage. When she neared the exit a familiar Audi pulled out in front of her. Tiffany slammed on her breaks, luckily she was only going five miles an hour, and she caught who it was driving the car. Jen Parks. The woman glared out at Tiffany and turned up the exit ramp. She sat there for what seemed like an eternity, blocking the only exit from the garage. Tiffany felt herself grinding her teeth in frustration. Jen had waited in the parking spot until she saw Tiffany only to be able to block her off before exiting the building on purpose. The woman was so evil and manipulative. Tiffany slammed a fist against the center console of her little car and stared ahead brooding at the license plate that read '2sxy4u'. What a stuck up pretentious snob.

Jen finally pulled out and made a left hand turn. It was a different direction than Tiffany had to go and she let out a sigh of relief. She made her way to the lab. That extra little stint with Jen in the lot only added to the length of time it would have taken her to get there. She quickly locked up her car and ran up to the door using her security badge to unlock the magnetic locks. She made her way down the glass corridors. It really was like a scene from a science fiction film, science fiction to Tiffany was just an idea of what they could really achieve. She and Diana had said that science fiction should be labeled 'science soon to be reality'. She arrived at their section of the lab and swiped her keycard. She stepped into the chamber and the door slid closed behind her. Large air vents began to blow at her and she lifted her arms. It was routine to keep contaminants from entering the lab so their experiments were unaltered or marred by the outside world. Tiffany slipped on the protective gear and slapped on a pair of goggles audibly. She winced in pain and made her way to the second locked door.

When it slid open she was greeted by a grinning Diana. Her goggles were down around her neck and she was dancing from foot to foot with excitement. The woman looked as though she had been drinking energy drinks all afternoon and the caffeine rush had finally gotten to her.

"I am sure with how hyper you are you wouldn't want a red bull would you?" Tiffany said sighing and letting out a soft giggle. Diana put her hands on her hips jokingly screwing up an angry face. Even under the atrocious lab coat and gear you could tell that she had an amazing figure, how did Tiffany get the short end of the stick.

"Maybe we could get a Red Bull together and split it in celebration," she said whipping around and practically darted across the room with enthusiasm, "But you don't' understand what is happening to these mice that we tested yesterday. I had Jayme come in and help me with administering some of the treatments."

"Jayme is an idiot... I am so sorry that you had to work with her." Tiffany said making her way across the short distance to where Diana had stopped.

"It's okay; she was grabbing one of our petri dishes and contaminated two of the new sampled bacteria together. She tried to cover it up and ended up mixing all three of our samples in the process. I was busy removing two of our dead specimens from their cages..." Tiffany felt her jaw drop in horror as she thought about the result of what would happen with some of the bacteria in the room. It could have killed Diana right on the spot.

"That is horrible I can't believe you aren't dead!" Tiffany said putting a hand on Diana's back gently. Diana shivered under her touch and Tiffany thought that she had begun to cry. Diana's shivers grew more violent and Tiffany realized that the woman was actually laughing. She was actually openly laughing about the whole incident.

"In the end it turned out that our precaution was getting in the way of some truly fantastic results ". Diana said with a bright smile. She was holding a small glass cage in her hands that held an oversized white rat. Tiffany had assumed that the rat was from some of the other labs, since Diana and she were only using mice as their subjects. Upon further investigation though, tiffany realized that the creature wasn't a rat but a monstrously sized mouse.

"What happened to it?" Tiffany said taken aback. She leaned in close to the cage to get a better look at the thing. It seemed lethargic and its coloration was a rather pale blonde, it looked extremely sick to tiffany. There was even a sticky residue that was built up in the corners of the cage and the creature's fur was plastered in some parts with the same fluid that coated the edges of the cage. Tiffany could smell something musty coming from the cage, and the mouse wiggled a bit closer to where Diana had her hands firmly pressed as though the warmth attracted the creature.

"This is Emily. I have tested the mixture on both male and female mice. The results you see before you only seem to happen in the females, and they are extremely rapid and very aggressive. I had Emily here gathered with the others in a community cage, but her changes were messing with my other test mice. Eventually I had to separate all the mice due to the noise, that and the mixture between all of them wasn't very controlled so my tests varied far too drastically. They were also missing out on sleep, so just to be safe I made sure to separate the cages and cover them with the black cloth over there in the corner." Diana gestured haphazardly over her shoulder; her eyes were locked on the blonde colored mouse in the cage that was firmly pressed between her hands.

"What do you mean lack of sleep?" Tiffany tilted her head down and crouched to get a better look in the cage that Diana clung to. Tiffany was extremely interested to examine the specimen further. It was breathing heavy and began to move closer towards the edge of the cage where Diana's hand was pressed. When it reached the edge it flipped over onto its side and began to shiver violently and let out an exasperated squeak.

"That right there is the exact reason. Ever since we administered the mixture she began to grow an anomaly and has been using it hour after hour. It has actually increased and become more frequent and drawn out" Diana's cheeks turned red and she looked down at the cage in her hands biting her lip. Tiffany followed her gaze and saw what was strange about the mouse besides the odd fur coloration and what at first seemed like lack of energy.

"I thought you said this was a girl mouse!" Tiffany said as she watched the mouse slide forward against the edge of its cage, a large phallus slipping along its smooth surface. It was squeaking and rubbing the shaft against the smooth surface furiously.

"She is... or it was... I don't really know she has both male and female parts though the female remains dominant. She excretes some serious pheromones that were driving the other mice crazy. They were shacking up ever since I administered the sample, and the other females began to show signs of change though not as drastic as Emily here." Diana said her face turning a deeper red as she watched the large mouse in the cage. Tiffany felt her own cheeks turn red as she too began to see the newly converted creature pleasuring itself. She felt a twinge of excitement run through her as she thought about the day before and how Jen banged that guy in the bathroom and she pleasured herself in the stall silently. Tiffany felt her face flush and Diana looked up at her with a similar expression.

"You can see how working with them has started to grow more difficult. Also Emily here is self-sustaining. When I have tried to give her water and food she has rejected it and ends up eating her own semen. I have never seen a mouse behave like that. She masturbates, eats her own semen, and has turned into a blonde hermaphrodite. I honestly am blown away by the results of the mixture. I gathered the remaining bits into a couple of vials in the chillers over there," Diana gestured to the freezer absent mindedly over her other shoulder this time as she watched Emily continuing to squeak and squirm with pleasure.

"So you are telling me that these... changes... are fully functional?" Tiffany said as Emily noisily humped the edge of the case that was wiggling in Diana's hands.

"I am not sure it is fully functional in a reproductive sense... but it is functioning enough to provide positive nutrients in this specimen. She is technically stronger, and she has actually shown signs of age reversing and limited age growth. I am betting she will live twice the length of a normal..." she trailed off as Emily gave out a fitful shriek of pleasure. White semen coated the edge of the glass. Tiffany felt herself growing aroused at the thought of a man blowing a load inside of her and she felt her cheeks flush again. She looked up and watched Diana breathing heavily. Soon Diana realized that tiffany was watching her and blushed deeply, "sorry about that let's put Emily back and I can show you the others so you can see the changes in a more gradual sense."

Tiffany felt her fist clench at her side. That horrible Jen parks blocked her from seeing this experiment first hand. She caused this entire thing to go the way it did. Jen was going to have to pay. She was beautiful and could have sex with anyone she wanted and here poor tiffany was wishing she could have as much fun as a blasted mouse in a lab she worked at. What kind of life is that? Tiffany's phone began to ring and Diana looked up at her with a raised eyebrow. Tiffany quickly blushed and dug her hand into her pocket to see who was on the caller ID. Jen parks. She gritted her teeth and motioned to Diana it would be one second. She took the call reluctantly.

"I need you to stay late tomorrow we just got a couple of large contracts and I need some of my more... free timed employees to handle them." Tiffany balled her free hand up tighter and frowned over at Diana.

"I can do that for you Ms. Parks." Tiffany said frowning at the ground again in front of her. Diana let out a soft sigh and stepped towards the other lab mice.

"I knew you could use the time at work since being a little scientist isn't paying as well as you would like. I will see you nice and early tomorrow." Jen said and quickly hung up the phone. As Tiffany slipped the cell phone back in her pocket she looked over at Diana. The other lab worker was absorbed in the other specimens that were now uncovered, the black cloth draped over a chair and Diana was breathing heavy watching the animals and marking something on a clipboard. Tiffany felt a twinge of anger build up. As she looked around the room she felt the flutter of butterflies as she watched Emily the mouse humping the edge of her tank again. The connection clicked instantly in her mind. She knew how to get back at Jen. Jen Parks didn't believe she was a true scientist. She didn't believe that Tiffany could actually perform real experiments. Well she was going to be a part of the biggest human trial known to this genetics lab. She stepped toward the cooler and opened the container that had the newly labeled bacterial tubes. The new mixture that was made by accident could be Tiffany's new method of revenge against Jen.

At first she felt afraid of what could happen, but then she remembered back to yesterday and the way she had been treated. Jen needed to learn a lesson. Tiffany made sure she was extremely careful with the vial as she slipped it into her pant pocket. Who could say what would happen to Jen, but it didn't quite matter to Tiffany at this point. If she lost her job there it wouldn't really matter, she could find something else. Besides if Jen went away everyone else could be much happier. Tiffany quickly closed up the doors and moved back to Diana. The other woman hadn't notice her removing a sample. Maybe she would be absent minded enough to forget about the second tube all together.

The rest of the evening was involved in methods of administration of the bacteria and subtle changes the other subjects were sustaining. Mostly what Tiffany could make out was that the mice had lost most memory functions and were driven by sexual lust and nothing more. The less advanced mice still maintained some single hint of memory and motor function but it was severely hindered. Tiffany felt the butterflies flutter against her rib cage once again. She was about to administer an untested bacteria mixture to a hated boss at her job. Diana continued on distracted by some of the other mice who had begun to exhibit signs of sexual frustration. Normally the only two animals on the earth who exhibit sexual activity for pleasure were dolphins and humans, but this new mixture was creating something else that Tiffany and Diana had found to be beyond strange.

Diana and Tiffany finally called it a night when the mice began to fall asleep from sexual exhaustion. They locked up quickly and made their way out of the building. Tiffany tucked the sample away in her purse where Diana would t notice. They talked about how she was going to miss the lab tomorrow evening but they would plan on getting together over the weekend. Perhaps it would be sooner rather than later. Jen was going to finally get a taste of her own medicine and Diana was instrumental in the creation and animal testing of this new method of revenge. Tiffany couldn't help but laugh to herself as she drove her car home in the colder dark night.

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