tagSci-Fi & FantasyFutanarious Bimbosis Ch. 11

Futanarious Bimbosis Ch. 11


Tiffany nearly tripped over a box as she tried to quickly dart away from the door that had shut closed behind her. She could almost tell that the two women within were mad with sexual starvation. They were hyperactive and they were going to hunt her down if she didn't get out of the house that she was trapped in. If she could just make it upstairs and outside to her car, they couldn't get her if she drove away. They could barely remember an address to save their lives so there was no way they could use a taxi to their advantage. She stumbled again over a box only to hear the doorway open behind her. They were coming and she needed to get away from them before she was drawn in by that intoxicating pheromone. She shivered holding the pile of clothing against her sticky exposed flesh. She was going to need to clean herself up before anything else happened to her. She quickly darted back onto her feet. She tried not to look over her shoulder at the crazed women approaching her. She could almost feel their presence. She shouted out to the air hoping that she could make it free and not be caught in this crazy storm that was billowing around her.

As Tiffany finally reached the stairs she gripped the handrail and darted up, dodging the messy piles of papers that were scattered along the pathway. Her heart was pounding in her ears with each footstep she took. The fear of turning around to see the two women stroking a thick juicy cock only made her keep her eyes forward. It was tempting to turn around though and just give in, what harm could it really have? She did in fact drug Jen... and in return she created a monster. She passed into the kitchen and nearly wretched from the smell of rotting food. She might be able to stall them if she blocked the path with something. In her haste she slapped some of the dishes on the ground, the sound of broken glass rang throughout the house and suddenly a burning sensation pulsated on her feet and legs. She looked down to see cuts gently bleeding from where the smashed plates had gently sliced her. It would be perfect to stop the two from running up and grabbing a hold of her, though the searing pain that was ebbing in her body reminded her that if she stopped moving the adrenaline that she had pumping through her body was going to run out shortly.

Tiffany scrambled through the cluttered house with her newly damaged feet and legs from trying to stop the other girls from trapping her by their sexual taint. It was so easy to be absorbed by them though. She felt her heart pulsate again and an eruption of butterflies pressed inside of her stomach making her feel dizzy. She could just turn around and take it from them and call it quits on everything, it would be so easy, and "It really could be easier if you just gave in." A small voice whispered over her shoulder. She looked back to see nothing there. Tiffany shook her head angrily and tripped over a pile of papers, sending them spilling across the ground in front of her. Her knees hit the ground hard and she gave out a squeak of surprise. The sweet smell began to waft into her nose and the tiny voice said once again, "That's a girl. Just drop to your knees and suck it in like you know you want to. Imagine being filled so full you couldn't move. Look at your stomach, it's already pretty full of cum as it is." Forgetting about how heavy her body felt Tiffany gave herself a quick look over. Her body was bulging in places it had not a couple of days ago. Her breasts were swollen, her stomach rolled gently as though she had just eaten heavy meals for the past few days. Her hips were now beginning to bulge more than she remembered. Wouldn't it just be easy to give it all up right now and fall into the trap Diana and Jen had setup for her?

She grabbed her arm and felt her skin push against her nipples. She forgot that she was naked and had been carrying her clothing and her purse. Where did those fall to? She dug around in the piles of papers that were scattered all across the floor. She needed to get out of the house, but what good would that do her if she was arrested for indecent exposure? She wailed out as she heard the voices of the others giggling as they reached the top of the stairs. She had bought herself some time, but not enough to get away from their sensual smell. She felt the hair on the back of her neck rise on end and she felt her heart begin to beat faster against her chest. She raised a hand and flicked at the thick nub that was now her nipple. It had grown so much since she last remembered. The feeling sent a shiver up her spine and her skin pebbled on her exposed thighs. She sat there for a second enjoying the feeling before she realized what it was that she was doing. She was going to lose herself if she kept that up.

"But where is the fun in that Tif Tif?" The familiar tone only let her know that Anni was nearby. She turned her head to see no one there. Was that figure just a dream and she had grown some mental disease? What if the hallucinations were a mere side effect of the bacteria and once the bacteria faded the inflammation would go down, meaning they would lose the assets that were created by the mixture she had given Jen in the first place? She looked to the papers near her on the floor and saw the name of the medical lab where she worked. She could easily go back to the lab and lock herself in a contamination room until the effects of the Bacteria wore off. That could be easily doable. She was just going to have to find food, water, and leave a message at her other job that she was officially sending in her resignation. She felt her heart skip a beat.

She had illegally given Jen the bacteria, and Jen knew all about it. That would mean that if Jen really wanted to she could let the authority figures know and Tiffany would spend her life behind bars. What had she done? She heard the girls laughter once again and the sound of glass being broken under cloth. Perhaps they found a towel or something to cover the broken dishes, and would soon be in the living room where she was sitting on the floor touching her breast still. She reluctantly pulled her hand down and felt around for the pile of clothing. Her fingers found the strap of her purse, but the clothes were out of sight. She gritted her teeth and pulled herself to her feet reluctantly. It could be so easy just to stop fighting and give in.

She grabbed for the door handle and pulled herself into the hot midday sun. She wrapped her hands across her body to try and cover her naked self from anyone who could be watching. She dug her fingers into her purse until she found her keys. She danced across the pavement, it burned her skin and the shade was now on the other side of the street where her car was parked. Maybe no one would see her and this could all be over with and no one would know the wiser. Accept those that had to work directly with Diana and Jen, though Diana was her lab partner and had been excused for a while now. The only one to worry about was Jen. Jen seemed to have lost most of her cognitive ability, but she could still lay traps to her advantage if it meant having another fuck mate. Tiffany swallowed as she dug her keys into the lock of her car and sat down heavily inside.

Her hips didn't fit right in the seat as they had earlier that morning. She started the car and put her hand in her purse and pulled out her cell phone. The date and time made her eyes go wide in shock. It was Monday afternoon. They had been at Diana's all weekend long. That made her question everything that had happened in the room then. Had she blocked out most of what had happened between the three of them? She shivered and dropped the phone in the seat next to her. She needed to get home and put on a pair of clothes before any police officer saw her running around the streets completely nude. She was just thankful that the bacteria hadn't made her grow an anomaly like the other two women had. Diana had changed so quickly compared to Jen, was that a sign that Diana had been taking more or was it that Jen was more resilient since she was such a bitch? Either way Tiffany's little prank experiment had gone wrong in so many different ways.

The ride home took longer than usual since she had to turn around a few times. She could tell that her memory was starting to fail her already. It was a bad sign that the bacterium was infesting her more so than before. That meant that she would soon start to exhibit the same symptoms as the other girls. She clambered out of the vehicle and ran up to her door and let herself inside. She was to dig into her room and try to put on clothing, but her hips flared out in such a way that any of the bottoms she did have fit irregularly tight and made her ass look so much bigger. Then again it really did look like it had grown to accommodate the shape of her figure. Perhaps it was just swelling from the bacterial infection, but how could an infection really do what was happening to Diana and Jen? She growled and ran her hand through her hair.

It felt thicker somehow and fell down around her shoulders differently. She tugged at the blouse that was stretched across her thicker breasts. She couldn't fit into any of the Bras she had, and that meant that her body was changing far too quickly for her comfort. She danced around the room hoping on one foot until the heels she was trying to put on slipped into place. She nearly ran to the mirror where she hung her lab badge and saw her reflection for the first time since her encounter with Jen and Diana. She grabbed her hair in shock and looked at the sexy figure standing before her.

She had much fuller lips and hair that curled and waved in just the right places to bring emphasis to her high cheek bones. He eyes seemed to be wider and had a lustful look to them. She bit her lip while looking herself over. The Anni from the dream she had was nearly a spitting image of what she was seeing right now, though that woman had much bigger breasts and of course a cock to top it all off. She grabbed at her skirt and felt around her pelvis. There was no protrusion and she gave out a sigh of relief. The feeling of her hands brushing at her hips though made her feel oddly sensual and excited. She shook her head trying to get a hold of herself. She needed to be in control at least long enough to make it to the lab.

She grabbed at the usual place where her badge hung to only find the spot empty. Where had she left it? Then she felt a pit in her stomach when she saw the image of herself putting the badge in the top drawer of her desk at the office. She left it there when she had been planning on going to the lab instead of taking Jen home. Jen had caused her to forget her plans and drop everything to help the woman. She had been sleeping at her desk for a week though and needed help. Why had she been so foolish just to leave it there though?

It came back to her in a flash though. She could still smell the toxic seductive smell that Jen emitted, the feeling of her skin tingling under each shift that her clothing made. Her nipples jutted up against her blouse and Tiffany let out a moan as she felt her pussy grow wet with sexual need. She shook her head again and turned quickly to grab her purse from the top of her dresser. She was going to fall apart quickly if things like that continued to happen. She needed to lock herself away and quickly. She took off out of her house and hopped into her car. Each movement she made would send her head spinning though. The excitement of her breasts pressing against her clothing and stretching it beyond its normal capacity was highly erotic for her. She gave out a moan as the engine turned over. The car shuttered for a second and the exhilarating wobble of the vehicle made her want to strip down and start rubbing herself.

She gripped her hands tight on the wheel and with a newer determination she took off towards her office. The drive was much easier than before; it must have been that she had done it thousands of times that her mind couldn't possibly forget that easily. She darted to the elevator, taking a parking spot on level two again. The office seemed empty when she stepped out. There were four or five people still sitting at their desks, but the rest were probably out for lunch. She pulled her phone out of her purse to check the time and gave out a sigh when she realized that both she and Jen hadn't even bothered to tell anyone they wouldn't be there today. Suddenly Tiffany felt the hair on her neck stand on end again. The overwhelming sweet smell that was erupting for Jen filled the floor. She looked around quickly to find that Jen or Diana were not in the room.

Tiffany passed reception and darted to her desk avoiding the eyes of her colleagues. If they had seen her dressed the way she was they would think she was trying to whore around. It could be fun if they were to just get a touch though... she shook her head trying to get her mind straight again. She needed to let someone know what was going on. Oh God... she was going to be put into prison. She was going to go away for life. She had never meant for all of this to happen the way it had. She sat down at the desk and opened a blank word document. The cursor flashed on the screen keeping time with her heartbeat that seemed to be slowing down. Time felt as though it had stopped and all she could hear was her heartbeat. All she had meant to do was get revenge on the boss that was a total bitch and here she was getting ready to print of a confession and lock herself in contamination until the bacteria was cured. She was going to go away for a long time.

She went to type but nothing could come to her mind. She couldn't think straight. The heartbeat in her ears echoed so loudly. She pressed both her hands to the side of her head and pinched her eyes shut and began to weep silently so as not to draw attention from the other office workers. A hand grabbed her shoulder gently and she opened her eyes lifting her head. There was a gentle breeze, and the palm trees swayed back and forth in front of her eyes. She gulped audibly and clenched her fists. She was in the dream world but not by her choice. This was all happening so fast. She turned to see Anni standing there with a bright smile plastered on her face. She was still completely nude and Tiffany got a good view of the entire woman's body. It was lovely. The shape and figure was enough to make even her drool at the sight. She looked around the surroundings to find the boiling cum pool behind them thankfully. She didn't want to be trapped with Mimi's crazy body transforming sperm.

"Like I see that you left your sisters. Jenni should be almost caught up with her dream self, which means that Jenni can't show up here anymore. That is the same reason you don't see Didi here either. She is so cute though isn't she?" She squealed as she wrapped her arms around her middle pushing her heavy breasts near Tiffany's face, "Tif Tif don't you just want to finally have fun with life and stop being bothered by co-workers or the need for money? Imagine what it could be like if you just embraced these changes. I mean you could have a nice yummy cock like I do, and then the others would probably play with you and you could play with them. Besides didn't you like it when our cocks went in you?"

Anni lifted her fingers and brushed the skin on Tiffany's arm. She shuddered visibly and gave out a gentle moan. Her lips parted and she could almost taste the sweetness that was exuding from her dream counterpart. Was she really a part of this woman, or was this woman a part of her? Either way she couldn't believe they were one in the same. She needed to escape and find the cure that could set her free from the crazy body modifications that was going on. She closed her eyes and opened them again to see the cursor still blinking on the document before her. She turned her head quickly to see the office was still empty. She looked down at the clock and saw the time was past six. The lights in the room were darker than before as well. How had she nodded off for almost five hours at her desk?

Time was growing more confusing by the minute and Tiffany sighed out as she dug into the top drawer of her desk. Her ID badge sat proudly among her extra highlighters and pens. She snatched it up and that familiar sweet scent rolled into her nose. She sighed as she enjoyed the flavor that came into her mouth. She did just want to suck on someone's cock. It could be good if she just drank a bit of their semen. She stood up from her desk and looked over the walls for anyone. The office was entirely empty and she sat down in her chair angrily. She just wanted to have sex now; it wasn't that much to ask was it? She could still get to the lab and lock herself away. There was no harm in just finding a quick release to clear her mind was there?

She raised a shaky hand to her breast and began to knead the flesh between her fingers then a voice whispered over her shoulder, "This would be like so much better if you weren't wearing all that clothing." Tiffany turned to see no one there. It had to be her imaginary friend that was now randomly talking to her. She was demented; perhaps she wouldn't go to prison but a mental institution. That could be much better. She listened to the voice and stripped off her shirt and watched as her heavy breasts bounced free from the material. For being so large they were so perky and the skin was tight and beautiful. She ran her fingertips along the skin gently and gave out a soft moan. The office was empty no one would notice her fondling herself to orgasm this late at night, especially with half the office being gone this afternoon to begin with.

She stripped out of the skirt she had slipped on and spread her legs. She rubbed her fingertips gently along the pink fabric of her panties. They were sheer and left nothing to guessing. As she rubbed and touched gave out a soft moan again. She raised a finger to her nipple and squeezed it gently rolling the perky flesh between her finger and thumb. She gave out another moan and rubbed her hand between her legs a bit rougher than before. The soft fabric rubbing roughly on her skin made her legs pebble with goose bumps. She gave out a soft moan and readjusted herself in the chair. The loud sound of the chair made her stop for a second to listen to the office, but the silence made her rub her hands again with a newer vigor. She didn't want to have a sexual harassment lawsuit on top of infecting her boss with an untested bacterium. She continued to rub at herself and pulled her panty edge to the side. She tried to look down at her body from between her thick breasts, but could only see the back of her hand pushing her panties away from her wet snatch.

She rubbed the skin around her pelvis. It felt gentle and soft under her fingertips. It was smoother than normal and she touched around exploring her body as her other hand grabbed fistfuls of her thick breasts. She gave out a moan as her finger brushed against her red pussy lips. They were so ready for sexual release. How long had it been since she had an orgasm. She drew her fingers up to her mouth after releasing a hold of her panties. She licked them and tasted something beyond sweet to the taste. It made her head spin and the edges of her vision blurred as she felt tears gather at the corners of her eyes with delight. She pinched her eyes shut and sucked on her fingers hoping for more of the flavor.

She angrily ripped her panties free from her body and discarded them on her desk. She spread her legs further and pushed her fingers along the edge of her moist pussy. She gave out a squeal as more of her eager juices dripped onto her fingertips. She pulled her fingers to her lips and licked them hungrily. The taste that erupted in her mouth begged her to only have more. She let go of her breast and started rubbing her pussy coaxing more cum to coat her fingers. She moaned around her fingertips and dug her now sticky fingers to her mouth and moved her wet hand back down. She maintained that rhythm for what felt like eternity. She was so thirsty and hungry though, and each time she drank her cum it somehow made her feel less tired and hungry.

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