tagSci-Fi & FantasyFutatales: Just Another Cherry

Futatales: Just Another Cherry


Disclaimer: All characters are over eighteen years of age. This futanari story contains inordinate amounts of sex that never result in chafing, extreme representations of anatomy, and absolutely unrealistic volumes of...well, you'll see. Oh, and a reminder, futanari.

Editing credit: Blind_Justice

Copyright © 2012 redskyes

There's something magical about the rumble of a throaty engine between your legs. I considered getting a hog for that very reason, but settled on one of the new Camaros instead. I'll admit, without shame, it was the Transformer's package that got me. I saw Bumblebee sitting there on the lot and just had to have him. I'm only twenty-four. Most girls my age couldn't afford a car like that, but when you did what I did for a living, money came fast and easy, especially these days.

Although, 'easy' is a relative term. Some of my Johns can be pretty demanding. You know, kinky stuff, like chains, gags, rubber sheets. You name it, and there's a John out there that has a fetish for it. There's this one guy that loves to wrap me up in latex and fuck my face. He pops Viagra like they're Tic-Tacs. I'll just about murder anyone that offers me a stick of bubblegum within a week of my appointments with him.

Other than that, my clients are your typical run of the mill Johns, mostly rich husbands bored of their trophy wives. It's funny though - well, maybe not funny, but definitely strange - in LA, most trophy wives are gorgeous. Plastic, sure, but still runway model knockouts. Why on earth their husbands would want a night of fun with a whore is beyond me. Not that I'm complaining. I want cash and they have it in abundance. Besides, I love my job, which is to say I love sex, so it works out just fine.

But, every hooker has at least one John they're never excited to see. I'm no exception. I hadn't met this John yet, and I wasn't looking forward to it. This was kind of a first time for me, one more cherry to pop, maybe my last one. Everyone else I knew in the trade had already had a demon for a John.

I had my madam on speakerphone while I drove. I'd called her to talk me down from a ledge, so to speak.

"Are you sure about this, Elaine?" I asked, stopping at a red light and checking my lipstick in the mirror.

"Oh, don't be such a worry-wart," she told me, sounding very much like any girl's mother.

Elaine was in her early fifties, and she was the closest thing I'd ever had to a mom. Maybe more like an aunt. That just happens to pimp you out for sex and takes a small cut of what I make. Okay, neither a mom nor an aunt.

The light turned green so I hit the gas. The GPS on my dash said I was only about five minutes out, some freaky house built into the side of a cliff. A movie star had it constructed when their career peaked a few years ago, but sold it not long after, probably because she was more interested in parties and cocaine than making more movies and taking care of her public image.

"Yeah, you're right," I said, shrugging a shoulder, even though Elaine couldn't see it. "Just another demon. No big deal. I mean, they only barter in souls, right?"

Yes, I said demon. That's what we called them anyway. They appeared out of nowhere about ten years ago, and let me tell you, prostitution has never been the same. Demons trade by nature, and it's generally a bad idea to get involved with one. Nobody is exactly sure how it works, but when you make a pact with a demon, they get stronger and develop new supernatural talents, like dreamwalking, translocation, telekinesis, you name it.

The problem with demons is that any time they offer you anything at all, if you accept, you give them part of yourself. I don't know if you give them a bit of your soul, exactly, but what you give them manifests as loyalty, and if you give enough, a kind of a worship. Deal with the same demon long enough and you end up deifying them.

Funny thing is, prostitutes trade for a living too, and the nature of bargaining makes us immune to a demon's ability to 'own' us. That's not to say that you could just stumble into a bargain with them. It was a long, drawn-out, incredibly formal process. The trick was avoid it entirely.

It was a common occurrence to see demons out and about nowadays. Some of them look just like us, some a little different, and some a whole fucking lot different. I was hoping this John fit in one of the first two categories.

Elaine laughed. "Honey, you know that's just a bunch of hogwash."

That wasn't entirely true. A demon in our realm couldn't take your soul, not right away, but they sure could entice you to make a binding deal so powerful that when you finally passed on, they owned you lock, stock, and barrel.

"Just remember, if they say the word 'eternal', your answer is 'no', got it?"

"Yeah, I got it," I muttered. Seeing my last turn, I took a right and headed up a hill. "So, is there anything you can tell me about this John? It's my first demon. I don't wanna fuck this up."

"You won't," she assured me, and I could hear the smile in her tone. "All I know is that this particular demon has been stuck on the other side for over a millennium."

Uh, oh. That was not good.

See, demons on the other side are pretty much formless. I think the proper term is 'ethereal'. The point is that there is a whole fucking lot they can't do when stuck in that formless...form, or whatever. Long story short, when they finally come to our world, they tend to be pretty damn eager, if you catch my drift.

"A millennium?" I squealed, stopping the car, the glass façade of the house just peeking at me over the hill. "Are you fucking kidding me? This is my first demon, Elaine! You're throwing me to the wolves!"

"You'll be fine!" Elaine laughed again, only I wasn't amused at all. "Besides, I left you a gift. Check your glovebox."

Flipping the door down, a small crystalline bottle tumbled out but I managed to catch it in my palm. It was really quite pretty, but it was the dark fluid within that caught my interest.

"What is this?" I asked.

"Blood of the Hound, sugar," Elaine told me.

I made a face. "Ew. I am so not drinking this."

Elaine laughed again. "It's not real blood of a hound. It's expensive as hell, but you're my favorite, so I sprang for it. Consider it a gift."

"What's it do?" I asked, popping the top and taking a sniff. Smelled like licorice.

"Let's just say it makes you pliable," she told me, and I could hear that smile again.

I still hadn't moved the car. I just sat there with the open bottle in my hands, my foot on the brake, Bumblebee thrumming under my ass. I glanced up at the house. There was only one exterior wall, and like I said, it was all glass, twenty-foot high panels. The place didn't even have a proper roof. It was literally a big hole carved into the rock.

The lights weren't on in the house, which meant my John wasn't early. Unless they were early and were the kind of demon that despised light, which was possible.

"Hey, I thought you loved diamonds."

I blinked. "Say that again?"

Yeah, I'm a sucker for the glittery rocks.

"Yep, diamonds," Elaine told me cheerily. "Thirty carats of them, in fact."

"Thirty fucking carats? Are you serious?" I balked.

"You being booked for the whole weekend, honey." I could almost hear Elaine shrug when she replied, "Besides, they said, and I quote, 'diamonds or nothing'."

"Okay then. Diamonds it is." What girl would argue against diamonds? Wait, maybe me. "This isn't one of those funky tentacle demon things, is it?"

Elaine was laughing again when I ended the call. When I pulled up to the house, small lights lit up along the driveway, guiding me to an open garage that closed automatically behind me. I left Bumblebee safe and sound and went inside.

The house was immaculately clean, simply furnished, all modern lines and neutral shades of white, gray, and black, with a lot of chrome and glass thrown in. Not my taste, really, but hey, I was just fucking here, not living here. Checking the time on my phone, I saw I had just under fifteen minutes before my John arrived, so I stole away to the bathroom to freshen up. Everything I needed for a lightning fast shower was in my purse, so I put my hair up in a bun and got to it.

Freshly washed, I powdered every inch of me with cotton candy flavored body glitter, then checked myself in the mirror. My hair looked okay, black with streaks of purple, though I'd need to get it touched up pretty soon. I could almost see my roots coming in. For now, it would do just fine. I was pretty nervous, so there was a warm flush to my pale skin. It made my lipstick look funny, so I wiped it off with a wad of toilet paper and applied some strawberry flavored lip gloss. I stood naked in front of the mirror and made sure I didn't have any hair coming in. Nope, baby smooth, everywhere. There was just one thing left.

Blood of the Hound.

If I drink it, I was doing this. I glanced up at the mirror and looked into my own eyes.

"Come on, chicky," I told my reflection. "Just like any other John."

Unless they had tentacles, or double dicks. Well, double-dicks might not be so bad, come to think of it.

Grabbing the crystal bottle, I downed the contents in one gulp. There was hardly any flavor though, regardless of what it smelled like. I shrugged when nothing happened. Leaning over, I picked up my purse to pull out my dark purple chemise, but ended up changing my mind. I left it there and put my black pumps back on, happy with what I saw in the mirror.

I'm almost six feet tall but I'm not stacked in the slightest. My breasts are kind of on the small side, at least in my profession, but for most guys, they're a perfect handful. My hips are narrow but well defined and my legs are long as hell. My butt is nice and tight, perfect for grabbing. I think my favorite feature is my stomach. I work hard to keep it nice and tight, absolutely flat with an almost-six-pack. Honestly, I think I'm pretty hot and well worth what I charge.

But what really makes me a great whore? I love what I do. Knowing I'm about to be paid to fuck someone, that I'm going to be used to get someone off, that I'm going to be someone's cum bucket, nothing else gets me hotter or wetter. Maybe I'm fucked up, but being a whore just flat does it for me. Appraising myself in front of the mirror, I could feel my insides getting warm and slick, a slight throb starting low in my body. With the lightest touch, I pressed the tip of my finger between my legs and it came away wet.

Yep, I was as ready as I was going to be.

I strode out of the bathroom, ready to make my money. I'd taken two steps into the living room when one of the tall panels of glass swiveled open, and in flew - I shit you not - a huge fucking demon.

Massive wings flapped once, twice, halting the creature's forward momentum, a blast of air nearly knocking me back on my ass. The demon came down hard on cloven feet and I felt the shock of its landing through the floor. I'm pretty damn tall, but this fucking thing dwarfed me. It must have been eight feet tall, maybe nine, skin a deep purple like the streaks in my hair, and eyes that burned an eerie shade of blue. Long black hair fell in thick braids and a pair of ram's horns curved forward and back from its head. From head to toe, the demon was covered in black, heavy plate armor.

"Um, hi," I said meekly, putting my hands behind my back and lacing my fingers, going for shy and sweet. Demons like that, I'd heard.

The thing looked me over from head to toe and back again, gave a shudder, and reached under its left arm with its right hand. It pulled a clasp there and the breastplate fell to the floor with a horrendous clang. I was dimly aware of every other piece of armor falling away at the same time in a series of horrendously loud clangs, except for an armored skirt that fell past its knees, but what really got my attention was the huge pair of knockers with fat nipples on its chest.

"Uh, wait, I think there's been a mistake," I shook my head and held out my hands.

"No mistake," she said, shaking her head back at me, and her voice was undoubtedly female, despite the unearthly sound of it, deep and sensual, wind chimes and boulders crashing against one another, all at once.

"You don't understand," I laughed nervously and began backing away. The demon stalked towards me, each stride more than two of mine, closing fast. Don't get me wrong. She was gorgeous, for a demon, I mean. Long legs - knees bent the wrong way, but whatever - wide hips, narrow waist, huge rack and a really nice looking mouth, but still, not my game. "No offense, but I don't do girls."

The demon released another clasp near her hip and the skirt fell to the floor with a heavy thud, revealing the biggest cock I'd ever seen. It was as thick as my forearm, maybe more, and the wide head of it fell halfway down her thighs. Even more spectacular was what was right behind that cock, an absolutely huge pair of smooth balls, each of them bigger than one of my hands. She wasn't even hard, but she was getting there, and fast. I could literally see the huge shaft pulsing, filling up with whatever the fuck flowed through the creature's veins.

"Holy shit!" I squealed, and I ran.

She growled behind me, but I didn't stop. I ran for the bedroom I'd gone through to get to the bathroom earlier, but before I could close the door behind me, the demon forced the door open, knocking me back.

"Oof!" I grunted when my bare butt hit the tile floor.

The demon loomed over me, wrapped her huge hands around my waist, and picked me up off the floor like I was nothing more than a tiny doll. She held me high off the floor so that our eyes were even with each other.

"Wait a minute!" I tried to stall. "Maybe we should..."

But with a hungry growl, the demon brought me close to her face and closed her mouth around my entire right breast. Her tongue was so hot and strong, kind of roughly textured, and fucking huge, licking half my breast inside her mouth with a single swipe.

Only problem? It felt really good.

"Wait! We shouldn't...oh wow...just...shit, hold on a second!" I yelled, moaning out loud when she sucked on my tit. I grabbed her forearms, afraid she might drop me.

The demon released my breast with a wet slurp and licked her lips.

"So tasty," she moaned, then sucked my other breast into her mouth.

I groaned at the feel of her mouth sucking my tit. She was moving, I could tell, but my eyes were shut. I couldn't open them. My insides were growing hot, wet, clenching down on nothing. Wave after wave of arousal washed over me, and I wasn't sure if it was what the demon was doing to me, if it was just me feeling so helpless against her, or if it was the effects of the Blood of the Hound.

All I know is that she laid me down on the bed and released my tit from her mouth, only to start trailing big wet kisses down my body.

"Wait, seriously, I can't..." I started to protest, then yelped when she forced my legs open wide. I looked down my body in horror, at the finely chiseled features of her face, her big glowing blue eyes, the delicate brow, cute nose, full mouth. Gods, she was beautiful. But she was a she!, my mind screamed at me. And a fucking demon!

"No waiting," she shook her head, then she closed her entire mouth over my mound and shoved her tongue inside me with surprising ease.

"God!" I screamed, throwing my head back at the sudden intrusion. Her tongue was huge, thick, so damned hot, sliding into me, spreading me open. Deep, deeper, filling me up more than any cock or toy I'd ever taken.

Fuck me, how long was her tongue? I swear to you, her tongue slithered into me right up to my cervix.

"Mmmm," the demon groaned between my legs, then she began licking me, inside.

I screamed wordlessly. I loved it when guys went down on me, but what this monster was doing to me was insane, wondrous, downright fucking delightful. Her tongue was so goddamn big, so long and thick, the muscular length of it licking at every inch of my quivering wet walls. I could hear her slurping at my mound, sucking the juices right out of me. Her arms slipped under my thighs and she grabbed my waist in her huge hands, holding me still while she ate me.

I thrashed about on the bed, my upper body free to jerk and writhe on the mattress. My arms were flailing, and my hands suddenly found her horns, warm and smooth. I grabbed onto them and held on for dear life. The demon seemed to like it, because she began fucking that wonderfully thick tongue in and out of my juicy cunt. I felt my walls squeeze down on the hot muscle inside me and I came harder than ever in my life.

I screamed my release and the demon groaned happily, her massive hands clenching tight around my waist, lifting my pelvis so that she could lick me deeper, faster, tongue so long that I felt it curling back on itself when she found the end of me. She brought me again, then again.

"Oh, fuck me!" I wailed, tears falling from the corners of my eyes.

With a loud slurp, the demon slid her tongue out of me and said, "As you wish."

She let my butt hit the mattress and held herself up over me with one arm, and only then did it hit me, what she'd said. I pushed up onto my elbows and watched her wrap a hand around her huge cock, fully erect, shockingly long and wide and throbbing with power. She stroked her fat dick and the big hole at the end of it widened. A fat glob of pearly precum welled up and fell to my tummy with an audible splat, more goop than most guys let loose with a single shot.

I shook my head and stammered, "N-no, wait, that's not w-what I meant!"

I tried to crawl away, but my head hit the headboard. There was nowhere to go. She pushed her dick down. The giant knob of her cock rubbed over my clit, taking my breath away and leaving a slimy trail of prefuck down my cleft. I felt her at my slick opening and lodge there.

"Whoa! Seriously, just wait a minute!" I squealed and flattened my hands on her huge warm tits, trying to push her away, but she was too big, too strong. I managed to shift my hips and dislodge her though, her fat cock popping back up into view. "There's no fucking way that will fit!"

"It will fit," she told me, and she actually lowered her head to brush the tip of her nose back and forth across mine. It was a strangely affectionate gesture for a creature so damn big.

Another big drop of warm goo fell onto my bare mound, sliding down the crevice where my thigh met my groin. I craned my neck to the side - the demon took the opportunity to lick my exposed throat with that incredible tongue of hers - and looked down between our bodies at the obscenely huge dick she was stroking with her hand. Gob after huge gob of pearly prefuck fell from the big hole of her cock, and I could see it swelling over and over in the dim light of the room. Every time the demon stroked her hand down to the base of her shaft, the head of her cock would balloon, and when her hand stroked back up, it would return to its former size.

Which, by the way, was frighteningly fucking big, in case you missed it.

A series of soft feathery kisses to my jaw and chin tore my attention away from the fearsome demon dick between my legs.

"I will not hurt you," the demon told me, her voice soft and sweet, and once more she pushed her dick down to lodge it at the opening of my tiny twat.

I watched helplessly as she lowered her hips, and her fat cock pushed inside me.

"God!" I threw my head back at the feel of her stretching me open, so fucking huge, so wide and so damned long. It should have hurt, having something that big shoved inside me. But it didn't. In fact, it felt fucking incredible.

"It has been so long," she sighed, and I barely managed to catch the trembling of her voice, almost sad. "So very long."

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