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Galactic Merge



Themis sat at the pilot slot of the Nebula 47, one of the fastest space ships known throughout all the galaxies. It wasn't a big ship or the most powerful but he loved it nonetheless. Everybody often praised them for the impossible tasks they've accomplished but the fact that nobody ever mentioned the spaceship felt like some sort of injustice towards it. He ran his hand over the buttons and levers scattered before him, just a push or a pinch can instantly transport him and the other three beings within the ship to any universe both known and unknown. He lived for that, the bustle and gentle thrashing back and forth of the Nebula 47 as it tore through galaxies at the speed of light. Only then does he ever feel complete and at ease.

Right now Themis wasn't at ease, he was engulfed in a ball of anxiety and nervousness, he didn't enjoy such emotions and just wanted to get off that stinking moon of Trechilon even though the co-pilot seat next to him was empty.

"Themis I know what you're thinking and if you dare start this spaceship without Oblak in it so help me Athena I will yank your tongue out of your mouth and shove it up your-"

"Oh come on Merth, we're all anxious and waiting for Oblak. There's no need to be hard on Themis and what is it with this Athena thing?" Interrupted Cavilla. She sat cross legged on the floor of the spaceship while polishing her gun and wondering to herself why the hell Oblak was taking so long, her dark hair fell over her face as she polished. Cavilla wasn't completely right, they were all anxious except for Heilo.

Heilo was what one from the planet Earth would describe as a very chill and silent dude despite his huge size and muscular build. He had no worries, he wasn't anxious at all and all he was thinking about was what planets he should take a vacation to and whether Oblak would let him go on a vacation. He stood next to Merth and stared at the vigorous quick motions with which Cavilla polished her gun. He wondered to himself why Cavilla didn't put her speed and energy into something beneficial to him like massaging the spot at the small of his back where a Jupiter giant had punched him into the ground, it didn't ache that much but it would feel really good if her gentle small hands worked at it. Maybe the reason she hasn't massaged him was because he never asked her to, it's easier for Heilo to just stay silent and calm other than bother himself with words.

"Athena is a god from the planet earth, Oblak told me she was very powerful and all, so I decided to let her be my thing." Merth said and pushed her bright red hair back out of habit, she missed him. She wanted Oblak back. It had been exactly five hours since he had departed the Nebula 47 after it landed on the moon of Trechilon. Inter galactic government officials came and whisked him away to the planet Trechilon where the government headquarters resides.

She never was a fan of the government, they were put in place to ensure order and safety of every being in every galaxy but of late all they seemed to do was call upon mercenaries and vigilantes to help them do their job and feast upon each planet's resources without contributing much to them. Merth couldn't complain though because she loved the fame and money her job brought her, she retrospect with a smile on her face the previous mission on Jupiter where Oblak had fiercely led them to battle against the giants of Jupiter and rescued the city of Velmos from oblivion using only his tactics and clever deception techniques that Merth had come to adore and depend on over time.

"I really hate teleportation crixes." Said Oblak who had suddenly appeared on the co-pilot seat next to Themis. This led to a chain of reactions that concluded with two crew members getting shot. Oblak appearing out of the blue led to an astound Themis letting out a scream similar to a dying Gangutan from the planet Ultima, the scream startled Cavilla who accidentally brushed her finger upon the gun trigger mechanism she had been polishing and the plasma ray shot out from the gun's barrel.

A plasma gun emits the force of a small meteor's impact upon a planet surface in a single ray of light that travels at 4,000 feet per second. It is mostly used to slow an oncoming attack by injuring the attacker and can only kill when it hits weak species such as Hantulas who evolve from a biotic system comprising of twigs and sap, Opiners whose genetic components are fragile glass like molecules and humans who are made up of muscle, bone and fat.

Heilo's species is one of the most profound genetically superior beings in terms of combat and survival attributes. The most a plasma ray could do to him was bounce off after causing a slight discomfort at the place of impact. That may be the reason why Heilo didn't bother to move out of the plasma ray's way when it came towards him. It wasn't the first time he had been shot with a ray gun. Many times during his childhood years in combat training for his planet he had been shot with plasma ray guns from all angles and he wasn't going to move out of the way for this little ray of light, a choice he would soon regret.

The ray bounced off Heilo's chest and headed directly toward Oblak who was on the verge of letting out a laugh at the expense of Themis' scream which to him sounded like the shriek of a little girl from his home planet, Earth. Yes, Oblak was human in every way possible, from the white complexion of his skin to the mop of brown shaggy hair on his head, from the brown color of his eyes to the fine features of his face. Oblak was human and the bravest most heroic human in over ten galaxies.

Cavilla was one of the fastest beings within the ship. She registered what was going to happen even before it happened but the ray was faster. Even before she could stand up to get to him, she knew it was too late. The plasma ray hit Oblak on the left side of his face hence shattering his entire head into pieces and spilling his brains over the buttons and levers that Themis had moments ago been itching to press and pull.

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