tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGale Force Ch. 11

Gale Force Ch. 11


Season Two, cont.

The next four weeks brought changes and delays in our relationship, if you could call it that. I never really counted it as a relationship; I think I looked at it as an elongated pity fuck. Gale felt sorry for the black chef who took the time to see him as a human being and not just a celebrity and it was a 'safe' relationship: no competition. I accepted it as a potential sex relationship, telling myself that it was the best I could do. I should be thankful to have his attention and that I wouldn't let myself get used ... too much.

Each subsequent Sunday, I prepared lunch for us. Three Sundays, we picnicked somewhere out of the way but visually beautiful and our conversations strayed to personal territory. I was amazed at the amount of information that we shared with each other. He told me things that I'd never heard in the media. Two Sundays in a row, we had to end things early because of the production schedule but we managed to have a good time.

Robert Gant joined the regular crew and became Michael's lover. He asked to be called Bobby and seemed to have a natural connection with Hal. I found that he loved lemon-poppy muffins drizzled with honey and wasn't a great lover of pork. I didn't mind that. I usually didn't prepare much pork for the crew and stuck with chicken most of the time. The get-togethers that we had after that were as lively as usual, peppered by the regular cast: Michelle, Thea, Hal, Robert, Peter, Scott, Sharon, Randy, Jack and Gale as well as Fab, who was a love interest for Randy and Bruce, who played George, a wealthy pickle maker who had fallen in love with Peter's character.

It took me three days to compose and design the menu for Lindsay and Melanie's wedding and Jhonna helped me as usual, but I had to fashion a wedding cake as well. On the fourth day, we prepared the set and I retreated to a corner to take a nap while Jhonna handled things. I promised that I would let her take more of an administrative role toward the middle of the year and she had never let me down. I awoke to Gale's gentle rumble and the rough feel of his fingertips on my face.

"Hey, wake the fuck up!" I blinked and sat up, shaking the sheaf of sleep. "What are you doing sleeping on the job?"

"Sorry! Is everything all right?"

"Yeah. It's time to go."

I looked around to see that everyone was leaving and that Jhonna had packed everything up. "Wow! I slept that long?"

"Obviously. Jhonna said that you hadn't slept in two days."

"Just about. I caught a few naps here and there."

"Well, come with me. Uncle Gale's going to take care of you." Gale drove me home, leaving his car at the studio and was the perfect gentleman, unlocking and opening the door for me and escorting me up the stairs to my bedroom. "Take a shower and meet me out here."

I did what he asked without reservation and pulled on my robe, which he had snuck in and left on the chair. He was sitting on the edge of my bed and looked up at me when I entered, patting a large beach towel that he'd lay atop the comforter. "Lie down."

I crawled over and lay down, my entire body shivering with anticipation. I felt his hands on my feet first, warm and oiled, working the sore soles with firm, but gentles strokes. He moved up to my calves next, then pushed the robe up to work on the back of my thighs. I tried not to shiver too much but I couldn't help it. Gale was touching me! Such joy was rushing through me that I couldn't think straight. Maybe that was why I did what I did. I loosened the belt of my robe and pulled the top part down, exposing my back.

Gale didn't say a word; he oiled his hands again and massaged my shoulders and back, drawing several large sighs from me. "Feel better?"

"Much." I sighed again, turning onto my back and pulling my robe closed. "You should do that professionally."

Gale smiled, wiping his hands on the towel. "I've been working on Sharon all of last year. She was having leg cramps." I lay there and listened to him and I swear that I fell even more in love with him as a person. Sure, I always saw the sexual part of him. It was impossible to ignore but to know that his heart was as beautiful as well ... I just felt like crying to know that he was my friend. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"No reason."

"Are you sure?" He turned, planting his hands on either side of me and moving his body over mine. "Because I could have sworn that you were looking at me like ... "

I gasped, glancing down at his succulent lips, just inches from my own. "L-Like what?"

He didn't answer. His mouth descended on mine and my shivering intensified with each swipe of his tongue. I moaned when his hand slid past the folds of my robe and found my breast, cupping it briefly before targeting the nipple and stroking the hardened bud. My body responded with a will of its own, my hips rising against his and he ground his hard cock into my hip. God, I wanted him so bad! I wanted him inside me, sliding into me and pounding me into the pillows with his strength.

His hand released my breast, sliding downward over my quivering stomach and his fingers parted my soaked petals, coaxing them open. I broke our kiss, throwing my head back and gasping as one thick finger slid into me. I exploded immediately, my pussy muscles contracting and rippling around him. I grabbed his shoulders as he continued his assault, using his thumb to rub my clit while pumping me relentlessly. He sent me over the edge again, his tongue tracing lazy circles on the side of my neck and shoulder, humping my hip in rhythm with his hand.

He quickened his speed and I fought to catch my breath. My entire body was tingling, my nipples hard as rocks and rubbing against the rough fabric of my robe but I didn't really feel any of this. I was floating, my pussy burning as he worked me toward the biggest orgasm I'd ever had in my life. I felt it coming from the tips of my painfully curled toes, streaking up my jellied legs and swirling around in the pit of my stomach.

Gale felt it, too. He lifted his head and our eyes met and for several seconds, the world slowed down. Our mouths opened, our lips close enough to touch and our breaths mingled as we both came. His trembling became mine and I closed the space between our lips, sucking his tongue into my mouth as we clung together, wracked with sweet aftershocks. He sat up a bit, pulling his hand free and grinned.

"Glad I put that towel down."

I giggled, my stomach twisting in knots as he licked them clean. "Want some quiche to go with that?"

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