tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGale Force Ch. 22

Gale Force Ch. 22


Season Four, cont.

Production began as usual the next day except that I no longer took Gale's food to him. Jenifer came bouncing over to select things for him. I learned how to keep my mouth shut the first day when I'd prepared a special lunch for him, knowing how much he loved my roast beef French dip sandwiches. She ignored the box with his name written on it and asked Stacy what the healthiest sandwich was on the table. When she left with a steamed chicken breast and broccoli platter, I silently took his box and dumped it in the trash.

Randy pulled me aside the next day and asked what had happened between the two of us. I told him what I knew and the look on his face spoke volumes. "That's it?"

"Yeah. We fucked like bunnies and he left. That was it." I sighed. "Then he comes back with a girlfriend."

"I can't stand her. She's such a bitch." He complained. "She's only a PA and she's giving me orders and telling me how Gale likes to be touched. You never did that."

"Randy, I appreciate your feelings but Gale and I weren't a couple."

"Then what the hell were you doing the last two years?"

I shrugged. "Fucking."

"No. I don't believe that. He was too emotionally involved with you for it to have been just fucking."

I shrugged again, turning as Stacy called to me. "Sorry, Randy. I guess you know more than I know. Excuse me."

We worked steadily through the week and I was never so glad to see the weekend. Since the show was so popular and the cast had complained, shooting was limited on those days, mostly night scenes and Babylon innards. I prepared the meals and Stacy served them, giving me some blessed time off. When Sunday arrived, I sat quietly in my kitchen, paralyzed with fear as a knock came at the usual time.

"Who is it?"

"It's Gale."

I leaned against the door jamb, tears choking my throat. "Go home."


"You heard me. Go home."

"Cary, open the door. Let's talk about this."

"No. I don't want to talk. Go home. Go to her house."

"Cary ... "

It was a minute or two before I heard his footsteps head away and I let the tears come then, upset and angry with myself for letting him still affect me and helpless against his charm. Four weeks passed and the close-knit bond between the cast members began to deteriorate, all due to Jenifer. She began to make more and more demands on Gale's behalf and no one said anything about it because they were afraid of pissing Gale off.

The last straw for me came when I was in the trailer fetching the salad dressings when I overheard Jenifer and Stacy. Jenifer had approached, asking for something particular for Gale and Stacy informed her that we didn't have it.

"What kind of caterers are you? You're supposed to anticipate everyone's needs."

"We've never had a problem anticipating Gale's needs before, Jenifer. He's never asked for sanding sugar before."

"Well," She sniffed, plucking a mini blueberry muffin from a tray and tossing it back. "There's always a first time and you should have it ready. Really, I don't know why we put up with your inadequate food. I'll talk to Ron about you."

I watched her stomp away and slowly came out, moving to Stacy who was busily arranging lunch items and putting the breakfast food away. "Did you hear that?" I nodded, placing the dressing box down. "What are we going to do?"

I knew exactly what I had to do in order to save Stacy's job and the rest of my heart. I pulled my cell phone out and dialed a number that I'd saved in Speed Dial. "Hello, Henry?"

* * * * *

After much discussion and gnashing of teeth, Ron and Danny agreed to let Stacy take over my contract as long as Allen helped her out. I was lucky that they knew Allen as well and I said my goodbyes to the cast members that I still cared for. Randy and Bobby seemed to take it the hardest among the boys and Michelle and Thea cried. I went home and began to pack my things, happy that Stacy would be coming by to check things out.

But before I left, I had one more thing to do.

I went back to the studio to give Stacy my keys and waited until Gale was involved in a scene. Once he and Jenifer were both busy, I crept into his dressing room and left my gift for him on the table. I turned my back and closed the door, taking one last look at the Algonquin star and quietly said goodbye.

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