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Game Day Date


When I was in college, I asked a girl to come visit one weekend for the ball game. I got her a hotel room and when she arrived I took her into the room. It had a queen bed and a TV and other furniture I do not remember. It was still several hours until game time so to pass time, I turned on the TV to an adult channel. We sat on the edge of the bed and watched as a pool party began with three girls and two guys playing ball in the pool. Eventually, one of the girl's top was pulled down and then the other girls had theirs removed also. More playing in the pool as the girls grabbed one guy's suit and pulled it down. As his large cock hung down, one of the girls grabbed it and stroked it until it grew tall and hard. Then the two other girls grabbed the other guy's suit, pulled it off and started playing with his cock.

Well, by now my cock had gotten hard too and was straining against my jeans. My girlfriend noticed it and soon had my zipper down and then, like the girls on the show, was licking and sucking my cock. I was in heaven. She knew how to twirl her tongue around the head and lick up and down the underside ridge as she had me engulfed in her mouth. At this point I was no longer watching the TV and don't know what was happening in the pool.

Each time she slid her lips up my cock to the head and then licked my cock hole with her tongue, I would moan and tell her how great she was, and she was. As she was about to bring me to explosion, she withdrew and while I returned to a bit of normalcy, we kissed and I began taking off her blouse and skirt.

She was beautiful! Brown hair and eyes, large breasts, white skin, beautiful belly, and I could see the cunt hairs sticking out around the edge of her panties. She was 20 and weighed about 140, plump, curvy, and beautiful. She took off my shirt and pants and we stood there enjoying just looking at each other. My cock had shrunk a bit but was still sticking out of my boxers.

I took her into my arms. We kissed deeply with tongues intertwined, bodies together. I removed her bra and freed her gorgeous breasts. I held them overflowing in my hands, pushing them together, lifting them, and then pressing my face into them. They were so soft and warm. I kissed them all over, from top to sides, to bottom, to nipples which I devoured with my lips sucking hard on them, each in turn. Now she moaned and fell back on the bed. I fell with her and began kissing down her body.

When I reached her panties, I could smell her sweet sex. I pressed my face into her mound and inhaled. Soooo sweet! I licked her panties (just white cotton ones) and tasted the wet spot where she was beginning to cum. When I told her how sweet tasting she was, she only moaned and raised her hips against my face. I pulled her panties off.

I slid up her body till we were again kissing as our bodies were dry humping, my cock had slipped back into my shorts. Next thing I knew was that she had reached down and pulled my shorts off, positioned my cock at the opening of her wet pussy, raised her hips and I slid right into her. We held together, me as deep inside her as possible, for maybe a whole minute. Then simultaneously, we were fucking as hard and fast as any couple had ever fucked. We would pull apart until only the head of my cock was in her pussy and then we would slam together until my balls hit her ass and my cock her cervix. We continued this until she began to climax, her legs going around my ass pulling me in harder than before and her ass coming off the bed several inches. Then I could hold no longer and felt my hot juices shoot through my dick and into her hot wet cunt, shooting cum over and over.

I finally fell onto her and we kissed for minutes and then lay besides each other kissing and touching each other's bodies. We eventually had to get up, take a shower, and get ready to go to the game. After the game, we ate and returned for a night of sex games and playing with each other and some dares which is a story in themselves.

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