tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGame, Set & Match Ch. 02

Game, Set & Match Ch. 02


I rolled over on top of Anna Kournikova when we both woke up the morning after her defeat in the Wimbledon final. I hardened quickly, in anticipation of the soft inside of her pussy walls. I teased her by rubbing my engorged head along her slit, causing her to moan with frustration. I grinned, I was in control. I pushed in a bit, releasing a squeal of delight from the Russian beauty. I quickly pulled out again, the head of my cock now covered in her pussy juices. I pushed in again, this time all the way, causing her to scream in pleasure, her eyes filled with pure lust. I slowly began to pull my cock out of her then violently push it back in, each thrust causing a groan from my lover. The slow pace was driving both of us crazy, but it made everything more pleasurable. My swollen dick was in heaven, surrounded by the velvety soft, warm walls of her pussy. I began to pick up the pace, and Anna began to buck her hips against my thrusts. I could tell she was getting closer to her climax with every powerful thrust from my cock. Low, seductive moans were uttering from her lips as my large cock gave her immense pleasure. Suddenly, she let out a scream and her pussy started to contract around my invading cock, making me cum as well. I let out a groan of relief as I emptied my balls into her more than willing pussy. She screamed again, still in the throes of orgasm,

"Oooooohh, yes, keep going, fuck me harder..." her voice died as her orgasm ebbed away. I pulled my softening cock out of her and collapsed onto the bed beside her.

I was driving home in my car, thoroughly depressed. Anna and I had been interrupted by her coach, knocking on the door and telling her that she needed to get up and prepare to go home. We had exchanged phone numbers and promised to get together again. As I arrived home, I noticed that my phone was showing a voicemail message. I played it,

"Hey, Grant it's me," Anna's voice said softly, "thank you for the great night we had together. I won't forget it in a hurry. I've posted tickets to the French Open to you as a little present, perhaps we might see each other while we are there." My heart leapt at the thought of another night with her. "I hope to see you again soon, and if I win the open, I may just have a little surprise for you," she giggled naughtily, "Bye bye" Then the line went dead.

Two weeks till the French open, and the tickets came through my letter box. Inside was a ticket to get me into one game in every round of the tournament, even the final. It even came with a plane ticket and a letter.

"Dear Grant,

I trust you are well. Hope you get these on time, and hope to see you at the tournament.

Lovingly yours


Also enclosed, much to my surprise and excitement, was a picture of Anna. Not just any picture. She was naked and blowing me a kiss. Her perfect breasts hung beautifully from her body, her nipples erect. Her slim stomach and stunning ass made her figure all the more appealing. Her face was gorgeous, lips pouted in a kiss; I would never forget having those fantastic lips wrapped around my cock, giving me an underwater blow job. Just looking at the picture, my dick instantly grew hard and I decided to go and relieve myself. I gently stroked my stiff cock as I remembered every tiny detail of the night I spent with the Russian tennis star, every curve in her figure, every fold of her pussy, how sweet she had tasted, how soft her tits were. I closed my eyes, remembering just how sexy she had looked, with that look of utter bliss on her face as she came. I came quickly, groaning as my cum shot all over the picture of her. I cleaned up, and then went to bed.

I sat in first class on the flight over to France. It was my first time in first class and it was fantastic, the seats were great, each pair had a curtain you could pull round to get some privacy. I lay back with my CD player on. I closed my eyes and waited for sleep to come over me. I barely noticed the sexy brunette slip into the seat next to me and pull the privacy curtain round the pair of seats. I wouldn't have noticed had she not placed her hand on my crotch and give my member a quick squeeze through my jeans. My eyes shot open and I sat upright.

"Who are you?" I demanded of the visitor, removing my headphones.

"I'm Helen, I'm a tennis player, and Anna says hi." She dropped me a wink as she said this and my heart jumped. Anna? How? She continued speaking, "Anna told me about you...she speaks very highly of your cock. Anna has been training me for some time now, and she told me to um... keep you company on the plane as I'm not playing in the tournament." She smiled at me and straddled my lap in my seat. I didn't have time to ask any more questions before she was kissing me, her tongue exploring my mouth. Her hands groped under my shirt and she ran them over my chest. I overcame my shock and began to kiss her back. My hands felt for her small, pert tits and gave them a squeeze through the tight fitting top she was wearing that clung to her curves, accenting her hour glass figure. She fumbled with the buttons of my shirt and quickly had my top half naked; she kissed down my neck and down my chest. I fingered the bottom of her tight top and with one movement slipped it over her head revealing her tits, partially hidden behind a lacy bra. I quickly unclipped her bra and went back to fondling her. By this time her hands were working my trousers open, freeing my trapped dick. When she pulled my trousers and underwear to the ground she gasped as my eight inches sprang free, its purple head glistening with pre-cum. She conquered her astonishment instantly and began licking the shaft sending shivers of pleasure running down my spine. She took each ball in her mouth separately and massaged them with her talented tongue. She licked again from the base to the head and then took it all into her mouth.

The insides of her mouth felt fantastic. She sucked so hard on my cock that it felt like she was trying to pull the cum out of it. After a five minutes of intensely pleasurable sucking, I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her down on my dick, I let her pull back and then I thrust into her mouth as she bobbed down, pushing it all the way in, and I let my cum explode into the back of her throat. Helen swallowed all my cum and then licked the head clean. She looked at me, a sultry look in her eyes, and winked. She clambered up and straddled me again. We began to kiss again, but I moved away and began kissing her boobs, paying attention to her nipples. She moaned as I tickled her sensitive nipples with my tongue and then she whispered softly in my ear,

"Please, I want to feel that monster inside me, NOW!"

She stood up and slowly began to peel her shorts off, teasing me. Instantly becoming hard from her teasing, I reached over and forcefully removed her shorts, giving her small round ass a quick pinch as it came free. Her blue thong went next and we were both naked on the plane. I quickly lined up my rock hard cock with her opening and pushed in.

She moaned as I pushed my dick as far in as it would go into her tight pussy. I pulled out and then thrust back in, causing another sigh of relief to escape her. She began bouncing on my lap, taking over and increasing the pace. Not that I was complaining. She put her hands on the headrest for support and stifled a loud scream as her orgasm hit her hard. The contractions of her pussy almost made me come again as it were a snug fit around my cock, but I wasn't ready yet. I flipped her over so I was in control and began hammering in and out of her, as she was tired from her powerful orgasm. I continued fucking her hard, and she accepted my invading dick with a pleasured smile on her face. Soon she began to groan again, and I felt my balls contract.

"Uuuhh, I'm coming." I moaned

"Inside me, please" she begged.

As I let my cum fill her tight pussy she began to orgasm as well, this time unable to stifle the scream. Her screams of ecstasy filled the cabin as her pussy squashed my cock, draining all the cum out of it. I pulled out of her and fell into the other chair.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," the captains voice filled the area, "we are about to begin our descent, please sit in your chairs and fasten your seatbelts. Thank you for flying with us today." We quickly got dressed and sat down, ready for the dive.

The hotel room was HUGE. It was almost as big as the suite that Anna and I had fucked in after Wimbledon. It had a 30 inch plasma screen television and its own mini bar. Helen had shown me to my room and told me she was in the room next to me if I ever wanted to visit her. I had contemplated visiting her, but had decided against it. It was late, and the tournament started tomorrow, so I unpacked and went to my bed.

Anna clambered on top of me, rubbing her slit against my soft cock. Her wetness caused me to harden, and, happy with its size, Anna lowered herself onto me. She gasped as her pussy engulfed my cock, the hard shaft causing her pleasure as it rubbed against her soft insides. She began to dance erotically on top of my lap and she rode me...

I woke from my dream suddenly, distracted by a noise coming from the room next door. It was still dark outside, the sun not yet at the horizon. My cock was raging in my shorts from the sex dream. I reached down and began to stroke it gently, until I heard the noise that had awoken me again. It was a soft moan, coming through the walls from Helen's room next door. I listened closely and heard it again. It sounded like she was having the time of her life. Curiosity got the better of me, and I went to the door to my room. Peeking out to make sure no-one was in the corridor, I locked the door behind me. I moved to Helen's door and listened again. More soft moans coming from inside. Stealthily, I gave the door a gentle push, and to my surprise it swung open. I slipped inside and moved closed it behind me. I moved through the room and found the source of the noise. In the bedroom, I found Helen lying on her bed, completely naked, two fingers shoved up her pussy and her thumb playing with her clit. I guess that solved the mystery of what the noise was. She had her eyes closed. I snuck up to the bed, and moved round behind her. I slipped my shorts off and silently climbed onto the bed behind her. I placed my hand over hers and gently moved it out the way, quickly replacing it with my other hand. I put three fingers inside her, and using my thumb, flicked her swollen, sensitive nub. Her eyes had shot open when I'd removed her hand, but when she saw who it was, she rolled her head back and whispered,

"Decided to visit me then..." I didn't bother to answer. I continued rubbing her clit with my thumb and finger-fucking her as I moved round the front of her. My eyes met with her pussy, her hair neatly trimmed into a V shape. My fingers were disappearing inside of her, getting covered with her juices. I pulled my hand away and she moaned in frustration. I put my hands to my mouth and licked her pussy juices off them. She tasted oh so sweet. I lowered my head between her legs and kissed up the inside of her legs, teasing her. I slowly circled her lips and planted one kiss on her clit, causing her to buck her hips into my face in irritation. I grinned, my teasing having had the desired effect. I didn't wait any longer, and I immersed myself in her sweet juices. I licked her slit, and poked my tongue into her tunnel. I began to flick my tongue in and out, pushing in as far as I could. She began to moan again, the same moans which had attracted me into the room in the first place. I continued tongue-fucking her as fast as I could bringing her closer and closer to her orgasm. I pulled away briefly, to replace my tongue with my fingers and turned my attention to her clit. I rolled my tongue over it and she screamed,

"I'M COMING!!!" Her juices shot onto my face, completely covering me. I continued to finger her while she came. She kept going for a minute, before collapsing onto the bed. I lay down beside her. She lifted her head, and smiled. She moved over as if to kiss me but instead began to lick her own juices off my face. Satisfied she rolled away and lay down on her front, closing her eyes peacefully. I moved around so I could get a good view of her ass. The twin globes were round and a light shade of brown. I ran my hands over the soft skin, caressing her. I spread her cheeks apart slightly and found her puckered asshole. I licked one of my fingers and gently poked it inside, widening her slightly. She gasped but then relaxed again, apparently enjoying it. My cock was still raging hard, so I pulled my finger out and placed my dick between her legs. Her eyes shot open. She was considering whether to let me fuck her up the ass or not. Deciding it as best not to argue she lay back down. I lifted her shapely hips up a bit and slid myself inside her pussy twice for lubrication. I positioned my rigid cock at her brown hole and pushed the head inside. She gasped again. I pulled out,

"Relax," I whispered soothingly, "it'll hurt less and you'll enjoy it more." I pushed my cock inside her ass again, bringing another groan of pain from her. It was incredibly tight. I couldn't believe how hot and tight this was. I slowly, very slowly pushed more of myself inside, and her sphincter muscles began to relax and mould around my cock. I finally pushed all the way in to the hilt and slid back out again, leaving only two inches inside. I slowly began to thrust in and out of her sexy ass. I placed my hands on her hips and began to move her in time with my thrusts. I moved one hand round her front and started fingering her clit while I began furiously fucking her tightest hole. The tightness of her ass was unbelievable and extremely pleasurable. I quickly felt the familiar stirrings in my balls before orgasm. I pulled out and then thrust back inside one last time, before injecting her ass with a bucket load of my cum. I sent four or five jets into her ass, and then pulled out with an audible pop. I was still fingering her pussy. I moved my fingers away and placed my softening cock at her opening from behind. I quickly thrust it inside, and she orgasmed. She screamed again and her pussy squeezed my now soft cock. She finally collapsed face down on the bed and fainted. I got away from behind her and fell asleep beside the gorgeous, tanned brunette.

When I awoke the next morning, Helen was already awake and making herself something to eat. I rolled over in the bed and clambered out. Getting dressed I joined Helen for breakfast. We ate in silence, staring into each others eyes, contemplating last night. When we had finished, she told me that Anna's first game was in fifteen minutes. She was playing a relatively unknown Australian woman. As I took my seat next to Helen in the crowd, I watched as the two players strolled out onto the court, Anna obviously more comfortable than her opponent. The Australian looked positively terrified to be standing next to the world famous Russian. The umpire took his seat and the players took their positions on the court. The empire raised his hand for silence and the game began. As Anna sauntered to victory, I realized how much I missed her. I couldn't take my eyes off her ass, swaying as she prepared to receive a serve, or her tits, bouncing about underneath her tight top as she darted swiftly here and there across the court. She won the match by two sets to love, 6-2, 6-4. I didn't get the chance to see her after the game, so I headed back to my room. Helen joined me and as the night went on, we went to bed together. Lying next to her in bed I couldn't get Anna out of my head. Helen fell asleep instantly, but I didn't, and I eventually drifted off into a dreamy sleep.

I dreamt about Anna, we didn't have sex though; we were dancing, slowly, our bodies pressed against each other. As we circled slowly, my hands locked around her waist and hers around my neck, I realized that I felt so happy, just to be in this situation. Her head were resting against my shoulder, rising and falling with my breathing. I shifted my hands and placed them on her ass, pushing our groins together, I felt her pussy radiate warmth through her tight joggers and, my dick, having a mind of its own, stiffened. I whispered softly,

"Oh, Anna..."

I woke up with a start, and felt something warm around my groin. I looked down and, to my surprise I saw Helen, her mouth wrapped around my cock, giving me a blow job. I instantly knew I was close to coming. I put my hands on her head and quickly thrust into the back of her throat, pouring my cum down her throat. She climbed off me and lay next to me again,

"Sorry," she whispered, "I couldn't resist, you were hard, so I took advantage."

Next day Anna didn't have a game but yet again I didn't see her.

Anna slowly eliminated all her opponents in the next rounds of the tournament; I attended every game raucously supporting her. She got to the final...

The papers hailed it as a chance at revenge. Anna Kournikova versus Serena Williams round 2. The arena was packed; there wasn't a spare seat to be seen. It was one set each and the final set was 6 games all, tie-break. It was 5 point each, Serena to serve. If Serena won the next two points she would win. She tossed the ball high in the air and brought her racket up to meet it in mid-flight. The ball came crashing down over the net towards Anna, who stood strong and, stepping to one side, returned an excellent shot to the back corner of Serena's half of the court. This caught Serena off guard and she just reached it and Anna simply tapped the ball in the opposite direction to win the point. Anna's serve, 6-5. All she needed to do was win this point and the title would be hers. She steadied herself, calming her racing heart and tossed the ball up. All eyes followed the yellow ball as it rose and then began to fall again. THUNK! Anna's racket slammed into the ball as it descended and sent the ball flying through the air. The net rippled as the ball collided with it,

"FAULT," yelled the umpire, "Second service!" A ball boy tossed Anna another ball, and she prepared to serve again. She tossed the ball up again, her eyes fixed upon its flight. As soon as she hit it, everyone knew it was special. Time appeared to slow as her perfect serve sailed over the net, bouncing just inside the service area and, as it bounced up again, flew over Serena's racket and hit the billboards behind her. AN ACE!

"GAME, SET AND MATCH, MISS KOURNIKOVA!!!" The crowd erupted, the cameras flashed as Anna threw her hands up in delight. She moved to the net to shake hands with Serena, and said something to her. The players shook hands with the umpire and Anna turned around to salute her audience. Her eyes found mine. Nothing else mattered anymore; I had gone momentarily deaf and was hypnotized by Anna's stare. She held up both her hands, ten fingers raised, keeping her eyes locked on mine. She lowered one hand, leaving five fingers up. The meaning couldn't have been clearer. Fifteen minutes...

Fifteen minutes later I was standing outside the court, waiting. My heart was beating fast, had I read her signs right? Or was I reading too much into it? I looked around again, where is she? Suddenly I spotted her, rushing through the crowd to meet me. She jumped at me and hugged me, a massive grin on her face. I congratulated her on her win and she thanked me for coming.

"You got my message then?" I didn't need to answer, I just grinned stupidly at her. She began to move away, taking my hand in her small soft palm. She guided me through the horde of people to some unknown destination. A huge building loomed up in front of me. Ah, I thought, how obvious, the players lounge. Pushing through the revolving doors, dragging me behind her she led me straight to the lift. The doors opened with a ping and we went inside. The doors closed behind us and Anna pushed the button for her floor. As the lift started its ascent, Anna was on me like a flash, passionately kissing me, exploring her mouth with her tongue, rubbing her magnificent body against me. I kissed her back, my hands fondling her tight ass squashing it as we kissed. Ping, the doors opened and a few players stared aghast at me and Anna. She dropped them a wink and we moved out into the hallway. She took my hand in hers again and led me away. We reached her room and she unlocked it. Inside, she released my hand and walked through her suite. We reached the bedroom with its king-size bed and to my complete astonishment there was a set of handcuffs attached to the four corners of the bed. She giggled mischievously and spoke softly,

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