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I was still in full time education and spent all my time dreaming about the girls I wanted to fuck. It was girls who turned me on and it was girls that I wanted to get to grips with. Trouble was opportunity had just not come my way.

I had a friend called David and we hung around together quite a lot. The main topic of our conversation was girls and it seemed that we both had one track minds. Later I was to find out that David's mind was also running on a second track or maybe that was my mind; I never really worked out who was the motivator.

David was a good looking guy and a lot of the girls fancied him so it was surprising that he didn't have a regular girl. True his lips were a little full and he had an air of femininity about him but I felt comfortable in his company.

Back in those days there were two innocent magazines to be found on the racks of most news agents. One was called "Tip Bits" and the other was called "Revallie", I might be wrong on the titles but the content of both magazines was similar. Pretty innocent stuff really but at the time it was our only access to risqué stories.

Both of us had read a story in one of these magazines relating to an episode where a group of friends had played strip poker. One afternoon, when there were no lectures to attend at college, we walked round to David's house. His parents were out and we had the house to ourselves.

We sat in the lounge, put some music on and started to chat as young lads will. Excitedly we discovered that we had both read the same article about strip poker. We discussed it for a while then David said, "Let's do it, you and me."

"What, strip poker, you and me? I replied "You've got to be joking."

"Come on," encouraged David, "It'll be a laugh. We don't have to go all the way. Just down to our pants."

"OK," I answered, "Best we go to your bedroom where we can't be seen. Grab the cards; let's do it."

We shut ourselves into his bedroom and sat on the side of his bed. It turned out that neither of us was quite sure how to play poker so instead we decided just to deal the pack and let fate take a hand; we agreed that each time a jack was dealt to either of us we had to remove one item of clothes.

I started to feel horny and my cock was straining against my underpants. It was difficult to see if David was in a similar state of excitement but time would tell.

The cards came in a random fashion and we shared the jacks; pretty soon we were both down to pants, vests and socks. At this stage my luck seemed to run out and the jacks kept coming my way. The socks came off one at a time and then the vest; I was left in underpants. By this time my erection had disappeared and worry was now my main companion.

I hoped against hope that the tables would turn and David would get the next jack; but no; fate was not on my side, the next jack fell to me. I was obliged to remove my underpants. David was excited and waiting for me to deliver; I was nervous and not sure what to do.

I bottled out; "No," I blurted, "That's as far as it goes. I'm not taking my pants off!"

David took it in good heart and the cards were put away and we just lay on the bed side by side. We talked aimlessly and just relaxed. After ten minutes a strange thing happened. David playfully reached out and patted my penis. No one had ever touched my penis before and the feeling was like an electric shock. A shiver went through my whole body, my mind somersaulted. Did it happen? Am I sure it happened? Did I dream it?

A minute later David delivered another swift tap to my boyhood. Once again the shock of this contact was electric. My mind was in turmoil; what should my response be?

It seemed that the best plan was to strike back so I reached out and gave him a brief pat. It was a very quick contact and I was unable to define any detail. His penis lay hidden under his pants. It now developed into a game of tag with each of us delivering brief pats to the others private parts.

How did it happen? Who did it first? I can never be sure but one of us kept his hand in contact and within a few seconds our hands rested on each others cocks. This was my first ever sexual contact. My cock was rock solid and I was excited beyond belief. It seemed that the world did not matter any more; nothing mattered; there was a hand gently massaging my prick through my pants. My left hand rested lightly on David's cock and I gently rubbed and squeezed it.

The time had come; my hand slipped in through the fly opening of his pants and I held a real cock in my hand. David did the same for me and we both lay there immersed in the glorious feeling of mutual masturbation.

His cock was warm, it was hard and it was strange. I never felt anyone's prick before and here I was playing with the cock of my best friend. The session could have taken all sorts of turns but I was a novice. Mutual wanking was all that we managed on that first session. We didn't even bring each other to a climax; we got so excited that we both ministered to our own needs and brought ourselves to a climax. Our bellies were both covered in our spunk and it was with feelings of guilt that we cleaned our selves up.

We didn't exchange many words and I left shortly afterwards. I just didn't know what to think. I wasn't sure if I wanted to see David again.

A few days passed and there was a burning desire in me to experience those special feelings again. I nervously made contact with David to see how he felt. It seemed he was feeling much the same and I rushed round to his house.

I rang the bell and the door was opened; David ushered me in and as we stood there in the hall something very strange happened; it was totally natural and not precipitated by either party; it just happened. We kissed; right there in the hall; we just kissed and it seemed natural; it seemed right; we kissed like a boy and a girl would. We wrapped our arms round each other and pushed our groins together. His tongue darted into my mouth and seemed to reach every far corner; my tongue reciprocated and we stayed locked together for a full five minutes.

We could have done it right there in the hall but common sense dictated that we must retreat to his bedroom.

"What shall we do," I asked, "Cards again?"

"We don't need cards Peter. We just need to do it; right here; right now." Having said this David gently pushed me back down onto his bed. He quickly removed his jeans and his pants and revealed his cock. In truth in our last session I hadn't seen his cock, just felt it. It stood now with the head pointing to the ceiling, it was hard and it was long; like myself David was circumcised and the head of his cock stood proud and shiny. There was a tiny pearl of precum on the head and something inside me made me lean forward and collect that tiny pearl onto my tongue.

Having done this I leaned back and looked at his cock; I reached forward and held the shaft in my hand; I squeezed, I rubbed and I massaged his prick. The next thing I knew a powerful pair of hands went to the back of my head and pulled it forward, my lips were guided to that beautiful penis.

It slipped into my mouth and I thought to myself, "This is what I want to do. I don't care what might be said of me; I want to suck David's cock."

David encouraged me, "Come on Peter, suck it, get your lips round it, I want to come in your mouth."

It seemed that this cock might be more than I could handle and as it continually hit the back of my throat I began to gag. David withdrew and seemed to calm down a little. He sat on the bed beside me and with a little help from m he extracted my prick from my pants. We lay full length on the bed and began to kiss again. After a while we parted and David looked at me and said, "We need to do it."

"What shall we do? How will we do it?" I was confused; I wanted sexual relief; I wanted David's cock but I wasn't sure about the logistics. David took control.

"69. We do it in the 69 position and we suck and suck till we explode." Having said this David turned and once again I was presented with his cock; it seemed to know where to go; it had a mind of its own; it darted into my mouth before I could draw breath. At the same time I felt Dave's lips surround my cock; I felt his tongue pressing demandingly against my cock head; I started to experience feelings I never knew I could have. It was a race against time; who would come first? Could we climax together?

Ding, dong: Oh no! Panic; the front door. We should have ignored it but couldn't take the risk. Cocks were tucked away in our pants and David raced down stairs to answer the door. It was his sister; bad luck that she was home but good luck that she had forgotten her key and had to ring the door bell.

I made my excuses and hurriedly left; I glanced back at David and mouthed the words. "I'll call."

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