tagGay MaleTwo Friends Share A Halloween Costume

Two Friends Share A Halloween Costume


Halloween just past a few days ago and it reminded me of a very interesting Halloween a few years ago. I was recently divorced and pretty down about the whole thing and my friend Tom wanted to cheer me up and suggested we go to a Halloween party, I asked about his wife and he said she was going out of town to visit her mom so he had nothing better to do anyway.

I agreed, but as the evening approached I started to have second thoughts I just was not in the mood to go to the party. Well Tom showed up anyway all dressed and ready to go.

"Dude why aren't you ready?"

"Tom I am just not in the mood man."

"Come on Dave, get in the mood, we will have a blast."

" Tom, I can't go I don't have a costume."

"No big deal man, we can both fit in my costume, I can take the stuffing out of the second head and we can go as the two headed monster, besides think of the fun we will have, every one will assume there is only one person in the costume and we can fuck with them by one of us drinking while the other one talks and I am sure we can think of other shit to pull, come on dude let's go."

"Fine, but will we both fit in there?"

"The costume is big enough for both of us."

So we headed into my bedroom and Tom unzipped his costume and I noticed he was only wearing his boxers.

He noticed me looking. "Oh yeah forgot to tell you it gets pretty hot in this costume so you will be better off if your also only wearing your boxers too."

I didn't say anything but all kinds of thoughts were going through my head, I am a straight guy and it seemed like it would be awfully awkward to be so close to my best buddy, and I didn't really like the idea of skin to skin contact with him but I was also at a low point in my life and decided what the hell go and have some fun.

So I started to undress down to my boxers as Tom sat on the bed waiting for me.

"Hey Tom how are we going to do this?"

"Well since I am a few inches taller, why don't you get in front of me that way I can stand behind you and rest my head on your shoulder as the second head."

So Tom put the costume back on and I put my legs inside and my arms too, but we noticed that the arms in the costume would not be big enough to put both our arms in and it was decided it would be easier if my arms were in them and Tom would keep his arms inside the costume by his side.

When we tried to walk we ended up falling over.

"This is not going to work"

"Man your such a pussy, don't give up so easily, we just have to practice."

With that he put his arms around my waist to get better balance and we started to walk in my apartment, once we got the hang of it we took the costume off and headed over to our friends house that was having the party. When we got there, we parked the car a block away near a dark alley so we could get undressed and put the costume on. We decided to see how long we could fool people before they realized there was two of us in the costume, so Tom planned on staying quiet until people figured it out.

We got pretty good at walking inside the costume, and as we approached the house I thanked Tom for convincing me to do it.

As soon as we walked in people started complementing me on the cool costume and I headed over to get a drink, I always got two drinks and I usually headed for a corner so Tom could quickly down his. After a few drinks we were both starting to get a good buzz and also feeling the effects of drinking so much and I needed to go to the bathroom. I whispered to Tom I needed to go and he said ok, so we headed off to the bathroom.

"Hey man how am I going to do this, I can't unzip with these monster arms, I need you to unzip me?"

"Damn Dave, okay here you go"

I felt Tom lower the zipper and just stood there.

"Okay dude I need you to pull it out so I can piss."

"No fucking way am I touching your dick"?

"Listen fuckface this was your idea in the first place and I have to piss real bad so unless you want me to piss in the costume I suggest you get over it and pull it out."

I heard Tom muttering, "Fuck me"

I felt him reach into my boxers and grope around for my dick, it felt strange having my best friends hand reaching for my dick, it felt strange but in a weird way good. He got a hold of it, pulled it out and I started to piss right away, he shook it for me and put it back in my boxers.

He then took his empty cup put it inside the costume and heard him piss into his cup, which he then handed to me and I emptied into the toilet, he zipped us up and we headed back into the party. As we walked in a new realization hit me, Tom and I had crossed a line most friends don't cross.

I soon forgot about it when I ran into the most gorgeous blond I had seen all night, as we started chatting I was getting a hard on watching all the cleavage before my eyes. That wasn't so bad except Tom was also getting a hard on, and his hard on was hitting the crack of my ass. I heard his whisper to me an apology but he couldn't help it.

To be totally honest, it didn't feel so bad, with being half drunk and horny his cock felt pretty good.

When Mandy said she was tired of standing and wanted to sit she grabbed my hand and we headed to the sofa. When we both sat down now I could really feel Tom's cock on my ass. When we sat he naturally put his hands on my thighs since he had nowhere else to put them and we sat there talking to Mandy.

I felt tom wiggling a bit and his cock was wedged deep inside my crack. As we both look down Mandy's costume to those gorgeous tits I felt Tom's hands start to go up my thighs getting closer to my dick, which was already hard.

I felt his fingers reach inside my boxers and pull my cock out and I felt him slowly stroking my cock. I have to admit it felt good, he slowly stroked the length of my cock and I didn't care anymore that Mandy was there it felt incredible to have my best friend stroking me. Just when I was getting close he stopped and it drove me insane. I wanted that release so bad.

When we stood up to go get another drink I felt him pull my boxers down and he must have lowered his too because I felt his hot dick touching my ass as we walked. When we got back and sat down I felt his cock right at the entrance to my ass but without lubricating that was as far as it was going, but it felt so good and that is when I made up my mind I wanted to feel his cock inside of me.

He started to stroke me again and every time I got close he stopped. I couldn't take it anymore and I told Mandy I had to go to the bathroom. As we walked away he whispered you really want my cock don't you, and I nodded as we approached the bathroom, Once insides I locked the door we unzipped and as I took my arms out Tom pushed me over so my hands were on the sink he found some Vaseline in the cabinet and covered his cock.

"Go slow Tom I have never done this before." And as the words escaped my lips I felt his cock slowly enter me, Oh my god it was the most incredible feeling, between being half as drunk and horny his cock felt amazing as he slowly worked it into my ass. He grabbed a hold of my hips and started to slowly pump his cock into my virgin hole. As I gripped the sink I looked into the mirror and saw what he saw, his best friend bent over slowly getting fucked in the ass.

"Oh fuck Tom, that feels so good."

"Dave your ass is so tight I am not going to last much longer."

I felt Tom speed up and he was fucking me hard and furious, his hands holding on to my hips as his cock drove into me.

"Oh yes Tom fuck me give it to me, I want you to cum inside of me, I want to feel your cum as it erupts from your dick."

That must have sent Tom over the edge cause I heard him say "Oh SHITTTT Ohhhhhhhh" at that moment I felt his cum erupt inside of me.

"Oh yeah man that feels so good."

As he slowly pulled his cock out I felt the emptiness as his cock plopped out, I wanted it back in. I stepped out of the costume turned around and said "my turn now, get on your knees and swallow my cock"

Tom did as I said and he got on his knees, I told him to leave his hands by his side I was going to feed him my cock. I took a hold of my hard on and slowly rubbed it all over his face, the pre cum was pouring out after all the times he almost made me cum, I slowly brought my cock to his lips, I told him to keep his lips closed as I rubbed it over them, I pushed my cock past his lips and I entered his mouth.

"Suck it Tom"

Tom slowly sucked my cock, I could feel his lips circling the head, it felt so good, I was not going to last and as I was getting ready to exploded I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him tighter to me as I started cumming in his mouth, I was cumming so much that some of it leaked out but he didn't care. Oh my god it felt so good.

Finally Tom spoke "lets get the fuck out of here so we can go back to your place and continue this."

"Sounds like a plan to me." As I smiled back at him thinking what fun we would have that evening.

Hope you enjoyed my story, it has been a couple of years since I have written one and I hope to hear from the readers, I enjoy reading your feedback and take it to heart when writing other stories and please don't forget to vote.

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