Games Ch. 02


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"Get your hands of my girl," Matt stated coldly. James and Spence had ranged themselves behind him, looking every bit as implacable as him.

"No, no, no," I cried, jumping up. Or at least I tried to. I made it halfway, but Brad's arms held their grip and pulled me back down. When I landed, I could feel his hard cock underneath his pants, and wriggled my ass just a little, to see what he would do. Brad hissed out a breath, put his hands on my waist to help me stand up, and stood up himself, after a very quick and discreet rearranging of things. I was impressed, in more ways than one.

"Matty, this is Brad. Remember, we went to see him pitch back in August, and then we went to that dive bar where you hooked up with that girl with the legs?" It all came out in a rush, but people were starting to stare and I didn't want to be thrown out.

"What girl with the legs? Where was I?" Spence asked, as he grabbed an empty chair and seated himself at the table. He grinned at me, and I knew he knew that these guys were ok. I could have kissed him right then.

James was chatting with Eddie about something that made them both crack up, so I knew he was fine. It was just Matt. Looking at his face, he didn't seem pleased.

His eyes were still cold, but at least he wasn't snarling anymore. "Hey Brad," he said gruffly, nodding at the boys still seated.

"Girl with the legs, huh? Better than Cat's?" Brad teased, holding out his hands, suspect style, when Matt's face hardened. "Why don't you guys come sit with us? We'll buy you a round, have some laughs. What do you say?" he asked Matt, but looking at me.

Matt half-shrugged and I took that to mean "thanks but no thanks" so I started to shake my head and explain we were celebrating, but Brad didn't let me finish. He grabbed a roving waiter and asked for a round of shots, along with some champagne to be sent over.

"We can celebrate both, hon. My future with the Giants, and his…" he trailed off, questioningly.

When Matt didn't immediately volunteer the news, I jumped right in. "He just landed his first role on a real movie set! Isn't that amazing? And guess who he's working with?" I babbled excitedly.

Well, that got everyone excited, and the guys peppered Matt with questions, especially when they found out it was a war movie. The waiters came with extra chairs and place settings, and I moved away from Brad to sit down in one. My feet were starting to hurt. Just as I plopped myself down in between Matt and Brad, they both started talking to me.

"Fix your skirt, Cat. I'm not getting thrown out of here because you're being slutty," Matt burst out just as Brad exclaimed "Oh man, why didn't your skirt do that when you were on my lap?"

I looked down, horrified at the way the skirt had risen around my waist due to my unladylike sitting ability. Apparently when I sat, the hem of the already short skirt had caught on the fabric of the chair back, and I was now flashing that sexy black g-string Matt had picked out.

Furious with him for calling me slutty (even though I know he didn't really mean it), I tried to adjust my skirt discreetly while blasting him back. "Goddamn it, Matty, if your balls weren't so blue, you wouldn't have picked out this floss for me in the first place! And if you controlled your goddamn temper a little better, I would have had a laugh with these guys and come right back to the table."

He looked at me for a moment, considering. Then he shrugged, sheepishly, and chuckled. "What can I say, kitten? I didn't like the looks of him, and the looks he was giving your girls," he explained, gesturing toward my chest.

"Hey!" Brad exclaimed. "In my defense, they're great girls." I punched him in the arm. "What? They are! I mean, when you're working on me, I sorta forget you're a girl, ya know?"

"Yeah, she's a pretty good dude, for a girl," Spence leaned over to add.

Eddie, who was watching the interplay, just shook his head. "B, she's your PT? I don't know how you could stand to have her hands on you all the time, man. Phew!" he joked.

"Yeah, Cat," Ben added. "I definitely hurt my thigh and groin. Can you come check it out for me?"

I laughed, pretended to peer over into his lap. "I see the problem, big guy," I said thoughtfully. "You're missing something. Do you know who has, or where you last left, your cock and balls?" I asked sweetly.

The whole table erupted into laughter, even Ben, although he had blushed charmingly. "Do you want to help me find them?" he asked slyly.

"Such a charmer, you are," I laughed. The whole table grinned knowingly at me. "What?" I asked, exasperated.

Travis leaned in conspiratorially. "Rumor has it that any girl of Ben's has to be a snake charmer, if you know what I mean," he whispered as he gave me a telling glance.

As I processed this information, I considered Ben, who was sitting back in his chair, accepting my stare. He lifted an eyebrow at me when I finished my appraisal. My smile became a grin, and I couldn't help it. I busted up laughing. Matt, Spence and James, who had been in their own conversations, looked over to see what had set me off. Ben had a small smile playing on his lips, Travis was grinning, and as I turned, I could see Brad. He had a look of mock anguish on his pretty face.

"Dammit, Ben!" he said, without any real heat.

"Another one bites the dust?" Frank questioned, jumping into our conversation.

"Who, Cat?" James asked. "No way. She's never been gone for anyone. Her cojones are too big for any mortal man to handle."

My laugh was tight and my smile brittle at James' words. Story of my life, as the saying goes. I wondered when this joke was going to get as old for them as it was for me. As I was pondering my love life, I involuntarily let out a gasp as I felt Brad's hand on my thigh. I sneaked him a glance, but he was talking to Frank, although I could detect a hint of a smirk on his lips.

Still hurt by James' comment and feeling left out of the conversations around me, I flagged the waitress down and ordered myself another drink. I'm sure she saw Brad's hand from where she was standing, and she, too, gave me a knowing glance. I blushed, and as she walked away to fill my order, I stood, dislodging Brad's hand.

Everyone turned to look at me, and I nervously smoothed my skirt down again. "I, uh, I'm gonna be right back," I stammered, turning from the table. As I walked to the restrooms, I could hear the table erupt in laughs, and I knew, I just knew they were laughing at me.

That was ok with me, them laughing at me. That I could handle, and handle well. It came from years of practice. But them acknowledging my lack of love life, and the reasons why, only affirmed the inadequacies I had, and it grew into a huge ball of insecurity in the pit of my stomach. I stared at my reflection in the mirror, ashamed now that I had worn what Matt had wanted me to, and let that influence how I was acting, especially towards Brad and his friends.

Just as I had made the decision to resist Brad and steel my resolve towards the therapist's oath I had made, I saw his blonde head peeking around the door of the women's restroom. I stared in disbelief as he looked up, caught my eye and grinned naughtily. "What are you doing?" I asked, laughing.

"Looking for you," he said matter-of-factly. I tilted my head and raised an eyebrow, waiting for further explanation. He took the opportunity to close the distance between us, stepping in between my legs as I turned to face him. His hips rolled forward, and mine, trapped against the sink at my back, nestled comfortably in the vee of his. I tipped my head back to look up at him in amusement.

"What?" he asked softly, his hand coming up to brush my hair out of my face.

That tender gesture moved something in me, and I turned my face into his hand, brushing my lips against his palm. I heard his shaky exhale. His hand slid back to grab a handful of my hair and tilt my head back even farther. With a predatory gleam in his eyes, his mouth descended on mine. His full lips were firm and demanding, all but forcing me to open up under him. As I parted my lips, his tongue took full advantage and thrust into my mouth, tasting, exploring. I could feel a tightness in my belly, and my fingers dug into his shoulders. He had one hand still wound in my hair, the other was sliding under my shirt to cup my breast. He thumbed my nipple and I jerked, alarm mingling with lust. I tore my lips away from his, panting with the effort and feeling the loss.

"What are we doing?" I whispered, more to myself than to Brad.

He dropped his forehead down to mine, eyes closed. "Nothing, Cat. Yet," he whispered back.

My eyes closed in response, attempting to find some logic or reason. I turned my head and rested it on his shoulder, his arms coming around me, one hand closing on the nape of my neck, the other lazily stroking my back. My own arms closed around his slender waist.

"Let's go back to the table," he suggested. "I don't want to be thrown out of here again."

I threw him a look, to which he only shrugged. "It'd be worth it this time," he eyed me, considering. That was enough to get me to push at his chest and wiggle around him towards the door, his low chuckle behind me. I reached the door and tugged, surprised to find it locked. Brad only grinned at my shock.

"Did you want someone to walk in on what I had in mind when I came to find you?" I shook my head, grateful he had thought that far ahead. As it was, my mind was still spinning, trying to figure out what I was going to do with him.

We made our way back to the table, the conversation halting when they spotted us. Mike and Ben had knowing looks on their faces, while Matt was tightlipped. James looked amused, and Spence was openly laughing. The rest of Brad's boys I'm sure suspected something, but their faces showed only mild interest.

I moved to sit down, and Matt beat Brad to holding out my chair. As I sat, Matt leaned in and murmured, "I hope you know what you're doing." I slanted him a look out of the corner of my eye. He met my stare evenly.

I grabbed the drink that was in front of me and took a big gulp. Liquid courage, and all. I could see Brad trying to suppress a smile. Conversation resumed, and we ordered dinner. After the waitress left, a thought occurred to me that had my devilish side coming back.

"So," I cleared my throat, and paused for dramatic effect. Everyone turned to look at me. "I guess my night's on you boys, huh?" I taunted Matt, James and Spence with a wicked grin. Ben looked intrigued and leaned forward, but it was Mike who spoke up.

"On all of us? Not that I'm complaining, but did you do something to earn it?" he teased back. I simply smiled and waited for someone else to explain.

Spence groaned and Matt sighed loudly. "She did win," James put it. "And none of us even started." I only smiled bigger, gleeful.

"Ok, someone explain," Eddie demanded.

Matt sighed again. "We have this game," he began. "It's kind of a bitch-out game. We make each other outdo ourselves and one-up each other."

"Like what?" Frank asked.

"Well, today, Cat had to 'accidentally on purpose' fall into some guy's lap. Matty was supposed to lure a girl into the men's room. James had to make out with the male bartender, and I had to bring back the hostess's panties," Spence said, laughing.

At the mention of the bathrooms, I felt Brad sneak his hand back to my knee. Involuntarily, I shivered as his thumb stroked patterns on my bare thigh, but kept my composure. What the hell, right? We were celebrating. And, cherry on top, he was a Giant! What more could I ask for?

"So her falling in his lap was planned?" Ben asked slowly.

I met his gaze evenly. "That was the bet," I said carefully. Whatever he seemed to be looking for in my face apparently satisfied him, as he nodded and turned his head away.

Brad chuckled. "I thought you were dicking with us, Cat, when you said you had a bet going." I looked at him in surprise. "You know, a convenient excuse to come on to me, or something," he continued.

Smiling slyly, I shook my head negatively. "Sorry, kid, you're not that lucky."

Under his breath, I heard Ben mutter, "good" but I didn't want to question that at all. Dangerous territory. I was better off reverting back to my original decision to flirt with these guys, but not do anything that would jeopardize either my career, or my dignity. I knew I had better watch my step tonight.

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