tagAnalBig Woman Booty Hole Chronicles

Big Woman Booty Hole Chronicles


Stevenson Spade is the name. A tall, good-looking young black man living in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm a student at Morehouse College, the best damn school in the world, period. It's my father Frank Spade's alma mater. He attended the school and played football for them circa 1970. Shortly before I came into this mundane world. I'm on the men's baseball team. This is the story of how I spent my summer vacation. I've been called everything from manipulative psychopath to cunning sociopath in my day. One of those blessed, or cursed, individuals who are incapable of feeling remorse. It doesn't bother me a bit. I just ignore the haters and do my thing. My occupation is that of college student and car salesman. My vocation is that of Trickster. I love messing up people who are too dumb to know better. Yeah, it's so much fun. Watch what happens.

There are a lot of stupid people in this world. Stupid men and stupid women. Stupidity is not gender-specific. It doesn't discriminate. It employs everyone equally. How else would you explain how I never run out of people to con, seduce and then abandon? Exactly. There is a certain science to the art of the con. First, there's target selection. It's best to choose a person with a very high opinion of themselves. If this person thinks he or she is above others and impervious to what befalls the common man, then so much the better. Such people are the easiest to con because they're so wrapped up in themselves that they never see you coming. I've had the pleasure of conning countless such men and women out of house and home.

My last trick was Susan Wellington, a plump white heifer who lived in western Atlanta. She's not bad-looking. Standing five feet nine inches tall, thick, with long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. She's got large breasts, wide hips and a big, plump ass. You've seen her type before. A former Southern belle who's put on a few pounds. She thinks the world revolves around her and doesn't like black people. However, she finds herself attracted to black men. Oh, she won't admit it. I bet you she's thinking about a sexy brother while getting fucked by Harry, her lily-white balding sycophant of a husband. She's a self-loathing racist witch. A lot of the black folks in the neighborhood don't like her. I don't either. That's why I decided to pay her a little visit. I volunteered my services as a gardener. What do you know? She offered me some hefty dough just to clean her backyard. I knew she was looking at me from inside the house. So I took my shirt off. Few people can resist my six-foot-two, 230-pound black athlete's body. Yeah, I bet you that heifer was salivating when she watched me do yard work.

I was right. After I was done, she invited me inside her living room for some lemonade. I knew she wanted to offer me more than lemonade. She was offering me some of her pie. I went along with it. Looking at her, I quickly figured out that she was a sexual submissive. So I took control. I told her what to do. Bossing her around in her own house. You'd be surprised how fast she complied. Before long, the big chick was on her knees, sucking on my ten-inch long, uncircumcised black super cock. Damn, I've never seen a woman suck cock like that. You would have thought oral sex was going out of style. I grabbed a handful of Susan's blonde hair and thrust my cock into her mouth. Right down her throat. She almost choked on my ten-inch black super cock but adjusted and adapted. She was looking at me the entire time she sucked my dick. I smirked. Yeah, bitch. You hate black people, yet crave black cock. What kind of hypocrite are you? Of course, I didn't tell her that. I simply let her suck me off until I came, then made her drink my cum.

Afterwards, I put her on all fours and spread those plump white butt cheeks of hers wide open. Oh, I forgot to tell you. I'm really into anal sex in a big way. Oh, I'm not an anal sex addict or anything. However, I am one of those guys who love to fuck women in the ass. I'm an anal-centric individual. If I rent a porn video and there's not a single anal scene in it, I feel cheated. I love raunchy anal sex scenes. Especially those when a really huge cock goes up the asshole of a big woman. I like big women, especially those with large, plump asses. Asses that seem to be begging for anal. Okay. I lied about one thing. I'm not addicted to anal sex per se. It depends on who I'm with. I like to have anal sex with big women with big butts. I tried it with skinny women. It's just not that much fun. Want to know why? Okay. You asked for it. I discovered, through anal sex with numerous women of all races and body types, that big women's assholes are tighter than those of their skinnier counterparts. Which makes them a lot more fun to fuck. There, I said. Can we please move on?

Yes, so, as I was saying, I pressed my cock against Susan's booty hole. With a swift thrust, I went in. Immediately, I was surprised by the warmth and tightness of her asshole. Damn, it felt really good around my cock. I keep trying to describe it but you're never going to get it until you experience it for yourself. If you're a man reading this, do yourself a favor and stop chasing those skinny model types. Go for someone who's hefty and pretty. I guarantee you that in their own way, they're more sensual and sexual than skinny people. They carry a lot of passion inside that just needs to be released. My only issue with Susan is her racial attitude. Other than that, she's a hot-looking femme. With that, I continued to drill my cock deeper into her asshole. Susan squealed as my cock filled her tight anal crevice. Holding firmly onto those wide hips of hers, I gleefully rammed my cock up her poop chute. The warmth, tightness and elasticity of her asshole amazed me. Clearly, this woman was no stranger to anal sex. However, I doubt she ever had such a big cock up her asshole. Fucking her was the ultimate pleasure. I couldn't get enough of it. I grabbed Susan's blonde hair, yanking her head back. I shoved my cock deeper inside her. Down into the forbidden depths of her asshole. Where the sun never shines. There, I did the nasty. Probing, invading and plundering. And when I came, my blast of manly seed rushed inside her booty hole, filling her up. Susan's shrill scream of sheer pleasure was the sweetest sound I'd heard in ages.

Slowly, I withdrew from Susan. She fell on the floor, tired, abased but doubtless, feeling more alive than ever. Truth be told, I felt kind of bored. I usually feel that way after I've had my fun and the thrill is gone. I simply let myself out of Susan's house. The warm Georgian air greeted me. I stretched and yawned, then walked down the street. It was the beginning of August 2008. I was a young man with nothing to do. Oh, well. I'd find some way to keep myself occupied. There are plenty of gullible and stupid people like Susan around. I'd have myself some fun at their expense, pure and simple. With that, I headed back home. My policeman father thinks I'm at baseball camp with the other Morehouse College sportsmen. He's got no idea that his oldest son, his pride and joy is a cheerfully psychopathic Trickster. And I have no intention of telling him.

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