tagLoving WivesGarden Party Ch. 2

Garden Party Ch. 2

byDr. Bull©

Our garden grows on with the special love and attention Karen has given it, when we went on vacation Bill the neighbor quickly offered to water it for us. Bill and Wanda had moved in several years ago and we had become fast friends, Bill was retired at sixty, and Wanda was fifteen years his junior and worked in town. She is pretty close to Karen and my age, so a natural friendship bond has formed.

The way Bill volunteered I'm sure he has enjoyed the weed pulling entertainment as much as I have (see Garden Party). And he did water it well, but after two weeks it was full of weeds. I went off to work that night hoping to get up in time to see her "show" I was sure Bill would be there too, I couldn't prove it but I'd bet he planted weeds while we were gone. I slept lousy the next day, every noise I woke up to see if she was weeding yet, until finally she sent the kids to Grandma's and headed out to her garden.

I slipped upstairs to watch her, diligently she tackled her objective the July heat was well into the nineties closing in on a hundred as she worked her way across the garden the sweat loading down her white tank top. Until at last the moment I had waited for Karen sat back and lifted her shirt to wipe the sweat off her face, exposing her 42DD breasts to the world, and as I expected to Bill our neighbor. Now Karen's breasts are large round and have dropped a bit since college but she is still something to look at. And Bill had taken his spot behind the back deck at his house, but as the corn grew in the garden it was impeding his view. He was stretched out past the end of his deck in almost plain site and he knew it. "You horny old bastard now what are you going to do?" I thought to myself. Then I grabbed a drink and slipped out to the garage for my binoculars and a better view.

Bill nearly got caught a couple times and the fourth time she removed her shirt and wiped off her entire upper torso he laid on the grass not moving for nearly two minutes while she studied the figure on the ground a hundred yards away. What would she do if she figured out it was Bill? Would she run screaming? just run? or ignore him? Finally she put her shirt on, gave the figure lying on the ground a glance over her shoulder and went back to work. Bill pulled himself back to the shelter of his deck, looking frustrated; it was exciting to watch this man as he tried to watch my wife. As I've said before our house is out in the country, and I have planted trees around much of it so the only place you can really see into our back yard and garden is from the neighbor's and the corn now blocks much of that view.

Karen worked her way back to the end of the garden and looked to where Bill had been lying and smiled, the body was no longer lying there, she had seen him. Quickly she acted as if nothing had happened lifting her shirt to wipe the sweat revealing those magnificent breasts. Bill looked from his "safe" location hardly able to see until, and I couldn't believe it, she stood up and removed her shirt. She had to know Bill was watching, then she walked to where he had a clear view and hung it on the fence. Then arching like a cat, her breasts thrust out in his direction, did a couple leg stretches and went back to work topless. Now topless from my vantagepoint was great, but from where Bill was it just drove him nuts being unable to see. Then he disappeared around his house, I watched to see if he would return.

Karen and I both heard the lawn mower at the same time, she just sort of sat up and tried to see through the corn to the corner of Bills house, as he rode around the corner mowing his lawn naked as a jay bird. Wearing only his hat and sandals, trying to watch where he was mowing and yet watching Karen as she brazenly walked to the fence leaving her shirt where it hung.

The pole fence around our yard was the perfect gossip fence that let you put one foot on the bottom rail and lean on the top rail. She put her foot up then leaned onto the fence placing her breasts over the top rail as Bill came to a stop shutting down the mower in front of her, his erection growing as he looked at her. I quietly slid the window open to hear their conversation.

"Well that's an interesting way to mow a lawn," Karen coyly said. Now for 60 Bill is in good shape, graying a bit on his chest and around the thick dick that stuck out straight as an arrow at Karen.

"I've been watching you pull weeds, thought this was how you do it" he replied as he stepped off the riding mower his thick cock pointing right at Karen. He walked up to the fence placing his hands inches from her inviting breasts. She threw a glance towards the house; "good" I thought at least she thinks of me.

"I never really got to thank you for watering the garden" Karen smiled at him dropping her hand over the fence brushing his stiffening rod with her fingertips. "You know how attached I am to it" her fingers delicately teasing his eight-inch cock as it reddened and edged toward her hand. "What would Wanda say?" she asked as wrapped her hand around and started stroking with an even rhythm.

His left hand slid down the pole where he could tease her right nipple, moving his body with her stroking, he chuckled leaned in and kissed her. "Don't worry, she knows what I'm doing" he said as he leaned down and kissed her left nipple.

She stopped for a second not letting go but not going on, looking at their house then back to where I was suppose to be sleeping. From the garage I was going wild, we hadn't been with anyone else since we were kids, then only our closest friends from college. Would my wife have sex with the neighbor, she already was working him up with a hand job. Bill released her breasts and grabbed the top rail, Karen's hands were working magic on him, and he had to hold on, his eyes closed and his dazed look made a jealous twinge run down my back. Karen looked towards our house again then at Bill's, I saw something or someone move in a window at their house; it appeared that Wanda was watching.

Karen dropped down taking Bill deep into her mouth lubricating him with her saliva then increased her hand speed slipping him into her mouth as she stroked him. He came in her mouth then pulled out squirting across her face, she pulled him close tit fucking him with her large breasts as he finished, his cum splashing across her breasts. "Maybe more later" she kissed him and said "now go home to your wife" she smacked his bare ass as he got back on the lawn mower and drove away.

She washed her breasts off with the hose, and headed for the garage cutting off my escape route to the house. I looked for some excuse to be in the garage, what should my reaction be? She walked through the door with her shirt still in her hand and her large nipples hard from the cold water. Karen was startled at first upon seeing me, but she keyed in on my sweat pants they were tent poled having watched the show she had put on.

"So" she stared deep into my eyes and came close to me, "you like watching?" she pushed her wet breasts into me and slipped her hand in my pants. "Bill likes to watch too, did you see the reward I gave him for watching the garden?" her hand was slowly stroking my balls, as I grunted an affirmative noise in her direction. She pushed me back into my workbench pulling my sweats to my knees; she dropped down and started titty fucking me with her magnificent breasts, God how I love that, "so you won't mind if we get closer to Bill and Wanda?" "Oh yes!" I replied as she took me deep in her mouth, relieving the building pressure in my testicles and taking every drop down.

As I calmed down from one of her fantastic blowjobs, I wondered what could happen next in this sleepy little neighborhood, but I knew things were gonna change. Karen hugged me and told me to go get some sleep. She would wake me soon, her wink told me I was going to enjoy waking up. But that's another story.

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