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Garden Variety Sex


Tony really liked his job at the local garden center. First, he was of Italian descent, and with that background, he was friendly, personable, and seemed always willing to help. Secondly, he was a typical twenty-year-old horny male, with a genuine love for the female body. Somewhat of a voyeur, Tony really looked forward to the warm weather months which brought out plenty of women, most wearing smaller and smaller articles of clothing. Thin, revealing tops, short shorts, and short skirts worn by some of the most beautiful women on the planet kept Tony happy and always on the prowl.

One day he was taking a break on his forklift, trying to decide if he preferred to look at women's asses in shorts, or at their tits when they bent down. As if by magic, his question was answered. Mrs. Calliende walked by pushing a cart full of bagged mulch, her unencumbered 38-D titties, defying gravity and straining against the fabric of her spaghetti-strap white top. Her denim miniskirt, which showed off most of her tanned thighs, cupped the bottoms of her asscheeks.

When she got to her Navigator and opened the hatch door, a bag of mulch almost fell off the cart. Tony was there instantly, catching the bag and putting it in her car, along with the others. While he was unloading the cart, Mrs. Calliende had bent down to get something off the bottom shelf of the cart. When Tony turned around, there they were, on full display. "Damn, what a rack!" thought Tony, as he failed to avert his gaze in time.

Teresa Calliende, mildly pleased that a young stud like Tony showed an interest in her chest, held her pose for a moment to give him a better memory. Then she looked into his eyes and saw a reflection of lust like she had not seen for a while. She returned his appraising look and was pleased with what she saw. Olive skin, dark hair, muscular build, not too tall-Tony just might be the answer to her problem.

"Thanks, Tony. I don't know what I would have done without you," she said, moving close and touching his arm lightly.

"Aw, it's nothing Mrs. Calliende. Just trying to help a pretty lady out," he replied, obviously pleased with the smile she was bestowing on him.

"Tony, do you ever do any work away from the store? In peoples' yards?" she asked.

"Sure. The boss doesn't advertise it, but he sends me and some of the other guys to help his friends occasionally," he said, feeling the tension mount as Mrs. Calliende continued to hold his arm, making sure her thinly covered breast contacted his arm.

"Look, my husband and I have a garden project that we need some help with. When do you have a day off?" she asked, moving closer so that he could inhale the scent of her perfume as she let her breasts make contact with his upper arm.

Tony, feeling his dick starting to harden, thought quickly. "How does Monday morning sound?"

"That will be great!" she said, handing Tony a card with her cell number and address on it. "Will ten o'clock be OK?"

"I'll be there. Do I need to bring any tools?" he asked.

Teresa smiled tantalizingly and said, "No, just bring you."

Monday morning found Tony arriving at the Calliende mansion at ten sharp. Located at the end of the secluded street, he realized there were no neighbors. The wrought iron gates opened before he stopped his truck, so he drove to the front door.

Tony was not accustomed to being in the ritzy section of town and took a few minutes to look over the place. The landscaping was immaculate, and Tony could only wonder what Mrs. Calliende had in mind for him to do. He rang the doorbell and stood back.

Teresa Calliende opened the door, clad only in a pair of very tight running shorts and a sheer sports bra. Perspiration had soaked both articles of clothing, and her dark nipples stood out proudly on her breasts. Her curly, raven-colored hair stuck to her forehead and neck. "Tony, come in. I would hug you, but I know you wouldn't want to hug a sweaty old lady," she said, smiling that dazzling smile again.

Tony said quickly, "Mrs. Calliende, you're not old and I'd love a hug from a lady as sexy as you, sweaty or not."

"Oh, you sure know how to make me feel good," she said, as she leaned in and kissed his cheek. "Let me get you to the garden and explain what we need. You can decide if you want the job while I shower. And you have to call me Teresa."

She took him by the hand and led him through the living room, with its high ceiling and chandelier, to the covered patio, offering him a seat and something to drink. Tony sat down and Teresa sat facing him. Her shorts were pulled up into her pussy, a fact that Tony noticed immediately, and her nipples continued to strain against the fabric of her bra. Even though the sports bra was tight, her tits pushed the fabric out, straining it until it was almost nonexistent. He tried not to stare, but his eyes kept wandering to her fabulous body.

Teresa, pleased with the way this was going, decided to open the dance. She stood up and slipped the skin-tight shorts over her hips and let them fall to the floor. Standing with her legs slightly spread, Tony noticed a small patch of hair just above her pussy lips. Next, she crossed her arms over her sumptuous chest and, grasping the elastic at the bottom of the sports bra, pulled it over her massive titties. They were pulled upwards momentarily, but bounced back into place, jiggling for a few milliseconds.

Tony swallowed, unbelieving, as Teresa sat back down. His eyes told the story, and Teresa was reveling in the sensation she was creating. "OK Tony, here's the deal. I was the first Mrs. Calliende's nurse, living here and attending to her medical needs. Sadly, she passed away a few years ago, and Mr. Calliende suggested that I stay on, helping him. We made a good couple, and were married four years ago. We love each other deeply, and I would do anything that man asked me to do."

"Sadly, he can't enjoy sex anymore, but he enjoys looking at me nude, and reminiscing. In fact, I'm not allowed to wear clothes in the house or garden, except when I exercise. When I'm going to be working in the sun, he applies suntan lotion so that I won't have any tan lines. He has had the house wired and cameras installed so that he can watch me anytime. Personally, I think it's a compliment, and often I act out fantasies for him. That's where you come in. I-we need a partner to fulfill one of Al's fantasies. He loves our gardens; the front is professionally done, but he allows me to handle the back. I spend quite a bit of time here, always nude, and one of his strongest fantasies is for me to "entertain" a handsome young gardener. That, of course would be you, if you agree," said Teresa, as she stood gracefully and moved to Tony's side.

"Just to help you make up your mind, this is what you'll get," she said, her voice husky. She took his hand and put his middle finger to her lips and began licking it, suddenly swallowing the entire digit and massaging it with her tongue. She closed her lips and pulled Tony's finger back and forth, as if it were a cock. Then, she moved his finger to her pussy and slipped it between her lips.

Tony had never felt a pussy as hot as Teresa Calliende possessed. It was as if liquid fire was engulfing his finger, and then she clenched her vaginal muscles. Teresa exercised her entire body religiously, and her cunt was no exception. Tony couldn't even wiggle his finger, as badly as he wanted to, and Teresa continued to massage his digit seductively. Looking down into his eyes, she said suggestively, "Just think, that could be your cock." Easing his finger out of her steamy pussy, she gave it a thorough cleaning with her tongue.

"I'm going to shower now. Make up your mind before I return," Teresa said as she walked back into the house, giving her ass a little more twitch than usual.

"As if!" thought Tony, as he watched her ass disappear. His dick was fully erect by this time, and he was glad he had changed styles of underwear. About six months ago, Tony had noticed how many women wore thongs. Searching the net, he found thongs for men, offering complete containment in the front and a strip of material in the back. He had chosen white, black, and beige and was wearing the white pair today. The smooth, stretchy material felt great as it cupped his large balls and held them snugly. His problem at the moment was that his dick was attempting to grow out the top.

Suddenly Teresa reappeared, smelling great and looking even better. Tony asked her about the small tuft of hair at the top of her pussy. "Oh, that's Al's nose tickler. He really loved to eat pussy and always shaved me himself, which always led to great oral sex. As a joke, he began leaving the hair at the top of my slit, and often rubbed his nose in it while his tongue worked over my clit. I just haven't shaved it off."

Tony was entranced, when Teresa asked him his decision, he looked at her blankly.

She put her hands on her hips and said, "Well, do you want to play or not?"

Tony came back to reality and said, "Oh, I want to play! What do you want me to do?"

"Well, we need to make it realistic. How are your impromptu skills?" she asked.

"Pretty good," replied Tony, envisioning just how this would play out.

Teresa got to her knees and pretended to be working in the flowers. Tony walked up behind her and called her name softly. "Teresa, I'm here to help you with your flowers," he said as she turned around, facing him.

Stepping closer to her, Tony bent down and kissed her luscious lips, gently taking her hand and helping her up.

She led him to a chair and said, "Well, you can't work with all those clothes on. Take off your shirt and I'll get your shorts."

As he removed his shirt, she unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts, opening them and pulling them off. He raised his hips to allow her to slide them down and off his legs. This put his bulging crotch in her face.

"Oh, Tony! What beautiful underwear. I've never had a lover who wore a thong! Let me see your ass!" she squealed, as he stood up and turned around. Teresa couldn't keep her hands off his hips, running them up and down his muscular thighs and asscheeks. When he had turned around completely and his nylon-covered dick was near her face again, she rubbed his shaft and cupped his very large balls.

"Damn, you've got big balls. Are they full? And your cock-it's so thick. The head is as big as my fist. Is it all for me?" she asked, coyly.

"Baby, it's all for you," said Tony, as he began running his fingers through her hair. "I've been told I have more cum than two men, and my dick can go all day."

"We'll see about that," said Teresa, as she began licking his balls through the fabric, giving Tony a sensation new to him. Soon, the stretchy fabric was soaked and transparent, showing off his gigantic balls. Teresa licked the underside of his shaft, and it too became visible. "Tony, if that thing is any sexier when it's uncovered, I don't think I can stand it."

Grasping the snaps at the sides of the waistband, she exposed his throbbing manhood and its two amigos. When she extracted the underwear from his body, she buried her nose in it, like a man inhaling a woman's scent from her panties. "Oh, God, you smell wonderful-so manly, so fucking sexy!" she said, as she then turned her eyes to the fully aroused cock before her.

The head was a deep shade of purple and glowed of its own accord. The shaft was of average length, and larger in diameter than her husband's, but the pulsing vein along its left side would provide extra thrills. All this she took in as she began to fondle his balls, which were more than she could hold in one hand. Leading him to a barstool, she sat him down gently and said, "Well, Tony, let's get this show started."

Now Tony had had blow jobs before, but never in his young life had a woman made love to his cock with her mouth. He immediately realized that Teresa worshipped cock. She started by kissing the top of his shaft from its base to the head. Tiny, hot, nipping kisses that made his cock ache for more. When she got to the head, she kissed it fully, as if she were kissing her lover's mouth, slipping her tongue around it and toying with the slit; then moving to the underside of the head to that magical place where the crown curved up. Licking gently, she looked into Tony's eyes and winked.

Starting down the shaft, she kissed and licked all the way to the base. When her lips arrived at his balls, she continued her slow journey, licking each ball separately, then moving on to that special place where his balls reattached to his body. Tony was in heaven, wondering what this vixen would do next.

Teresa kissed back up the underside of his shaft, this time leaving a coating of saliva, and when she got to the head, she slid it into her mouth, closing her lips behind the head and lashing the head with her tongue. She held the shaft with her hand and removed Tony's glistening cockhead from her mouth. "Your precum is delicious," she said, matter-of-factly, and resumed loving his pulsing head. He flared it in her mouth, giving her a bigger target for her tongue.

"Oh, Teresa, I've never had anyone suck my cock like you. Please, don't stop," said Tony pleadingly. Teresa looked into his eyes and increased the pressure on his dick. Enough saliva had escaped so that his shaft was wet, and she stroked it gently with her hand. Taking the head from her mouth again, she said, "Tony, tell me what you want. I need to know if I'm doing it right."

"Oh you're doing it right! Just keep on doing it!" said Tony, breathlessly.

Teresa lowered her head again, but this time, she sucked about half the shaft into her mouth. Using her tongue, she massaged the underside of Tony's shaft, feeling it pulse and grow as she worked her magic. Suddenly, she slid the entire shaft into her mouth, feeling the head bump against the back of her throat.

Tony was afraid she was going to gag, but Teresa showed him she was a pro. With no break in her suction, she slid his cockhead into her throat and really increased her speed. Tony was in heaven and began thrusting in and out of her mouth, loving the scene as he watched her lips slide along the length of his cock, and then back as he pushed it back in her mouth.

Teresa used her other hand to fondle his balls, even though she could barely get one of them in her hand. She went back and forth, giving each equal attention, sucking his cock voraciously. Suddenly, without warning, she slipped a finger into his asshole. Startled, Tony lost his focus briefly, then realized how good it felt, and resumed fucking Teresa's lovely face. He was beginning to feel the familiar churning in his balls, and stroked faster.

Teresa, recognizing the signs, grasped his shaft and slid her lips to the head. When Tony's thighs tensed and he grunted, she pulled his dick from her mouth and aimed the head at her aroused titties. Tony's first spurt didn't disappoint, and neither did the second or third. Tony's cum was not thick, but rather thin, almost the consistency of cream, and Teresa spread it all over her titties, using the head of his cock to smear the liquid, so that her breasts were almost completely covered, paying special attention to her nipples.

Tony looked down and said, "That is undoubtedly the sexiest thing I have ever seen."

"If you think that's sexy, watch this," she said, as she held one of her cum-covered tits to her mouth and began licking off the cum as if it were a magic elixir. "You ought to try it," she said, offering the other breast to Tony. Without hesitation, he bent down and soon was giving the firm breast a thorough cleaning. He seemed to spend extra time at the nipple, and Teresa encouraged him by groaning softly. Working in tandem, they soon had her titties cum-free and glistening in the morning sun.

"How's your cock?" cooed Teresa, as she reached between them. Pleasantly surprised, she discovered that Tony's dick had softened very little. Stroking it gently, she felt it grow back to fuck-ready hardness.

"Now, you need to return the favor," she said matter-of-factly, as she stood and walked to a padded platform near the pool. In the center of the platform was a pole very similar to the ones used by exotic dancers in strip clubs. Grabbing the pole, Teresa began to wiggle her ass and gyrate as if she were dancing. Her twin globes were pointed at Tony, who said, "Teresa, you have the most beautiful, sexy ass that I have ever seen. I could spend a week just looking at it."

"Well, thank you Stud." said Teresa as she began to slide up and down the pole, humping it gently. "What I really need is for you to get to know it, up close and personal."

Needing no second invitation, Tony approached the platform and ran his hands over Teresa's smooth, tan ass. He loved the fact that there was no light streak between her asscheeks and her thighs, and told her so. Groaning as Tony massaged each cheek, Teresa said, "That's one of Al's pet peeves-tan lines. He makes sure I don't have any. You're getting me hotter; my pussy's dripping."

Tony was well aware of Teresa's arousal. He could smell her womanly fragrance as he moved his face closer to her backside. Instead of rubbing between her legs, though, Tony plunged his tongue into her pussy, licking slowly from her clit to her asshole. Moving his tongue back to her lips, he began to thrust in and out, causing Teresa to hump backwards onto his tongue.

Tony suddenly stopped his oral assault and said, "Turn over so I can eat that delicious pussy."

Teresa released the pole and lay on her back. Tony grabbed her around the thighs and pulled her to the edge of the platform. He picked her lower body up and speared her cunt with his tongue. Thrusting it in and out, he heard Teresa groan and felt her hands behind his head, urging him even deeper into her steaming pussy. Slowly working upward towards her clit, he looked up between her legs and saw that her titties were standing up proudly, and she was pulling her nipples with abandon.

"Oh, Tony! Eat that pussy! Fuck me with your long tongue, Stud!" she shouted. Tony needed no encouragement and continued his ascent up her vaginal lips, licking and sucking each in turn. Finally nearing the apex of her lips, Tony's nose contacted Al's nose tickler. He inhaled deeply and the aroma of Teresa's aroused cunt made his dick even harder.

Teresa had eased the pressure on Tony's head, so he slid his tongue back down her pussy, this time going even further, slipping the tip in her asshole. Teresa squealed and Tony began moving back up, this time, flattening his tongue so that he achieved maximum contact. Looking up briefly, Tony saw that her clit was completely exposed, begging for attention.

Before he touched the love button with his tongue, Tony moved his hand to her ass and slid his middle finger in to the first knuckle. Not giving her time to adjust, he licked her clit roughly, driving Teresa over the edge. She clamped her legs around Tony's head and humped his face and tongue, almost causing him to lose his breath. Coming down, she released Tony's head as her legs splayed open.

Tony took in the sight of her engorged pussy lips, red with blood and excitement, and began to stroke his cock. "I think your cunt is calling me," he said, holding the shaft and rubbing the head against her lips.

"I think it needs cooling off first," she said as she stood up and pulled him close. "Let me show you the pool!" Kissing him deeply, Teresa grabbed his cock and led him to the side of the pool. Wading into the shallow end, she sat Tony on the top step and turned around so that she was facing him.

"Sit right there and let me show you how I used to tease Al before I fucked him," she said as she walked backwards into deeper water. She turned and swam to the end of the pool, sliding up onto the concrete deck and sitting down, facing Tony. She leaned back as if to catch some sun, only to spread her legs, displaying her still-engorged pussy lips.

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