Looking up from her schoolwork, Garnet saw David walk across the grassy field towards her. She had a last period spare today and had decided to spend some time outside getting her homework done. David always picked her up after he finished his college classes and today was no different. Garnet smiled, knowing that she was blushing. She couldn't help it really. He was tall, muscular and looked so damn sexy. His blonde hair was cut short and he had the most piercing blue eyes. She leaned back on her hands as he stood above her, his body casting a shadow.

"How is my cute girlfriend?"

Garnet didn't even have time to answer. David bent down on one knee and kissed her sensually. The kiss left both of them breathless, and when he aggressively pushed her onto her back, she gave up on trying to be dignified. His tongue probed her mouth and when their tongues met, she lost all control.

David wrapped his strong arms around his girlfriend, rolled over onto his back, and pulled her into his lap. She wiggled around, fitting perfectly straddling his muscular thighs. They eyes locked in a loving embrace. David rubbed her back softly, loving the feel of her smooth skin.

"I missed you." Garnet smiled and nibbled her bottom lip. She did that on purpose because she knew that David would give her the same reaction as always. His cock would swell, and he would desperately need to go somewhere private. It had been like this for the length of time they had been dating, just over four years.

Their relationship had always been intense, but one thing that they had not done yet was have sex. It wasn't that they didn't want it. David had told her many times that if he had no morals he would have fucked her senseless on their first date. Of course, considering he was two years older, that would have been illegal. He wanted to wait – or at least, that was what he said – for the first four years.

"I missed you, too, Baby." David ran his thumb against her chin, enjoying how pouty her lips looked. "I forgot to ask you something yesterday."

Garnet's face had a puzzled look. "What?" Suddenly she couldn't breath properly. Yesterday had been her birthday and it had been a momentous occasion. Her parents, well mother and stepfather had brought her out to dinner with David. He had been acting strangely the whole evening and part of her was anticipating him asking her the big question. He hadn't though. He had driven her home, kissing her softly and once again wishing her an amazing eighteenth birthday.

"Your parents work late on Wednesday, right?"

Garnet's face fell. That wasn't the question she wanted to hear. "Yes, they do."

"I think we're ready to do something, Garnet. Something we've both wanted for a very long time." David ran his hands through her red hair and kissed her gently. He moved his lips against her jaw line and then after sucking gently on her round earlobe, he whispered, "We need to make love."

Garnet gasped. She needed to think straight, but his mouth felt so good on her neck that she closed her eyes, desperately trying to pay attention. She wanted this more than anything, but knew that it would be best to wait. They had waited four years already, but something told her that this was going to be her birthday present. Garnet opened her eyes and saw that David had a look of concern on his face.

"I'd like to baby. I want to feel all of you." David ran his large hands up and down her body. He could feel the tension in her body as her muscles tightened. He didn't want to push her but now that she was legal, he was going to become pushier. He was a little shocked when she responded so quickly.

"Let's go."


Garnet followed David to his truck like a little puppy dog. She got in, and soon they were driving towards her house. He pulled off the highway and began driving down the dirt road. His truck did not blend in well with the rest of the vehicles on the street. Sure, Garnet's neighbors had trucks, but they were old and rusty. David's truck was brand-new, shiny, with not a speck of dirt or rust anywhere on the frame. Neither Garnet nor David realized how strange it was for a guy from Poplar Grove to be driving down Tenth Road, let alone dating the redhead who lived at the end of the road.

There were some very distinct differences between the two young lovers, and one of them was money. David lived on the good side of town. His house was two stories and was decorated with the best furniture. His mother stayed at home while his dad worked as a doctor. His parents had money, which was evident from the new truck, his clothing, and the fact that he never really took his education seriously. In high school, he had been the captain of the football team. He now went to the college in town and played on their football team. He could have gone to the state university but he didn't want to leave Garnet behind.

Garnet lived on the other side of town – the side where the blue-collar assembly line workers lived. Garnet's mother was a secretary for an insurance company, and her stepfather did, indeed, work at one of the assembly plants. Garnet didn't know which one and really didn't care. They had always lived in the same house, and when she was growing up, she didn't even know that people could have bigger homes. It was a revelation when she switched from her small elementary school to the big high school in the middle of town.

They entered the small home and walked single file down the hall to her bedroom. The home had two bedrooms on one side of the house with the bathroom, kitchen and living room on the other. Once inside her tiny bedroom, there was a moment of awkwardness. Garnet had no idea if David was a virgin, but she was. She had only ever dated David, and had never even though of anyone else. David saw Garnet bite her lower lip, leaned down, and sucked on it gently.

"You're on the Pill, right?" David began to undress, pulling off his shirt and then beginning to undo his jeans. Garnet shook her head and he continued. "Well, go get some tomorrow. There is no way we're using condoms; they're against my religion."

Garnet nodded. She had waited four years for this, and finally she was getting exactly what she wanted. She was going to give her virginity to her boyfriend, and it was going to be amazing.


Garnet's whole body quivered as David slammed into her for the tenth time. She counted the thrusts because she was waiting for the pain to go away. It had washed over her body with his first thrust and now it was hurting more. She closed her eyes, gripping the pink girly sheets on her bed. She had heard how painful the first time would be, but this was beyond her imagination.

"God your pussy feels so fucking good." David grunted and continued to fuck her mercilessly. He was completely naked, with a thin layer of sweat covering his body. He looked down and watched as Garnet moaned and whimpered. She was felt so good that he couldn't stop. His body wouldn't let him. He wanted only one thing, and that was to flood her pussy with his cum. He knew it was dangerous but the animal instinct inside him was guiding his every move.

He kept pushing his bare cock inside her pussy, loving the feel. He didn't care how stupid he sounded telling her that condoms were against his religion. It was true that the Catholic Church forbids the use of any form of birth control but then again, premarital sex was out of the question. He validated his guilt by rationalizing that they would eventually get married so whether they did it now or later wouldn't make a difference.

"It hurts." Garnet 's voice was barely audible as David continued his rhythmic pounding of her young pussy. She hadn't opened her eyes, partly because she was holding back tears, partly because she was worried that his facial expression would tell her exactly what she didn't want to know.

"Fuck!" David cried out as he exploded inside her. It was a powerful orgasm, and he held still, feeling every drop of his cum empty into her womb. It was an intense feeling, one that he wanted to savor.

Garnet opened her eyes when the fullness that had pained her had finally left. He had slid out of her and was now standing, reaching for his clothing. She sat up; legs open as his cum dribbled down her thighs to create a puddle under her.

Garnet saw how happy and pleased he was with himself. This was not what she wanted. She had held out for four years and now, one day after her eighteenth birthday, she had given him exactly what he wanted. She didn't have to ask him what he was thinking. She knew. She knew him too well, and it was excruciatingly painful seeing the look in his eyes. He had played the game so well but now it was over. He didn't need to be the sweet, romantic boyfriend who had swept her off her feet. In the split second when her hymen was ripped, he became the arrogant boyfriend, using her for one thing.

"That hurt, you know."

Garnet was whining, but David didn't react. He was finally dressed and looked over at her. Her red hair was tangled in a ponytail and her hips were red from where he had gripped her skin, trying to push into her deeper.

"Sorry. I have to go home. I'll see you at school tomorrow."

And with that, he was gone. His rushed by her. Garnet couldn't move. She was worried her legs wouldn't be able to hold her up. She looked down and saw the mixture of her blood and his semen pooling under her. It was only then that she lost control of her emotions. She cried out as tears poured down her face. She covered her face with her hands and sobbed.

As her body shook, she got up and ripped the sheets off her bed. Her parents would be home soon and she needed to remove any traces of this incident. She bunched the pink sheets into a ball and then shoved them under the clothing that was already in the white plastic laundry basket. As she moved around, she felt her inner thighs dripping with wetness. It disgusted her. She jumped into the shower and cleansed herself, rubbing her body raw with a facecloth. It was only when she turned off the water that she stopped crying.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she tried to see if she had changed. So much had changed in a short period, but her outward appearance was the same. She was short, petite, and had fiery red hair. She looked younger then her eighteen years but that didn't matter. She dried off and was dressed and placing her pillows back on her bed when the lights from her parent's car flooded her window.

She was relieved that they were home; she couldn't stand to be alone. She grabbed the book she was reading for her novel study, and sat on the living room couch.

"...She's such a slut. I can't believe she would do that to her parents. It's tragic, really."

Garnet heard her mother's voice, and then smiled as her mother entered their small home.

"Hi, Garnet. You will never believe what happened to Tiffany."

Garnet watched as her step dad walked around her mother and made his way to the bedroom. The two of them never spoke. It was like they were invisible to each other. When her mom had begun dating Jerry two years ago, Garnet was forgotten. Her mother had decided that she had been deprived of the privilege of dating, so now that her daughter was sixteen, and trustworthy, she was allowed to be wild and crazy. Jerry had wanted Emma the first time he had seen her. They had met through a friend, and he was ecstatic when only a short two weeks later, he had finally fucked her. They had married within six months.

When Jerry had moved in, Garnet had tried to be nice. She was happy that her mother had finally found someone else, and although she had been very hypocritical, telling her daughter not to move too fast with David but then marrying Jerry within six months, she wasn't going to say anything. Jerry hadn't even tried to be nice to Garnet. He was always busy with work and hanging out with his friends. Of course, that consisted of watching football and drinking beer. When he got home, he wanted only one thing – Emma's sweet little body. Unfortunately, having an eighteen year old in the house proved to make things very difficult and Jerry resented the fact that this little red haired vixen was preventing him from getting more sex.

"What happened?" Garnet was smiling. Talking to her mother brought her back to reality and made the situation of earlier that evening almost erase from her memory. Her mother rarely chatted with her and so this was an exciting moment. She was clinging to the hope that her mother would have a normal conversation with her, as opposed to lately, when each discussion began with how useless Garnet was, and how when she graduated in five months, she better get a job and an apartment.

"She got knocked-up. Yeah some guy from Drango's Bar on the highway. Supposedly, she snuck in and got drunk. She fucked some biker and now is pregnant. You had better not talk to her at school. There is no way that my daughter is going to be associated with a slut like that."

Garnet listened to her mother. She didn't even notice the language her mother used. It was normal for her. She spoke her mind, whether it was positive or negative.

"That's horrible. Is she going to keep the baby?"

"Fuck no. Her mother is furious. I spent the last hour of work on the phone with Danielle. She is going to send her off to Vermont. Some woman up there takes in knocked-up girls and cares for them until they give birth. She's so embarrassed. I mean, Danielle was the one that had suggested that the students learn nothing at all about sexual education and keeping themselves safe. She wanted that banned from the school. Then the stupid administration had to reverse that decision and tell us that you immature little minds needed information about both the emotional and physical risks of sex."

"It's called family life education, Mom. It's useful."

"Fuck I'm not having this conversation. Just beware that if you force David to have sex with you and you get knocked-up you will be kicked out of her as fast as you can blink. David is a very sweet guy. He would never force you to have sex."

Garnet watched as her mother simply stopped talking and then walked into the kitchen. She was always abrupt like that.

Later that night, Garnet replayed the day's events in her head. She didn't want to remember what had happened, but she couldn't help it. She wanted to imagine that none of it had happened. She didn't want to think about how she was no longer a virgin. She didn't want to think about how rude and unloving her mother was towards her. She cried into her pillow and finally fell asleep, her eyes crusted with tears.


Garnet woke up and went to school like it was any other day. She tried to be cheerful, but the throbbing between her legs wouldn't go away. She tried walking normally, but her thighs hurt and she could still feel the wetness soaking her panties. It disgusted her completely and made it extremely difficult to forget what had happened.

The day flew by and before she knew it, she was standing by the back doors of the school, waiting for David to pick her up. It was strange, really. Her mind was racing with thoughts, wondering if he would pick her up or not. She knew he would, though. It was like what happened the night before was a dream. When he pulled up in his truck she got in.

"Hi, Baby."

"Hi." Garnet looked over and he was his same old self. She nervously bit her lip until he finally spoke.

"Thanks for last night. It was amazing."

Garnet was shocked at how sincere he sounded. Did he really think that last night was good for her? She gulped, trying to get rid of the lump in her throat. She wanted to cry. Instead, she remained quiet. It was raining outside and she watched as the car moved quickly down the wet pavement. She was afraid. She half expected him to dump her. She anticipated much more then his kind words.

"My mom told me yesterday that Tiffany is pregnant." Garnet's voice was without emotion. She had just remembered the conversation from the night before and was interested in hearing David's opinion in the matter.

"Really? That's fucking hilarious. You better not get knocked-up."

Garnet opened her mouth to speak but then shut it. She wanted to respond, but she knew not to. She knew his thoughts on birth control. Two years ago, they'd had a conversation but now as she remembered it, she realized how twisted and warped his mind really was.

It had been on her sixteenth birthday. She had gone out to dinner with her parents and David. Once home, David and she had cuddled on the couch in the living room like always. Garnet knew her parents were in their room, and considering how much beer Jerry had drunk; she knew that they would not be disturbed. Jerry's sex drive went through the roof when he was drunk, and Garnet preferred to be as far away as possible from her parent's bedroom when that happened.

Garnet remembered how sensual it felt as David rubbed her shoulders and told her how much he loved her. As they stared deeply into each other's eyes Garnet had asked a personal question.

"How many children do you want to have?" Garnet was nibbling her bottom lip, waiting for his response.

"As many as we have. When we finally make love, I want to feel all of you and I want you to feel all of me."

"Really?" Garnet blushed. She was still taken aback by how sweet and romantic David was. She was so lucky to have him.

"Yes, really. I just wish that you were older. Two more years."

Garnet blinked and realized she had tears in her eyes. Thinking back to that moment in time had caused emotions to stir inside her that she didn't know she had. She had expected him to propose on her eighteenth birthday. She didn't think he would just want sex. It wasn't that she didn't want it, but it hadn't been the best so far.

Later that night, Garnet lay in bed tossing and turning. Her mind was racing, and she needed to get to sleep. Her alarm clock read 2:15, and she was desperate to fall asleep. David had dropped her off at home at eleven. It was her curfew, so thankfully, Jerry and her mom didn't have anything to say as she stumbled in, her skirt on crooked and one of the buttons of her shirt missing. She stormed down the narrow hallway and entered her bedroom.

They had had sex again. This time it was in his truck, and he was even rougher then the first time. She didn't want to think about it, but the soreness in her thighs reminded her of how he held her legs tight. She knew there would be a bruise on her neck and she was thankful that the school uniform included a white turtleneck. She winced as she remembered how tightly he held her neck as he slammed her down on his cock. Garnet could still feel his juices oozing out of her. It was a weird feeling, knowing that someone else's bodily fluids were inside you.

Garnet stumbled out of bed at seven. She knew that she had fallen asleep at some point, but she didn't remember when or how. Her body ached and she rushed to get dressed. As she made her way to the kitchen, she heard her parents talking. Once again, her mother was ranting about something.

Garnet ignored the conversation and moved quickly to get breakfast. She was wearing the turtleneck, knowing that the dark purple bruise at the nape of her neck was almost covered. Garnet was overly aware of the thick tension in the room. It had been like this since her mom met Jerry. Not like she ever had a great relationship with her mother, but they had slowly drifted further apart.

As Garnet poured herself a glass of milk, she thought to herself how her eighteenth birthday had been a life-altering experience. In a short period, her mother had no longer felt the need to be a mother and her boyfriend had decided that she was better off as a sex toy than as a fiancée. Nothing was getting better for her.

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