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General Hospital: Mia & Patrick


"This town is such a bore," I yawned in the face of Kate Howard, also known as Connie Falconeri. My name is Mia Thyme. I own and operate a chain of BDSM clubs on the East Coast. Currently I have a profitable empire with my clubs in Llanview, Pine Valley and Port Charles. I hadn't been able to get much going in Port Charles though. The mob had the city pretty much overrun. I had just cinched a deal with the Corinthos Morgan organization when Corinthos took off and left Morgan, as in Jason Morgan, running the whole deal. Thus MY deal was off since Jason and I had a falling out. Don't ask!

Kate looked down her nose at me as her trusty blonde bob bobbed. "If you hate it so much, why don't you take my cousin Olivia with you and head back to Manhattan?" The thing I love about Kate is she is such a snob and she loves that she is one.

"Because," was my response which seemed a good enough answer to me. I had a lot of money tied up into this town and a lot of memories as well. Plus a few former lovers although one, John Durant, had died since I arrived in town. Not my fault, I didn't shoot him.

"Then stop your whining. I have the next issue of "Crimson" to put together. If you aren't going to be helpful then get the hell out of my office," Kate demanded. Sometimes she was such a bully.

"Your office is kind of small," I pointed out to her politely, completely ignoring her request that I leave. "And how come your assistants are never here? Isn't this the old offices of that perfume company Laura Spencer, Lucy Coe and Carly Corinthos-Jacks used to own? It was a while ago but I swear I still smell the perfume."

"No it is not," Kate responded angrily. "This is a new building. And my offices are in the Metro Court Hotel. That building is somewhere else." She shrugged in the direction of her panoramic windows.

"Okay fine, don't get your panties in a twist," I responded looking at her with something akin to disgust. "You need to lighten up. Let's go down to the bar and get tanked."

"Certainly not," she sniffed at me then pretended to work by paging through pages of photos of super skinny models wearing very odd looking clothing.

"Fine, I'll go alone," I told her, picking up my bag and heading to the elevator. As I reached the doors, they slid open to reveal a former lover of mine, Jasper Jacks. "Kate, your booty call is here!" I shouted back in the direction of her office.

"Thanks for the introduction," Jacks sniffed at me. He was getting as snooty as Kate. They did make a good couple of snoots.

"No problem," I winked at him as I hit the button inside the elevator for the floor on which the bar was located. When it got there, the doors slipped open as if by magic and I stepped out. My stiletto heels clicked decidedly as I crossed the floor and sauntered up to the bar. I tried not to wiggle my hips too boldly but it was a requirement of my profession. No, I'm not a hooker. I own a chain of clubs. I already told you that. The bartender appeared before me as if by magic, "Dirty martini". That's all that needed to be said.

As I waited for him to make haste with my drink, my green eyes swept the joint for someone fun. Not much in the way of patrons in the restaurant. And I was the only person sitting at the bar. It was a wonder the place stayed open. For a popular hotel in a major metropolitan area, you would think it would have a heavier flow of customers if only out of towners coming into Port Charles to get operated on by the famous and fabulous surgeons at General Hospital.

Then a body popped around the corner. It was a live body and apparently male, rather handsome with a smirk of mischief on his face. I had previously met quite a few male members of the Port Charles elite and then had lovely sexual encounters with them. I had thought I had managed to sink my claws into all of the best and brightest but somehow this fox had slipped from my grip.

He made his way to the bar and ordered something. I don't know what as I wasn't paying attention. No, my attention was taken as my eyes wandered up and down his long lanky frame and considered how nice he would look naked.

"I'm Mia Thyme," I introduced myself, my voice soft and trying to sound seductive. "I don't think we've had the pleasure of meeting."

"Well no, not unless I saw you in the hospital. I rarely leave the building. My name is Patrick Drake. Dr. Patrick Drake. I'm a neurosurgeon among other things," He had his beer in hand now and was drinking from it like a camel whose humps had gone flat.

"No, luckily I was blessed with good health," I knocked on the supposedly wood bar for good measure. No reason to curse myself after all. "Perhaps I could buy you a drink?"

"No thanks, I got it," he responded, already pulling out his wallet to pay for his second beer. "I need a drink. Having a new baby at home is no picnic."

"Oh, you're married," I said crestfallen. What a waste. He was such a hot thing too.

"Not yet but I will be soon," He smiled at me, his eyes lighting up with pleasure at the thought. Damn, the good ones are always taken. I wanted to kick him then kick myself then kick him again because I could. Why get tied down when you could be out having fun? I will never understand the human race.

"I'm sure you deserve a drink and some company. Would you like to grab a table?" I asked never one to back down from a challenge.

"Nah, I should probably get home. I left Robin, my soon to be wife, alone with Emma, our daughter. And Emma and Robin aren't getting along at the moment." He was pretty talkative for a man in a hurry.

"I'm certain you deserve a break too," I teased him, trying to tie him down. He was a looker and I wasn't letting him go without a fight. In the meantime, he downed his third beer like a man dying from thirst before wiping his mouth on the back of his sleeve.

"I really should be going. Don't worry, I'm not driving. I live right down the street," he explained.

"I'm not worried," no I wasn't worried. More like I was really horny and trying to get him drunk enough to forget the little lady at home and come up to my room here at the hotel with me for a little touchy feely doctor I feel sick when I do this exam in private.

"Well, I really have to go" and he really was going to go. Short of ripping open my blouse and exposing my luscious breasts to him I couldn't think of anyway to stop him. Damn, I had gotten soft while wiling away the hours in Port Charles. I needed to start carrying my crop with me everywhere I went to remind me of who I really was.

"Wait a minute," I asked him nicely as I pulled out one of my business cards and hastily scrawled a message on the back. I handed it to him and he stuck it in his wallet without even reading it before beating a hasty retreat for the door.


If you get tired of the ball and chain, call me.


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