Adam Wolfe looked back at the mountain range, a two-day hike from where he stood now. Still no sign of modern man.

Maybe 100,000 years was too far back in time. The Foundation only been given one shot at it. The Earth was not likely to pass that close to a wormhole again for several millennia. No, actually make that more than a hundred millennia in the future from where (more accurately when) Adam stood now.

Some in the Foundation wanted to go back to Big One, to the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event 65 million years ago, when the dinosaurs were wiped out by a giant asteroid. But the suits at NASA were too cheap to spring for a million-year ticket and a big expedition.

That was OK. Adam was pretty sure that he didn't want a front row seat for the Big One.

They finally agreed to a smaller expedition (just Adam and a measly 100,000 years back in time). As it was, they had strapped Adam into a space capsule that had to be smaller than the one the Rooskies used to launch that poor mutt Laika into space back in 1957, a full two years before the Clovers sang the original "Love Potion Number 9" (although they had been that way since 1956).

The reentry had been a little warm, as the most of the recycled Space Shuttle tiles blew off his capsule, heating its surface to 900 degrees Fahrenheit (although the 755 degrees Kelvin temperature announced by the ship's computer sounded so much more refreshing). Whatever it was, it had been enough to turn the capsule's hull into a festive glowing red.

Also, the parachute had opened a little late for Adam's taste, especially when the capsule hit the ground at 100 klicks an hour. Goddamn air bag didn't even deploy, the cheap Chinese shit.

At any rate, here he was safe on the ground in Europe in 998,075 B.C. (or so his I-Phone 2210 told him), and there was still no sign of modern humans. It looked like the gap in the fossil record was no fluke. But how could modern man seemingly arise out of nothing in France and then move eastward to slaughter all the other hominids in sight?

Adam flipped open his I-Phone and dictated his findings thus far. The plan was to bury the phone and the boys from the Foundation would find it 100,000 years from now with the GPS tracker. That's why the thing was powered by Energizer batteries.

You see, the ticket that they bought for Adam was a one-way one. There would be no return trip.

Adam looked at the smoke-free woods. He sure as hell hoped that there were some modern humans here. As least three or four of the female variety, glad in bear-skin bikinis. Adam's war club began to rise at the thought.

It was then that he stepped into the pit, was caught up in a rope net and lifted ten feet in the air.

They emerged from the bushes then, ululating and thrusting their spears in the air. The ones Jean Auel had called the Others. The Neanderthals.

They made short work of cutting down the net that held Adam, binding his hands and feet to a large spit, carrying him like a deer carcass back to their village, stripping him, and staking him on the ground with his limbs splayed like a human X.

The largest of them reached out to Adam, seeming intrigued by his brown hair, so unlike that of the carrot-top Neanderthals. Their leader looked up after playing a quick game of Tetris on Adam's phone, cheered on by a dozen onlookers. He nodded at Adam and smiled in approval. Then, he bumped his chest and told Adam his name. Elon.

He pointed to Adam, who quickly told Elon his name, feeling that it might be prudent to be as friendly with these people as possible, especially in view of the fact that they had just placed the human-size roasting spit they had used to carry him to their camp over a roaring fire.

The women rushed over to touch Adam's naked body, intrigued as women always are by his foreign nature and the strangeness of his body. They crowded around Adam then, wearing only loin cloths in this interstitial heat wave.

They were a pretty solid group of women, but then Adam had always liked them a bit zaftig. What impressed him the most where the size of their jugs. It was difficult to infer the distribution of soft tissue from fossilized skeletal remains, but those anthropologists who prepared him for this mission had underestimated these chicks' bra size by several orders of magnitude. Those magnificent honkers would go a long way toward explaining that anomalous curvature in the spine of female Neanderthals that scientists had been puzzling over for years.

In no time, those prehistoric boobs blanketed Adam's naked body, the women's mouths covering every inch of Adam's flesh, as their shaman poured some type of potion down Adam's throat. Adam felt his already steel-hard cock grow even larger as the warmth of the potion suffused his body. He had never felt this horny in his life. (OK, maybe that one time with Elizabeth Furman in the basement of her father's house. He couldn't walk for a week after that one.)

Adam looked down on his splayed naked body, which had been transformed into a sea of undulating red hair as the women ran their tongues up and down his legs, chest, neck and face, taking turns sucking his cock and lapping his balls, each one with a different technique, a different tongue, and guided by different desires. One woman, the strongest among them, forced the others from Adam's crotch, engulfed his cock with her mouth, and ran her hands around his back to grab his buttocks in her vise-like hands. She began to bob her mouth up and down on Adam's rod while lifting his body off the ground with her incredibly strong arms in time with her movements. Adam tried to match her thrusts with his own, which was not easy with his hands and feet staked to the ground and his pelvis suspended two feet in the air.

A particularly fetching auburn-haired vixen (if you disregarded her brow ridges for the moment, and Adam was already getting quite attached to that look) forced the others away from his face, and began to lick Adam up and down his cheeks, his eyes, ears, and lips, finally forcing his mouth open and thrusting her incredibly strong tongue in and out of that orifice in time with the drumbeats, which also guided the pace with which the alpha bitch sucked Adam's cock and kneaded his buttocks, while the other girls ran their fingernails over every accessible inch of Adam's splayed body.

Finally, Adam could take it no more, and poured his hot seed into the alpha bitch's mouth, as she pulled him upward and held him high off the ground with her incredibly strong arms, while she sucked every last drop from Adam's balls.

They collapsed then. But Adam's prick was still rock-hard. The shaman's potion would put extra-strength Viagra to shame.

Elon, the headman, came forward then to act as master of ceremonies. He pantomimed jacking off and pointed to each man and then to Adam's ass. OK, he got it. They were going to gangbang him.

Then Elon pantomimed Adam jacking off and pointed to a particularly comely blonde girl, perhaps a princess and evidently the closest thing to a modern human in these here parts. OK, Adam thought, they're going to pour their seed into me, and then I'm going to pour it right back into that little stocky fox. He was game for that.

Then Elon pointed to the roasting spit and the blazing fire, pointing at Adam and then at the spit once more. Then he pantomimed eating something from a bowl. OK, Adam thought, after I do the girl, they're going to roast me and eat me. He really wasn't game for that.

They flipped him over like a pancake then and re-staked him, ass-side up this time. Elon, the headman, tore off his bearskin loincloth to reveal the largest cock Adam had ever seen (and he had bred bulls before his current stint as a time-traveler). It was fully eight inches long, but it was the Neanderthal's thickness that amazed him (he doubted their women considered Adam to be the more highly evolved primate, at least in that respect). Elon walked around to Adam's back, then lowered his massive torso onto Adam's more fragile flesh. He entered Adam quickly, penetrating him to six inches on the first thrust. He began to move slowly as he licked Adam's neck, ears and face, first gaining seven inches into Adam's passage and then the full eight. The craziest looking of the women then spread Elon's steel-hard buttocks with her hand and began to lick him up and down his crack, rimming him and tongue-fucking him to spur him to fuck Adam harder and harder. She slid her mouth down to Elon's massive bouncing balls, tea-bagging him as he drove into Adam's violated body harder and harder. The giant's chiseled torso slid up and down Adam's naked back as he pounded his way in and out of Adam's staked and helpless body.

The woman now had both of giant's balls in her large hominid mouth and shook them like a great white shark attacking its prey, and the big man exploded inside Adam's helpless body, filling him with a hot spray of prehuman genes. His tongue sought Adam's mouth, penetrating it in the aftermath of their lovemaking. Then he withdrew and slowly rose from Adam's back. The males had formed a line, and the next one at bat was the one they called Janger, his nine-inch cock already rising above his red pubic hair like a skyscraper.

It was going to be a long afternoon.

When they were done, they unstaked his battered body and helped him briefly to his feet, as the shaman poured another cup of his hot brew down Adam's throat. Adam's cock suddenly rose once more, throbbing with desire, desperately needing the feel of flesh surrounding it to take away the emptiness.

They re-staked him, supine this time, with his hungry, aching cock fully exposed for all to see. The semi-human girl that they had earlier designated as the receptacle for their collective seed (by way of Adam's digestive system) emerged from the crowd. She wore a white leather loincloth and nothing else, her tanned muscular legs magnificent in the late afternoon sum, her firm, huge Neanderthal breasts jutting out from her chest, her disheveled blond hair and brow ridges making a mystery of her eyes.

She shed the loin cloth, exposing the blond triangle of her cunt, and straddled Adam, raising his drug-inspired cock and guiding it expertly into her hole. She ran her hands up and down his naked chest and bent to kiss him, her soft hair spilling over his eyes, creating a mini-universe in which all that existed were their eyes, their noses, their mouths, their souls.

She began to ride him then, posting up and down on him like a stallion, her hands descending from his face, over his chest, and down to his abdomen. Another woman Adam had not seen coming suddenly squatted down on him, covering his mouth with her hot cunt. She began to slide up and down his mouth, using his ears as reins, silently promising to tear them off if Adam disappointed her.

Adam began to lap the new woman's cunt with all his might. He felt her fingering her own clit as she rode him mercilessly, sliding up and down his wet face rapidly, while the blond woman continued to ride Adam's cock, squeezing that throbbing member rhythmically with the hot moist walls of her protohuman, almost animal-like cunt.

The other woman grabbed Adam's head, forcing it harder against her cunt as it devoured Adam's mouth, nose and eyes. She slid faster and faster on his face, as the other girl bounced up and down on Adam's cock more violently, matching her pace.

All three of them came together, Adam pouring his futuristic, symbolic seed into the cunt that rode him, as the girl went rigid, the walls of her cunt milking every last drop from his balls, and the other woman poured her juices all over his mercilessly ridden face.

They lay there together in fading afternoon light, catching their breath, before the men finally came for Adam, bound his naked body to the roasting spit they had carried him in on, and placed him over the raging campfire.

The flames seared Adam's flesh, as his naked body swung from the spit. In the twilight, his eyes and fading consciousness could barely make out their faces, although he saw a large snake as it slithered toward the forest and heard the muffled cry of a night owl.

Suddenly, the blond girl he had so recently fucked step forward. Adam rotated his finger to point at his own chest and said "Adam." Then he pointed at the girl.

She took one bite out of the apple she was holding and told him her name.


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