tagSci-Fi & FantasyGenie Chronicles - Make a Wish 05

Genie Chronicles - Make a Wish 05


The door to Vick's small one bed room apartment opened to the cool brisk air outside and the girls rushed in so they could swiftly close out the chill from the evening's northern windfall.

Vick stopped briefly at her kitchen table and wrote down the 6 numbers she'd been repeating over again over again during the trip home, not wanting to forget them. Then she went to her bedroom and stripped off her evening's attire while strutting to her new huge shower where Jessie was already naked under the hot water, warming up the room for her. She joined her concubine under the soft warm water and they took turns shampooing and conditioning each other's hair, letting their hands drift idly over each other.

"So mistress, how will this lottery help us?" Jessie asked as she lathered up Vick's short dark red hair.

"It's called the Powerball. Basically people can pay a buck or two to get a ticket with numbers on them. Then twice a week they pull a random set of five numbers, and if the numbers match the ones you have, you win." Vick answered.

"I see, so it is a game of chance?"

"Yes, and the odds of winning are astronomical because of the numbers. You choose five numbers, ranging from 1 to 59, then a sixth 'powerball' number ranging from 1 to 35. The odds of matching the numbers you pick are like 1 out of 175 million." Vick explained as she closed her eyes while Jessie helped rinse the shampoo out of her hair before lathering up a second dose of shampoo.

"I see, so your chances of winning are extremely low." Jessie followed, enjoying the feeling of her hands running through her mistress's hair.

"Yes. But every time they draw and no one wins, the pot carries over to the next drawing. So it just keeps getting bigger and bigger each time. Eventually someone wins." Vick replied with a sigh, the feeling of the warm water pouring over her big areolas making her a little light headed.

"Ahh, I see. So is this something people play often?" Jessie asked.

"Some do. If the pot gets big enough I'll even buy a ticket. It's just 2 bucks and even though I won't likely win, it's nice to fantasize about what I would do if I won." Vick admitted.

Jessie rinsed the second helping of shampoo out of Vick's hair, making sure all the suds washed away before beginning to apply the conditioner. "I know I could just wish us to be clean, but I enjoy this time with you." Vick said contently.

"As do I mistress. So when you were cumming in the movie theater with Amy watching us, you were thinking of when you would win the lottery?" Jessie asked as she gave Vick a scalp massage, working the conditioner in gently.

"Actually no, I focused on what the winning lottery numbers would be for the next big jackpot. That's when I saw myself holding up the winning lottery ticket. Honestly, it was a little freaky." Vick answered.

"As I stated mistress, the future is like a running river. While it mostly takes a straight path, there are unexpected currents you must be wary of. How much is the powerball up to for next week's drawing?" Jessie asked.

Vick turned around and hugged Jessie under the warm running water of their enormous luxury shower. "425 million dollars. If we choose the cash option, it'll be over 250 million." Vick stated, not really believing it herself.

Jessie started rubbing Vick's shoulders, trying to keep her mistress steady as realization hit her again over the scope of her abilities. "With this money, will you be happy mistress?" Jessie asked curiously.

"Well I don't believe money brings happiness, hence why I work at a library obviously. But if used properly I think it can enhance your life. Happiness is really what you make of your life, what you seek out to do with it. We can travel the world and see wondrous things, meet interesting people and have all sorts of kinky sex with them. We can build ourselves a lovely house with plenty of rooms for this harem you keep trying to make for me. Of course we'll also donate to charities, like the breast cancer foundation and planned-parenthood. Like I said, money doesn't make you happy, but what you choose to do with it can, so long as you don't go overboard." Vick replied as she felt soothed by Jessie's manual manipulations.

Vick's cock had slowly grown in size the entire time as she relaxed more and more under the shower. It was squeezed between the girls and throbbing, making Vick moan softly as she felt it rub against Jessie's stomach. Her gorgeous genie dropped to her knees and starting stroking off Vick's member while keeping eye contact with her, continuing the conversation.

"So you will buy a ticket, and then next week when you win you will claim the money and we will be rich?" Jessie asked as she began squeezing Vick's balls with her non-stroking hand, forcing her mistress's eyes to go wide in surprise and pleasure.

"Ughhhh, no, not exactly. We have to be careful because winning the lottery could attract a lot of attention. Luckily one night a while ago it was slow at the library and I had a ticket with me, so I started researching what to do if you win. We'll need to recruit a team; a tax lawyer, a certified public accountant, and a fee only financial planner. With them we create a trust in our name. Then we have the trust claim the prize on our behalf." Vick explained as she let her hips thrust into Jessie's slow strokes, fucking the genie's fist with her engorged dick.

"I see, so what do we do with the ticket once we have it?" Jessie asked as she poured some bath soap onto the crown of Vick's cock, lubing it up and stroking it slightly faster, trying to keep her mistress on the edge.

"I'll sign the ticket and we'll put it in a safety deposit box. After that, we'll need to recruit our triad. Ohhh that feels so good." Vick deeply moaned.

"How will you recruit these three people you speak of? Will it be difficult to find people to trust with all that money?" Jessie asked, picking up the pace with her fist a little.

"I was going to use some well worded wishes. Like 'I wish to know the name of a trustworthy, sexy, kinky, and experienced tax lawyer in Austin who would be a good addition to my harem.'" Vick stated as Jessie gave her balls another tug, making her weak in the knees.

Suddenly a name popped into Vick's head. Megan Hart.

"Wow, that worked!?" She exclaimed, forgetting the hand-job she was receiving for a brief second.

"Of course mistress. I now understand that not only will these women be responsible for your finances, you also plan on fucking each of them and adding them to your harem. Therefore locating them will be extremely easy." Jessie explained, fisting Vick's cock faster as she tugged on her ball sack again, causing Vick to brace herself against the wall.

"Oh god Jessie, I'm going to cum if you keep doing that..." Vick warned as she attacked her own breasts, pinching her nipples and squeezing them hard.

Jessie quickened the pace of her hand job, working the body soap into Vick's cock flesh faster and faster. Soon Vick's entire body tensed, signifying her orgasm was about to explode in mere seconds. Jessie opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, resting it just under the crown of Vick's cock. Then it erupted, coating Jessie's tongue and face with spurt after spurt of Vick's thick seed.

Vick leaned against the wall, breathing heavily, her eyes stinging slightly where the conditioner had started seeping down from her scalp. Jessie rose from her knees and licked up all of Vick's juice from her face, enjoying the taste of her mistress. Then she helped rinse out the conditioner from Vick's hair, leaving it soft and shiny.

Soon the girls were finished with their shower and they dried off quickly so they could get under the covers together to watch Conan before falling asleep. It was a little crowded in the full sized bed, but the girls were naked and cuddling together, completely comfortable in each other's arms. Vick was spooned with Jessie as they watched the O'Brien's opening dialogue and she diddled the genie's twat the entire time, working her up to a slow building orgasm just like she did to her in the shower. It was at the second guest when Jessie finally peaked and she gushed juices all over the bed, squirting hard from such a slow build up. Vick giggled at Jessie's erotic display of passion, and wished for it all to be cleaned up so they could sleep comfortably.


At around 7 AM Vick's bed was bathed in sunlight, waking her up slowly to the new day. At first she felt a jolt of panic and worried that everything she experienced from the day previously was just a dream. Then she felt the warm body next to her and opened her eyes to the olive skinned dark haired beauty that was her own personal sexy genie, and she smiled contently.

Then her attention was diverted to her first ever morning wood. Her cock was harder than she'd ever felt it before, rigid with thick pulsing veins. She took it in her fist and stroked it a few times, still amazed at its length and girth. Soon she was lost in her masturbation, fisting her 12 inch cock while she pulled on her nipples. She felt like she could do that for hours, but then decided she should get up and actually try to get some things done before she get lost in her own lustful desires.

She placed a loving kiss on the genie's neck, eliciting a purr from the girl who nuzzled into her pillow, obviously wanting a few more minutes of sleep. Vick stood up and padded over to her kitchen table, then picked up the slip of paper where she wrote down the numbers she saw in her orgasmic vision.

4, 8, 10, 11, 30, and 5 as the powerball. These numbers are worth 425 million dollars. She thought deeply, making her head swim a little. Putting the numbers back on the table she went to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of orange juice and a bowl of cereal then watched the news while eating her breakfast. After about 20 minutes Jessie was up and joined Vick's morning routine, stopping to give her mistress a peck on the cheek first.

Sitting at the table with her own bowl of cereal, Jessie broke the morning silence. "What are we doing today Mistress?"

"Well I have the next two days off, which is good since we're going to need the time to pick up the lottery ticket, make photo copies of it after we sign it. Then we'll drop it in a safety deposit box and begin our search for the three girls we'll need to protect our money once we receive it." Vick replied, finishing her breakfast.

"Sounds like we will have a full two days then." Jessie commented.

"Yup, and of course we'll have loads of sex along the way." Vick said with a devilish smirk which elicited a grin from Jessie.

The girls cleaned up their dishes and played a little grab ass at the sink before they got dressed to tackle the rest of the day. It was chilly outside so Vick picked out some sexy jeans that would show off her ass and a black sequin top with a deep v neck to show off her ample cleavage while wearing her white leather jacket. Jessie also went with jeans with a simple white t-shirt under a red cable knit sweater jacket.

Vick locked up her apartment after they left and Cassandra stepped out of their luxury SUV, the car already running and ready for them to depart.

"I'll never get used to that." Vick commented. Jessie chuckled lightly.

"Mistress, we really must take time for you to learn more about the abilities you now control. Cassandra is just the tip of the ice burg. There is so much more you can do." Jessie commented.

The girls piled into the backseat and carried on their conversation. "Well give me some examples. I know I can basically wish for just about anything now, so long as sex is involved. I also know I can change my body or your body at will. Is there anything else I'm missing?" Vick asked.

"Yes. First, you are able to engage in realistic fantasies. It's like falling asleep to a dream, only the dream is real and you'll remember it vividly when you're finished." Jessie explained as Cassandra started to pull out of the apartment complex.

"Mistress Victoria, where would you like to go?" Cassandra asked.

"Take us to the nearest convenience store please." Vick replied, turning her attention back to Jessie.

"Okay, so what you're saying is I could wish to experience the world where vampires existed and have kinky sex with them." Vick purposed.

"Yes mistress, and even more than that." Jessie replied, trying to get Vick to think more outside the box.

"Could I experience other worlds, like a science fiction setting? Maybe like Farscape or Star Wars?" Vick continued, letting her inner geek shine a little.

"Absolutely mistress, all this and more is available through your fantasies. In there, you can be anyone and experience anything. The only limitation you have is the amount of time you spend in your fantasies. You basically accumulate time based on the amount you've spent in the real world, so that you are not lost to your fantasies." Jessie explained.

"I see, so like an hour in the real world earns me an hour in the fantasy world. Am I also gone for the same amount of time when I'm in there?" Vick asked.

"No mistress. It is not exactly a one-to-one ratio. It is more like 10 minutes in the real world equals about an hour in the fantasy world."

"Okay, so that's good to know. Can you join me in the fantasy world?" Vick asked.

"Of course mistress, I'd be happy to spend time with you there." Jessie replied beaming. Vick filed that information away for later consideration and moved on with her questioning.

"Okay, so we have sex wishes, body changes, fantasy land, what else am I missing?"

"Well of course there are the simulacrums. You may summon anyone you wish, which you have already done, and you may craft your own creations, as you have with Cassandra." Jessie explained.

"For which I'm thankful for mistress!" Cassandra exclaimed.

"One of these days I'm going to fuck you Cassandra." Vick declared with a grin.

"I look forward to it mistress." Cassandra replied, looking at her through the rearview mirror, giving Vick a telling wink. Cassandra pulled the car into the parking lot of an Exon mobile station and shifted the luxury SUV into park. She opened the door to let the girls out and then got back into the driver's seat to keep the car running.

Jessie walked up and down the store, exploring all the various products it had for sale. She was enamored with the twinkies and begged Vick to let her buy a few packs to bring home for snacks. Vick found it all very amusing and agreed to let her load up on a bunch of junk food. Heck, since we're basically immune to bad food now, might as well go hog wild. She thought.

Going over to the special lottery stand in the convenience store, Vick pulled out one of their fill in sheets and used the pen on a chain locked to the stand. She carefully filled in the numbers one by one, 4, 8, 10, 11, 30 and last but not least number 5 as the powerball. When she got to the section on cash or annuitized payments, she wasn't sure how to proceed. Sure, having 250 million up front seems like a better deal, but what if I go crazy and spent all the money? she wondered. Ultimately she determined that with the genie, she wouldn't really need to worry about that, so she went for the cash option. Besides, she thought, that's what my triad will be for.

With the slip in hand she went to the cash register where Jessie was waiting with a pile of treats. The cashier tallied it up along with her lottery ticket, giving her an official print out of the numbers she selected.

"Good luck on those numbers, hope they're lucky for you." The busty ebony cashier said.

"Oh I think these will do us just fine." Vick replied just before exiting the store.

Cassandra had the back door open for them again and Vick climbed into the rear passenger seat, but then she was confused when Jessie got into the driver's seat and Cassandra got in back with her.

"Mistress, I feel we haven't really been properly introduced." Cassandra said in a husky voice before leaning over to deeply French kiss Vick. Her lips tasted delicious and she was more aggressive than Jessie, almost hungry for Vick's tongue.

In the meantime Jessie turned the car to drive and pulled out of the station. "Where to next mistress?" She asked.

Vick was caught a little off guard and still had her tongue down Cassandra's throat. It took a moment to dislodge herself from Cassandra, who was busy kissing her neck while massaging her growing bulge. "I'm sorry but I'm just a little distracted. Is this something you two plotted on your own?" She lightly accused.

"Really mistress it is your own fault. You threatened to fuck Cassandra, and ever since then she has been very worked up. I have agreed to drive in her place this time so she can experience your lovely cock." Jessie explained.

Cassandra had already freed Vick's cock from the restraints of her jeans and swallowed it hungrily. Vick smiled at the suddenness of the sexual encounter, pleasantly surprised by both Jessie and Cassandra.

"Where to mistress?" Jessie asked, pretending everything was normal.

"Uhhhhh, the office of Mega Hart please."

Jessie started driving leisurely through the light traffic as Cassandra finished wetting Vick's cock with her sloppy mouth. Then she hiked up her mini skirt, revealing that she wasn't wearing panties underneath, and cowgirl mounted Vicky on the backseat while shoving her bountiful bosom in Vick's face as she began humping. Vick grabbed Cassandra's hips to guide her gyrations carefully as she kissed the top of Cassandra's cleavage.

Cassandra had a death grip on the top of the back seat with her eyes squeezed shut while she bit her lower lip, grunting through her first orgasm. Her tight twat had a death grip on Vick's dick and she humped her mistress wildly, moaning out loudly with wanton abandon. Vick was a little startled at how intense her driver was fucking her, but the raw passion was forcing Vick's own orgasm to peak prematurely, spurting her seed deeply within her driver's cunt. Vick almost screamed as her cock exploded deep inside of Cassandra, who reached another orgasm at the same time, burying her face in Vick's neck.

After coming down from their post orgasmic high, Cassandra deeply kissed Vick again, this time with more love than lust.

"What was all that about Cassandra? Don't get me wrong, it was a lot of fun, but it's like you've gone years without having sex." Vick asked, curious about her driver's burning lust.

"Well mistress, I've never had sex before. I am your servant, happily so, but since you created me I've been dying to fuck you. My appearance was obviously made to please you and I felt that I was being amiss in my duties by not serving you sexually." Cassandra admitted.

Vick was shocked to hear Cassandra was a virgin but then realized it made sense since she basically wished her into existence. She didn't feel a hymen restricting her entrance into Cassandra's pussy, but that was probably Jessie's doing since she likely knew that Vick didn't particularly enjoy making love to virgins. She'd rather be with someone who knew what they wanted and had some experience to back it up.

Vicky continued to gently make out with Cassandra, leaving her semi-deflated cock buried in the driver's pussy as her cum slowly dripped out. They played with each other's tits as they kissed deeply, their tongues darting back and forth against each other. Their make session was interrupted when the car suddenly shifted into park with Jessie clearing her throat loudly.

"We've arrived mistress." Jessie declared, giving the two a wink through the rear view mirror.

Cassandra dismounted Vick with a slight pout as she rearranged her skirt and top before opening the door for her mistress.

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