Gentelman's Bet


Holding her by the ankles he thrust into her over and over. June squealed and moaned. Her arms flailed about and her curls came undone draping her face in a mess of hair. Her other shoe flopped off from Snow's constant penetrations and June's feet flapped around in his grip.

Again Snow slowed his pace allowing June to catch her breath and steady herself. He kissed her feet as he stood there then ran his hands up and down her silken legs while he slowly pumped his manhood into her love hole. Presently Snow guided her legs around his waist, slid his large hands along the silky fabric until they ran past her hips and gripped her lower back. With a single heave he curled her off the bed and into an upright position on his cock. My wife squealed as Snow effortlessly manhandled her in place. Her breasts slapped against his bare chest and her arms wrapped around his neck. He repositioned his hands under her ass and then, standing up, pumped her up and down with his arms.

The sheer display of brute strength as Snow pumped June up and down was astounding. "Oh my GOD!" June cried, clearly impressed and further turned on.

Now that they were face to face my wife leaned in and kissed Snow passionately, her hands gripping the hair on the back of his head. Snow drove his tongue deep into her mouth and pitched forward onto the bed. My wife squealed yet again at the sensation of falling backwards but her yelp was muffled by Snow's tongue that was dug deep into her mouth. They rebounded from their landing and Snow used the momentum to shift positions.

My wife gasped for breath as Snow untangled her arms from his neck and then pinned her to the bed. His hands gripped her slender wrists and pressed them into the mattress. His thrusts became faster and faster and my wife writhed underneath him. He tempered his speed thrusting in favor of slower deliberate thrusts that maximized the length of his penis. The entire bed rocked with his movements and my wife squirmed and moaned as he penetrated her. Her legs wrapped around his flanks crossed at the ankles. Her feet pointed with the strain of holding on to him.

Snow let go of her right arm and groped her breast. The nipples of her tits were hard and he worked her right one with his fingers. He bent over and enveloped her left breast with his mouth his tongue lashing at her nipple. My wife's free hand gripped Snow's hair, pressing him into her chest. The whole time Snow kept up his pace.

I climaxed, shooting my meager load all over my pants.

Snow was still going. With a deft maneuver he rolled to his back swinging her up on top of him. June adjusted by bringing her knees up and once they had settled she started moving up and down on his shaft, her breasts bobbing and her hair bouncing. Snow lie there as June rode him like a stallion. Her left hand reached down to rub her clit and she swung her right arm in circles, helping her bounce on his shaft. She cried out and squealed obviously enjoying her time on top.

Snow let it go on for a little longer and then sat up pushing June off him. He got of the bed and then faced her. She had got on her knees at the edge of the bed, eagerly waiting what he was going to do next. Snow reached up and grabbed June by the hair and brought her head down toward his shaft. Once his intent was clear June eagerly covered his penis with her mouth.

I couldn't believe it as I watched my wife, who had every excuse in the book for why she couldn't give me head, take every inch of Snow's cock. Her eyes bulged and she stifled a gag but she was sucking like a champ. Her giant blue eyes looked up at snow as she bobbed her head over his penis. Her tongue worked the under side of Snow's shaft and she hummed like a housewife making cookies. Snow blew his load into her mouth. She tried to swallow but the amount of cum was astounding and the creamy fluid squirted out of the corners of her mouth. For a moment I thought the milky cum was going to shoot out of her nose.

"Go clean up and put your clothes on." Snow said to June in a tone of dismissal. My wife seemed to realize that she was mostly naked and in plain view of more than just Snow and a camera. She covered her self with a sheet and started gathering bits of her clothing. Snow looked right at the camera and said. "Answer your phone old man." He smiled and the video feed was cut and the screen went black.

My phone rang and I answered it. "Hello."

"I believe I win, Harris." Said Snow cheerfully. "June is quite a woman. Better keep your eye on her, Harris, or I'll fuck her again!" He laughed.

"Apparently I can't let her dance with you. What exactly did you say to her anyway?"

"That, my friend, will have to be my little secret." I could almost hear his smile. "But it does seem that I've won our bet."

"Not so fast, Snow, the deal was for you to have intercourse in our office. And you were supposed to mark a woman you had never met before."

"Small details, old man. I'd only met her once before and she turned me down the first time." He laughed again.

"Ah ha! So you admit that you get turned down!"

"You're stretching, Harris. She wasn't interested last time, but she didn't dance with me. You should really learn how to dance, Steve. You won't be able to you're your wife off you."

"I suppose you'll have to teach me."

"Oh no, not me. But I do know an instructor that can help you. She's an excellent dancer." Even though he was on the phone I knew Snow had a sly smile on his face.

"Please be sure that my wife makes it safely home."

"Don't worry, Harris. She'll be there in 20 minutes. And she may have just enough left in her tank to let you have your way with her."

"Gee, Snow, you're so kind."

"We should do this again sometime."

"I'd rather we didn't." and I hung up.

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by Anonymous02/06/19

One of the HOTTEST...

One of the HOTTEST i've had the pleasure of reading. This is the fifth time in two years and it Never gets old. I stil get absorbed into the story even though I've already read it multiple times. Greatmore...

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by Anonymous03/13/18


I hope he recorded the show and visited a lawyer and divorced her next day. When she came home locked her out and told the slut to go back to Snow. But I bet the closet cuckold didn't

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