tagIncest/TabooGentlemen's Club Ch. 02

Gentlemen's Club Ch. 02


Thanks for all the great feedback, and I hope this story was worth the wait.


Jeremy Grayson was a pillar of the community. Having become the CEO of a major multi-million dollar company at the age of 42, with the help of his old-money, ex-socialite wife's connections as well as his own, he was the focus of attentions in business and, occasionally, political circles; although, as yet, he showed no sign of entering the political arena. He was still married to his first wife, despite her being the same age as himself -- showing him to be honorable, and beyond such things as trophy wives. His only son was valedictorian for his high-school graduation and had already been accepted into several ivy-league collages, although the boy claimed he wanted to try "Living in the real world" by getting a job before deciding on a school.

Grayson was also a longtime member at the Club. One of its first members, in fact, he was on record as having brought in the most new members -- all of whom were members of high society like himself and were eager patrons of the Club's many amenities.

Every Thursday Grayson treated himself to a night at his club, coming in directly from work and staying till the early morning hours. His passion was for boy-flesh, young enough to be barely legal (or, at least, seeming to be so) with eager cunts just waiting to be filled, and filled and filled. One of the reasons Grayson only indulged once a week was so his stamina would be at full strength, as both he and his wife gladly gave up the physical side of their relationship after their son, Kevin, had been conceived. Another reason for the rarity of his visits was to give his each one the feeling of a special occasion, a treat at the end of the week.

Grayson arrived at the Club's anonymous doorway at 19:30, knocking on the door he raised his membership card with his other hand towards the camera by the door so the greeter/host inside could see it. As he heard the soft click of the locking mechanism opening, he pushed the door open and hurried inside.

Pushing on the door from the inside to make sure it was firmly closed, he nodded at the man behind the counter and began undressing; taking off his long coat, business suit, tie, shirt, shoes and socks. He never wore underwear on Thursdays, preferring the tantalizing friction of cloth on his cock getting him primed throughout the day. He handed over his clothes to the host, unashamedly standing naked before the other man and already showing signs of arousal. Soon the host returned from the nearby room, having stored Grayson's clothing in his locker, and carrying Grayson's mask. Venician in inspiration, the mask covered the top half of Grayson's face and was patterned in green and black on a white background. Having been made from a latex mold of his face, the thing fit perfectly, the elastic strap going behind his head holding it in place even during his most vigorous movements.

Having donned his mask, Grayson then allowed the host to lead him into the main room, asking to only see the "talent menu" as he sat his naked backside on the cushioned seat.

One of the reasons Grayson was unselfconscious about his nude body was his pride in it -- he worked out with a personal trainer three times a week, and his body was toned and tight. One muscle in particular was getting tighter and buffer by the minute as he sat looking at the floor show where the house magician had just caused a 2 foot dildo to completely disappear up his assistant.

In a moment, Grayson was greeted with the sight of a large man in a business suit approaching. Grayson knew Mr. Colbert very well, and often received personal attention from the manager as a sign of his favored-member status. It was usually a sign that something special was available, and he smiled in anticipation.

"Good evening, sir. I trust we find you well this evening," Colbert said, standing to one side and nodding his head deferentially.

"Quite well, thank you, Colbert. Would you care to sit down," Grayson responded, gesturing towards the seat which had been brought to the table while the manager had approached.

With a second nod of thanks, Colbert lowered his bulk, graceful despite his size, into the seat. "We have a fresh new talent upstairs, sir," he said. "His very first shift started two minutes ago." Colbert knew that Grayson was always looking for fresh ass to fuck and knew latest addition to the working staff would not disappoint the man. "I took the liberty of having him prepared and waiting in his room -- number 11, sir," he added, handing over a room key, which Grayson took with affected casualness. Standing up, Colbert then gestured towards the side of the room where the elevators were located and began walking towards them as Grayson rose and followed.

The two men rode the elevator in silence, as no words were needed to heighten the customer's excitement, and proceeded down the hallway to the door of the room. "If there is anything else you require, don't hesitate to use the intercom, sir," Colbert said as he gestured to the door and then departed.

Opening the door with his key, Grayson walked into a well lit bedroom. Its furnishings consisted of a plush chair; a cabinet, which he knew contained a variety of sex toys; mirrors all along one wall; a small bedside table and a large four-poster canopied bed. The bed was covered in dark red sheets and covers, contrasting nicely with the pale, lean blond lying face down in the middle of it, his hips wriggling seductively at the sound of Grayson's entry. The sight of those pale, high mounds made Grayson's throat tighten and his mouth go dry as he approached and ran an appreciative hand over a lean, muscular leg and up to that perfect ass. Dipping his fingers into the cleft, he pushed the tip of his middle finger into the pulsing hole, feeling the lubricant which had been liberally applied to it.

The sphincter stretched for two fingers easily, and when they were buried to the second knuckle the hole suddenly clamped down on them, hard. "Oh yeah, your little cunt's hungry for Daddy, isn't it?" he asked, his voice coming out deep and rough with his arousal.

A muffled response came from the face buried in the plush red pillows, a more definite answer coming in the form of those lean hips pushing back against his hand, trying to get still more of his invading fingers.

"Well, Daddy's too hot to play just now -- so you're going to get what you want, boy, right now!" Grayson said as he climbed behind the boy, positioning himself between the spread legs and pulling up the hips so that delectable ass was directly before his pulsing, purple, cut 8 inch rod as he knelt behind the waiting whore.

It was all he could do not to shove himself up the waiting passage in one hard lunge, instead forcing himself to slowly pump his painfully hard dick into the boy, moving in small thrusts back and forth until, several agonizing seconds later, he was buried to the hilt in the little fucker's boycunt.

Panting, he held himself still, luxuriating in the feeling of the tight passage gripping his hard length and the moans floating out from that still-buried face. It was not uncommon for first-time whores to feel shy, hiding their faces from their clients as they were fucked. Grayson took it as a challenge, planning to see if he could excite the boy to the point where shyness was forgotten, and nothing but the fuck mattered.

And so he began slowly thrusting, first in a straightforward back and forth motion, then a slight corkscrew motion as he pushed and pulled, massaging the boy's rectum with his straining cock. Slowly he let his momentum build, thrusting his hips harder and faster, driving his eager manhood more and more aggressively as the body before him began to actively push back, the blond head tossing back and forth as the pleasure began to take over. "Yes! Oh, yes! Do it to me, Daddy! Do me!" came an impassioned cry, for the first time the boy's voice sounding clearly to Grayson's ears.

He knew that voice! Had heard it calling him Dad that very morning.


Just barely keeping himself from saying the name aloud, Grayson looked away from the straining back, sideways at the mirrored wall, seeing the boy's face as he shook his head back and forth. It was definite -- the hot body he was thrusting into, couldn't stop himself from thrusting into harder and harder, was his son.

The shock of what he was doing, the realization of what this act meant about his own little boy and the perversity of the act between them, sent a jolt up and down his spine, centering finally on his cock and hips, which began to truly pound the ass beneath him. "Yeah, take it, you little cunt! Take Daddy up your hungry pussy!" he yelled, one hand gripping a slender hip tightly, while he reached with his other hand beneath the boy's body to grip his hard boycock and stroke it in time with his rapidly increasing hard pounding, quickly bringing them both to orgasm. Grayson's mind actually seemed to implode as he felt himself unloading into his own son's ass.

For a moment, aside from their labored breaths, neither of them moved.

Looking down at the boy, Grayson saw his face was turned away from the mirror, mouth open and panting, eyes closed tight in reaction to his climax. Still buried in the boy's cum filled, spasming ass, Grayson pulled off his mask to wipe at his sopping wet brow with his other hand.

A small gasp made him open his eyes, realizing after he'd turned his head towards the mirror his son had done so too, and that Kevin now had as clear a view of his face as he'd had of Kevin's just moments ago.

For several seconds neither of them moved, looking into each other's eyes in the mirror, Grayson's slowly reviving shaft beginning to pulse in Kevin's gripping rectum.

Then, leaning over the still recumbent form, Grayson placed his mask on the bedside table -- hardly any reason for it, now that his anonymity was ruined. Looking his son in the eye as he lay directly on top of the boy, he deliberately gave a small push with his hips. He felt a small push back from beneath him.

Straightening to a kneeling position, Grayson once again found Kevin's eyes in the mirror. Staring at each other quietly for a long minute, they both pulled away from each other, Kevin leaning on his elbows and bringing his knees forward under his stomach. And then they both lunged.

Grayson had heard the expression "going at it hammer and tongs", even if his son probably never had -- but after this encounter, he'd easily be able to explain it to him. Grayson's hips were shoving as hard as they could forward as Kevin bucked backwards, both men moving in a synchronized, frenzied rhythm as they fucked each other.

"My son! My son! My son!" Grayson began yelling in time with his thrusts, in on "my", out on "son"; while beneath him he could clearly hear Kevin chanting, "Da-ddy! Da-ddy! Da-ddy!" as the boy tried to get his father even deeper into his hot bowels with every counter-stroke as he pushed his eager young body back and forth.

As the fucking sped up even more -- this was definitely going to be a quick, hard cum for both of them -- Grayson yelled out through his grunts, "I'm-uh -- Fu-uh -- cking-uh -- my-uh -- own-uh -- son-uh -- up-uh -- his-uh -- tight-uh -- ass-uh -- with-uh -- my-uh -- Dad-uh -- ddy-uh -- dick-UH!" Kevin seemed to get as much out of the words as his father did, as he began a moaning chant of, "Dad dick! Dad dick!" the cries coming out faster and faster till it was just a vague "Dddkkkkkk" sound, as the pounding reached a peak, both crying out with lustful pleasure as they came. And the whole time neither took their eyes off the other's face.

Panting hard, Grayson sagged slightly forward, stroking the hips in front of him while his cock, still lodged deep inside Kevin, continued to twitch in reaction to the blazing orgasm it had just experienced. Cum, having squirting out Kevin's backside while he'd thrust furiously through his previous ejaculation, was oozing down the boy's thighs. Bracing himself on Kevin's hips, Grayson began to slowly pull out, a groan of protest forcing its way out of the body beneath him at the feeling of being emptied, two fucks worth of cum flowing out as his cock left the tight sheath it had been plugging to coat his groin as well as Kevin's ass and thighs.

Sinking back on his haunches, Grayson took a moment to appreciate the sight of Kevin's sloppy, open and leaking cunt before reaching forward to turn the boy onto his side, coming to rest beside him and, ignoring the puddle of boycum they were both lying in, pulling their naked, sweaty bodies close together as he delivered a deep probing, kiss into that hot young mouth.

"So, how long have you been a little fuck-slut?" he asked, pulling away slightly to look Kevin in the eye again as his hand began slowly to stroke the boy's lean hip.

"Uh, about a year and a half now. Three years, if you count blow-jobs," Kevin answered, rubbing his groin against his father's in re-awakening excitement; both at the memory of previous sexual experiences, and the very notion of telling his own father about it all. "At school I had a friend who dared me, in the boy's room after school was over -- I forget what the prize was supposed to be if I did it. Of course I did it, and kept doing it to the point where other boys would walk in on us and I'd wind up going down on them, too. And then, about a year and a half ago, I was at Manny Rosen's house one day. After we'd finished sucking on each other all afternoon -- he's as big a cockslut as I am, at least as far as sucking goes -- his Dad met me on my way out and brought me into his study. He told me he'd seen me go down on his son, and if I didn't want him calling you and telling you what a nasty little pervert I am I'd better do something to make it worth his while to keep his mouth shut."

Grayson frowned slightly at that, even as it caused his cock to harden. Al Rosen was a long-time business rival, as well as a fellow Club member. The thought of his rival taking the cherry that was rightfully his, was both angering and one of the horniest things he'd ever heard in his whole life.

"We just left it at a blow-job that first time, though it was the first time anyone made me deep-throat them. But the next time I came over he took me to one of the guest rooms, and screwed me on the bed there. We fucked around on a pretty regular basis after that, but now that Manny's going to school in another State he figured that people would start to notice something if I kept coming over to their house. So he told me about this place, how he could get me a job and I'd get to have all the dick I wanted -- I was always bugging him for just one more ride, every time we got together. Of course, I've been screwing around with any well-hung guy from my school I could get alone for long enough to seduce -- I need regular servicing, not just a couple of fucks once a week, but Mr. Rosen doesn't know about that."

During this recital Kevin had wrapped one leg around his father's hip and began rubbing his hard 7 inch cock against his father's swelling member. "Does Mr. Rosen know you come here, too?" he asked, eyes innocently wide, his heart racing as his imagination came up with the image of having both older men in the same room with him, naked and sharing his young body.

"Yes, he does. It would be his style, too, to hope I'd see him with his dick up my boy's ass -- maybe he thought the two of us would meet up and I'd be shocked and horrified at the sight of you as a 'working-boy'," he mused, thinking how much such a thing would turn him on, were his and Rosen's places reversed. Then a thought occurred, "What name did you give the manager when you signed on?"

Smiling in recollection of the man in question and the huge welcoming gift he'd shoved up Kevin' cunt the week before, Kevin replied, "I called myself Kevin Grey. I understand that when a member like Mr. Rosen gets them to put a guy on the staff they don't pry too much about things like real names, so long as the member signs some papers saying that the new guy is over 18. And I was, the very day I applied for the job."

Grayson thought back to that night, only a week ago, when his son had claimed to be going out with friends -- so his father hadn't needed to bother canceling his usual Thursday-night fun to go out on a family celebration. "You know, I should have guessed something was up, the way you couldn't seem to sit down that Friday when your Mother and I took you out to dinner."

Continuing to smile at the memory, Kevin rolled onto his back, pulling his legs up to his chest in a well-practiced movement. "Want me to tell you what I'd been up to the night before, to get me in that condition?" he asked, holding his legs in place with one hand under his knees while the other hand began a teasing stroke between his wet ass-cheeks, running his fingers in the smears of drying cum as he moved the hand closer and closer to his twitching hole, circling it with his fingertips -- teasing himself as well as his father.

"I'd rather see what I can do to get you that way myself," Grayson replied, rolling over and pushing up to kneel in front of his son's presented hole. He let his hands run up and down the smooth, elevated legs before grabbing them by the calves and pulling them as far apart as he could, all the while rubbing his glans up and down Kevin's butt-crack, pushing lightly against the hole before moving his cock up and down the hot valley once more, making Kevin moan with his need to be fucked. "Is this what my boy wants? Daddy's hot fuck-tool, deep in my baby-boy's pussy?"

"Oh, please, Daddy, do your baby, do your little whore-boy!" Kevin's eyes were closed as he concentrated on the feeling of hot dick on his ass, licking his lips with anticipation between begging pants and groans. "Your little boy needs it so bad!"

Finally moving to align his throbbing cockhead with that hungry-looking pucker, Grayson bent down to lick at one of Kevin's pink little nipples as he began pushing into a hole that was already seeming to be more familiar to him than his wife's vagina -- it was certainly a hell of a lot more eager to take his hard cock into itself. Pushing in slowly, mindful of how sore it must feel after the two hard poundings he'd already delivered, as well as wanting this time to last as long as possible, Grayson began a deep but slow rhythm, each push ending when he was balls deep inside that luscious fuck-tunnel, each pull bringing out all but the leaking, purple head.

All the while, Kevin was squirming and moaning beneath him, begging for more, harder, faster; trying to buck up against the in-thrusts, wanting to give the fuck more momentum, but his father's control was too strong for that, and the maddeningly slow strokes continued. Both previous fucks together hadn't lasted as long as the sexual bout that Grayson was now putting him through -- in fact, Kevin couldn't remember any fuck he'd had ever lasting more than 10 minutes. And while he couldn't see any clocks from where he was lying, Kevin did know by chanting in his head 'One ring-a-ding, two ring-a-ding' (as he'd learned as a child, each "ring-a-ding" was supposed to be a second long) -- in an attempt to distract himself from the torture of that slow pressure against his prostate -- that his father's thrusts each took well over half a minute from the moment he felt his Dad's dick pull back until he once again felt pubes pressed firmly against his ass. And then there was the sweet torture his father was inflicting on his tits, sucking and biting first one and then the other over and over again.

"Please! Please, Daddy, do me!" Kevin resorted to begging, his lust-befuddled mind barely able to supply the words, "Do me harder, Daddy! I can't take it -- I need it harder, please, please, Daddy, my pussy needs it harder! Please, fuck me hard, Daddy, PLEASE!" he sobbed, unable to break the hold his father had on his legs, desperate to move enough to take away the overwhelming need building up inside himself.

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