Gentlemen's Club Ch. 03


Continuing his scan of his surroundings, Steve saw that the room they were in was very well lit and, aside from the two plain beds they were tied to, the only furniture in the room consisted of two stools and a dresser. He was able to see so much of the room because there was a mirror covering the entire wall at the foot of his and Jeff's beds. The mirror also gave him an all too clear view of his exposed, spread anus, as well as a pretty good view of his brother's lightly furred crack and ass.

Looking down between his legs, Steve realized that there was one more discomfort he'd avoided categorizing -- a low level ache in between his legs, which he now saw was caused by two additional restraints: a leather band wrapped tightly around the base of his cock and another similar band wrapped around the top of his scrotum. Despite his fear, he saw that the bindings were keeping the blood from flowing out of his dick, and thus keeping it engorged and erect.

Just then Steve caught sight of some motion out of the corner of his eye, and, turning his head, he saw Jeff's eyes open, faint sounds coming from behind his brother's gag as he, too, tried vainly to call for help. Jeff began struggling, trying to move his limbs from their restrained positions, his head tossing until he noticed his brother, looking back at him.

The brothers shared a look of horror and confusion as Jeff continued to try to pull his hands and legs free, not giving up as quickly as Steve had, his eyes showing greater and greater panic and desperation.

Suddenly, "Well, well, look who finally woke up," the booming voice seemed to come from all over the room, its tone mocking. "It's about time! Can't play with my new bitches while they're asleep! That'd be no fun at all!" An ominous laugh echoed around the room as suddenly the two bruisers from the elevator came into the room. Both were wearing the same black clothing they'd had on when they'd overpowered the brothers earlier -- was it even still the same day? Steve wondered, his mind desperate to distract itself from what he knew was about to take place.

Both brothers watched with wide eyes as the two men -- one black with his head shaved, one white with buzz-cut red hair, and both heavily muscled -- began to undress. Again the voice boomed out, "We're going to have some fun with you little pussies! Master and his friends are going to show you bitches what those sweet holes you've got are all about -- turn you into proper little cunts." As the cruel words washed over the terrified Talbot boys, the two men finished undressing, fully revealing their well-developed physiques, as well as their well-hung cocks -- each man must have been at least 8 inches, and neither looked to be completely hard yet!

"First we're going to have to open you up properly. Can't play if the gates don't open properly -- so my friends are going to bust both your cherry holes wide open!" the leering voice laughed. "But since this is your first time, we're going to start you on something... manageable. Don't worry, pussy-boys, we'll get to the big stuff later!"

Looking at the two engorging dicks approaching them as the two muscle-men walked up to the beds, Steve wondered what the voice meant by "manageable" - those cocks were each wider than his and Jeff's dicks put together!

Now he, too, resumed his struggles, fully aware of what the position he was in meant, especially since the men had pulled a bottle of lube out of the dresser while the voice was talking and were applying liberal amounts of it to their throbbing members -- slicking themselves up and getting them completely hard at the same time. He tried to shout out that there must be some mistake, they had the wrong man -- but only the faintest of sounds was escaping his gag, a much louder noise coming from the bedsprings as his struggles set the bed moving.

And now a leering muscle man was standing at the foot of his bed. Jeff, who was also vainly pulling at his restraints, had the black man poised beneath him, placing his thick, throbbing cock at the entrance to Jeff's anus. Somehow, the fact that Steve got the white man failed to reassure him; he didn't care about the whole "black men are bigger hung than white" legend -- that monster being aimed at his virgin butt-hole was 4 inches across, at least! Not to mention 9 inches long -- where the hell was all that supposed to go? This guy didn't strike him as the type to only go part-way in; the look on his face said that he was going to go in up to his balls -- assuming he didn't feel like stuffing those in as well!

Pain! Burning, stabbing pressure, feeling like he was being sliced open with a dull but insistent knife. Steve opened his eyes wide, only then realizing that he'd closed them in a childish sort of self-defense -- as if, by not seeing his attacker, he could make him stop existing, make the whole situation go away.

But it didn't. The pressure increased, and Steve began feeling like he needed to take a shit badly as the unfamiliar feeling of fullness in his rectum began to register alongside the waves of agony.

All the while the booming voice continued to taunt them. "Oh, yes! We're going to get those bitch-cunts spread really good! By the time we're through with you, you'll be begging to pull a fuck-train the length of this block! And if you're good little bitches, Master may just let you have it -- all the dicking a horny little slut-bitch can take!" again, that evil sounding laugh echoed around the room. "Well, boys, what are you waiting for? Open the bitch-cunts up!"

At this signal, both attackers began to move. Steve lost track of what was happening on the other bed, his attention taken up completely by the burning, splitting pain in his gut as his rapist slowly pulled back, the emptiness left behind as that monster cock pulled away somehow managing to feel even worse than the feeling of having the whole thing buried inside. And then the hard thrust that put it all back in. Steve screamed behind his gag as the pain caused him to see stars. But, while the agony was undeniably there, he had also felt something else -- something... pleasurable?

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck those cunts! Show those bitches what they were made for, make them hurt, make them bleed! Make them beg for more!"

Again and again, the cock pulled out and thrust in, over and over. And as it did so, it scraped against that something. Steve whimpered, closing his eyes again as he felt his face flush, unable to reconcile the two opposing sensations as undeniable pleasure assailed him at the same time as his ass felt like it was being torn apart. The indignity of what was happening to him was bad enough -- but to get off on it, too? That just seemed wrong.

And it didn't help that his attacker's hard stomach was rubbing along his bound erection, pleasuring his cock and making it want more friction, even at the expense of his asshole.

Both the physical assault on his butt by that huge organ, and the verbal attack as "Master" kept alternately encouraging the two muscle-men and abusing the two helpless victims, continued for several minutes longer. The fuck was now being pounded into him at breakneck speed, the pace hard enough to make the bedsprings squeal loudly at the rhythmic attack. Steve had reached a point where the pain, while still very much present, was no longer overwhelming. Unfortunately for his dignity, whatever the cause of the shameful pleasure in his rectum, it was still working all too well -- if it weren't for the tight bindings on his genitals, it was quite possible that the feelings his ass-passage was generating would have caused him to cum by now, despite (surely not because of!) the pain. As it was, he could only hope that his helpless moans were being attributed to agony, not ecstasy.

Suddenly the feeling of fullness up his ass increased -- the man was actually getting bigger! Steve didn't know if to laugh or cry as he suddenly felt a warm flood deep inside of him, the thrusts in and out of his ass continuing unabated as his attacker reached orgasm, shouts of ecstasy forcing their way out the man's throat. He could feel cum dripping down his helpless ass as the fucking motions caused jism to squirt out, while the cock working so very hard inside him continued to shoot more and more of its load into his overflowing rectum.

Breathing heavily, Steve's attacker fell on top of him, his sweaty body lying uncomfortably on top of his stretched legs, the attacker's buzzed head panting against his own sweat soaked chest.

Finally recovering himself, the red-headed man pushed against the bed on either side of Steve's body and heaved himself back to a kneeling position at the foot of the bed. Once again aware of his surroundings, Steve saw that the black man had already pulled away from Jeff and was standing next to the large mirror, playing with his reviving cock as he looked at the mess he'd made of Jeff's butt.

Steve couldn't quite get himself to look his brother in the face, but he could see the smears of cum all over Jeff's butt-cheeks quite clearly in the mirror, as well as his own, as his rapist moved away from him -- Steve unable to hold back a groan as the still-hard organ left his body -- to stand next to his friend, lightly stroking himself as he alternately looked at the ass he'd just fucked and the one his friend had creamed.

Steve couldn't help noticing that although his attacker's dick was just a little bit longer, the black man's cock was the thicker of the two, as the two men both turned towards each other before turning to face the mirror.

"Not bad, boys! You got those bitches warmed up pretty good! But we don't want them to feel lonely while the rest of the party gets here, now do we?" the men smirked at the mirror -- Steve realized it must be a one-way mirror, with "Master" watching them from the other side of it.

But who the hell could it be?

Before he could continue the thought, he heard the loud voice say, "Let's make sure they're opened up properly -- trade places and give those little cunts a taste of what the other bitch was enjoying so much. Mount up, boys! Now!"

Steve watched as the black man now made his way towards his exposed and vulnerable hole, that thick pole leading the way as he pushed it down from where it was rearing up against his belly with one broad hand, the other hand fondling his ball sac.

"Yeah, bitch! Got a fresh load all ready for you -- and you're gonna get it all!" Kneeling in front of Steve, the new man teased his hole, rubbing that huge, throbbing cock up and down his crack, pressing lightly against the hole before moving up and down once more.

Looking down between his legs, Steve saw the glans and shaft were covered in cum -- either from when this guy had had shot off inside of Jeff, or else it was picking up the cum covering Steve's ass, or a combination of both. 'That dick was inside my brother,' he thought to himself, the idea oddly exciting even as the circumference of the thing still had him worried.

A sudden loud combination of moan and groan made Steve look at the other bed, where his former assailant had buried his shaft to the hilt inside Jeff, both men giving voice to their feelings at their joining. And while Steve was distracted, his own new attacker apparently decided he couldn't wait any longer as suddenly the pain was back, the tearing sensation and unnatural fullness seeming to be that much worse because of the new fuck-tool's additional width.

"Ho, yeah! I'm porking some prime ass now!" the man said, at once starting a hard, fast pumping rhythm with his brawny hips, his stomach smacking against Steve's thighs with every in-thrust.

"Oh, yeah! Give it to them -- give those bitches all the hard dick you've got!" Steve could practically feel the lust this scene was generating with the owner of that voice, could picture in his mind's eye a big, featureless man seated in a chair, a cocksucking slave at his feet as he used the slave's mouth as a masturbation tool, getting off on their plight the way most men beat off to porn. "You bitches love all that hard dick, don't you!" more a statement than a question, "You can't get enough of this hard fucking! But you also want to play top dog, don't you?"

At that question, both attackers suddenly stopped pumping and pulled out, leaving only their cockheads inside their respective receptacles, obviously waiting for some big announcement.

"We all know how much you bitches love ass, as well as cock -- love humping ass like the dogs you are! So let's give you some extra incentive to be good little fuck-bitches!" For the first time the voice didn't boom out, but was little more than a whisper as it said, "Whichever of you bitches brings off the man fucking you, gets to double up in the other bitch's cunt."

The black man bent over Steve and began pumping again with renewed vigor. Steve felt his anus spasm with shock around the hard shaft as the words he'd just heard sank in. His ass could barely take the dick it was being force-fed right now -- to add anything else would tear him apart! And in his sex-befuddled mind Steve had no doubt his brother would get off on adding to his humiliation and pain that way -- after all, using and abusing men was what got Jeff especially excited whenever they'd shared a fucktoy before.

Turning his head to look at his brother, Steve took note of just how hard and swollen Jeff's cock was, how it looked so much bigger than any other time he'd seen it before. And all that moaning he could hear from behind Jeff's gag -- obviously, he was not only looking forward to screwing his younger brother, but was also enjoying getting fucked, and was looking forward to having his ass pumped full of dick-cream again before doing some fucking of his own.

Well, they'd just see about that!

Steve began to deliberately clamp down on the big, hard shaft repeatedly inserting itself into him, even pushing his hips upwards as much as he could to meet the other man's thrusting hips as they surged down to impale him over and over, stuffing his aching asshole with that incessant fuck-tool, which he now did his best to milk with his inner muscles.

And again, that strange tingle deep inside his ass, the feeling of shameful pleasure coming from deep inside himself. For a moment he actually contemplated what it would be like to feel more friction on that special spot -- say, two dicks moving in and out of him -- how that would add so much more pleasure...

But, no, that was crazy -- he was going to do the fucking. His own dick was bigger than it had ever been before, just thinking about it.

Despite the many times Steve and his brother had had sex together with a third person, double penetration in the same hole had never come up. He wanted his first DP experience to be inside big brother's butt. He wanted it so bad he could taste it, would do whatever it took to make it happen. And if he should happen to get just a little extra pleasure out his ass-passage while milking the fuck-tool currently working around inside it, so be it -- no one need ever know.

The black man's thrusts continued to gain speed, his face tightening with lust, his twitching cock growing even bigger inside Steve's clutching butt. "Oh, yeah, this bitch wants it bad -- he's squeezing the shit out of my rod, man. Uhh, uhh, take it, bitch! Take it all! YEAH!!!"

Steve felt the hot liquid flooding his rectum just as the other man began crying out with his own pleasure. 'Oh, no! He's cumming too! Does that mean I don't get to do Jeff?' Pleasure fought disappointment as the cum-shooting cock kept pounding into him.

"A close contest, boys," the voice announced. "But I think Rick beat AJ by a whole second, so his bitch gets to get up and play stud-puppy -- let's call him Bitch Number One from now on to celebrate his becoming top dog. Although, since both bitches were so good at milking you boys, he'll have to fuck Bitch Number Two's hole all by himself," the voice laughed again, while Steve wondered which man was Rick and which was AJ, and whether he was about to take his brother's dick, or fuck his ass.

His unspoken question was answered when, after pulling out of him and standing up by the bed, the black man went to the dresser and removed a key ring from the top drawer. He then came back to Steve's bed and began unlocking Steve's restraints. First he unlocked the chain from one leg, then the other; Steve hissed with pain as he got to move his legs for the first time in who knew how long, after the had been bound in such a strained position.

Before he could do much more than carefully flex his knees, one of the padlocks was used to connect his ankles, only a small length of chain allowing a limited freedom of movement. Then his hand restraints were unlocked from the wall -- but not removed from his wrists, and the man he now knew was called Rick kept a tight hold on his wrists, so he wasn't able to try to so much as remove either his gag or the restraints from his livid, throbbing cock.

Steve was then roughly pulled by his wrists and was made to stand on his tingling feet -- their awkward position had kept blood from reaching them while suspended over his head, and circulation was forcing its way back now that he was upright -- and was forced to hobble over to his brother's bed, his handler seeming to take great pleasure in using his long hair as a handle. Walking brought out not only the pain in his legs, but also an ache in his recently over-stretched ass -- but it was not an altogether unpleasant feeling, associated as it was with the notion that he would soon be enjoying some ass of his own, as well as the shameful pleasure the two invaders had given him.

Looking down at the cum-smeared mess that was his brother's ass, Steve felt a sense of elation he'd never experienced before -- for a moment he forgot his own restraints, forgot the other men in the room and the strange voice; there was only his eager, livid hard-on and his bound older brother, looking indignantly at him and murmuring in protest from under his gag. 'Oh, yes, big brother,' he wanted to say, 'Your baby brother is about to screw you into the mattress! All those times we fucked around with other men, I wanted your ass -- and now I'm going to get it! And you're loving it, you bitch! You're just dying for me to pound your bitch-cunt to a pulp!' Not realizing that he was mentally repeating the name given to them both by the mysterious Master, he absolutely knew, without a doubt, that his brother really was nothing more than a fuck-bitch; a slutty hole that existed purely for the sake of being fucked.

"I don't think Bitch Number Two needs any more grease, do you, boys?" the voice suddenly boomed. "His cunt looks wet enough to me! Mount Bitch Number One on top of the cumbucket bitch-slut and shove his cock into that cunt!"

The two large men hastened to obey, Rick pulling Steve's wrists so their restraints looped around his bitch-brother's head while AJ took hold of his harder-than-steel cock and aimed it at the overflowing cunt it so desperately wanted to invade.

Much smaller than the two cocks which had preceded him into his bitch-brother's cunt, Steve's erection, though bigger and more engorged than it had ever been in his life, slid in all too easily, the hole really feeling more like a cunt than an asshole -- widened and loose, and very, very wet around his hypersensitive dick. In his lust crazed mind it made perfect sense that he could slide right in, right up to his balls in one quick push, without encountering any resistance other than the slight wiggling and bucking of the body beneath him -- and even that registered more as the bitch under him trying to get him inside as quickly as possible.

But loose as it was, the cunt he was in was also tight; spasmodically gripping his painfully hard cock, milking him with its inner muscles and making him all too aware of his excruciatingly tight, full balls, which were unable to discharge due to the leather band wound tightly around the base of his scrotum. His hips began a fast, hard rhythm, Steve gave in to his basest instinct. Rutting like an animal, a horny dog fucking his in-heat bitch, all thoughts were obliterated under the overwhelming need to cum.

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